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The world has been your battlefield. Everywhere you go, the blood of brothers and sons screams out against you. Perhaps you cannot yet hear it, because this soil is not your own. But you will... You will.
— Vladimir Makarov
Russia will take all of Europe, even if it must stand on a pile of ashes.
— Vladimir Makarov

A former Spetsnaz operative, Vladamir Makarov was the Leader of the Russian Terrorist group, the Inner Circle. After an attack on a Russian airport, he intentionally started a war between Russia and the United States when he shot one of his members, undercover CIA agent Joseph Allen, He managed to escape Task Force 141 for a while until he was finally killed by John Price.

He is a ruthless yet cunning strategizer and often outmaneuvered his enemies and made them play by his rules. Taking the zero-sum game to heart, he did whatever was necessary to gain the upperhand, without any regard to the loss of human life. He truly believed that the ends justified the means and until his defeat at the hands of Cpt. Price, his tactics would dictate the course of history.

Battle vs. Paul Kersey (by Kingofawesomeness777)[]

It’s a dark night in Moscow; Paul Kersey sits alone on the subway reading his newspaper. At the next stop, an unexpected passenger gets on. It was none other that Vladmir Makarov, international Russian terrorist wearing a bullet proof vest over a khaki suit. He was wielding a M4A1 assault rifle and had a duffel bag with other weapons in it slung over his shoulder. He sits down and stares at Paul Kersey from across the floor, Kersey pays no attention to him. As the next stop nears Makarov gets up and aims his gun at Kersey. Kersey, who secretly pulls out his .32 caliber revolver and hided it behind his newspaper aims it at Makarov. As the train stops Kersey shoots Makarov in the chest and runs out of the subway. Makarov, whose bullet proof amour protected him, gets up and chases Kersey up the stairs to the Moscow night. Makarov looks around for Kersey who is hiding in the shadows behind a building. Makarov doesn’t notice that Kersey pulls out his MAC-10 and is ready to ambush Malarov. Kersey runs and makes his move and opens fire on Makarov. Makarov’s vest saves him and he pulls out his M9 and shoots Kersey. Luckily the shots are absorbed by Kersey’s own vest. Kersey runs into an apartment as Makarov chases him up the stairs. Kersey grabs his Ruger Mini-14 and as Makarov gets up the stairs Kersey opens fire on Makarov and Makarov gets shot twice in his right arm and one grazes his neck. Makarov then runs back down the stairs and waits for Kersey. Makarov then pulls out his AK-74U and shoots at Kersey though the floor. A shot hits Kersey’s foot and another hits his hand. Kersey then moves away and hides in a closet. Once Makarov goes back up the stairs Kersey attacks him. The two struggle and try to reach their guns but the 30 years old Makarov is able to overpower the 60 year old Kersey and pulls out his M9. Kersey barley is able to pull out his .32 revolver and shoot Makarov in the shoulder. Makarov grabs his shoulder in pain and Kersey shoots him several more times in the leg. Kersey then pulls out a soccer ball and a remote control. Makarov who is lying in the corner coverd in blood is confused as the ball rolls toward him. As is gets right by him Kersey smiles and limps away down the stairs and out of the building before he blows up the bomb and Makarov dies. Kersey then is arrested as the police arrive and after his wounds are treated he is let go in exchange for some vigilantism in Moscow.


Expert's Opinion[]

The major deciding factor here is Kersey's experience with covert vigilantism and cunning tactics whereas Makarov only wants to use brutal force to kill his opponents. Makarov was extremely close to killing Kersey, but Kersey's overall skill won him the day against Makarov.

[User_blog%3AKingofawosmeness777/Paul_Kersey_vs_Vladimir_Makarov|To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.]]

Battle vs. Edward Richtofen (by Urbancommando77)[]

No battle written


Expert's Opinion[]

While Eddie had fought zombies unlike Makarov, Eddie was completely insane, and used no strategy whatsoever, and had had zero military training, a massive contrast from Makarov.

