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I'm-a Wario! I'm-a gonna win!
— Wario

Wario is an obese, muscular, hot-tempered, and greedy anti-hero, and Mario's yellow-and-purple clad rival. Wario's greed pushes him to commit malevolent acts, such as the seizing of Mario's Castle. Due to his money grubbing personality, he is disliked by many citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Wario has also proven to be very cunning as he has tricked Mario on more than a few occasions. He often goes out on his own adventures, from stealing treasure to running a microgame making company called Wario Ware. Wario has helped heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom on a few separate occasions as well, though usually this is because he stood the gain something from doing so. He has at times double-crossed his supposed allies in his pursuit of riches only to receive some kind of karmic punishment.

Despite his obesity, Wario is quite athletic and wields superhuman strength that both exceeds that of Mario's and rivals that of Donkey Kong and Bowser and is adept in using various wrestling moves. Like Mario, Wario is also capable of using power-ups which grant him various abilities. Wario also seems to favour explosives and is fond of using Bob-ombs.

Battle vs. Knuckles the Echidna (by Hipper)[]

Wario is riding his motorcycle one day until he sees Knuckles sleeping. Wario parks his ride and hops off to steal the Master Emerald. As he is about to, he toots, waking up Knuckles. Knuckles, seeing Wario as a threat, stands up and gives Wario a mean look. Wario burps and gives Knuckles a mean look.

Knuckles throws a punch at Wario, but Wario ducks and throws Knuckles off the platform and onto the grass. Wario attempts to jump attack Knuckles, but Knuckles uppercuts Wario, knocking him back. Wario then throws the Master Emerald at Knuckles, hitting Knuckles on the head, and breaking the Emerald. Knuckles then Homing Attacks into Wario and then Spin Dashes him into a tree. He then rapidly punches Wario until Wario bites him, releasing Wario. Wario starts chomping on Knuckles, and then throws him onto the ground and Shoulder Bashes him, knocking Knuckles back. Wario then hops on his Bike and rides at Knuckles. Knuckles is ran over by the bike.

Knuckles lifts up the bike and throws it at Wario. Wario eats it, and he starts glowing yellow. Knuckles was confused, by suddenly, Wario released a very nasty fart, hurting Knuckles and blinding his vision. Wario then shoulder bashed Knuckles, and then did it again and again until Knuckles's vision cleared. Knuckles then sees that Wario is transforming into Wario Man after eating a piece of Garlic. Wario Man then hops on a Rocket Motorcycle and hits Knuckles with the force of an Atomic Bomb.

Knuckles is very hurt, but then summons the Chaos Emeralds and becomes Hyper Knuckles. Hyper Knuckle and Wario Man fly at each other with great speed. Wario Man punches Knuckles in the face, and follows up with a fart, but Knuckles dodges the fart and flies right through Wario Man, cutting Wario's body in half, killing him.

Wario Man's dead body lies on the ground as Knuckles walks away. Waluigi cries at Wario's funeral while Knuckles goes on a date with Rouge.

Winner: Knuckles

Expert's Opinion[]

Knuckles was faster and had the strength advantage while Wario had the weaponry and intelligence advantage. The speed and strength were more than enough to take down Wario.

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