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There are things from the Winter Soldier days that I'm just remembering. Weapons left in the field... dangers I can still prevent. I think maybe that's the path... a way to the redemption I've been looking for.
— Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes was friend and partner of Steve Rogers, more popularly known as Captain America. While on a mission involving a drone plane stolen from Heinrich Zemo, Bucky got his shirt sleeve caught on the drone as it blew up, seemingly killing him. However, he too fell into the frozen waters underneath the drone and remained in suspended animation. Discovered by a Soviet submarine, he was given a bionic arm to replace the one he lost and brainwashed to hate Western society. After many missions as the perfect assassin, he once again met his partner Captain America and then rejoined the good side.

After Cap's death during the aftermath of the Civil War, Iron Man approached the young hero and requested he take up the mantle of Captain America. Bucky accepted the role, and would lead the Avengers as Captain America for a long time, even after Roger's return to life. However, Bucky was "killed" by Skadi during her attack on Washington D.C. Beaten within an inch of his life, Bucky told the Black Widow to warn the other heroes about the Serphent's attack. Bucky was rushed to Nick Fury, who gave him the Infinity Formula to save his life and restore his health. Bucky decided to resume his Winter Soldier identity and his LMD was buried in Arlington cemetery, Washington D.C.

Battle vs. Red Hood (by WinterSpider)[]

January 3rd, 2005

2300 Hours

Undisclosed location, Ukraine

"Wake him up. The Winter Soldier is needed again."

"Yes sir, Mr. Lukin. Sir, if you don't mind my asking, but is this why you didn't sell this assett to the Red Skull? You mentioned having plans for him."

"Not at the time, Peshkov, however circumstances have caused me to force my hand. A player in Gotham has sprung up and is disrupting our operations. As the Winter Soldier's control officer, you'll need to brief him on his objectives. Here's the file." Aleksander Lukin left Peshkov to his file. After he had finished, he made his way to where the Winter Soldier was being held. Peshkov had him unfrozen, and prepped for his mission.

"This is your next target. The Red Hood. According to Mr. Lukin, he's become a major thorn in his side. Your job is to take him out."

"Yes sir." Replied the Winter Soldier.

"No mistakes."

January 7, 2005

2100 Hours

Gotham City

"Look buddy, if you're gonna deal drugs in Gotham, keep away from the schools. No dealing to children, that was the deal." Jason said to Sal, "But then i catch you dealing at the high school and here we are. Anything to say?"

"Look it was all-" Sal was cut off by a bullet through his skull. "No words needed." The Red Hood picked up Sal's body and dumped him in a nearby dumpster. Jason walked out of the alley into the empty street in Crime Alley. Jason then got on his motorcycle and rode it to his safehouse. When he got there, he cleaned his weapons and mapped out a plan for the next day. He was about to turn in for the night when he heard a slight beep every 10 seconds. He tracked the source of the sound to discover a semtex bomb set to go off in 10 seconds.

Jason wasted no time in grabbing his bug out bag and jumping through a window with a second to spare as he was thrown through the air by the blast. Realizing something had gone awry, Jason jumped on his motorcycle and sped off towards the airfield where he kept his stolen aircraft. After receiving permission from the tower, Jason took off and started flying west, towards another safehouse location. Unbeknowst to him, however he has a stowaway. Barnes tracked Jason's safehouse, and any possible escapes from Gotham. All he needed to do now was wait for the opportunity to arise. 

Chicago, Illinois

January 8th, 2005

1500 hours

"O'Hare International this is Delta Charlie 52, requesting permission to land." 

"Delta Charlie 52, permission granted."

Jason attempted to begin his descent when he heard a cabinet open. He set the plane on autopilot and searched the plane. He forgoed having his gun drawn in case, but had his knife at the ready. Jason was about to return to the cockpit when Barnes lunged at him from behind a door. Jason leaped aside as Barnes took a swipe at him with his knife. Jason then swept Barnes' legs out from under him and attempted to sever his spinal cord when Barnes rolled forward onto his feet. Taking note of his foe's appearance Jason noted a metal left arm and made a mental note to keep away from that. Barnes then drew his sig, and fired into the cockpit, destroying the controls. The plane began to descend on the city.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!" Jason yelled at Bucky.

"Taking you down, Todd." Bucky replied.

"You mean taking yourself down." Jason says as he reveals a parachute hidden in a panel in the plane. Acting worried was simply a ruse to throw this assassin off. Jason grabbed his bag of gear, and immediately opened up the door and jumped out. Bucky sooned followed. Jason turned and saw the assassin drifting towards him with his own parachute.

