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They are the very definition of an unknown quantity. Our only action is to meet force, with force.
— Six

The White Masks are a mysterious new terrorist organisation that debuted in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Indiscriminate of age, nationality, religion, or gender, the White Masks are a formidable group of terrorists that can carry out attacks anywhere around the world. Their leader, motives, and origins are not clear, but their plain masks, which are easily identifiable, symbolise the new century's new breed of terrorists. They are the game's main enemies in its Terrorist Hunt mode, and are trained in various tactics to eliminate their enemies. From outnumbering the enemy and laying hails of bullets, to using a multi-functional suicide bomber. They have grown so large and powerful that Rainbow is reactivated, after years of being absent from the world of counter-terrorism.

Battle vs. Africa Militia (Call of Duty) (by Monkey Doctor 33)[]


Expert's Opinion[]

The White Masks snatched quite an easy victory here due to their status as an international threat compared to the Africa Militia being a regional threat. They're far more organized and tactical while their opponents were far more brutish and unorganized. The White Masks may had sacrificed some of their own men to ineffectively deal damage to the Militia's ranks via suicide bombers, but their superior training and weapons gave them victory in this battle.

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