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You still don't realize what you're dealing with do you? Perfect organism, its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility.
— Ash to the crew of the Nostromo on the Alien

Unlike many other recurring enemy extraterrestrial races in science fiction, the Aliens or Xenomorphs, are not an intelligent civilisation. While they are not an "intelligent" civilisation they are still highly tactical and only require intellectual aspect that are important in combat. They are able to understand human technology, an example of this would be when they cut the power so the lights would go out in order to camouflage themselves. Another example would be when Ellen Ripley escaped the Queen in an elevator, the Queen witnessed how she operated it and used it her self to continue chasing her.

They are predatory creatures with no higher goals than the propagation of their species and the destruction of life. While it is unknown why they do this, it is likely that they do this in order to increase the species. Xenos can not be born without the death of someone. Although it is possible that they kill for another reason as well as to produce more. They feel no emotion, to concept or remorse or morality. Like wasps or termites, Aliens are eusocial, with a single fertile queen breeding a caste of warriors, drones, and praetorians in typical cases.

The Aliens' biological life cycle, in which their offspring are violently implanted inside living hosts before erupting from their chests, is in many ways their signature aspect. They have acid for blood which is possibly the deadliest thing about them and how they keep people from removing them as facehuggers. If they are shot or stabbed or anything acid will spray out of them. The acid is so strong that it once melted through 3 floors of a mining space craft and can dissolve into Colonial Marine, APC armor, and Exosuits designed in attempt to be highly resistant to Xenomorph acid. They are extremely agile and quick to where they can fight with Yautja who are proven to have effortless bullet-dodging abilities, dodging shoulder cannon blasts and gunfire at close range, and can stick to any surface. They can easily jump over 20 feet. Wherever they go they cause some sort of material to attach to the surface. This better allows them to blend in. In pure darkness they are almost impossible to see without a light.

Battle vs. Makhai (Clash of the Titans) (by GSFB)[]

Team Xenomorph: Teal Teal Teal Teal Teal

Team Makhai: Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred

Hades awakens in the underworld to find an influx of souls recently killed in a macabre way; they were the victims of a new form of monster, the Xenomorphs! Knowing through his powers how lethal they are, how easily they could wipe out humanity and most other life, and the subsequent population boom in the Underworld that would follow, Hades vows to end this pestilence before it overwhelms his dark, gloomy kingdom. He summons forth five terrible Makhai to find and slay the Xenomorphs before it is too late.

Meanwhile, in an abandoned copper mine just outside of Argos, the Queen Xenomorph lays her eggs and communes with four of her drones, when she senses the arrival of a threat. Roaring, she issues chemicals signals to her drones to fan out and engage the enemy, while she herself prepares to defend her nest.

In one tunnel, a Makhai approaches cautiously. Scanning the cave, he spots a Xenomorph climbing above him, positioning for a surprise attack. Yet the Makhai has two pairs of eyes that see well in darkness. He pretends not to notice the monster, until it strikes. With one stroke, he severes its incoming tail, and with another, its face Teal. The acid bloodbath burns the torso of the Makhai, rendering it severly wounded. It screams with both mouths.

Two of his comrades hear him, but before they can reach their fallen comrade they are spat upon by two Xenomorphs. The Makhai duck and fire back with Lava balls. Both sides fire at each other like cowboys in an old western, trading projectiles and ducking under thick rocks for cover. While they fight, they hear their fallen comrade scream hideously. Then silence Darkred. Soon both groups of warriors find themselves unable to fire anymore: the Makhai cannot use up more of their flesh for combat, and the Xenomorphs have dry mouths. Drawing their swords, the Makhai charge, but one is stopped dead in his tracks by a Xenomorph spear tail through the chest Darkred. However, the other Makhai engages the other two Xenomorphs and slays them easily with his swords and superior speed Teal Teal. After the two fiends are down, the Makhai finds that two of his swords have been eaten by the Xenomorph acid blood. It is then that the Xenomorph drone from behind strikes, but the Makhai has another head facing the attacker, and four more blades at the ready. In a split second the Xenomorph is disemboweld and decapitated Teal. The acid that spurts on the Makhai his both of his heads and his chest, and the warrior suddenly becomes headless and collapses into sizzling, greenish molten rock Darkred

Meanwhile two other Makhai are busy slaying chestbursters and Facehuggers. They eventually locate the Nest, but before they can attack, the Queen sneaks up behind them. But the Makhai already know she is there, having spotted her a few seconds before. Looking at each other, they nod and then attack. Yet the Queen grabs them both and smashes them together several times, until they are nothing more than small glowing balls of liquid metal Darkred Darkred. Though the Xenomorph Queen has lost her hands as a result of handling Lava, the victory is hers. She rears up, opens her mouth, and roars!

Expert's Opinion[]


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Battle vs. Necromorphs (by Undead RVD)[]

No battle written.

Winner: Xenomorph

Expert's Opinion[]


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Battle vs. Flood (by JWarrior89)[]

A high wind blows across the colony of Hadley's Hope. The facility appears to be completely deserted; its compounds and hallways are completely devoid of life. However, there is no doubt something terrible has happened; the walls are scorched with gunfire, and parts of the walls and floor have been burned through as though by acid...

In the skies above the colony, a slipspace portal opens up, and two ships emerge; one of them is the UNSC carrier Hawaii, and the other is the Covenant cruiser Trial By Fire. Both ships appear to be covered in some sort of fungus, spores clouding the skies as they rapidly descend. With a roar, both ships pass over the colony, crashing a distance away. The resulting shockwave rattles the facility; windows shatter and vehicles are sent flying. For a few moments, there is only silence. Then, suddenly, something emerges from the Hawaii. It appears from a distance to be a man, but when is leaps forward to the ground below, it becomes obvious it is anything but. What was once a human being is now a zombielike creature, with rotting skin, a dislocated neck, and a trio of small tentacles sticking out of its chest. The creature raises its Assault Rifle and races towards Hadley's Hope as other similar life forms, both human and Covenant, emerge from their respective ships and follow.