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Battle vs. Heavy (TF2) (by RedBenjamin)[]

Heavy: Heavy icon Medic icon Engie icon Makarov iconScout icon

Makarov: Makarov icon Spetznaz icon Spetznaz icon Spetznaz icon Spetznaz icon

Heavy and his crew watched as a Russian helicoper decended into the BLU base. It held 4 Spetznaz and 1 of the world's most infamous terrorists. "Demoman! Put bombs in the BLU base!" commanded Heavy. As Demoman placed the bombs, the helicopter landed where he was placing them. Knowing that Demoman could just detonate the bombs and destroy the aircraft, Makarov ordered his men to attack. Demoman, however, was to drunk to fight, and was shot in the process. Makarov icon Hearing the gunshots, Engineer builds a sentry, while Scout runs into the BLU base, hungry for a fight. As Scout runs to the BLU base, Makarov and the Spetznaz scatter to make them harder to kill. However, one Spetznaz is too slow, and gets blasted to Hell by Scout's Force a Nature. Spetznaz icon However, a Spetznaz armed with an AK-47 shoots Scout, and in a matter of seconds, he is dead. Scout icon Then, the Spetznaz runs out of the base to attack the remaining members. As he runs to Engineer and his Level 3 Sentry Gun, Heavy and Medic are preparing an Ubercharge. The Russian troop sneaks close enough to the Sentry Gun to destroy it, but explodes, killing him but blowing Engineer's legs off. Spetznaz icon "MEDIC!" Engineer cries out, knowning that he is going to die no mater what. Heavy and Medic make their way over to Engineer. "Please, partner, my time is short. *pant pant* And while I did say I solve problems, this is one problem you are alone with. Goodbye Heavy. I will have a dispencer for you in Heaven". He then let out a final scream of pain and died. Engie icon "He vwas right about almost everything." said Medic. "He forgot that you're not alone". The pair then teamed up and went into the BLU base. Heavy took out his Ithaca 37 and blasted the face off of a Spetnaz guard. Spetznaz icon Knowning heavy was coming, Makarov ordered his remaining Spetnaz soldier to pilot the helicoper out of here. "I'm not leteing you leave Makarov! NOW IS COWARD KILLING TIME!" yelled Heavy. In attempt to stop the legendary eater of Sandviches, Makarov shot his grenade launcher at the man. It hit, but when the smoke cleared, Heavy and Medic were Ubercharged! Heavy then fired his Minigun at the chopper as it attempted to fly away, causing it to crash and explode. Spetznaz icon "Stay out of this Medic. I have some personal business with Makarov" Heavy told Medic. "This is for Engineer". Heavy went up to the wreckage, with the door still shut, and opened it. However, Makarov was waiting with a Desert Eagle pointed at Heavy's head, but Heavy flew a punch at it, sending it flying. "DID YOU THINK I WOULD FORGET WHAT YOU DID TO ENGINEER?" Heavy screamed at the terrorist, and he brutally pounded his fist into the tyrants face. Makarov pulled his knife and attempted to slash at Heavy's neck. Heavy dodged just in time to hit Makarov again. "He was mere labor and deserved death" Makarov coughed, stil hurt from the crash and being punched. This was the last staw for Heavy, forcing him to scream in anger and tacle Makarov. Heavy took Makarov's knife, let out a final scream of anger, and powerfully plunged the knife into Makarov's chest. Makarov icon "That was for Engineer" Heavy then said, as he walked off heroically with Medic.


Expert's Opinion[]

Heavy won due to his superior weapons and strength.

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Battle vs. Dimitri Mayakovsky (by SPARTAN 119)[]

Vladimir Makarov: Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred

Dima Mayakovsky: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Vladimir Makarov stood in the door of the Mi-8 helicopter, holding Russian President Boris Vorchevsky at gunpoint, shortly after having shot FSO agent Alexei Harkov. Suddenly, Makarov sees the scope glint of a Barrett M82A1 wielded by Dima Mayakovsky.

