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Don't hesitate. When the time comes, just act!
— Wolf
Can't let you do that, Star Fox!
— Wolf

Wolf O'Donnell is the leader of Star Wolf, a villainous mercenary group with a violent grudge against Star Fox, dating back to the time it was lead by Fox McCloud's father James McCloud. Despite this rivalry, Wolf holds a deep respect for Fox, and believes that he and Fox are "destined to fight", and that no one is allowed to kill McCloud but O'Donnell himself. Wolf was a former member of the Venomian Army, and this affiliation lead him in-part to accept frequent work with the evil Andross, who would later hire him to destroy Fox and his team. Wolf and Fox have become bitter rivals in their many encounters, but McCloud is always able to triumph in the end. When he and his team failed to wipe out Star Fox during the Lylat Wars, Wolf vanished into the Sargasso Space Zone, where he began to build up his forces with the many criminals and mercenaries in the region.

During the Aparoid Invasion, Wolf and his forces aided Star Fox and the Cornerian Army in fighting off the invaders, helping to destroy the Aparoids, their Queen and their homeworld, while saving his rival's life at the same time. Despite this temporary turn in allegiances, Wolf quickly returned to his villainous ways shortly afterwards and disappeared again, once again considered a War Criminal by Corneria to be captured or killed.

Battle vs. SixSix (by Wassboss)[]

No battle will be written.

Expert's Opinion[]

Wolf and Six-Six received an equal number of votes, and no author input or written battle leaves the battle as a tie. Voters could not determine whether Six Six's versatile weaponry could outmatch Wolf's more powerful tools, or if Wolf's greater X-Factors could give him an edge on Six Six's mobility.

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