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Remember, Flash - I am the fastest man alive!
— Zoom to Barry Allen

A notorious serial killer on his homeworld Earth-2, Zoom, later known as Black Flash, is a powerful speedster that took control of his entire world after he underwent shock therapy during a particle accelerator explosion. While testing a way to increase his speed, Zoom discovered the serum "Velocity-9", a drug that rapidly killed his cellular regeneration but allowed him to move fast enough to break the dimensional barrier. Zoom soon took to conquering the entire multiverse, breaking down entire planets under his iron fist.

Soon, however, Zoom realized he needed an alternative boost to ensure his usage of V-9 would not kill him. While the Flash sought to close the Breach that opened on his Earth, Zoom immediately departed his earth for the Flash's. He easily beat the Scarlet Speedster, breaking his back in their first encounter and stealing his speed after taking a close friend hostage. Zoom was finally stopped when Barry beat him in a race and destroyed his doomsday device by creating a time remnant. Zoom was immediately taken away by the summoned Time Wraiths, killed for his various crimes against the universe.

Battle vs. Senator Armstrong (by MovieStuff65)[]

No battle written.

Expert's Opinion[]

Steven Armstrong's nanomachines ultimately proved too strong for Zoom's speed to get past, while his more loyal minions and dedicated leadership ensured that they could all survive despite Zoom's minions possessing more raw power.

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