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Much to our embarrassment, being brave or "mag-isog" has been perceived by the nation to be associated with brutality, callousness and getting involved in criminality.
— Prof. Gerry B. De Cadiz

Waray-Waray Gangs is a term used in the Philippines to denote of street gangs and criminal syndicates who are of Waray ethnicity. They originated from provinces Leyte and Samar where the majority are of Waray background. Most of their criminal activities involved armed robberies, but they also dabbled in kidnapping, street fighting, assassinations, and narcotics sale. They are considered by many however, to be the the most dangerous gang in the country due to a long career of violence against law enforcement.

Much of the beginnings of these gangs can be traced back to the 90s, where the economy of the Philippines was in an all-time low. The crippling poverty of the time, especially to those of faraway provinces where the Warays lived, caused many to form or join a gang. Hold-ups were the primary activity, where they would rob cars and trucks in rural roads, as well as banks and stores in urban areas. During the start of the new millennium, many of these Waray gangs emigrated to larger and richer provinces in the North, including Manila.

Multiples shootouts between gangs and the police were recorded, such as the Meycauayan Massacre in 2002, the Paranaque Shootout in 2008, and the recent murder of former SPO3 Francisco Homeres Jr in 2020. They also became known for their crimes against foreigners like the robbery of Malaysian national William Yeo in 2009, the murder of American tourist Robert Edward Armstrong in 2012, and the hold-up of two Indian nationals in 2017. Various local and international agencies have hunted them down from the Philippine National Police, Armed Forced of the Philippines, to even the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In 2014, the Philippine government outlawed the use of ethnicity in naming gangs, but Waray criminal gangs continued to exist till the present.

Battle vs. Bloods (by Killermoves)[]

In a small insignificant highway in the middle of downtown, five members of the Bloods can be seen chilling in a parking bench. In full view of the pedestrians and neutrals walking by, they happily smoked their joints and weeds without much care in the world. They were supposed to be looking for a group of Filipino thugs by their OG. Huge amounts of money was going to be paid to them if they accomplished their mission, but after 4 hours of driving and searching the Bloods decided to fuck it and take a load off for a while.

They didn't know however, that their opponents were not as lazy and unmotivated. Waray-Waray gangsters were also hired by an unknown party to take out a group of African-American gangsters. They were also given permission to take whatever drugs or money they can scavenge from their kills, which would add more to what they were being paid for. This would help them send money to the poor families back in their province.

Inside a white van, four Waray-Waray gangsters stalked the place looking for the Bloods. The driver spotted a group of African-Americans in red who were sitting in a bench on the side of the street. Those fools... by wearing their colors they became easily distinguishable in this river of people. These African-Americans were right in the open, which made the job much easier. The Waray-Waray gangsters rolled by slowly on the road, carefully approaching the Bloods while preparing their weapons. One of the Bloods saw the van slowly approaching them and became uneasy, and he told the other Bloods to be vigilant.

As the van parked itself right in front of the bench, the Waray-Waray gangsters got out and unleashed hell with their M16 rifles and Tec-9s. The Bloods quickly pulled their guns the moment they saw them and they too fired back with their AK-47s and Remington shotguns. One Blood was riddled and cut completely in half with a barrage of rifle bullets to his stomach, while a Waray-Waray gangster got his head blown up with a shotgun.RedBlue Screaming in rage, the Bloods continued to empty their magazines on the Waray-Waray gangsters. The resiliency of the Bloods proved too much for the Waray-Waray gangsters and they started to get back to the van. Quickly, they drove away as the gangsters continued to open fire. Another Waray-Waray gangster got clipped in the head as the van tried to escape, and the others had to chuck his body on the road to prevent any dead weight.Blue

The Bloods also got into their SUV and gave chase, and a long running gun battle ensued. With their machine guns and pistols, the two sides continued to pour lead as they drove furiously on the road. The Bloods tried to fire their Glocks and Remingtons but they lacked the range in this firefight. The Waray-Waray gangsters had no problems though with their Tec-9s, and one Blood riding shotgun was hit with well-placed shots in his chest.Red The two sides continued to fire each other as they swerved through the traffic. They drifted around the corners and maneuvered through the cars in the highway. They were like in a Fast and Furious movie.

One Waray-Waray gangster at the back carefully aimed his M1911 at the Blood's SUV. He got a bullseye as his bullet hit a Bloods member at the backseat in the neck.Red "Blood!" The others cried as they lost another one of their brethren and they have had enough. As the driver continued driving and dodging bullets being fired upon them by the Waray-Waray gangsters, the other Blood moved to the passenger seat and started to break the windshield open. The moment the glass broke, fast-paced winds blasted the Bloods' face, but it was worth it though as the Blood was now capable of using his AK-47. A burst form his rifle got a lucky direct hit as a bullet penetrated the back of the driver's head.Blue

