Taking up weapons at election times, amongst his crew were Yardie dealers.
— BBC Documetary, The Yardies

Yardies (also known as Posses in the US), are international organized crime groups hailing from Jamaica. The word Yardie is actually a common term in Jamaica similar in meaning to words such as "brother" or "fellow", but outside of Jamaica (specifically in the UK and US), the term have become synonymous with criminality. The lifeline of the Yardies come from producing and smuggling crack cocaine throughout the Caribbean and Atlantic (it's even been argued that the Jamaicans were the ones who invented crack), but throughout the years, wealth from the drug trade had allowed the Yardies to gain a political foothold in Jamaica.

Many Yardies, such as Jim Brown and Christopher Coke, became Robin Hood figures in the style of Pablo Escobar by gaining support through charity work. Yardie gangs has also become part of the forefront in the ongoing civil war known as the Jamaican Political Conflict. Well-armed and well-funded due to their vast drug network, the Yardies have precipitated various conflicts such as the 1992 Miami Shootout, the murder of Policeman Patrick Dunn, and the bloody 2010 Kingston Unrest.

Battle vs. Yakuza (by Killermoves)


Expert's Opinion

Although the Yardie has the edge in experience, the Yakuza's better long range weapon and tactics proved too much for them. Simply put, the Yardies are too loud and overt, while the Yakuza are more sneaky and tactical.

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