In the depths of the colony, an army of Xenomorphs, alerted by the shockwave from the ships crashing, spread throughout the facility. Having previously killed and harvested the inhabitants of Hadley's Hope, their numbers have increased greatly. Sensing their new prey approaching, they climb along the walls and ceilings, hide in crevices and the shadows, and wait. After a few moments, a swarm of Flood Combat Forms appears, racing down the hallway. As they pass underneath a gap in the ceiling, a Xenomorph spears the last one with its tail and pulls it upward. The parasite itself, however, has remained unharmed, and promptly sprays the Xenomorph with bullets. The creature shrieks with pain, but its acid blood also covers the Combat Form, killing it. Both creatures fall to the floor with a loud thud. All the noise has alerted the other Combat Forms, who turn around just as the other Xenomorph Drones swarm out of the hole and attack. The Combat Forms rush forward to meet them, firing wildly. A Drone is cut down with assault rifle fire, and two more are killed by an infected Elite with a Plasma Rifle. One of the Drones spits acid at a Combat Form, hitting it on the arm. The creature roars with pain as the acid burns through his flesh, its arm dropping to the floor. However, this does not slow it down; on the contrary, it runs straight at the Drone and strikes it across the face with its remaining arm. Enraged, the Drone leaps upon the Combat Form and rips it apart. Another Combat Form aims with its Plasma Rifle, but without warning, a Drone drops down from above, pinning it to the ground. It tries to sink its teeth into the Combat Form, but is thrown off. As it gets to its feet, the two Drones are fried with plasma fire. With a roar, the remaining Combat Forms rush forward, deeper into the facility.

Several Combat Forms enter a room filled with Xenomorph eggs. As they pass by, the eggs slowly open up, and several Facehuggers leap at them. The Combat Forms open fire, blasting all of them out of the air except for one, which latches onto the face of an Elite Combat Form... or rather, where its face should have been. Instead, the facehugger had simply latched onto the Parasite that had infected the Elite. As there is no mouth to implement the embryo into, the Facehugger is helpless as the Combat Form rips it off and smashes it on the floor.

Elsewhere, a trio of Flood Carrier Forms waddle slowly through a large room, unaware they are being stalked by a group of Xenomorph Drones. Two of the Drones leap on the Carrier Forms, biting, clawing, and scratching them furiously, while another lands in front of one and spears it with its tail. However, this backfires horribly, as the Carrier Forms explode with the force of grenades, blasting the Drones back and killing one of them instantly. As the other two Drones crash to the floor, a swarm of Infection Forms are released from the Carrier Forms. They immediately latch themselves on the Drones, jabbing at them with their tentacles, trying to pierce their spinal cords. The Drones thrash around, clawing at the Infection Forms, killing a few of them, but the rest begin to wear away at the Xenomorphs. The Drones' wounds begin to bleed, killing more of the infection forms and burning holes in the floor. The Drones manage to get to their feet just as more Infection Forms appear and scurry toward them.

The Combat Forms enter a chamber in the middle of the colony. Above them, a large number of Xenomorph Warriors crawl along the ceiling, preparing to pounce. One of them leaps upon a Combat Form and bites into the parasite with its secondary mouth, killing it instantly. A Combat Form fires its shotgun, blowing a gaping whole in its side. The other Combat Forms open fire, but the Warriors crawl along the ceiling at lightning speeds, dodging around and leaping to avoid the shots.

Unknown to the Flood, several more Warriors have snuck around behind them. They leap forward and tear into the Combat Forms, clawing, biting, and stinging. One Combat Form aims its rocket launcher, but suddenly the grate below its feet bursts open and a Warrior grabs it by the legs, dragging it below. As it does so, the Combat Form fires its rocket launcher upward, striking a Warrior on the ceiling and causing it to erupt in a shower of acid. The remaining combat forms are covered in the blood and dissolve.

The Xenomorph Warriors shriek in victory, but are cut short by a hailstorm of sharp spikes from above; a trio of Flood Pure Forms, currently in their Ranged Form, are clinging to the ceiling. Several Warriors are cut down, but the rest quickly crawl up the walls towards the Ranged Forms. When they get too close, the Pure Forms switch to Stalker Forms and crawl forward, striking at the Warriors. A few are knocked to the ground and die on impact, but one of the Stalker Forms is overwhelmed by the Warriors; it loses its grip, falls to the ground, and is clawed and stabbed to death. The other two Stalker Forms drop to the ground and switch to the Tank Form. With a roar, they begin smashing the Warriors, punching them so hard their faces cave in, and sending them flying into the walls.

Within a minute the Warriors are all dead. The Tank Forms roar, which is quickly drowned out by a shriek; they turn around to see two Xenomorph Praetorians leap to the ground in front of them. The Tank forms roar and charge, as do the Praetotians. One of the Tank Forms delivers a hard punch to a Praetorian's face; it stumbles back, then retaliates by ramming into the Tank Form and sending it to the floor. Its spits acid on the Tank Form, which roars in pain as the acid dissolves it. The Praetorian finishes it off with several stabs with its tail, then turns to face the remaining Tank Form, which is locked in combat with the other Praetorian. The Tank Form punches one Praetorian, avoids a stab from the other's tail, grabs it and throws it across the room. The other Praetorian, however, manages to stab it through the middle with its tail. The Tank Form grabs the Praetorian and punches it repeatedly, crushing its head. However, this covers its fist in acid, and it roars in pain as the other Praetorian charges.

