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Your explodin' arrows are like love taps to the Wrecker, Cupid. I've gone one-on-one with Thor! You're just dead meat waitin' to be tenderized!
— Wrecker

Wrecker, real name Dirk Garthwaite, is a super-villain and leader of the Wreacking Crew. Garthwaite came from a poor family, with an alcoholic father that beats up both him and his mother. When he gets into adulthood, he became a manual labourer, but he got fired due to his anti-social behaviour. Dirk then fashioned a costume, which will also become his future trademark villain suit, and goes under the moniker of the Wrecker. He used his trademark crowbar to devastate the crime scene.

One day, Dirk happened to meet the Asgardian Loki when he was trying to rob someone else. He overpowered Loki, and while he was trying Loki's helmet, Karnilla mistook him for Loki and Dirk was endowed with magical powers. And from there on, Dirk became the true super-powered Wrecker until now, wrecking mayhem with his enchanted crowbar. At one point, he becomes the leader of the Wrecking Crew, consisting of Dirk's own cellmates. 

While the Wrecker looks simple, Dirk himself is actually a deadly adversary. He possesses superhuman strength, stamina and durability. He also had a mystical link with his enchanted crowbar, which is able to return to him once he summons it. It also became virtually indestructible due to extensive skin contact with Wrecker's enchanted skin.

Battle vs. Battle Beast (by Monkey Doctor 33)[]


Wrecker is walking around a shipyard. He has been tasked by a dimension-jumping villain named Angstrom Levy to retrieve some "supplies" from the said location. It has been a long time that Wrecker seemingly lost his friends. Bulldozer, Thunderball, Piledriver. They're all gone, and Wrecker goes solo this time. The 3 may have died, due to Dirk's feeling of being enhanced furtherly. While so, Dirk gives little respect to such, as he is now focusing on an objective.

In the shipyard, Wrecker sees a lot of containers, and is not sure which to retrieve.

"Damn! This Levy guy is mad! Is he expecting me to bring all the containers here?!" Wrecker muttered while preparing to open a container with his enchanted crowbar. Opening one of the containers isn't one of Wrecker's duties this time, but surely he's curious about the contents.

"Oooh... That's shiny!" Wrecker sees a stack of gold there. He plans in taking it for himself, because he's not sure what Levy is gonna do with the gold.

"These shiny stuffs are gonna make me rich! Time to open up even more stuffs!" Wrecker disobeys Levy's objective to retrieve, and proceeds to open up more containers. His enchanted crowbar can't even hold Dirk's greed.

Some times later... Dirk got a lot of objects from the containers. Including those that Levy wants to use. Gears, circuits, reactors, rare metals (possibly Adamantium), mystical generators, etc... Dirk gets consumed by his greed and plans to use all these things to make his career better.

"Beast. Remember. You're going to intercept somebody who is sent by Angstrom Levy to do a bad thing for him. The target is unknown, but be careful. Don't rush into combat without thinking." In the comm, Tech Jacket is speaking to Battle Beast, warning him of the possible dangers and mission.

"I know, little boy. I don't even think that this minion will be hard to take on." Beast confidently says to Jacket while he prepares his blade. Beast then cuts down the comm, and tries to track down the "minion".

Battle Beast walks through the containers. There are many containers that the yard somehow resembles a labyrinth. It took some time for Beast to track the minion. But when he reached a particular area, his super senses begin to pick up something.

"What's this? Seems like I've spotted Levy's weakling..." Beast sniffed the air, and his whiskers give him a little information about who is Levy's minion here. Beast knows what to do, and with his enhanced strength, he leaps up to the container near him. His sight picks up the Wrecker trying to open a big container with his crowbar.

"So, this is Levy's minion? Hah! Seems like he'll be easy to kill." Luckily, Battle Beast's quote can't be heard by Wrecker, because he's far away from him. Beast then steps down and silently goes on Wrecker.

"Why the hell is this thing so... Hard!" Wrecker tries to open the big container with a lot of difficulty. The container, unknown to him, is made of Vibranium. Wrecker tried to open it by force as well by smashing it, but it wouldn't work. Wrecker finally gives up, and sits down for a while.

"Damn, I forgot what Levy wanted me to do! Meh! Screw it. At least I got my own stuffs! He's not as strong as me anyway." Wrecker mutters. Unknown to him, Battle Beast is already within the killing range.

"Hehehe... I'll swindle your throat, little crook!" Beast then takes his sword, and goes in a lunging stance, preparing for ambush. Wrecker now stands up and flexes, and walks away.

"Meh. It's time to get back to..." Before Wrecker can finish his words, Battle Beast ambushed him already, knocking him down while Dirk gets surprised.

"What the hell? Who the f*ck are you?!" Wrecker says with a shocking accent while Beast is smiling.

"Let's just say that the Coalition of Planets tasked me to intercept Levy's so called minion... Seems like you're the minion..." Beast prepares to attack Wrecker once again.

"Woah! Damn dude! How the hell did you know that?! Nevermind about that! You're going down!"

"Let's see if you're worthy enough for me to fight!"



Expert's Opinion[]

Wrecker won because of his experience and enchanted crowbar. While Battle Beast seems to be stronger and can overwhelm Wrecker, he eventually falls short to him. Wrecker's crowbar allows a greater amount of options in the battle, being able to shoot energy blasts, absorb energy, teleport, and even make forcefields. Battle Beast's weapons, while strong, are rendered obsolete by the crowbar. Wrecker also has the better mental health, which also gives him the path of victory. 

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