Makarov got out of the door just as Dima fired, the shot missing both Makarov and the president, but hitting one of Makarov's henchmen, the large caliber round practically vaporizing his skull. Darkred

The president jumped out of the helicopter, which was still on the ground and ran for cover, making it behind one of the engines of his downed jet. Makarov and the other Ultranationalist soldiers retreated from the helicopter as it came under fire. One of the GRU agents in Dima's squad fired their GP-30 grenade launcher, blowing up Makarov's helicopter, but only killing one of his soldiers. Darkred

A Russian Ultranationalist sniper opened up with his Dragunov, picking off the GRU grenadier, Blue as Makarov fired the M203 under an M4 Carbine he first acquired during the raid on the Zakhaev Airport. A GRU soldier was caught in the blast Blue

Dima's soldiers returned fire, one of them killing a Russian Ultranationalist with an AEK-971 burst. Darkred. Meanwhile, Dima took out the Ultranationalist sniper with his Barrett Darkred.

Dima was forced to abandon the Barret, however, when he and his men came under fire from Makarov and his remaining henchman. Makarov killed the man next to Dima with a blast from his Striker 12 shotgun, Blue while another GRU agent took a burst of several round from an AKSU-74. Blue

Kiril, Dima's last surviving ally, took aim at Ultranationalist armed with the AKSU and fired a burst from his AS Val. The Ultranationalist was killed by a burst to the chest. Darkred At that same time, Dima raised his Saiga and fired two shots as Makarov. The two shotgun blasts impacted the Ultranationalist leader, perforating his body and dropping him to the ground, dead. Darkred

"Kiril", Dima ordered, "Secure the president and any wounded, I'll call for evac".

WINNER: Dima Mayakovsky

Expert's Opinion[]

Both Makarov and Mayakovsky were well trained, elite soldiers, however, Dima's slightly greater experience and superior weaponry gave him the edge.

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Battle vs. Raul Menendez (by So-Pro Warrior and Sport Shouting)[]

- Prologue -

Hotel Oasis

December 15, 2016

Arabian Peninsula

It has been two months since the end of World War III in which the Russian President made a peace treaty with NATO forcing Makarov and what remained of his Inner Circle to flee into hiding with almost every single Nation now after them. Makarov had retreated to his safehouse in the Arabian Peninsula called Hotel Oasis where it is from there he sends out a call for all remaining Inner Circle members to try and get to Oasis to find out what to do next. Makarov sits in his room and watches the TV as it shows how the manhunt for him still continues but with no one knowing where he could be. Makarov knew however that sooner or later Captain Price was going to find him, ever since the death of Soap, Price was filled with rage and was just dying to get his hands on him and strangle the life out of him to get revenge for Soap.

"I will be waiting for you...Captain Price. And when you come. All will be decided there." Makarov says to himself.

Meanwhile on the Socotra Island, Yemen

A old man who looks to be in his 50's sits next to a fireplace at the same time listening to a TV nearby on the news.

"In other news the manhunt for the wanted Terrorist Vladimir Makarov still continues with every nation searching for where this madman could be hiding to put a stop to his acts of Terrorism as well as anything this man could do in the future if he continues to be loose in the world." A male TV News Anchor says

"Makarov....Hmmm this Russian could prove to be a...problem for my plans if he lives." The man says to himself.

Just then another man walks into the room.

"Menendez you wanted to see me sir?" The man asks

"A yes DeFalco. It seems we could have a problem in the future from that man Vladimir Makarov. The one that has been on the news since the War ended." The man known as Raul Menendez says

"Ah yes I have heard about him. If I may say, why not see if we can form an alliance with him. He seems like the kind of person who could makea deadly ally in our plan for the future." DeFalco says

"Maybe but it seems that his plans for this world did not succed. If he had succeded in his plans then maybe...there could of been something between us. seems that his usefulness on this Earth is no longer...Necessary. I want you to get some of your best mercs ready. I'm going to be heading to a nice hotel called Oasis soon." Menendez says

"Oasis sir?" DeFalco asks

"Yes that is where the man Makarov is going to be found." Menendez says

"And how do you know this sir?" DeFalco asks

"How you ask well....let's just say since his plans took a turn for the worst. A couple of his Inner Circle members have lost their respect of him...and want to be on the side who can actually take down the Americans and all of the west." Menendez says

January 20, 2017

By now many of the remaining members of the Inner Circle have arrived at Hotel Oasis. Many of them had weapons at the ready as Makarov prepared for the arrival of Captain Price at any given time. He waits in his room staring out into the darkness of the night when one of his men bursts into his room.

