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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Ra'zac (by Richard Starkey)[]

The Ra'zac are patrolling through Helgrind when one of them hears a growl.

It walks to see what made the sound when it pounced. He saw a black figure tearing at his chest, He shoots his barbed tongue into the said of the Alien's neck. The Alien stumbles back and roars in Pain.

The Ra'zac swings his sword and beheads the Aliens[Aliens 3 Ra'zac 4]. Badly wounded he raises his sword and is about to shout in victory, when another Alien jumps from behind and snaps his neck.[Aliens 3 Ra'zac 3]

The other Ra'zac turned around to face the Alien when two others attacked her from behind, then the other joined the frenzy.[Aliens 3 Ra'zac 2]

Suddenly, a Leithrblaka shot from the sky and caught an Alien in it's talons. It cruelly pecked the Alien until it went limp.[Aliens 2 Ra'zac 2]

The leithrblaka bulled after the others but the aliens jumped out of the way and the Leithrblaka crashed into the wall and snapped it's neck.[Aliens 2 Ra'zac 1]

The other leithrblaka went after them but missed and was overwhelmed by the aliens[Aliens 2 Ra'zac

Winner Aliens

Expert's Opinion[]


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The battle was declared unfair for the Ra'zac because of the Xenomorphs' superior strength, durability, and acid blood.

Battle vs. Ryouko Tanbou (by SPARTAN 119)[]

Ryouko Tanbou climbed down a rope into the well at Dr. Ougai's cabin and turned on her flashlight, revealing the hidden entrance to Ougai's underground laboratory. Ryouko kicked down the large wooden door, causing it to fall with a dull "thud".

The interior of the lab was filled with medical and scientific supplies and equipment, centered around a large operating table, which seemed to have been damaged in a unusual manner, as though partially dissolved by a powerful acid. On one end of the room was a fumehood with several containers filled with noxious chemicals inside.

In addition to the scientific equipment, there were other more mysterious artifacts, some Ryouko did not know the function of. The walls were scrawled with writing in a mysterious language, and there were shelves full of books, some one complex theoretical physics, while others were in no way scientific or medical- books on UFOs, the paranomal, aliens, etc.

Most disturbingly, Dr. Ougai himself lay dead in one corner, a massive wound in his chest, a Smith and Wesson 36 and a box of ammunition was lying next to his body. Also on his person was a notebook, which Ryouko examined.

"After years of experimentation, the wormhole generator has been successfully constructed. In addition, I have managed to locate a world capable of supporting life. Upon starting up the generator, several alien biological entities entered within second. I successfully captured six of the alien entities, remotely deactivating the wormhole generator and leaving them stranded in a this world, in a reinforced metal cage.

The alien species appears to have a hard, black exoskeleton, with sharp claws and a spear-like tail. More remarkably, they possess a unique jaw structure, having a second, smaller jaw within their mouth. I can only speculate on the function of this, though it may be used in handling smaller objects with greater precision than the primary jaw. Judging from their appearance and behavior, they seem to be voracious predators, likely the apex species on their world.

The aliens do not appear to be truly intelligent life forms, however, they seem to have a complicated social structure, though this cannot be fully studied with only six specimens.

I managed to sedate the specimens with narcozine "knockout gas" and put down one of the aliens with a lethal injection. However, all efforts to dissect the creature were foiled by a most remarkable feature of the species- their bodies are contain a powerful acidic substance which leaked out and actually dissolved about half of my operating table. I only barely managed to avoid being burned by the substance. Further examination of the acidic substance was delayed by the fact that it kept burning through my microscope slides, however, after finding a container made from a dense synthetic material containing industrial diamond, I managed to examine the substance and determine it had cells similar to blood cells. I can only assume the acidic substance is in fact alien "blood".

As Ryouko finished reading, she heard something move behind her. She got out the sawed-off shotgun she kept hidden in her coat. As she turned around, she saw something move across the room. She tracked its movements. The beam of her flashlight fell on a creature unlike anything Ryouko had ever seen before standing between the destroyed operating table and a counter with a sink. It looked identical to the creature described in Ougai's journal.

Without thinking twice, Ryouko took aim with her shotgun and pulled the trigger, sending a blast of pellets into the monster. Its acidic blood was released, burning holes in the concrete floor, but the creature kept moving. Ryouko fired off the second barrel. With a second, closer range impact, the alien was perforated with more shot and fell to the floor, its acid blood flowing out and forming a deep hole. (4 Xenomorphs remaining)

A doorway to the right burst open. Ryouko turned just in time to see another Xenomorph charge at her. Ryouko placed her empty shotgun up in front of her, blocking a claw strike and retaliating by pistol whipping the alien with the weapon, knocking it backwards.