Suddenly, a pair of loud, distorted screeches fill the air. The Praetorian looks up to see a pair of Xenomorph Drones, now infected by the Flood, on the ceiling. They drop down and attack the Praetorian, able to avoid its attacks due to their superior speed, striking at it repeatedly with their tails. The Praetoeian leaps at one of them, but misses, and both Xenomorph Flood Forms leap upon it, biting and scratching. The Praetorian screeches and throws them off, but it immediately met with a savage punch by the Tank Form, senting it to the floor. The Tank Form and the infected Xenomorphs lay seige to the Praetorian, punching, stabbing, scratching, and biting, until eventually it stops moving. Sensing no more Xenomorphs nearby, the three Flood creatures let out a cry of victory.

WINNER: The Flood

Expert's Opinion[]

None written.

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Battle vs. Gorgonopsid (Primeval) (by MonsterMovieguymeetsBenedictArnold)[]

The Prologue Part 1

A gorgonopsid is on the hunt for a scutosaurus during the Permian period. It was a hot day as usual in a desert during that time.

It stopped, lifted its head, and sniffed the air. It picked up the scent of blood filling the air. The scent was gettting stronger and stronger. It had noticed that it was standing still.

It ran atop a hill to hide and attack its prey from behind. It saw a scutosaurus limping as fast as it can and growled. It was about to ambush it but, a black creature pounced on it and clawed at it. It was coiling its tail ready to finish off the scutosaurus but, the gorgonopsid roared to scared the thing off. The creature got off and snarled at the gorgonopsid.

It snarled right back at the creature. They both walked in a circle snarling and growling at each other.

The Prologue Part 2

A Predator ship was heading to earth to see what type of prey there is on the planet.

The Predator felt something in his chest. He felt more and more pain coming coming from the same place. He screamed in agony as chestburster came out of his chest. The nose of ship started heading down to earth. It entered the earth's atmosphere and coming at full speed, it started burning up.

It hit a sand dune sending sand everywhere. The Xenomorph slithered out of the wreckage. A few days later. The xenomorph is now fully grown and it's really hungry. The xeno started to look around this weird place. It sees a creature that's drinking some fluid.

It hisses and charges at the creature. It jumped on the beast, clawing at its hide and legs, causing deep gashes in those areas. The creature shook it off its back and started to limp away. The xenomorph didn't want have its food get away so, it jumped on it again. It coiled its tail to finish the beast but, a roar from the side is heard.

The gorgonopsid roars at the xenomorph and it hisses right back.The gorgonopsid charges at the xeno and grabs it by the neck. It started to feel a pain on its teeth. It let go and screamed in agony. The xeno pounced on the monster and clawed at the skin of it.

The gorgonopsid stood upward and started falling backwards. The xeno crawled on the belly of the gorgonopsid and coiled its tail to strike. It struck and the tail went through the skull killing it. The xenomorph roars in victory.

Expert's Opinion[]

The Xenomorph was too fast for the Gorgonopsid to be able to land a hit and even if it did manage to get a bite then the acid blood would damage it too much to continue the fight.

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Battle vs Arachnids (by Deathblade 100)[]



The battle starts with five Arachnid Warrior bugs, a Tanker bug and a Plasma Bug patrolling a rocky wasteland. The Arachnids enter a human colony only to find a strange black webbing covering the buildings. The Arachnid Warriors enter the main complex finding six humans cocooned on the walls.

Five Xenomorph warriors start to uncurl of the walls, angry that they have been disturbed. An Arachnid warrior moves into the hive and is attacked by the Xenomorphs. The Arachnid slashes its claws at one Xenomorph, killing it.Grey The Arachnid's claws starts to melt due to the acid blood. A Praetorian rears back and spits two streams of acid at the Arachnid Warrior, blinding it. A Xenomorph thrusts with its tail and runs the Arachnid through, wounding it. The Arachnid contines to struggle as the Xenomorphs surround it and start to fire their inner jaws into the creature killing it.Brown

The remaining Arachnids hear a skittering noise and see a Runner heading towards them. The Runner stops and spits acid at the Arachnids, driving the warriors towards the hive. A strange buzzing noise fills the air. A jet of blue plasma flies towards the hive complex killing one of the Xenomorph Warrior.Grey The remaining Xenomorphs head out of the hive, swarming an unlucky Warrior bug.Brown The Runner returns to the hive and spits more acid at the Arachnids. The Praetorian faces off against a Warrior bug, killing it with a head bite.Brown The remaining Xenomorphs start to withdraw.

A Xenomorph Warrior charges towards a Tanker. The colossal Arachnid fires a jet of fire from its head, igniting the Xenomorph. The Xenomorph screechs in pain before exploding into acid, covering the Tanker in its blood.GreyBrown The three remaining Arachnids attack, killing the Runner.Grey The Plasma Bug prepares to fire, just as the Praetorian slashes its claws through its abdomen and drives its tail through the Plasma Bug's head.Brown An Arachnid Warrior bites down onto a Xenomorph's skull.Grey

The Praetorian moves behind the wounded Arachnid and kills it with a headbite.Brown The last Arachnid slashes its claws at the Praetorian, only for the Xenomorph rears back and spits acid into the Arachnid's face. A Xenomorph Warrior draws it's tail back and plunges it through the Arachnid's neck.Brown The remaining Xenomorphs hear a noise and turn only to see a horde of Arachnids closing in on them.

Winner: Xenomorphs

Expert's Opinion[]

The Xenomorphs had better X-factors than the Arachnids.