"Makarov sir!"

"What is it?!" Makarov asks

"You may want to see this."

Makarov follows the Inner Circle member who brings him to a dead Oasis Security guard with a note on him. Makarov takes the note off of the dead man and then reads the note.

"Prepare to meet your end soon Vladimir Makarov.

-Odysseus, Leader of Cordis Die"

"What is this!" Makarov says

"Sir I've heard of this Cordis Die. Their suppose to be a Social Network of some kind, but there have also been people saying they are a Terrorist group as well." One of the Inner Circle members say

"And who is this Odysseus?" Makarov says

"No one knows who his real name is. He's the leader of this Cordis Die." Another Inner Circle says

"Hmph it seems that this Odysseus is looking for some trouble. Whoever this Odysseus is, if he wants to kill me. I'll make sure that it is he that shall meet his end instead." Makarov says

January 20.

Makarov along with nine of his Inner Circle men wait in his room as Makarov stares out the window. Having sent all of the security detail and the majority of his Circle to watch the other entrances to make sure that this "Odysseus" and his Cordis Die came from the main entrance way. Just then Makarov sees two vans appear on the road both heading towards the hotel.

"Well then Odyseeus let the "game" begin." Makarov sats

- The Battle -

Makarov x10

Menendez x10

The two cars stop side by side and out of the back of the cars exits Menedez along with 9 members of his Cordis Die group. Menendez takes out his Executioner pistol as he and his men head towards the the Hotel. They enter the hotel lobby and look around to see if there are any signs of Makarov or any of his men of the Inner Circle. All of a sudden a shot rings out echoing throughout the building and the leading Cordis Die soldier falls down with a bullet through his brain.

Menendez x9

"SNIPER!" One of the Cordis Die members yell as the Cordis Die members start shooting wildly into the air not knowing where the sniper is.

Meanwhile on the tenth floor the Inner Circle soldier with his Dragunov takes aim again with his sniper rifle taking aim at a Cordis Die soldier with a M8A1 and then pulls the trigger and takes out another Cordis Die soldier with a bullet to the head.

Menendez x8

Menendez meanwhile down at the lobby stays calm and then after his soldier gets shot in the head looks up as if he knows something.

"You there he's on the tenth floor!" Menendez yells at a Cordis Die member with a DSR-50 on his back.

The Cordis Die soldier kneels down and takes the DSR-50 off his back and takes aim at the tenth floor and sees the Inner Circle sniper. The sniper pulls the trigger sending a bullet flying towards the Inner Circle soldier and the bullet hitting him right through the heart.

Makarov x9

"Sniper down sir." The sniper says

At that Menendez orders his men to move out, ordering 4 of his men to take the stairs and sweep each floor from the bottome upwards while he took the other three on the elevator and clear the building from top to bottom and meeting with each other on one of the floors. Menendez along with his sniper, one of the LMG carriers, and a Cordis Die with a Assault Rifle get on the elevator and head up to the top floor, meanwhile the other LMG carrier along with the rest of the men with SMG's or AR's begin to head up the stairs.

On the elevator Menendez and his mn ready to arrive at the top as the men check their equimpent to see if they are fine. As they near the top floor Menendez just stares towards the door just waiting for it to open, as the elevator stops and dings signalling they have arrived Menendez thinks of something and then yells.

"Get to cover!" As he gets on the side of the door as the elevator door opens up to reveal 5 members of the Inner Circle on the other side with a RPD, two AK-47's, and one PP90M1 pointing at the door and open up. Two of the Cordis Die members are able to get to cover but the Sniper is riddled with bullets as well as the glass window behind him shattering it and the Cordis Die member being pushed by all of the bullets out of the elevator to the ground below.

Menendez x7

Menendez's LMG carrier points his gun out of cover and fires blindly at the Inner Circle members with his HAMR and manages to his one of the Inner Circle members in the head.

