Your explodin' arrows are like love taps to the Wrecker, Cupid. I've gone one-on-one with Thor! You're just dead meat waitin' to be tenderized!
— Wrecker

Wrecker, real name Dirk Garthwaite, is a super-villain and leader of the Wreacking Crew. Garthwaite came from a poor family, with an alcoholic father that beats up both him and his mother. When he gets into adulthood, he became a manual labourer, but he got fired due to his anti-social behaviour. Dirk then fashioned a costume, which will also become his future trademark villain suit, and goes under the moniker of the Wrecker. He used his trademark crowbar to devastate the crime scene.

One day, Dirk happened to meet the Asgardian Loki when he was trying to rob someone else. He overpowered Loki, and while he was trying Loki's helmet, Karnilla mistook him for Loki and Dirk was endowed with magical powers. And from there on, Dirk became the true super-powered Wrecker until now, wrecking mayhem with his enchanted crowbar. At one point, he becomes the leader of the Wrecking Crew, consisting of Dirk's own cellmates. 

While the Wrecker looks simple, Dirk himself is actually a deadly adversary. He possesses superhuman strength, stamina and durability. He also had a mystical link with his enchanted crowbar, which is able to return to him once he summons it. It also became virtually indestructible due to extensive skin contact with Wrecker's enchanted skin.

Battle vs. Battle Beast (by Monkey Doctor 33)


Expert's Opinion

Wrecker won because of his experience and enchanted crowbar. While Battle Beast seems to be stronger and can overwhelm Wrecker, he eventually falls short to him. Wrecker's crowbar allows a greater amount of options in the battle, being able to shoot energy blasts, absorb energy, teleport, and even make forcefields. Battle Beast's weapons, while strong, are rendered obsolete by the crowbar. Wrecker also has the better mental health, which also gives him the path of victory. 

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