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— Yoshi

Yoshi is a dinosaur from video games published by Nintendo. He is the title character of the Yoshi series and a supporting character in the Mario series and its various spin-offs. Yoshi is a member of the same-named species, all of which have differing colours. Yoshi is fiercely loyal to Mario and Luigi, having acted as their mount on numerous adventures.

Yoshi’s signature characteristic is his tongue that can extend a considerable distance to grab enemies or objects, allowing him to either spit them out as projectiles or swallow and turn into eggs. These eggs can ricochet off surfaces or explode upon impact with enemies. Secondary abilities used by Yoshi include the Flutter Jump, allowing him to briefly float in the air, and the Ground Pound, which drops him down bottom first to destroy any block or enemies below him. He is also able to run faster or jump higher than the Mario brothers.

Yoshi is also capable of using power-ups, allowing him to turn into vehicles and tools, gain wings, change size, run at even faster speed, reveal hidden passages, or fly around like a balloon.

Battle vs. Davy (Chameleon Twist) (by Stocking Rose)[]

Song: Jungle Land - Chameleon Twist

One Sunny Day in Jungle Land while the porcipine roaming around. Something special is gonna happen that will change the life of a special chameleon.

Davy: *Arrive, Roaming around and look around*

Yoshi: *Jump behind Davy, Noticing him and confused*

Davy: *Turn to Yoshi* ???

The song stop as both Yoshi and Davy turn their heads as Yoshi see Davy as a strange looking Goomba.

Yoshi: ??? *Use tongue and almost got Davy*

Davy: !!!! *Jump over the Tongue*

Song: Gusty Garden Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

Yoshi: ! *Notice Goombas can't jump*

  • FIGHT!*

Yoshi keep using his tongue in trying to eat Davy, But Davy keep dodging.

Davy use his tongue to grap a pole and move clockwise, Grabbing 4 Porcipines while tripping Yoshi, Spitting 3 of them at Yoshi to damage him.

Yoshi fall down, lying on his belly.

Davy use his tongue again, turning it to pull Yoshi foot to him and spit 1 more at Yoshi.

Yoshi get up, Using his tongue to eat 3 Porcipines one by one, Making eggs and throw them at Davy as he dodge all except one. Yoshi then turn into an egg and rammed at Davy as he use his tongue to pole vault.

Yoshi jump and perform his ground pound with damage Davy while breaking the ground.

Davy use his tongue as a parashoot while Yoshi use his Flutter Jump, Landing safely on another platform.

Song: Master Fortress: Second Wave - Super Smash Bros Wii U

Davy and Yoshi look at each other as they both use their tongue at each other, Clashing before getting tangle as they both pull, Trying to eat one or another.

Yoshi use his strength and pull Davy in his mouth, Eating him and turning him into an egg as he fall off the edge, Making a blue explosion while losing his healths.

Song: Yoshi Victory Theme - Super Smash Bros Brawl

Yoshi does his pose while Screen show Davy crying in his defeat.

Expert's Opinion[]

Like what everyone said, While Davy tongue is longer then Yoshi, Able to get more enemy and help him get through places, Yoshi had more fighting expiriance in his quest. While Davy only been in 2 adventure before Japan System Supply closed down, Yoshi been through alot more, Facing Bowser alone, Going to space with Mario and even fighting other in a Smash Bros. It was not much of a surprise that even with a tongue as good as Davy, He couldn't handle the skill of Yoshi.

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