Makarov x8

However the rest of the shots miss their target and the Cordis Die member pulls the gun back and reloads his gun. Meanwhile for the other Cordis Die members they enter onto the 3rd floor having cleared the second floor already and having encountered no resistance. All of a sudden from a doorway ahead of them a Inner Circle member with a RPD pops out of cover and fires at the Cordis Die soldiers but they manage to get into cover behind the doorways of rooms. A Cordis Die member pops out of cover and fires a burst from his M8A1 but the shots miss hitting near the Inner Circle soldiers head. The Inner Circle then begins slowly backing up away from the door and then quickly runs out of the doorway. The Cordis Die soldiers get out from their cover and begin to chase after the Inner Circle member. As the two leading Cordis Die members turn at the doorway they are met with a hail of bullets from the RPD, two PP90M1's, and Makarov wielding a M4A1.

Menendez x5

The other Cordis Die members stop in their tracks and take cover behind the door. The lead Cordis Die member pops out and fires off a quick burst from his Chicom and manages to hit the RPD wielder in the stomch who falls backwards on the ground dead.

Makarov x7

Meanwhile back at the Elevator Menendez grabs his RPG from the back of his Cordis Die member beside him and tells his men to cover him as they pop out of cover and fire at the Inner Circle members who quickly duck behind cover. Menendez pops out with his RPG, takes aim and fires towards the Inner Circles position and takes out two of the Inner Circle members out in the explosion and sends the other two members flying back.

Makarov x5

One of the injured Inner Circle members quickly gets back up and retreats leaving the other wounded soldier on the floor yelling in pain. Menendez and his two men exit the elevator and Menendez takes out his SPAS-12 and walks over to the in pain Inner Circle member. Menendez points his shotgun at the head of the Inner Circle soldier and pulls the trigger.

Makarov x4

Makarov pulls out his M79 Grenade Launcher and points it down the corridor near the doorway and fires the launcher which fires a grenade towards the position. The closest Cordis Die member is sent flying with the explosion while the second one is blown against his cover from the concussion of the blast but barely survives.

Menendez x4

Makarov pulls out his M4A1 and walks over to see if there are any survivors and sees the Cordis Die member on the wall breathing and so points his M4 at the Cordis Die soldier and fires two shots into his head.

Menendez x3

Makarov and his men start heading back up and along the way rendevous with the last survivor from the second group.

"Where are the others?" Makarov asks

"Dead sir. The leader and his men are on their way." The Inner Circle soldier says

"Let's go then we will set up another ambush." Makarov says as he and his men move out.

A couple of minutes later Menendez and his last two Cordis Die soldiers appear in the same hallway and then head to the left. They go through a pair of double doors and soon find themselves at the Hotel's bar. The two Cordis Die members take the lead as Menendez walks slowly behind them with his shotgun in hand. As he passes the kitchen doorway, Menendez stops in his tracks and looks at the doorway and points his shotgun and fires a shell from it. This shot startles the other Cordis Die soldiers who look behind and then from behind the door a body from a Inner Circle soldier falls through the doorway onto the ground.

Makarov x3

All of a sudden Makarov pops out from behind the bar and opens fire with his M4A1 and manages to take out one of the Cordis Die members as the other one and Menendez quickly head to cover.

Menendez x2

Just then the other two Inner Circle soldiers pop out from cover and begin firing towards Menendez and his men's positions as the Cordis Die member blidn fires towards the Inner Circle soldiers and Makarov in an attempt to hit them. Menendez tosses his SPAS-12 and then takes from his back Skorpion EVO and peeps around the side of his cover and seeing one of the Inner Circle soldiers takes aim and fires from his gun managing to hit the soldier in the chest.

Makarov x2

Makarov orders his last men to retreat to the stairway as they both leave their defensive positions and head for the doorway. The Inner Circle soldier stops in his tracks turns around and fires off a couple of shots from his gun only to be shot by the final Cordis Die member with his HAMR.

Makarov x1

The Cordis Die soldier goes ahead of Menendez who slowly walks after him. The Cordis Die member enters the stairway and begins running up the stairways. Along the way he notices the door to the rooftop open up and close and quickly runs up the staircase to the rooftop door. The Cordis Die soldier reaches the doorway and pulls the door open but Makarov stands in the doorway with his Striker in hand and fires a shot point blank into the Cordis Die soldier leaving a large hole in his chest.