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Battle vs. Sith (Legends) (by JWarrior89)[]

Sith: 5

Xenomorphs: 100

In the skies above the planet of Korriban, a single ship approaches the Sith Academy. Upon landing, the entrance ramp descends and 5 Sith emerge; 3 human males, 1 Zabrak male, and 1 Twi'lek female. The Sith Leader, one of the humans, suddenly signals for the others to stop. They all look around; the area is deserted.

"What is this?" the Twi'lek asks, "Where are all the dock workers? Where are the guards?"

"Where's anyone?" one of the humans says.

"I don't like this," the Zabrak growls, clutching the hilt of his double-bladed lightsaber, "something's wrong here."

The Sith Leader turns back to the ship.

"Pilot," he says, "stay where you are. Be ready to take off at a moment's notice."

"Yes, Sir." the pilot replies.

The Sith Leader motions for the others to follow him, and they all head towards the academy.

Inside the academy, the Sith are met with a shocking scene; bodies of students, teachers, and guards alike litter the floors, and the walls and ceilings are scorched from blaster fire.

"By the Force..." one of the humans says, stunned, "what happened here!?"

"A power struggle." one of the other humans replies, "Some foolish students tried to usurp control of the Academy, and ended up destroying it."

"That's not it..." the Twi'lek says, ominously, kneeling over the corpse of a student.

"What do you mean?" the Sith Leader asks, turning to her.

"Look at this," she replies, pointing to a large hole in the student's body, "this wasn't caused by a blaster or a lightsaber. It looks almost as if... something burst out of this student's chest!"

There is dead silence, as the Sith all look at each other. The Sith Leader turns in the direction of the dormitories, closes his eyes, and reaches out with the Force.

"She's right," he says after a moment, "there is something in here. Something I've never sensed before; wild, feral, and there's a lot of them."

"What are you orders, master?" the Twi'lek asks.

"Wipe them out..." the Sith Leader replies, igniting his lightsaber, "... all of them."

The rest of the Sith follow suit; the humans activating their own lightsabers, the Zabrak igniting his double-bladed lightsaber, and the Twi'lek igniting both of her blades.

"You two," the Sith Leader says, indicating the Zabrak and one of the humans, "search the dormitories."

The two Sith nod and head off.

"You two," he says to the other human and the Twi'lek, "follow me to the Library."

In the dormitories, the Zabrak and the human move slowly, keeping alert for any sign of movement.

"Wait!" the human says, suddenly, coming to a halt, "I sense something..."

The Zabrak looks around wildly, but sees nothing. Above them, a Xenomorph watches from the upper wall. With a menacing hiss, he leaps at the human, who whips around and uses Force Push, sending it flying back up and crashing into the wall. It falls to the floor with a loud thud, and the human fries it with Force Lightning. The Xenomorph's echoing death shrieks are soon replaced by a crowd of new, fresh shrieks. The two Sith turn to see Xenomorphs pouring into the room, crawling on the walls, ceiling, and floor. The human lashes out with more Force lightning from both hands, frying two more Xenomorphs. With a savage yell, the Zabrak charges in; he dodges a stab from a Xenomorph's bladed tail, carving it in two with his lightsaber. The human casts Force Slow on a group of Xenomorphs, reducing them to a crawl, and cuts each of them down with his lightsaber. The Zabrak throws his lightsaber with the Force, decapitating several Xenomorphs. The human Force pushes another one into a wall and impales it with his lightsaber. For each one they kill, however, two more seem to take their place; they can't keep this up forever. With a bloodcurdling yell, the Zabrak uses Force Rage, channeling his anger, fear, and frustration into enhanced strength and speed. Twirling his lightsaber, he tears into the Xenomorphs, slicing three across the face, stabbing two, and cutting five in half. However, the rage wears off at that moment, leaving him fatigued. He manages to kill two more Xenomorphs, but is overwhelmed, dragged off into the darkness, and killed. The human uses Force Speed and runs for it, stopping at the end of a long hallway. Turning, he hears the sounds of the Xenomorphs approaching. Deactivating his lightsaber, he begins charging up a huge Force blast. As the Xenomorphs draw near, he unleashes a massive Force Push, blasting them all back with such force that they are all killed. Grinning, he turns around... and is immediately impaled by a Xenomorph's tail. The creature lifts him off of his feet and snarls in his face. With a screech, it punctures his skull with its second mouth.

Sith: 3

Xenomorphs: 60

In the Library, the Sith Leader, along with the Twi'lek and the remaining human, move between the shelves, stepping over more dead bodies. The Sith Leader, sensing something, motions for the others to stop. A hissing noise causes them all to look around in different directions. From above, a Xenomorph drops down from the ceiling, landing right between them. In a flash, the Sith Leader spins around, swinging his lightsaber, slicing right into the creature's face. More Xenomorphs begin flooding the chamber, forcing the Sith to separate. The Sith Leader Force pushes one into a wall, electrocutes another with Force Lightning, and carves up two more with his lightsaber. The Twi'lek nimbly leaps and dodges around the Xenomorphs, slicing up three of them. She then throws both of her lightsabers, decaptitating two Xenomorphs, electrocutes two more with lightning, and Force pushes one into a shelf with such force, it cracks the bottom, causing it to fall over and crush the Xenomorph. The other human Sith dodges a blow from a Xenomorph's tail, and slices the end off, following up with a downward slash across its face. He grabs another with the Force, slams it into the ground, and throws it against the wall. Another Xenomorph leaps forward and slashes him across the chest with its claws, causing him to fall to the floor. Several more Xenomorphs surround him; he lets out a Force Scream, blasting the Xenomorphs back and killing four of them. He leaps to his feet, spots the Xenomorph who slashed him, and blasts it with Force Lightning. Thirsty for revenge, he uses the Force to intensify the lightning inside the Xenomorph. Eventually, the energy is so powerful, it erupts from the Xenomorph, causing it to explode. Unfortunately, this showers the Sith with the Xenomorph's acid blood; he shrieks in agony as he is dissolved. The Sith Leader and Twi'lek both unleash Force Lightning, creating a Force Storm than fries eight more Xenomorphs. Even more begin flooding the chamber, however, and the two are forced to retreat using Force Speed.

