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Battle vs. Achilles (by Leolab)[]

Achilles finds himself in Luthadel at night, walking through the streets. Vin, following him, Pushes some coins towards the warrior. They take him by surprise, nearly puncturing his armor. He staggers, and draws his blade, looking for his opponent. Vin Pulls on his armor, launching herself into the air and staggering Achilles. She then Pushes on it, further disorienting him as she lands and draws her daggers.

Achilles closes in to attack her, but she is Burning Atium. She moves out of the way with inhuman speed, and carves a deep gash into his sword arm. The gash weakens his grip enough that Vin can Pull the sword from his grasp, and catches it. Achilles readies his spear, and charges at Vin. Still Burning Atium, she dodges out of the way and burns Pewter to strengthen a strike to the haft of Achilles’ spear. With her unnaturally enhanced strength, the sword goes clean through the wood. With only his javelin available to him, Achilles throws it at Vin and misses her as she shoves off of his armor again and flies into the mists, Pushing his sword into his shoulder.

Achilles regains his balance and staunches the wound, and resumes patrolling the streets. A barrage of coins hit his shield, and he lowers it in time to see that Vin returned with a massive Koloss Sword. She swings it down while burning Pewter and Duralumin, cutting the stunned warrior in half.


Expert's Opinion[]

Achilles is a skilled fighter, but his metal equipment cannot stand up to Vin's Allomancy, especially those which focus on the manipulation of metals.

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The battle was declared unfair for Achilles because of Vin's allomancy.