Menendez x1

Menendez comes out of the doorway a couple of minutes later with his Executioner Pistol in hand as he scours the rooftop for Makarov. Meanwhile from behind a pair of generators Makarov with his FN Five Seven pistol in hand peeps out from behind the cover and looks at Menendez. All of a sudden Menendez turns towards the generators and fires two shots from his pistol at the generators almost hitting Makarov who quickly gets back into cover. Makarov pops out of cover and fires off five shots from his pistol but Menendez dodges the shots and fires off another shot at Makarov once again hitting the cover. Makarov gets behind cover again and slides along the cover to the edge and then quickly makes a break for the entrance way with Menendez firing off another shot but hitting right in front of Makarov. Makarov gets behind cover and pops out of cover firing off a couple more rounds and getting back into cover quickly. Menendez slowly walks over to Makarov's cover spot while keeping his pistol pointed at the position. Menendez then walks to the side but then sees no sign of Makarov. All of a sudden he hears something from his side and looks to see Makarov pointing his Five Seven at him.

"Looks like it's you who dies tonight...Odysseus." Makarov says as he pulls the trigger and puts a bullet through Menendez's brain.

Menendez x0

Makarov raises his pistol into the air and yells in victory and then walks to the doorway and walks back into the hotel to recall of his troops back to the hotel.

Winner Vladimir Makarov

Expert's Opinion[]

Makarov won this battle due to the fact that he received special forces training prior to becoming the terrorist he was, and also because he had actual combat experience fighting on the front lines during some of his acts of terrorism. And also due to his better physicality, and psychological health. Menendez may have been very crafty during his time but he could just not match up the the more well trained and well experienced Makarov.

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Battle vs. Richard Marcinko (by TheWetWaffle)[]

Richard Marcinko: 6

Vladimir Makarov: 6

Hotel Oasis, Asia

An armored van rolls up into Hotel Oasis, crushing the small pieces of broken glass under the tires. Richard Marcinko and five of Red Cell's best exit the back of the van, sent with orders to eliminate Vladimir Makarov and any forces in their way. They enter the hotel, M4A1 SOPMODs and Mk 14s in hand. A .330 Winchester round penetrates a Red Cell member's head from an Inner Circle sniper.

Richard Marcinko: 5

Marcinko and his men scramble for cover. They spot the sniper and a Red Cell member with a Mk 14 takes aim for the sniper's head. The sniper's brain turns into mush and the squad advances on into the hotel.

Vladimir Makarov: 5

Makarov and the other Inner Circle members hear the commotion. Makarov grabs his M4A1 and the Inner Circle members grab their Desert Eagles, M79s, and M4A1s and see whats going on. They see the group of men and aim their weapons. "Do it." Makarov commands as an M79 shot blows up and kills two Red Cell members.

Richard Marcinko: 3

Marcinko and company retaliate by sending an M203 shot back at them. The grenade detonates on impact and kills one Inner Circle member along with injuring another.

Vladimir Makarov: 4

Makarov retreats while the Inner Circle members keep firing. An Inner Circle member tries to drag his comrade to safety but both are pummeled by M4A1 SOPMOD bullets.

Vladimir Makarov: 2

Makarov retreats to the elevator. He drops his M4A1 and presses the button to go to the roof. Meanwhile the last Inner Circle member ran out of ammo for his M4A1 and takes out his Desert Eagle. He manages to pop off one of the Red Cell members all be it very poorly.

Richard Marcinko: 2

The Inner Circle member also tries to retreat but the elevator doors won't work. Marcinko and the Red Cell member are right behind him. Marcinko aims his P226 at the terrorist and blows his head off. The elevator doors open and they enter the elevator.

Vladimir Makarov: 1

The elevator dings, signaling that they're on the roof. Marcinko and the operative exit the elevator. They look around but the operative is grabbed by Makarov and gets a Blackhawk Tatang knife in his back.