Sith: 2

Xenomorphs: 32

Outside the academy, the Sith Leader stops. He turns, and begins straining with the Force, trying to collapse the entrance. It won't stop the Xenomorphs, but it should delay them. As their screeches get closer, the entrance to the academy finally caves in, completely sealing up with debris. The Sith Leader turns, only to see that the Twi'lek is gone.

Back at the landing pad, the Twi'lek reaches the ship.

"Pilot, take off!" She yells. She stops short, however, upon seeing the mangled remains of the pilot. A hissing sound causes her to look up; before she can react, the Xenomorph hiding above grabs her and pulls her upward.

Sith: 1

Xenomorphs: 32

The Sith Leader arrives at the ship just in time to hear the Twi'lek's screams, quickly replaced by silence. He ignites his lightsaber, waiting. A few seconds later, the Xenomorph leaps down the entrance ramp. It sees the Sith Leader and lets out a shriek, proceeding to bound towards him. He throws his lightsaber, but the Xenomorph leaps over it. He uses Force Lightning, throwing it back and electrocuting it to death. He catches his lightsaber and deactivates it, glaring at the fried Xenomorph; if that thing was on the ship, and it has killed the Twi'lek, then there was no reason to think his pilot may be alive. He would have to make a stand here. Sensing the rest of the Xenomorphs approaching, the Sith Leader turns, drops to his knees, and begins to recite the Code of the Sith.

"Peace is a lie; there is only Passion. Through Passion, I gain Strength..."

The Xenomorph's hissing and shrieks were now faintly audible.

"Through Strength, I gain Power. Through Power, I gain Victory..."

The Xenomorph's cries were louder now; they were close.

"Through Victory, my chains are broken..."

They had caught sight of him.

"The Force... shall free me!"

The Sith Leader's eyes snap open; in one fluid motion, he ignites his lightsaber, leaps to his feet, and charges the Xenomorph horde. He throws his lightsaber, decapitating two Xenomorphs, and blasts several off the edge of the landing pad with Force Push. He unleashes Force Lightning, frying three more. He dodges a slash from one of the Xenomorph's claws, responding with a slash across its stomach, splitting it in two. He Force pushes another three off the edge; however, the remaining Xenomorphs are swarming him. Using Force Speed, he runs to his ship and leaps onto the roof, holding his lightsaber ready to strike. Three Xenomorphs leap up to the top of the ship, but he strikes each of them down with his lightsaber. He uses Force Push with one hand, sending a Xenomorph over the cliff, and fries another with Force Lightning. He senses a Xenomorph behind him, turns, and barely manages to backflip off the ship to avoid a swipe from its bladed tail. Landing back on the ground, he looks up to see the Xenomorph leap off the ship at him; he grabs it midair with the Force and throws it off the cliff. He spins around, slashing a Xenomorph across the face with his lightsaber. Growing fatigued, he looks around to see himself surrounded by Xenomorphs. Pushed to his limit, he yells out in anger and fury; this becomes a Force Scream, which blasts four of the Xenomorphs off the cliff, and sends three sprawling to the floor. He casts Force Lightning at the three Xenomorphs, killing them.

Sith: 1

Xenomorphs: 1

The Sith Leader looks around; he can sense there is still one Xenomorph left. He closes his eyes, reaching out with the Force.

Above him, the last Xenomorph crawls out of a crevice in the side of the cliff. He watches the Sith Leader intently, preparing to strike.

When he has his back turned, the Xenomorph leaps, claws outstretched... but the Sith Leader spins around and grabs him in midair with the Force. The Xenomorph writhes in panic, floating 20 feet above the ground, unable to do anything. The Sith Leader, grinning, decides enough is enough, and crushes its neck with the Force.

Sith: 1

Xenomorphs: 0

As the Xenomorph's body falls limp, the Sith Leader throws it against the side of the ship. It slams against it and falls to the floor with a dull thud. Satisfied with his victory, the Sith Leader deactivates his lightsaber and silently walks away.

Expert's Opinion[]

Despite the Xenomorphs' intelligence, ferocity, and numbers, the Sith's mastery of the Force allowed them to keep the Xenomorphs at bay. Also, their lightsabers cauterized any wounds they inflicted on the Xenomorphs, largely negating the threat of their acid blood.

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Battle vs. Olog-hai (by GSFB)[]

Olog-Hai: Green Green Green Green Green

Xenomorphs: Black2 Black2 Black2 Black2 Black2

It had been 2 days since the strange c-shaped skyship crashed into mordor, 2 days since Dorff the Olog-Hai aided the Witch King of Angmar in the interrogation of the Man-Giants on board, beings of pale skin, no hair, as large and as powerful as the Troll-Men hybrids. After the Interrogation, the Witch King looked shocked; he had encountered an evil even Sauron could not match, all within the heart and soul of the massive, black eyed creatures, which were currently locked up at Barad-Dur. Afterwards the witch King ordered an army of Olog-Hai trolls to attack a horde of terrible beasts that had left the fallen ship and taken up residence on the plains of Gorgoroth. The Battle was terrible, and the dust kicked up from it was too great for the Nazgul, riding fell beasts, to see from the air, at least until this morning. It was then that Dorff and his unit was sent to investigate the battlefield, which seemed, so far, void of life.

