The VSS Vintorez is a suppressed sniper rifle that has the unique ability to fire automatically with low recoil. The weapon was designed by Petr Serdjukov for Spetsnaz units. The weapon had the ability to be stripped down and placed in a standard sized suitcase. The design of the rifle was derived from the AS Val, a silent assault rifle also made in Russia. The weapon has been in service since 1987 and has been later adopted by the Russian MVD. It fires the 9x39mm round and is fed from a 10 or 20 round magazine. The VSS can also operate as an assault rifle when the PSO-1 telescopic sight is taken off. This is useful when marksmen are placed in areas behind enemy lines.


  • AS VAL
  • SR-3 Vikhr/SR-3M
  • SR-2 Veresk
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