The Youngblood is a superhero team comprised of various superheroes by the US Government, unlike most superhero teams the Youngblood has two squadrons The Home and Away team.

The Home team are the ones that usually deal with superhuman threats in the United States and sometimes threats from other worlds like alien conquerors. They are lead by Shaft a high ranked FBI agent with a high powered bow and arrow. Surprisingly members of the Home team are treated like celebrities and athletes and usually get endorsement deals, agents, managers, TV appearances, and pressures of being famous.

The Away team is completely different they are like soldiers of fortune and are sent on missions that send them trotting across the globe. Their missions deal with stopping dictatorships of third-world countries, rescuing members of their own team or people of important value, capturing villans for interrogations, and secretly stopping catastrophic events from happening. The US Government gives the Away team their missions in Top Secret files.

Battle vs. Straw Hat Pirates (by MrPacheco101)

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Winner: Youngbloods

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