Last round General Grievous obliterarted the Kig-yar (4-0)

This round its

Boba Fett: The Bounty hunter from star wars who has faced many deadly foes.


Captain Rex: A clone trooper captain and commader of torrent company.

Who is deadliest

Boba Fett
Close range: Kneepad Dart and Boot Spike
Mid range: Sacros K-11 Blaster Pistol
Long range: EE-3 carbine rifle
Special weapon: Concussion Grenade Launcher

Captain Rex
Close range: VibroBlade
Mid range: DC-17 Hand blaster
Long range: DC-15 blaster rifle
Special weapon: Thermal Detonator

My personal edge goes to Boba Fett. He has a jet pack and has faced deadlier foes.

No Battle will be written.

This round ends on Friday the 28th of october and next round is the Thrid Place Round. Whooooooooooo

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