"Huh, turns out he was prepared for that." Jason thought to himself. The pair drifted towards a skyscraper as the plane crashed into the sears tower. 

Jason landed on top of the skyscraper and immedieately began shooting upwards at Bucky. Bucky, who was 10 feet in the air unclipped his parachute and rolled with the fall. He took cover behind an air vent and loaded his Mp5. Bucky took aim and began suppressing fire. Jason took cover near the entrance to the roof.

"I wonder who this guy is, and why he wants me dead." Jason thought. Then he came up with an idea. Distracting this assassin with some suppressing fire of his own, Jason made his way over to an electrical panel and ripped it open. Jason then pulled out a grenade from his bag and pulled the pin on it. Five seconds later, the panel exploded and the power to the building was cut. Jason shot the hinges off the door with his uzi and sped down the stairs.

"He won't get away from me" Bucky thought to himself. Bucky ran after the Hood, and suddenly found himself in the dark. Adjusting to his surroundings, Bucky took notice of a figure in the dark. He shot a burst from his Mp5 at the figure and it crumpled in front of a window. Bucky decided to shoot out the window, which was covered by curtains and blinds to shed some light on the room. He was shocked to find a civillian that had been caught up in the crossfire. 

"Then where is the Hood?" He thought to himself. Suddenly, he was flipped over someone's head and crashed into a wall.

"Coming right at you, buddy" Jason said to the assassin. "I gotta say, i didn't think you'd be dumb enough to shoot an innocent, but then again you were dumb enough to lose that arm of yours."

"Coming from the guy who was killed by a clown, I don't feel so bad." Bucky replied. 

Jason's smirk turned into a glare as he unsheathed his knife and started towards Bucky. "Let's finish this" Jason said.

Bucky pulled out his NR-40 and replied "I will."

The two lunged towards each other, Bucky making a slash at Jason's chest, revealing body armor underneath. Jason laughed and punched Bucky in the face. Bucky, now with a broken nose tackled Jason through an office window. Bucky attempted to stab downwards into Jason's face mask, but it stopped Bucky's knife. Just barely.

"One more stab like that," Jason thought, "And this helmet won't be able to protect me. Jason threw Bucky off him, and removed his helmet. Arming it to explode, Jason threw it at Bucky. The flashing lights warned Bucky just in time for him to escape. Destroying a portion of the floor, Jason slipped down and escaped. Bucky pursued him as he saw a window break and Jason jump out.

"Always carry a spare." Jason called to him, drifting down in his reserve parachute. Bucky jumped down after him and the two struggled while falling towards the street below. Crashing on a CTA bus, the two resumed their fight. Jason lunged at Bucky with his kris, Bucky grabbed his arm and made Jason punch his own face. Then he kicked him back and off the back of the bus. Jason fell and then rolled away as Bucky punched the concrete. Bucky then swiped again at Jason who dodged it, and then Bucky flipped his knife in the air and caught it with his real arm. With his bionic arm, Bucky grabbed Jason's knife hand and twisted it, breaking Jason's wrist. Jason cried out in pain as Bucky ripped his knife from his hand. Bucky then stabbed Jason through the chest with his own kris.

"Whhhoo are you?" Jason asked as the light slipped from his eyes.

"No one of consequence to you anymore." Bucky replied. He then slit Jason's throat with his NR-40. Jason's body slumped to the ground, the Red Hood finally dead.

WINNER: The Winter Soldier.


Bruce Wayne was studying a crime scene with in the Batcave when his butler, Alfred Pennyworth came in.

"Sir, if i may interrupt you for a -"

"No Alfred, you may not. This is a delicate situation that requires my full attention. Joker stole a dirty bomb, and is sneaking it out of Gotham. I need to figure out where, and when he plans on using it."

"Sir it's just. Master Jason, he has passed, sir."

This took the wind out of Bruce, as he removed his mask to reveal a worried face.

"Jason he-?"

"Yes sir. An assassin apparently. He was killed in Chicago this past-"

"WHO? ALFRED WHO?" Bruce roared as he grabbed Alfred.

I don't know who, Master Wayne. But shaking me won't solve this myster, or of Joker's dirty bomb."

"Whoever did this, I will find them, and I will make them pay."

"Maybe I can help, Bruce." a voice in the dark said. Out stepped Nightwing, Bruce's first sidekick.

"Until we study this assassin further, do not engage him, Nightwing."

"I'll track him down. He can't have gotten far in the past few days."

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