By the time Dorff and his four trolls made it to the batlefield, they encountered a newly born canyon: the blood of the monsters, called by the Men-Giants "Xenomorphs", was so acidic that it burned deeply into Mordor, causing pits as terrible as those of the darkest orcs. The broken bodies of Olog-Hai and Xenomorphs of all shapes and sizes filled the canyons. Dorff was shocked, having never seen such gore after a battle. He was about to order his trolls to fan out when he heard hissing and a fleshy, wet noise.

"Over there. Stay quiet." Dorff whispered. He led the trolls past a natural rock arch. They stoppedand stared in horror: five Xenomorph drones were feasting on a dead Olog-Hai. Te fiends fed with their tongues, which sported a second mouth. Dorff shook with anger, and as the Xenomorphs started noticing the trolls, he yelled out in black speech,

"CHARGE Ye Scurvy Dogs!"

The Xenomorphs now all turned and looked at the oncoming stone-scaled, roaring giants, and began to spit. The acid spits wounded two of the trolls, including Dorff, and felled three others Green Green Green.

Before the Xenomorphs could fell another, one of the Olog-Hai drew his saber and decapitated three of the drones with one swipe Black2 Black2 Black2.

Dorff, nursing a burning arm, rammed his shield into another drone, and then struck down with his spiked mace, crushing the skull Black2.

As both Trolls suddenly found their sword and spiked mace dissolved by the Xenomorph blood, the last drone ran into a cave. Dorff led the charge into the cavern. The trolls, ever able to see in the dark, looked around, all over the cave, as they hunted for the drone. Now and again they found a dead orc, which had been slain by the beast's tongue mouth. Each had their brains partially eaten.

"Keep your eyes open, Ew," Dorff said, "This thing could be anywhere; stay alert. Got me?... Ew?"

Turning around, he saw his last soldier dead, with a sharp, blac tail run through his skull Green. The Xenomorph let the titan fall, and ran bak into the shadows. Dorff ran towards him, roaring, but lost him. He went into the shadows as well, trying to hunt the vermin down. He was about to enter a tunnell when he saw the creature hiding in a dark crevice. It was about to pounce on him, and the creature must have thought that it was hidden from view, undetected, he thought. He gave no indication that he had detected the brute, and continued walking fowards. As the Xenomorph leaped down, Dorff gave the beast an uppercut he wouldn't forget. The beast whirled three times midair and crashed into a rock. Getting up, it struck at the oncoming Olog-Hai with its claws and double mouth. The Troll proved faster, however, and with one fistblow broke the Xenomorph's tongue. He then pulled away, reeling from the pain of the acid blood. The Xenomorph lunged, but Dorff caught him miair with a hand swipe, sending it crashing into stone. As the Drone stood up, bleeding profusely and nursing a broke arm, Dorff pulled out his great war hammer and readied himself. The Xenomorph roared, kneeled, then leaped like a Siberian Tiger, its mouth and claws bared. Dorff raised his mighty hammer, and at the right moment rammed the wooden end straight through the Drone. As the beast collapsed, and as most of the handle dissolved, Dorff used his hammer head and its remaining handle, and like thor hurled it down, smashing the head of the Vile Alien savage Black2.

With no others sensed, Dorf raised his mighty fists, roaring in black speech "For the eye!"

As he made his egress from the cave, behind a large cavern wall, a Xenomorph hunter, one larger than any queen, one that was covered in stone skin and which bore some resemblance to trolls, watched him leave. His fangs were more like tusks, its growl more like a Grizzly's than a Xenomorphs. As two regular Xenomorph hunters made to charge and kill the Troll, the big Hunter growled at them, and they stopped, shaking before the behemoth. The Giant Hunter, the offpsing of an Olog-Hai and a Xenomorph Facehugger, made a terrible hiss, fit for any Balrog.

"Not...yet." It said, in Black Speech,

"Not yet...

WINNER: Olog-Hai

Expert's Opinion[]

Though the vote ended in a tie, I voted to break the tie with Olog-Hai: they are just too big, too smart, too strong, and surprisingly for a beats their size, too fast for the Xenomorphs to handle. Sorry, Geiger, Tolkien wins!

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Battle vs. Master Chief (by MilitaryBrat)[]

No battle was written.


Expert's Opinion[]

Since the Chief had dealt with numerous types of covenant soldiers, as well as the flood, the expert's believed that with the spartan's extreme training, augmented speed and strength, as well as energy shields, he would come out on top.

To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.

Battle vs. Na'vi Warrior (by Tybaltcapulet)[]

A school in Telford,United Kingdom[]

Rebecca Guest was an odd individual and a cruel P.E tacher to say the least. Both in appearance and demeanor. Many said she looked like one of the blue creatures from James Cameron's Avatar, due to her strange and freakishly long limbs and body shape. She was also an utter bitch, frequently taking away any fun that the students could have. Making them do extra laps for the smallest of screw ups in a pitch in baseball or a wrong bounce in a game of basketball.

But by far the most egregious violation of the students, was done to a boy named Wass Boss. Mr. Boss was particularly fond of badminton and Ms.Guest knew this. Wass was facing the hardest match of badminton of his life but he was about to win. He was up one point and the match was about to end when he got called out by the lanky P.E teacher. There was an unofficial rule everyone abided by that once you left the court, you forfeited the game. The other kid was laughing his ass off, as Wass shamefully admitted defeat as he left the court.

Once he got over to the disgusting beast of a woman, she smiled with that devilish smile that everyone in the school hated. Turns out Wass had "forgotten" to do some coursework (even though he had already done it) and he needed to complete it by the end of the day. It was a long, 7 page lesson, with multiple choice, word problem, and those fucking open response questions that needed a whole 5 paragraph essay to be even an acceptable answer.

