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And so the Visigoth chiefs rejoiced at the idea of war against Rome, for they knew that if they were victorious they would have the wealth of the richest city of the world to divide among themselves.
— Famous Men of the Middle Ages by John Henry Haaren

The Visigoths were the western branch of the Goths, a group of nomadic Germanic tribes that appeared in mainland Europe in the 3rd century. They spread throughout the territories of the weakening Western Roman Empire come the 5th century, and even sacked Rome itself in 410 under the leadership of Alaric I.

The Visigoths established footholds in many regions of Europe after the fall of the Western Roman Empire but were weakened by the invading Moors in Spain and campaigns by the Eastern Roman Empire that attempted to retake old Roman lands, such as those under Flavius Belisarius. Eventually, they were absorbed into the empire of Charlemagne.

The armies of the Visigoths were heavily based around cavalry, predominately heavy cavalry backed up by lighter mounted scouts. Infantry occasionally played a wider role, such as at the Battle of Adrianople, in which an allied Gothic army defeated the army of the Eastern Roman Emperor Valens. The Visigothic infantry was armed in a similar manner to their Roman enemies.

The Visigoths relied on a levy system for troops, and did not maintain standing armies. Like many armies before and after them, what role a Visigoth would serve in the army depended on their wealth and social standing. The Visigoths had a capricious with the many peoples surrounding them, and during times of peace, would serve as mercenaries to fight in the wars of the Romans, Alans, and Huns.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Celtic Warrior (by MilenHD)[]

The battle begins in quiet forest in France,a Visigoth was riding his wagon full of wheat.While traveling little bit more he stops and sees a shack with garden with heads,put on pikes.The Visigoth was scared,after awhile the Celt was returning from the river and he saw a stranger with scythe and javelin.Thinking he is an enemy or mercenary,he pulls out his sling and began swing it and then he hurl the rock at the Visigoth,but he missed.Seeing the Celt,the Visisgoth raored at him and he threw his javelin,but the Celt dodge it.Then both barbarians charged at each other,first the Visigoth slashed with his scythe but the Celt blocked with his shield and he pushed the Visigoth making him to lose his scythe.The Visigoth grabbed his Migration Period sword and the Celt striko with his lancea and he stabbed him in the leg,the Visisgoth roared in agony,he stroke the shaft of the lancea cutting it in half and then he hacked with full strenght the shield,enough to make the Celt to drop his shield,seeing the cut on his arm,the Celt pulls out his burda and longsword and began to dual with the Visigoth.Seeing his enemy got an advantage,the Visisgoth grabbed his kite shield from the wagon and charge at the Celt.Now the both barbarians clashed once again,but after a few seconds the kite shield was smashed by the burda,but the Visigoth threw it away,but he slashed really aggressively at the Celt,cutting the upper shoulder the Celt roared in agony and he slashed at the Visigoth,but the chainmail and leather portected the Visigoth.Laughing at him,the Celt was incredibly insulted and he slashed with full strenght,knocking the Migration Period sword from the hands of the Visigoth.Seeing his only weapon is his flail he runned at the wagon,once again and he grabbed it.Then he charge at the Celt and he slammed his flail in the Celt's arm,the Celt roared and from anger he stabbed the Visigoth little above the leg,seeing the Celt is close,he bit him in the arm.The Celts was now really angry and he tried to decapitate the Visigoth,but the Visigoth slammed his flail in Celt's chest,then he grabed hsi sword and with 1 more swing,he decapitated the Celt.Seeing the Celt is dead,he grabed 1 of the nearest wooden pikes and then he lifted both the pike and the head,and he put the head on pike.Seeing that he put the Celts head in his own garden,he spits at the head and he roared in victory.

Expert's Opinion[]

Experts believe the Visigoth won,because he have more armor,better close and long range weapon and he was more successful then the Celt.

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The battle was declared invalid because the Celt's lancea as depicted in this battle was not historically accurate.

Battle vs. Retiarius (by Aquamanfan2000)[]

The gates of the Colliseum open, and a Retiarius walks into the Arena with a smug grin on his face. The other gates open, and a slim, clean shaved Visigoth captive walks in, Lancea in hand. The drums sound, and the battle begins. The Retiarius draws his gladius. He slashes at the goth, but he deflects with his spear. The Visigoth spins around, and stabs his Gladiator opponent in the leg. The Retiarius flushes with rage. He bats the Visigoth in the face with the pommel of his sword and kicks him away. He runs back to his entrance, where he picks up his Trident and Net. His gladius is then thrown to the sand because of his current weapon choice. The Visigoth throws the spear, but it just barely misses the Retiarius. The Gladiator reengages the Visigoth, ensnaring him in the net. While the net is in his face, the freedom fighter draws his broadsword and cuts himself free. He starts slashing blindly at the Retiarius, cutting his Trident in two. A Hasta is then thrown to him by the crowd, and he beats his foe wildly to the ground with it. He spins and thrusts, catching his opponent in the right eye. The Visigoth screams, and grabs a mace thrown to him by the crowd as well. He slashes at the Retiarius, severing his finger and breaking his shoulder with the mace. The Retiarius then hits the Visigoth in the stomach with the butt of his Lance, catching him off guard. The Visigoth drops his weapons and pulls out his last resort. When he draws his flail, he notices the Retiarius has a gladius in one hand an unsheathed pugio in the other. Because of his broken shoulder, the Retiarius swings wildly. The Visigoth is cut multiple times, landing some glancing blows on his Gladiatorial enemy. As he goes in for one more wild strike after building up his rage, he is suddenly eviscerated. As the Visigoth falls to the ground dead, the Emperor in the stands of the arena raises a wooden sword, symbolizing the Retiarius has earned his freedom.

WINNER: Retiarius

Expert's Opinion[]


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Battle was declared invalid due to the retiarius being given a weapon they did not use.