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138. 138 combat missions. That's how many I've flown, Tony. Every one of them could've been my last, but I flew 'em. 'Cause the fight needed to be fought.
— War Machine

Colonel James Rupert "Rhodey" Rhodes, better known as War Machine, formerly Iron Patriot, is a character from pieces of media related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is US Air Force pilot, one of the closest allies of Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, and the liaison between Stark Industries and the military in the Department of Acquisitions.

When Tony got captured by the Ten Rings, Rhodey was one the one who mounted the search though failed to retrieve him. Eventually, he managed to find Tony, who escaped his captors by building a highly weaponized suit of armor.

After Tony took up the Iron Man identity, Rhodey began to support him behind the scenes. Rhodey came under pressure from the US government to force Tony to give up the Iron Man, though remained loyal to his friend. When an intoxicated Tony in the Iron Man armor proceeded to endanger the lives of all the guests at his birthday party, Rhodes was forced to don the Iron Man Mark II armor to intervene. During the conflict, Tony's house ended up damaged and Rhodey flew away with the armor.

Rhodey took the armor to Edwards Air Force Base where it was heavily modified, and it was taken for a demonstration at the Stark Expo with Rhodes as its pilot. However, his armor fell under the control of Ivan Vanko and Rhodes was forced to watch helplessly from within the suit while it attacked Stark. The War Machine software was rebooted by Natasha Romanoff, enabling Rhodes to regain control over the armor. Rhodes then teamed with Stark to fight against Justin Hammer's unmanned drones and then Vanko himself.

Now that they were once again friends, Rhodey continued to support Tony and began to take a more active role. Eventually, having proven himelf plenty of times, Rhodey joined the Avengers.

Battle vs. Wolf (Alien vs. Predator) (by Monkey Doctor 33)[]


Expert's Opinion[]

An extremely close battle, yes, but James Rhodes triumphs over the Predator in the end. Stealth and experience side with Wolf, but it all goes down to direct combat when War Machine's sensors get a hold of his position. With armor covering his whole body and weaponries suitable for many different situations, War Machine is much more versatile than Wolf and his flight gives him a huge advantage over the Predator. One can argue that the Predator's self-destruct device could annihilate Rhodey, but his intense flight speed gets him out of the device's range.

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