After about a whole 6 hours of constant work that took him a week last time, Wass was allowed to leave. It was the end of the school day and Rebecca decided to sneak here way back into her office. She knew that every kid in the school made fun her, hearing things like " Go back to the Na'vi to hunt you long-armed biotch" and things of that sort. It annoyed her to no end, because ironically, she obsessed over the movie. She even had her own secret base filled with replica Na'vi weaponry and a ton of face paint. It was also Friday, which meant no one was going to find out about her secret passion tonight.As she gushed over Jake Sully's amazing body while furiously waving around her fake hair, she heard a strange, animal-like hiss come from up above her office that made her panic.

As she quickly got a torch and flicked it on, she sprinted her way straight up the stairs, and what she saw can only be described as.... otherworldly.

Pandora, After the Human Invasion[]

Pandora was a relatively peaceful planet after the massive assault on the Na'vi homeland for some powerful rocks. All of the Clans had decided to unite under one leader, Jake Sully, which created what is now known as the Na'vi Confederacy. Jake had expanded territory miles and miles beyond their original tiny tribe to a booming bartering society still with a strong emphasis on Eywa and her power. The Na'vi in short, had made what could be considered a utopia, where suffering was at an all time low and everyone provided for everyone.

But this peaceful society was about to get a rude awakening. They thought they had gotten rid of all of the humans at their site, but in reality, a small group of scientists were able to take refuge in their lab. The scientists, in the wake of their defeat still wanted to throw in an admittedly insane last ditch effort to upset the balance of the Na'vi. Before their defeat, they had been working on technology that would confuse the Omaticaya into coming to them instead of the other way around. Like a mirage in a desert, it would work by presenting an ultra-realistic image of important religious sites that had been previously destroyed. As the Na'vi came closer, a massive vacuum machine would trap them and transport them directly to the main ship.

The group was actually quite close to finishing the machine, and only needed to set up the machine at the Tree of Voices' former site and attract some of the Na'vi there.

12 hours later, former site of the Tree of Voices

"Fnu!" (Be quiet!), voiced Auäeitx, as her hunting group approached A Yerik, a six-legged deer-like creature that was feasting on the vegetation in the area. Suddenly, the Yerik popped up, ready to move, as an arrow pierced straight through it's stomach, forcing it to lay on the earth. After this, they quickly moved towards the downed beast, voiced their standard sacrament, and quickly slit the creature's throat before it could suffer any longer.

As Auäeitx stood up, a younger hunter Eymzool'a named yelled " ting nari!" (Look!). Auäeitx being the old hunter she was squinted her eyes and turned to look in the direction Eymzool'ä yelled at. " Ke..." (No...), Auäeitx whispered. It couldn't be, this place had been destroyed. But she could not deny what her eyes saw. It was Utral Aymokriyä, one of their most beloved and holy sites that had been crushed by human machinery not too long ago.

What made it even more convincing and enticing was all of the voices they were used to hearing from it, had suddenly come back to them. They could feel the connection to their deceased friends, family, and lovers lost to the ages. It put all of them in a deep trance, and they couldn't stop themselves from moving closer and closer to the paradise they saw before them.

Just as they were about to finish their slow journey to meet their compatriots once again, an extremely loud suction like noise that snapped them out of the trance. They then realized that this was too good to be true and that it was clearly some type of trick. But unfortunately, it was too late for them to try to escape, as the vacuum had taken a hold of all of them, and was about to transport, when the machine started to malfunction.

The location designator that was hastily designed, began to randomly flash different places across the universe. After about 30 seconds of chaos, it finally stopped on a location on Earth in a different timeline, Telford, United Kingdom. The machine imploded, killing the researchers instantly but instead of doing the same to the hunters, they instead disappeared, transported far, far away

Telford, United Kingdom, inside the school gym[]

All Ms. Guest could hope to do was stare in complete horror as she witnessed the creatures emerge from their "eggs". But these were no ordinary eggs, these were Xenomorphs that would a human's body as an eggs . She counted 5 creatures and 5 hole filled bodies, and became quite petrified that the Xenomorphs were all staring

Finally being able to force herself to move, Ms. Guest screeched as many Na'vi swears as her lungs could give her and began to run as fast as she could. In this show of stupidity, the Xenomorphs charged, but as they were about to reach her, an odd disturbance shaked exactly in front of the them. A fire like portal opened in front of them, and a 10 ft long blue creature took out a long staff and smacked one of the Xenomorphs back, shocking it and all the others.

Ms. Guest was stunned, her obsession in fantasy has become a reality. The Na'vi were coming to save her! She couldn't let her heroes fight on their own. It was fate that brought them to save her, and she wasn't about to let them down...


Xenomorphs:[2] x5

Like the insane person that she was Ms Guest immediately charged at the Xenomorphs, with her replica Dual Knives, only to be stabbed in the arm with a bladed tail, forcing her back into the wall. The remaining Xenomorphs spread out and found their way onto the walls. Auäeitx pulled out her bow and ordered the others to spread out as well and take their enemies individually.

Auäeitx, took the largest one and fired her bow several times at it, leaving it unable to move. She then took out her hunting knife and slit it's throat[3]. But unfortunately, she didn't notice the extremely acidic blood that would gush out,and burn her hand quite significantly. She growled in utter rage and tried to yell out to warn the others about the blood , but was tackled onto the ground by another Xenomorph.

