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I thought I would never feel the cold in my bones back then. I had an idea that I would be given nothing in my life, that everything I had would be taken by my wits and by my strength.
— Yesugei, from Wolf of the Plains by Conn Iggulden

Yesugei Baghatur or Yesükhei was the head of the Kiyad sub-clan and a major chief in the Khamag Mongol as well as the father of Temüjin, later known as Genghis Khan.

He was married to Hoelun, mother of Genghis, who he captured from her tribe, the Olkhunut, whom he would later take Genghis to, in order to find him a bride. When traveling back to his own tribe Yesugei stopped for a feast with a group of men he met, but little did he know that they were Tartars, out to avenge Temüjin-üge who had been killed by Yesugi many years before.

While they harmlessly feasted together, the Tartars secretly poisoned Yesugei's food. He managed to make it back to the Kiyad before the poison took effect but would later succumb to his wounds, declaring Temüjin to be his successor. The tribesmen refused to accept him, however, due to his young age and he and his family were evicted from the tribe.

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Battle vs. Tancred (by Impaler5150)[]

The battle starts off as Tancred stares out of the Tower of London as he sees his Normans off to battle the Mongols. Meanwhile, Yesugei, the leader of the Mongols, sneaks up to the tower and fires an arrow from his composite bow, which clips Tancred's shield. Yesugei fires a second arrow, catching Tancred in his left arm. Yesugei then makes his way to try to go up the Tower, Tancred fires his crossbow, hitting Yesugei in his left leg, right above the knee. Yesugei takes his time pulling the bolt out of his leg, giving Tancred time to run out of the Tower of London, but Yesugei stabs at Tacred with his Mongolian knife, but misses, Yesugei then slashes, catching Tancred on his left shoulder, leaving a small gash. Yesugei prepares to slash with the knife again, but Tancred retrieves his Dane axe, swinging wildly. Yesugei blocks all the blows, but gets caught across his right arm, leaving a decent sized gash. Yesugei retreats to his horse to get his Wolf's Head sword. at that point, Tancred retrieves his Norman longsword. They both proceed to parry with each other. Both men land slashes on eachother's armor, but doing little damage. Yesugei, weakening from the blood loss, collapses to the ground, gives in to the sword battle, and begs Tancred to kill him. Tancred, knowing he is victorious, insteads imprisons Yesugei in the Tower of London, where Yesugei would bleed out later that night. Tancred, looking out the window hole at the Tower of London, seeing his men returning victorious over the Mongols, bringing back their deceased, plans his Normans' funerals. Tancred also returns Yesugei's body to the Mongols who survived, acknowledging Yesugei as a brave warrior.

Expert's Opinion[]

Tancred was victorious due to his armor and shield holding up slightly better, as well as his battlefield experience.

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The battle has been declared invalid because Yesugei was given a wolf's head sword, a weapon he never used.