Ryouko picked up Ougai's Smith and Wesson and fired off four rounds into the Xenomorph, killing it. (3 Xenomorphs remaining)

Ryouko Tanbou grabbed a the revolver and the ammuntion and prepared to reload, but as she did so, another Xenomorph charged out the door. Ryouko fired the last round in the revolver, which slowed down the alien, but did not stop it.

Ryouko instead ran into a room with metal bars that had been burned through by acid-possibly two of those things fighting. In the back of the cage was a massive machine that Ryouko had never seen before- "Was that the wormhole generator these things came through?!"

Ryouko reloaded her shotgun, closing the barrels just as the Xenomorph she'd been chasing burst in. Ryouko fired, scoring a head shot, killing the monster instantly. (2 Xenomorphs remaining)

After topping off her shotgun and revolver ammo, Ryouko jumped over the puddle of acid left by the Xenomorph and burst into a another sideroom. This one was taken up by a large tank that read "Caution Liquid Nitrogen"

Almost as soon as she entered, Ryouko heard something move behind her. She rolled out the way in time to avoid a lunge by a Xenomorph intent on impaling her on its tail. The Xenomorph kept going and stuck its tail in the liquid nitrogen tank, instantly flash freezing itself. For good measure, Ryouko grabbed a metal pipe lying on the ground and threw it at the frozen alien, shattering it. (1 Xenomorph remaining).

As the Xenomorph shattered, however, Ryouko felt a sharp pain in her chest. She looked down to the see a sharp spear-like Xenomorph tail sticking out of her chest as everything went black. (Ryouko Tanbou killed)

WINNER: Xenomorph

Ryouko Tanbou Kills: 4

Expert's Opinion[]

The experts pointed out the durability and use of team work by the Xenomorphs, as well as their greater numbers. This allowed them to overpower Ryouko even with her firearms. This was added to by the fact that Ryouko is a psychiatrist with no military training.

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Battle was declared unfair due to Ryouko's lack of training or experience, as well as a numbers disadvantage.

Battle vs. MARSOC (by Redkite525)[]

MARSOC: GreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreen

Aliens: GreyGreyGreyGreyGreyGreyGreyGrey

Two HMMWV’s pull up outside a 3 level multi-storey car park, ahead of them is the entrance, the multi-storey is empty with the exception of a few cars as it is night time, eight MARSOC operators get out of the HMMWV’s and gather around the first vehicle and the team leader. “Alright, this is where there have been reports of attacks on civilians, keep it tight and stay sharp, stick in a line behind me, two meters distance, let’s go.” The team walk in order lead by the team leader, followed by the two machine gunners, followed by the marksman then followed by the four riflemen.

They walk up the short flat hill up into the first car park, ahead of them seven large black figures are gathered around something about twelve meters away, “What the heck? Contact, sharpen up,this is it.” whispered the team leader. The team stop and all drop to a crouch and watch the seven black figures in the dark, “Everyone get your eyes on, Marksman, up here”, the marksman leaves his spot in the line and moves toward the team leader but as he does an Alien appears from the left of the line and grabs the machine gunner behind the team leader, the machine gunner screams as he is pulled away into the darkness Green and this alarmed all the black figures which are also Aliens, they turned away from the body they were feeding on and looked at the MARSOC operators, “Contact! Contact! The team leader shouted”, the Operativess opened fire on the Aliens which scattered and sprinted at the team, as they sprinted an Alien takes several SAW bullets to it's chest and head and collapses Grey, but the aliens continued their charge, “Jesus! Get back! Get back!” the team leader shouts, the team leader stands up and began spraying his rifle, the other operators run toward a door to their right which had stairs up, one by one the operators run through the door and secure the start of the stairs, finally the team leader comes through the door and only in time as the Aliens reached the door seconds before it is closed.