Meanwhile Eymzool'a foolhardily ran at the smallest one and attempted to plunge one of his Dual Knives into it, but missed. He was soon welcomed by combined attack with the creatures bladed tail, which pierced his back, and it's jaws which tore out his throat [4]

The other hunters retreated to the other side of the gym, with the Xenomorphs crawling on the roof, close on their tail. Auäeitx was still trapped though, and yelled for something to dispatch her foe with. The youngest hunter with all of his strength threw his staff to her, which with difficulty she grabbed and smacked the creature off of her.

With her remaining strength, Auäeitx ran towards her comrades as fast as her lanky legs would allow her. The Aliens began to spit acid at her incessantly, but were unable to reach very far. Auäeitx made it back with her hunters which resulted in the Xenomorphs charging once again. Auäeitx repeatedly fired her bow, but the faster and more agile black creatures evaded her arrows with little difficulty. As she again reached for her quiver, she saw that she had emptied her supply.

Another of her comrades leaped on to the back of one of the Xenomorphs, causing it to panic and swing it's tail wildly, scratching the warrior's back with several shallow cuts. This didn't deter him however, as he plunged his blade straight into the head and back of the beast.[5]. Unfortunately unlike Auäeitx who got by with just a minor injury, this warrior wasn't so lucky. The blood gushed all over his body, burning straight through his hands, head and his torso, resulting in a painful death [6].

Beside him another unlucky hunter met her maker with an acid wash across the face, which left only a half "eaten" brain and bones, leaving a gruesome scene before the others.[7].

Auäeitx and her final comrade retreated out of the gym doors only to find that it was connected to a larger gym. The school wasn't a co-ed school and therefore had two seperate gyms for the male and female students. The Xenomorphs had been inside the female gym that incorporated smaller basketball hoops and was designed almost perfectly for the height of the female students. If it had been any other day, the Na'vi might have been interested by this. But as they ran to the male gym, that wasn't exactly their first instinct to care about this.

Auäeitx, looking utterly confused as she entered barely reacted in time to see a bladed tail rush right past her. She drew her staff out, wound it back quickly and slammed it straight onto a Xenomorph's head, but the wooden object split in two on contact, making it quite useless.

Auäeitx and her hunter knew they would most likely not make it out of this situation, but weren't about to quit now. Auäeitx drew out her final weapons, her Dual knives, and her comrade drew hers as well. The 3 remaining Xenomorphs split apart for the final time with one in the middle, the left and one on the right.

Auäeitx tackled the one on the right and her compatriot took the one on the left. The middle one just sat in the middle, unable to decide which one of his own allies to help. As it turned out though, he wouldn't really need to as the battle wasn't going to last for much longer.

Auäeitx shoved the Xenomorph into the closest bleacher, making the bladed tail jump everywhere and it ended up in her hand, piercing it quite easily. With the loudest of hisses she could muster, she plunged her both of her knives into the creature's stomach and dragged her knives carefully across it's body, which even with her precision, gushed straight onto her arms and legs, but the job was done.[8]

Auäeitx growled with horrible pain, and with the last bit of strength she had, threw her hunting knife straight towards her comrade who had a Xenomorph right on top of her. As this happened the one in the middle made its way as fast as it could towards the seasoned hunter.

Time seemed to slow down at this point. Before the knife could reach the monstrous beast, it annihilated the poor Na'vi on the bleachers, with a trifecta of a bladed tail to the throat, acid spit to the chest and used its jaws to eat out the blue hunter's head [9]. Immediately after this, the knife went straight through not only the Xenomorph's head but her friend's as well.[10]

Auäeitx then spasmed and collapsed, having bled heavily from her various injuries. The last Xenomorph then checked her body, and then stabbed her throat just to make sure she was dead.[11]

Being satisfied with its victory, the animal roared in victory and headed back to its small nest. The Na'vi hadn't even scratched the surface of the surface of the the extent of the Xenomorph's strength.

Epilogue ( Wass's Fanservice)[]

" What the hell..." Ms Guest groggily whispered to herself as she slowly got up after the shock of the collision and the stab wound she sustained. She didn't have much time to really do anything else she was promptly lifted up and thrown toward the other bodies used to bring to conceive all the other strange beasts she encountered.

Then as she was forcefully laid down onto the gym floor, a strange and very painful sensation hit her stomach. Her organs felt like they were being ground up. But even with the horrible pain, Ms Guest attempted to crawl away desperately, reaching for salvation. But this attempt was short-lived, as the Xenomorph reacted almost instantly as shoved his tail into her foot, stopping her dead in her tracks.

The pain in her belly got worse, as she felt something about to come out. She then shrieked in horror as a small claw emerged through, enabling the thing inside her to burst out. Even worse was that she was still alive, and the "baby" that came out of her needed some sustenance. So obviously, the closest source was going to be the best one, and thus Rebecca Guest was ultimately doomed.

The little one took the largest bite it could get and chomped into her knee, chomping through bone and all. It then bit into the other knee, repeating the painful process. The former P.E teacher was screaming at the top of her lungs: " SAVE ME JAKE, LET ME BE WITH EYWA!". The child didn't oblige at first however ripping off a couple of her fingers and gobbling them with uncompromising hunger.

What finally ended the cantankerous, manipulative, badminton ruining, and downright bitchy woman however was the feast that the infant had on her throat, killing her instantly.

Expert's Opinion[]

While the Na'vi were the smarter and more experienced warriors, their primitive weapons couldn't stand up to the Xenomorphs' instinct, quick and powerful tail, and most of all their acidic blood. The Na'vi couldn't injure/ kill the Xenomorphs without harming themselves, and this made it impossible for the to effectively fight, while the Xenomorphs could fight without any worry or need for caution. To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.

Battle vs. Noble Team (by Urbancommando77)[]

No battle written.

Winner: Noble Team

Expert's Opinion[]

None written.

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