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Forger of liberties.
— Venezuelan Army motto

The Venezuelan Army, officially the National Army of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is the national army of Venezuela is one of the four professional branches of the armed forces of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. It has the responsability for land-based operations against external, or internal threats that may put the sovereignty of the nation at risk.

The Venezuelan Army traces its origin from before the establishment of the republic to the Caribbean Indian resistance to Spanish colonization, and see Themselves as the product of the mixing of the blood of valiant Spanish Conquistadors, Carribean brave Indians and later, the blacks imported into the nation.

A more defined beginning for the Venezuelan Army was the formation of Indian companies in the provinces of Barcelona and Cuman in 1745. By 1754, the companies into a battalion formalized Were out of necessity of the internal demands of the country. In the same time period, marine forces strategically importan.

In 1777, the position of Captain-General of Venezuela was established, which has since political and territorial become the framework for present day Venezuela. The colonial force was composed of Venezuelans who up commissions divided by social class and permanently adopted the policy to target the recruitment of the different races of the country.

The official date of the establishment of Venezuela's modern army is April 19th, 1810.

Battle vs. National Army of Colombia (by Diosney Caballero)[]

National Army Of Colombia: RedRedRedRedRed

Venezuelan Army: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue

Colombia's army doing duty at an outpost, while a group of Venezuelan army outpost dirice to a Colombian soldier looks and sounds the alarm, a Venezuelan Army sniper shoots the alarm sounded that Red.

After three Colombian soldiers are directed towards the Venezuelan soldiers, they see it and begin firing into the Venezuelan soldiers killing some BlueBlue these are separated and Colombian soldiers fired into killing one Red Venezuelan soldiers retreat and shoot at the same time, one of these runs out of bullets so pull out your gun and start shooting but shot in the skull kills him Blue this breaks the moral and recede, while Colombian soldier who was left out his sniper rifle and placed in the outpost expecting to see a Venezuelan soldier then leaves a soldier in retreat, sees this and shoots and kills him Blue while the latter flees Venezuelan soldier pulls his RPG and points to the outpost, shooting and killing the soldier Colombian Red but charges your RPG WHILE the two Colombian soldiers see it and shoot Blue these two look to Venezuelan soldier and go.

Winner of the battle: the National Army of Colombia

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