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I am a warrior born!
— Vrykul warrior
Let sleeping worgs lie, unless you don't want your face anymore.
— Vrykul saying

The vrykul are a race of half-giant barbarians native to Northrend. Originally iron skinned like the other titan-forged races, most were afflicted with the Curse of Flesh which turned their skin into flesh. The weak and deformed offspring of the afflicted vrykul would later become humans.

A pride warrior race, the vrykul are known for their fearsome strength and loyalty to the titans, who they worship as their creators. During Lich King's emergence, many vrykul flocked to him, worshipping him as their death god. It's unknown what happened to the vrykul that served the Lich King after his defeat.

Battle vs. Aragorn (by CuchulainSetanta)[]

Aragorn arrives by ship in Northrend, having tracked an uruk-hai warrior here. As he arrives, a vrykul warrior on a clifftop sees him and readies his harpoon gun. He fires, but Aragorn sees the harpoon flying at him and evades. The vrykul is angered and mounts his nearby proto-dragon.

Meanwhile, Aragorn readies his bow, not knowing where the attack came from. He hears a loud roar and turns, seeing the proto-dragon flying down towards him. Aragorn fires several arrows, but the vrykul steers his dragon out of the way. Aragorn runs as the dragon breaths a stream of fire behind him.

Aragorn pulls out Anduril and readies himself for the vrykul's approach. As the dragon swoops over to try to grab Aragorn, he swings his mighty sword, slicing the dragon's head clean off. The vrykul crashlands, but quickly gets back up, grabbing his spear. Aragorn readies a flaming arrow, and fires at the giant, but the vrykul catches the arrow before it hits him. Bringing it up to his face, he blows out the tip and breaks it in two.

Undeterred by this show of force, Aragorn charges in with Anduril. The warriors clash weapons, until Aragorn chops the vrykul's spear in two. Angered, the vrykul punches Aragorn in the face, knocking him down. Kicking Anduril away, the vrykul picks up Aragorn and prepares to cleave him in half with his battle axe. Just in time, Aragorn pulls out his dagger and throws it into the vrykul's eye. The giant drops Aragorn, who retrieves Anduril and thrusts it into the vrykul's chest. Aragorn pulls out his sword, and as the vrykul falls, thrusts it into the air with a shout of "For Elendil!"

Winner: Aragorn

Expert's Opinion[]

While the Vrykul was strong and had a Proto-Dragon to assist him, Aragorn had dealt with such enemies in his time, being a ranger of the Dunedain with a life four times the length of the average man.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Uruk-hai (by CuchulainSetanta)[]

In the Howling Fjord, a lone vrykul stands by his harpoon gun watching for intruders, with his proto-dragon resting behind him. Suddenly, he sees an uruk-hai walking on the plain below. The vrykul readies the harpoon gun, aims at the trespasser, and fires. Down below, the uruk-hai hears the harpoon whistling through the air, sees it, and ducks out of the way, with the weapon lodging in a tree behind him. Looking up, he sees the vrykul let out a challenging war cry on the cliff above, before going out of sight.

The vrykul straps on his battle axe, grabs his spear, and mounts his dragon, then flies down to attack the uruk-hai. The uruk has already brought out his crossbow, and fires several bolts at the approaching dragon, but they glance off the thick scales. The proto-dragon responds by spraying a stream of fire at the uruk-hai, who narrowly dodges, although the trees behind him are set alight. The uruk-hai loads his last bolt into his crossbow, and, thinking quickly, shoots the proto-dragon in its eye, killing it. Falling from the sky, the vrykul expertly leaps off his dead mount, spear in hand, and lands near the uruk-hai.

Having got his pike, the uruk charges his giant foe with a roar. The pike is longer and the uruk-hai soon gets the upper hand, stabbing the vrykul in the chest. However, it doesn't go very deep because of the vrykul's size, and the vrykul simply snaps the pike's head off. He throws his spear at the uruk-hai, and draws his axe, with the uruk drawing his square sword. The two warriors clash weapons, but the uruk is caught off guard by the vrykul's strength. Faking out the uruk, the vrykul punches his foe in the head, knocking the uruk's helmet off. Getting an idea, the uruk-hai runs over to the burning trees, grabs a branch, and runs off in the direction he came from. The vrykul grins sadistically and gives chase.

Coming upon his camp, the uruk-hai sees the siege mine he had left there. He runs past it, burning branch in hand, and waits for the vrykul to follow. As soon as the vrykul draws near and passes the mine, the uruk hurls the branch at the mine. The vrykul has no time to get out of the way, and is blown sky high. After the explosion clears, the uruk-hai approaches the vrykul's burned corpse, and lets out a roar which echoes throughout the Fjord.

Winner: Uruk-hai

Expert's Opinion[]

Despite the vrykul having an obvious size and strength advantage, it was decided that the uruk-hai had better grade weapons and better skills: the vrykul are always looking for battle, but the uruk-hai were actually created for the sole purpose of being warriors.

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The battle was declared invalid because the Uruk-hai were given a square sword despite never using one.