The remaining Waray-Waray gangster inside the car tried to take control of the van. As the Bloods watched, the van started to slow down. It made a turn to the right before stopping in an alleyway. Thinking that they have won, the Bloods got out of their SUVs and charged the van. The remaining Waray-Waray gangster, disoriented and fatigued, wobbled his way out of the vehicle. He was soon beset by the Bloods carrying baseball bats. He quickly drew his machete and managed to jam it at the neck of a Blood, killing him in a gory and bloody fountain of death.Red But a baseball bat then slammed itself on his jaw, tearing and loping it away. The remaining Blood poured all of his anger and strength as he bashed the head of the Waray-Waray gangster. The beating was so intense that his limbs were like broken twigs and nothing remained of his head besides a salsa of brain matter, eyes and skull fragments.Blue

The Blood started to celebrate by raising his baseball bat in the air, but unknown to him there was another Waray-Waray gangster in the alleyway. It seemed that he has been there the whole time, and the van was supposed to lure the gangsters there so he can ambush them. Although the ferocity if these Africa-Americans created quite the casualties on his group, the remaining Waray-Waray gangster was still determined to finish the job for his fallen friends. The Blood stopped celebrating the moment he saw the Waray-Waray gangster in a balcony with an M16 aimed at his face. Before he can yell, his skull was soon shattered like a coconut as the Waray-Waray gangster emptied his whole magazine.Blue

With the Bloods dead, the final Waray-Waray gangster spat at the former's corpse and yelled, "Mga yawa kamo!"

Winner: Waray-Waray Gang

Expert's Opinion[]

Although the Bloods have an advantage in training and in close quarters with their baseball bats and glocks, these were the only advantage that they have. The Waray-Warays took everything else from automatic weapons, tactics and experience. They were more aggressive and crafty hence why they won.

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Battle vs. Abu Sayyaf and New People's Army (by LokoDito)[]

It was night time in Poblacion District, Davao City and in a warehouse were three men strapped into chairs. The warehouse were also filled with masked gunmen carrying all sorts of weapons. The three men who are bound inside were visibly beaten up by their captors. They do not know what was happening, but it was obvious that this was not their lucky day.

And then, an old ugly geezer went inside the warehouse. He had an old wrinkly face that looked like he was drunk as fuck, and he walked... ehem... staggered in the warehouse in a slow and unergentic fashion. It was the President of the Philippines itself, Rodrigo Fucking Duterte. As he walked, he kept murmuring like a retard, "Putang... ina... I hate... drugs..."

The men bound swallowed in fear and sweated as the President came closer to them with an entourage of other masked men. These guys were the dreaded Davao Death Squad; policemen acting as part-time thugs for Duterte. If tonight couldn't get any worse, the appearance of this psycho meant they were now in REALLY big trouble.

"Mga putang ina kayo..." Duterte said like a half-wit as one of the cops gave him a stool to sit. "Akala nyo makakatakas kayong mga salot sa lipunan. Daghang salamud jud didto sa mga tumulong ha akon na police. Akon mga anak talaga ay maasahan."

"Ikaw putang inang NPA ka," Duterte said as he pointed out to one of the bound men. The latter wore a black shirt, camo pants and facepaint taht had colorful Soviet symbols that looked like they were drawn by elementary school children. "Kung babae ka lang ay dapat binaril ka na sa puday at tinahi yung bala sa loob para di ka na magkalahi pa. Sge lang, balls mo nalang punteryahin ko."

"'Kaw naman Abu Sayyaf. Putang ina moring demonyo ka," Duterte said as he pointed out to a Moro insurgent who was also bound. He wore military fatgiues but had a blue turban-slash-mask that hid his face. "Pakainin kita ng hamburger ngayon putang ina mo. Tingnan natin kong masasalba ka pa ng propeta mong si Muhammad Ali. Libing kita ngayon kasama mga patay na baboy. Gusto mo?"

"Toh rin isang salot," Duterte said as he faced the last third bound man in the warehouse. The guy was carrying military fatigues as well, but had a bullcap on and a neckerchief that hid his mouth. "Kayo talagang mga Waray-Waray. Kala nyo mababangis kayo. Excuse me ha. Napatay ko na yung kalahi nyong si Espinosa. Nahuli ko narin yung putang Kerwin nayun."

"Uh sir... Diri po Waray yung mga Espinosa" The Waray gangster suddenly interrupted.

"Shatap!" Duterte again said like a dumbass, as he backhanded the latter. "Don you distorb may wanderfol spich ha!"

The President then stood up and told his men to get these scums off their bindings, and offered them their weapons. "Okay. Akala talaga nyo mas astig kayo. Mas astig pa pulis ko. Eto sila walang sinasanto. Kahit sundalo o bata pinapatay nila. Kung anuman mga karumal dumal na punyeta ang mga pinaggawa nyo. KAYA KONG TAPATAN YAN! Sge, tanggalin ang mga tali nila. Kung sa palagay nyo magagaling kayo, subukan nyo ako ngayon. Sinu man makapatay sa akin bibigyan ko pabuya na P50 million pesos."

All the criminals and terrorists drew their guns and opened fire, cutting the fat bastard in half. The fight was on! But whoever wins, the Filipinos definitely are the true victors.


Expert's Opinion[]


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