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In the early days of World War III, guerrillas, mostly children, placed the names of their lost upon this rock. They fought here alone and gave up their lives, so "that this nation shall not perish from the earth."
— Plaque memorializing the Wolverines

The Wolverines are the main cast of characters in the film Red Dawn. They are students from a high school in Camulet, Colorado, who waged a guerrilla campaign against the invading Soviet Union in the Third World War during the 1980s. Although most of the Wolverines were wiped out, they live on in the minds of the American people as martyrs for their country.

Escaping a combined Soviet, Cuban, and Nicaraguan invasion, a group of high school students fled to the countryside to escape the chaos. Having watched their family members either be captured or killed by communist forces, the teenagers decide to wage guerrilla war against the invaders, naming themselves "Wolverines", after their school mascot. The Soviets responded with brutal crackdowns, killing the father of two of the Eckert brothers, the Wolverines’ co-leaders, though this failed to deter the group. The Wolverines were eventually bolstered by US Air Force pilot Andrew Tanner, whose experience proved a great asset to the group.

Their success was not to last, however, as Tanner and Arturo Mondragon were killed in the crossfire while visiting the frontline of the war. Shortly after, Dayrl Bates was betrayed by his father and captured by the KGB, who forced him to swallow a tracker before sending him back to the Wolverines. The guerrillas ambushed the squad sent to kill them, however, and Daryl was shot dead soon after by Robert Morris. Shortly after, the Wolverines were ambushed in turn by Soviet helicopter gunships, who killed Robert and Toni Mason. Realizing the gravity of the situation, the Eckert brothers attack the oncoming forces to give Toni’s sister, Erica, and Danny a chance to escape. The plan worked, though the brothers gave their lives in the process.

Years later, America won the war, and the Wolverines were remembered for their bravery and dedication to their country.

Battle vs. Hiroo Onoda (by Kingofawosmeness777)[]

In a wooded area The Wolverines sit and camp planning their stratagey. Uknown to them, Lt. Hiroo Onoda and 6 of his comrades approach their camp and prepare to attack. Lt. Onoda aims down the sight of his Type 99 rifle and shoots one in the back of the head. The other Wolverines get up and grab their weapons. They quickly move about and take cover. A shootout ensues between the two groups killing one of Lt. Onoda's comrades and one more Wovlerine. Soon Lt. Onoda and his comrades charge down the hill and pick off two more Wolverines. A grenade is thrown and another one of Lt. Onoda's men is killed. From far away, the head Wolverine shoots another one of Lt. Onoda's men. Both groups take cover. One of Lt. Onoda's men is shot with a Colt Single Action Army. Lt. Onoda pulls out his Naubu pistol and shoots two more Wolverines. One of Lt. Onoda's men throws a grenade and kills another Wolverine. He is then killed by the remaining Wolverine. Looking for the last Wolverine, Lt. Onoda and his comrade walk slowly through the woods. Suddenly, the Wolverine jumps out from behiend a tree and stabs Lt. Onoda's comrade in the neck. Lt. Onoda tries to shoot him with his Nambu pistol but it is out of ammo. He draws his Gunto sword and confronts the Bowie Knife weidling Wolverine. They move in a circle slowly for a few seconds before Lt. Onoda makes a strkie against the Wolverine. He dodges and cuts Lt. Onoda's arm with the knife. Lt. Onoda tries to hit him again and he dodges. The Wolverine makes an attempt to overpower Lt. Onoda and stab him in the neck. Lt. Onoda then stabs him in the chest with the sword before he can stab him. He puts his sword back in his sheath. He bows to his defeated opponent. He then picks up his weapons and leaves.

Winner: Lt. Onoda and his comrades.

Expert's Opinion[]

Please consider a contribution by writing an expert's opinion as to why Hiroo Onoda won.

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Battle vs. Basket Army (by SPARTAN 119)[]

Wolverines: Blue x9

EPDA: Darkred x9

The Wolverines walked out of a forest, into a clearing containing the abandoned three-story building where the students of Eastern Private Defense Academy were holed up. Toni Mason, the Wolverine sniper, spotted Youji Takatsu in her scope, and assuming the strangely uniformed individual to be hostile soldier, possibly Chinese, pulls the trigger of her Savage 110 and sends a round through Youji's head. Darkred

"We're under attack!!, Everyone in position", Touko Natori yelled, as Ann Matsura took aim out of the window with her WA-2000 and spotted Toni Mason as she scanned for targets, and pulled the trigger, putting a slug through her head. Blue

The Wolverines reacted immediately, with Jed Eckert and several others laying down covering fire while Matt fired an RPG-7 at the floor where Ann Matsura fired from. The Warhead exploded inside the room killing Ann in a flash of fire. Darkred

Satoshi Yoshino retaliated, firing a three round burst of fire from his Howa Type 89, which picked off one of the Wolverines Blue, as Taro Tsurumi raised the M203 Grenade Launcher attached to his M4 Carbine, scoring literally blowing apart Matt Eckert. Blue

"MATT.... You'll pay for that, you bastards!", Jed said as he took aim with his AKM and fired, scoring a hit right through Taro Tsurumi's head Darkred, as one of his comrades managed to get a kill shot on Hikari Senami. Darkred

The remaining six surviving Wolverines made it to the door of the abandoned building, which Danny kicked open, triggering a Claymore mine rigged to the door Blue. Daryl moved in next, Winchester shotgun in hand, and spotted a girl in a school uniform.

"What the hell... I mean, what are you doing here, it's not...."

Daryl was cut off when Nanami Kanou drew a Steyr TMP and sprayed a hail of bullets at the Wolverines, cutting down Danny Blue with several bullets to the chest. Erica Mason was to angry about the deaths of her comrades to feel any emotion about the unknown enemy using child soldiers, and burst in next and shot Nanami with a Valmet M76, killing her. Darkred.

The three surviving Wolverines made their way to the top of the staircase, Aardvark throwing an RGD-5 grenade around the corner. The blast killed Satoshi Yoshino. Darkred.

As soon as the grenade detonated, the three remaining members of the Wolverines burst into the hallway on the second floor, only for Kazuki Kurobe to lean out of a stairwell on the other end and fire a three round burst from his M4, killing Aardvark.

Jed and Erica moved forward, towards the stairwell on the opposite side of the building. Jed went in first, and was met by a burst of fire from Kazuki, who missed. Jed retaliated with his AK, and also missed. Kazuki leaned out again and fired. This time, his aim was true. A round blew through Jed Eckert's head. Blue

Furiously, Erica grabbed Jed's Colt Single Action Army and fired, grazing Kazuki's side. Kazuki retreated back, M4 still in hand, and was soon met by Erica, who came up from the top of the stairs.

Kazuki tried to fire, but heard only the click of an empty chamber.

"This one's for Jed", she said as she pulled back the hammer and moved her hands towards the trigger. Suddenly, several loud bangs rang out, but Kazuki was not hit. Instead, several rounds impacted Erica's chest, causing her to fall to her knees, then hit the floor.

Kazuki turned to the Touko Natori, with a USP .45 in her hands, several spent casings at her feet.

"You should have shot instead of talked, gaijin", Touko said

WINNER: Eastern Private Defense Academy

Expert's Opinion[]

The EPDA won this match because of their superior training and weaponry, having actually received some degree of marksmanship training, as they were part of a JROTC-like program. Also, in the battle, I don't know who actually was using which weapon for sure in either series, so I made stuff up....

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Battle vs. Basterds (by BeastMan14)[]

No battle was written.

Winner: Wolverines

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