The Aliens try to push open the door but three riflemen, the machine gunner and marksman hold the door shut, as the Aliens try to overpower the operators and get through the door, two aliens brake off from the group and climb outside the multi-storey window and up to next floor, they run through the door and down the stairs, however the team leader who is trying to think of a plan hears the Aliens coming down the stairs and raises his rifle, the other rifleman joined him in this. The Aliens charge down the stairs and reach the final few steps before they can see all the operators, one of the aliens leaps the final steps and lands on the rifleman crushing him before then mercilessly scratching his chest Green, this draws the attention of the machine gunner, he looks away from the door to the alien and they make eye contact, the alien charges at the machine gunner but he raises his SAW just in time and fires tearing the alien apart Grey. The other alien runs down the stairs toward the team leader, he pulls the trigger on his gun and two rounds come out of the gun before it clicks, the rounds hit the alien’s chest but did not hinder it, the team leader throws down HK416 and draws his MEU pistol, he fires his entire magazine which hit the Alien in the head and it collapsed just centimetres before the leader Grey.

The Operatives holding the door start to be overpowered, the team leader picks up his HK416 and reloads it, “On a count of three we ditch the door and sprint up the steps, when we get too the next door, rifles and machine hold the stairs, marksman, check if the coast in clear, three, two, one, now!” The Operatives leave the door and sprint up the stairs and reach the door, the three riflemen stop at the stairs and wait until they hear aliens pile through the door, the team leader joins the riflemen and machinegunner and the marksman runs through the door and looks out toward the car park floor. It is dark and deserted and he notices a steep hill up to the roof floor , suddenly two aliens appear from the window, one leaps onto the Marksman and the other runs through the door, The aliens stormed up the stairs, the team fire and instantly cut down an alien Grey as they run up to stairs, however in the gun fire an Alien climbs up the wall under the last set of stairs and leaps into the group of Marines landing on two riflemen, the Alien bites digs it's tail into one of the riflemen on the floor Green then scratches another as he tries to get up Green,enraged by the sudden deaths of two of his comradres the machine gunner turns and fires, the SAW rounds overpower the Alien and it collapses filled with many bullet holes Grey, however suddenly a Alien storms through the door behind the team and scratches the machine gunner several times in the back he collapses and sucums to his wounds Green, the team leader and remaining rifleman turn and unload their current magazines into the Alien, ripping it apart Grey.

The marksman grabs the Alien's hands and it tries to scratch him and holds them back but he begins to be over-powered, the marksman release his grip on the Aliens right claw and dodges it's swipe before drawing his KA-BAR knife and digging it into the Alien's thought, it staggers back in pain, the Marksman gets up and raises his M14 DMR firing one round into it's head, the round goes straight though the Alien's head, killing it instantly Grey.

The marksman runs back through the door,“Follow me, we have to get out of here!” shouts the Marksman. The team leader and rifleman turn and sprint through the door and across the floor.

The team head up the hill to the roof floor,"We can call an EVAC chopper or some support or something" said the team leader, the team run to the middle of the roof car pack and drop to a crouch in the triangle position, the team leader puts his rifle on his back and fiddles with his radio but it does not work, the marksman turns to him and puts down his rifle to try and help but as he does an Alien climbs up from the floor below, it sprints at the team and whips the marksman in the head slicing his throat and sending him flying back Green, the rifleman turns to fire but he Alien swipes at him, slashing him across the face before grabbing his head and throwing him away Green, the team leader draws his KA-BAR knife and lunges at the Alien but the Alien whips him in the stomach with it's tail sending him flying back onto a car bonet.

The team leader coughs as he was winded, the Alien runs at him with its mouth open, ready to finish it’s kill, the team leader pulls out his MEU pistol and shoots the Alien in the leg, it staggers to the floor just before the team leader then limps quickly toward him, it knocks away his pistol and trys to reach the team leaders chest, he puts up his legs to hold it back but it begins to overpower him, the team leader tries to get his HK416 off his back and with the last of his strength his pushed the Alien back and pulls the rifle off his backl, he pulls the rifle up and drives it into the Alien’s open mouth as it runs at him again, “Drop dead you mother f-”, he pulls the trigger and unloads his entire magazine into the Alien's head and it falls back dead Grey, he stumbles up and looks down on the body before raising his rifle in and roaring in victory.

Winner: MARSOC

Expert's Opinion[]

Although it was hard to determine the victor at the start, it is evident that with the advantage of weaponary and the ability to engage the aliens at range in combination with their training MARSOC are superior, although the aliens have speed and the ability to kill instantly with their swipes, they were just no match for MARSOC's weaponary such as the SAW, this was however a close match because MARSOC would have stood little chance without their weapons.

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The battle was declared unfair for the MARSOC because of the Xenomorphs' exoskeleton which would allow them plenty of protection against their small arms.