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I never cared about justice, and I don't recall ever calling myself a hero. I have always only fought for the people I believe in. I won't hesitate... If an enemy appears in front of me, I will destroy it!
— Zero

Zero was a famous and powerful robot Maverick Hunter and later Freedom Fighter, created by the insidious Doctor Wily (during the timeline of the original Mega Man games) to be his ultimate masterpiece- a Robot Master more powerful than either Mega Man or Bass, intending to use his "masterpiece" to finally defeat the rebellious creation and his long time enemy. Unfortunately for Wily, a flaw in Zero's programming made following orders difficult, and so Zero was sealed away in a capsule, where he was kept deactivated for many years.

Decades later, Zero was awoken in the twenty-second century as a "Maverick", a robot with hostile intent towards humans, and he began to kill anyone who dared to enter Wily's lair. Soon, a group of Maverick Hunters cornered Zero, but after he killed all of them, their leader, Sigma, challenged Zero to single combat. In the fighting, Sigma was able to break what little hold the evil doctor still had over Zero, and defeated the robot, but the fight unleashed Wily's secret Suffering Virus, which infects any afflicted robots with Maverick behavior. Nevertheless, Zero was taken in by the Maverick Hunters, and after a long time of demonstrating no notable hostile intentions, he was recruiting into the team. His raw power and skill with his iconic Z-Blade made him a masterful addition to the team, and he quickly ascended the ranks of the Hunters.

He met Mega Man X during his time as a Maverick Hunter, and the two became life-long friends and partners, often working together to stop their foes and save the world. During this time, the advanced circuitry of Sigma began to fail to protect him from the Virus, and he became a Maverick, leading an army of other Mavericks on an attempt to declare independence and open war. Zero and X would face down and destroy Sigma many times, and put down many of his movements over an incredibly long stretch of time, before Zero discovered that he was infected with the Virus as well. Fearing that he could be spreading it to every Reploid he meets on his adventures, Zero turned himself in for study, where it was discovered that his body had reacted positively to Wily's virus, preventing him from becoming a Maverick and implying the secrets to curing Maverick behavior could be found in his chasis. His mind was transferred out of his original body, only to be reawakened in a new body decades later where he joins the fight against the robot discriminating government of Neo Arcadia.

Pokémon Type Battle Royale (by SpecterRhino)[]


Expert's Opinion[]


18. Scorpion (Insomniac Games)
16. Glacius/Reptile
15. Crocodile
14. Maleficent
13. Silver the Hedgehog
12. Ryu (Street Fighter)
11. Zero (Mega Man)
10. Marluxia
9. Shendu
8. Liz Sherman
7. Pitch Black
6. Kuvira
5. Tetrax
4. Trish
3. Ridley
2. Danny Phantom
1. Percy Jackson

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