Richard Marcinko: 1

Marcinko opens fire but Makarov retreats behind a wall. Marcinko notices that he wasn't smart with his bullets and hears a click sound the P226 produced. Makarov rushes out, knife in hand, and slashes at Marcinko. Marcinko retaliates by taking out his Gerber Mark II knife and thrusts his knife towards Makarov. Marcinko manages to slash Makarov's shoulder but gets kicked away, knocking him off his feet. Near the edge of the roof now, Marcinko breathes heavily as he looks at Makarov approaching him. He gets stomped on and coughs out some blood. This looks like the end for Marcinko, but Makarov felt a sharp pain run through his body. Marcinko stabbed Makarov in the leg and manages to get up as Makarov is writhing in pain. Marcinko grabs Makarov by the collar of his shirt and pushes him off Hotel Oasis, landing on the armored van Marcinko arrived in. Marcinko stumbles away, victorious.


Expert's Opinion[]

This battle was essentially a terrorist vs. counter terrorist leader, and nine times out of ten the counter terrorist wins. Marcinko was better supplied, better equiped, and took certain X Factors like logistics, training, and mental health. Makarov was too insane to win today, as his Desert Eagle is too impractical, the SOPMOD is essentially a modded M4A1, the WA2000 is rather poor, and the M203 doesn't require the user to take out another gun. Marcinko's head was more clear, able to take out orders in the heat of battle, and had the better men assisting him, making him the deadliest warrior.

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Battle vs. Revolver Ocelot (by Codgod13)[]

The world is at war. Vladimir Makarov has murdered hundreds of people at Zakheav International Airport, and the United States is blamed. The few who know about the true culprit have tried and failed to kill him. But one person was not accounted for. The ultimate double agent. He knew everything, and this man was setting events in motion was ruling his plan. This man... was Ocelot. He was going to kill Vladimir Makarov.

In the Oasis Hotel, Arabian Peninsula:

Vladimir Makarov is sitting in a lobby seat, furious that the war has been ended and planning a new strike. Then, a huge explosion. The hotel falls, and as it does, the terrorist dives out of the back door, his inner guard all dead. He sees a man walking away toward an armored car, and sees a dead guard with a WA2000. Makarov picks up the sniper rifle and fires at Ocelot, but misses due to the flames. Ocelot quickly breaks into a run toward the car, as two other sons of liberty jump out of the car with Stoners, but are quickly shot by the russian. Ocelot rolls out and grabs one of the stoners and starts firing at Makarov.

The bullets smash into the WA2000, and it spun out of Makarov's hands. Makarov rolls away and hides behind a a fallen steel column. He sees an AK47 lying on the ground and picks it up. Ocelot continues to fire, but the column reflects the rounds. Makarov doesnt want to leave cover, so he continues to fire blindly. Ocelot runs out of bullets, and quickly jumps back into the van. He loads himself with weapons, and peeks out of the trunk of the car, shooting at Makarov, only to find him gone. He looks around and sees Makarov holding a thumper, and sprints away from the van, but is still knocked back by the blast as the car explodes. He sees Makarov loading another grenade, and fires a round at Makarov with his M4. It smashes him into the chest, but the body armor reflects the blow overall and saves his life. He fires his, but misses because of the shock the bullet gave him. The two run out of rifle ammo, and close in with shotguns.

Ocelot charges at Makarov, and due to his shotgun having more range, he fires first. Makarov does a dive roll away, and fires his shotgun. Ocelot's vest breaks and the pellets penetrate his skin, but no more than an inch. He drops his shotgun, and pulls out his revolvers, firing at Makarov who is cocking his shotgun. The bullets break Makarov's vest, and he feigns death. Ocelot approaches with his pistol for the finishing blow, but Makarov kicks him back, shrugging off his vest and pulling out a knife. Ocelot backs off, takes off his vest, and his knife. The two begin to slash at each, Makarov gaining an edge due to his age. He kicks Ocelot back, but the old man retaliates by slashing his wrist, causing the russian to drop his knife. Makarov grabs Ocelot and smashes his hand, knocking his knife away. Makarov quickly draws his deagle and fumbles for a magazine while Ocelot draws his second revolver and clickly thumbs a round into the chamber. Both terrorists quickly aim, and Ocelot gets the first shot off, firing from the hip, and a bullet nails Makarov straight in the temple, and he gets thrown to the ground. The catalyst is finally dead.

