Leon S Kennedy vs Agent G

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Leon S Kennedy: The protagonist of resident evil 4 who fights the deadly T-Virus infected.


Agent G: The protagonist of the House of the Dead series who fights the evil goldman and his army of zombies.

Who is deadliest

Note: This will be a 5 on 5 battle (Kennedy and 4 S.T.A.R.S agents and G and 5 AMS agents).

Leon S Kennedy
Close range 1: Silver ghost
Close range 2: Smith and Wesson Model 500
Mid range (Shotgun 1): Mossberg M500
Mid range (Shotgun 2): Striker-12
Mid range (SMG): Thompson M1A1
Explosive: Incendiary Grenade

X factors

Skill: 87

Stealth: 84

Training: 90

Zombie experiance: 88

Intelligence: 85

Precision: 88

Average: 85.16

Agent G
Close range 1: Desert Eagle
Close range 2: Taurus Raging Bull
Mid range (Shotgun 1): Benelli Nova Tactical Shotgun
Mid range (Shotgun 2): Benelli M3 Super 90
Mid range (SMG): Steyr TMP
Explosive: Hand Grenade

X factors

Skill: 82

Stealth: 79

Training: 90

Zombie Experiance: 90

Intelligence: 80

Precision: 76

Average: 82.6

Voting System

Votes with good reasons or that are 2 lines long will count as a full vote.

Votes with bad reasons or that are only 1 line long will count as half a vote.

Votes such as "Leon cause he is from a better game" or "G cause leon is an emo" which have no real reason will not be counted. Just putting the warriors name will also not get a vote.

If you put "Copies ____ Vote" then it will count as a half vote because your not voting just copying Can't really be arsed to leave this up any longer. Kennedy Wins.

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