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He was so far removed from the bloodshed that he forgave even the chief offenders... and to the conquerors he was merciful... his unsensible generosity harmed the country more than did those who were stingy and greedy for wealth...

Jogaila was Grand Duke of Lithuania, King of Poland alongside his wife Jadwiga, and then sole King of Poland. Born a pagan, in 1386 he converted to Catholisism and was baptized by Wladyslaw of in Krakow. married the young Queen Jadwiga, and was crowned King of Poland as Wladyslaw II Jagiello. In 1387 he converted Lithuania into Christianity. His own reign in Poland started in 1399, upon death of Queen Jadwiga, and lasted a further thirty-five years, and laid the foundation of the centuries-old long Polish-Lithuanian Union. He was the founder of the Jagielloan Dynasty in Poland that bears his nameand was the heir to the already established house of Genimenids in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. These royal dynasties ruled both states until 1582, and became one of the most influential dynasties in the late medieval and early modern Central and Eastern Europe. During his reign, the Polish-Lithuanian state was the largest in the Christian world.

Jogaila was the last pagan ruler of medieval Lithuania. After he became King of Poland, as a result of the Union of Krewo, the newly formed Polish-Lithuanian union confronted the growing power of the Teutonic Knights. The allied victory at the Battle of Grunswald in 1410, followed by the Peace of Thorn, secured the Polish and Lithuanian borders and marked the emergence of the Polish-Lithuanian alliance as a significant force in Europe. The reign of Wladyslaw II Jagiello extended Polish frontiers and is often considered the beginning of Poland's Golden Age.

Battle vs. John Hunyadi (by Impaler5150)[]

The battle sets off in Hungary where both Hunyadi's army and Jogaila's armyfaces off. Both yell for their armies to charge, with Jogaila's cannoner getting off a kill on Hunyadi's crossbowman (5-4). Hunyadi's cannoner retaliates with a cannon blast to Jogail's cannoner, blowing him to smitherines (4-4). The archers from both armies fire off arrows, with each scoring a kill (303). The battle continues with Jogaila's axeman chunking a francisca axe, killing Hunyadi's right hand man (3-2). Hunyadi's hand cannoner hides behind Hunyadi's castle walland fires off a hand cannon, striking the axeman, bringing him to the ground. The hand cannoner comes out from behind the wall and bludgeons the axeman to death with the hand cannon spike (2-2). Hunyadi runs at Jogaila's spearman with an axe, but gets wounded. Hunyadi turns around and hacks the spearman in the face with the axe (2-1). Jogaila retrieves his spear and tries to get Hunyadi, but kills Hunyadi's last soldier. Jogaila strikes first blood, wounding Hunyadi. Hunyadi collapses to the ground. Jogaila comes in for the kill, but Hunyadi strikes Jogaila in the through his left eye, killing him instantly (1-0). Hunyadi, though wounded twice, shouts out in victory.

Expert's Opinion[]

Hunyadi won due to his armor as well as more modern technology, as well as knowing the terrain.

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