Your time on this island is at an end.
— Yao Fei

A Chinese general framed for massacres committed by the government, Yao Fei was exiled to the island of Lian Yu as punishment. On the island, he made a harsh living for himself, eventually coming into conflict with Edward Fyers, who captured him in an attempt to use him a scapegoat for a plan to cripple the Chinese government. With the assistance of ASIS agent Slade Wilson, Yao escaped, and the two made a plan to escape the island with a supply plane. After the sinking of the Queen's Gambit, Oliver Queen washed up on the island and Yao quickly took him to safety, preventing Fyers's mercenaries from finding him. Despite his harshness, Yao proved to be a capable mentor to Oliver, who learned how to hunt and shoot a bow under his tutelage. After capturing Fyers, Yao attempted to make a deal for his and Oliver's freedom, but the deal turned out to be an ambush set by Slade's ex-partner Billy Wintergreen, leading to Yao's capture, though Oliver managed to escape.

Trying to help his mentor, Oliver disguised himself as one of Fyers's men, but the plan goes awry when it's revealed Yao is working for Fyers, who is holding his daughter Shado hostage. Thrown into a fight ring, Yao seemingly strangles Oliver, but simply knocks him out before dumping him in a river with instructions leading him to Slade. Training under Slade, Oliver's skills improved to the point where the duo were able to team up and rescue Shado, though they were forced to leave a wounded Yao behind. Yao is forced to betray the trio, leading to their recapture. With all threats to his plan completed, Fyers made Yao film a video in which he claimed responsibility for Fyers's attacks. When the video was complete, he shot Yao in the head, killing him. Enraged, Slade, Oliver, and Shado were able to break free using knives Yao had slipped them and put a stop to Fyers's plan before he could commence it. To honor his mentor, Oliver began using his bow as his primary weapon after returning to Starling City and becoming the Hood.

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