WINNER: Ocelot

Expert's Opinion[]

While Makarov had many more advanced weapons than Ocelot, Ocelot was a total tactical genius, and that's what won him the day.

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Battle vs. Victor Zakhaev (by Codgod13)[]

Vladmir Makarov, three ultranationalists and Alejandro Rojas are walking in a forest, going towards an SAS outpost. Zakheav spots him, and is angered, thinking Makarov was promoted by his father and usurped his position. He takes out his Dragunov and tries to snipe Makarov, but the bullet goes wide. Makarov hears the shot and he and his men take cover behind trees and boulders. Zakheav gives a signal, and three ultranationalists and Khaled Al-Asad who are still loyal to him join him and take cover. One of Makarov's men jumps out with his M4A1, and Zakheav snipes him.

Makarov: 1234

Zakheav: 12345

Zakheav fires several shots at any of Makarov's men who leaves cover, but he keeps missing because of the lack of accuracy with the Dragunov. Finding he is out of ammo, he leaps behind cover. The two teams split up and head in different ways into the dense forest. Makarov's demolitions experts with an AA-12 and Makarov himself come face to face with Zakheav's gunner with an MP44. Makarov is grazed in the arm with a bullet, but an AA-12 shell splatter's the gunner's brains into the soil.

Makarov: 1234

Zakheav: 1234

An M ultranationalist with a thumper see's a Z ultranationalist with a Mini Uzi he fires the Thumper and hits a tree next to the Z Ultranationalist, who is now firing and hitting the M ultranationalist with his Uzi.

Makarov: 123

Zakheav: 1234

The tree falls, crushing the Z ultranationalist.

Makarov: 123

Zakheav: 123

The two teams regroup, and spot each other. All of them jump behind cover and start firing their respective weapons. One of Zakheav's men is shot in the leg, and falls ot of cover, where Makarov quickly dispatches him with a Desert Eagle.

Makarov: 123

Zakheav: 12

Khaled Al-Asad, with a MP44 spots Rojas leaning a little too far away from cover. His hatred of the west supplies an accurate shot into Rojas' shoulder. The Brazilian yells in pain, and drops the M4A1 he was holding and falls over. An M utranationalist pulls him to safety, but is then shot by Al-Asad.

Makarov: 12

Zakheav: 12

When Al-Asad shot the other M ultranationalist, he had exposed himself. Rojas, with an M9 in his unijured hand, shot multiple rounds into Al-Asad's chest and stomach, and the eternal lion falls.

Makarov: 12

Zakheav: 1

Makarov helps rojas to safety, but in doing so gave Zakheav time to leave cover and run after the duo. Firing his pistol to no effect, he decides to rab and RPG from one of his fallen comrades. The blast sends one of Russian and one very recently dead Brazilian flying into tha air.

Makarov: 1

Zakheav: 1

Makarov sprints away from Zakheav and comes to an enourmously deep canyon tat was only a few feet wide. He jumps over it, and pulls out a Thumper. Zakheav runs toward him and shoots him in the foot. Makarov cries out, and fires the Thumper. It hits the ground just before Zakheav was about to jump and forms slanted gap under Zakheav. The former field commander slips through the hole and falls 17 stories to his death.

Winner: Vladmir Makarov.

Expert's Opinion[]

Both warriors were very well trained, but Makarov's more advanced long range weaponry won him the day.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Albert Wesker (by Samurai234)[]

No battle was written.


Expert's Opinion[]

While Makarov had lead a massive assault on an airport before, this was little compared to the chaos caused by Whesker that lead to the end of the world. Having the T-virus within him, Whesker was pretty much immune to any weapon Marakov had.

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The battle has been declared unfair for Vladimir Makarov because of Albert Wesker's superhuman abilities. It was also declared invalid because Wesker was given an MP5, AK-74, PSG1 despite never using them.

Battle vs. Jason Bourne (by Death'sapprentice77)[]

No battle written.

Winner: Vladimir Makarov

Expert's Opinion[]


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The battle has been declared invalid due to Jason Bourne being given an MP5, despite never using one.