The Joker (Dark Knight): The insane arch nemisis of batman who wants to spread anarchy


The Pengiun (Comics): The Criminal Master Mind known for his love of birds.

Who is deadliest

Note: No Battle will be written as I don't feel that I could correctly represent the warriors and because I can think of no way they could meet up.

The Joker
Close range: Combat Knife
Mid range: Sawed-Off Remington 870
Explosive: M67 Grenade

X factors

Tactical Skill: 67

Training: 80

Predictability: 71

Fear factor: 90

Killer Instinct:89

Intelligence: 85

Average: 80.3

  • The Joker (Dark Knight)
  • Combat Knife
  • Sawed off remington 870
  • M67 Grenade

Close range: Umbrella Sword
Mid range: Umbrella Gun
Explosive: Penguin-robot Bomb

X factors

Tactical Skill:90

Training: 89

Predictability: 90

Fear factor: 76

Killer Instinct: 87

Intelligence: 76

Average: 84.6

  • The Pengiun
  • The Pengiun's Umbrella

Voting System

Votes with good reasons or that are 2 lines long will count as a full vote.

Votes with bad reasons or that are only 1 line long will count as half a vote.

Votes such as "The Joker cause he is a clown" or "The Pengiun cause he is fat" which have no real reason will not be counted. Just putting the warriors name will also not get a vote.

If you put "Copies ____ Vote" then it will count as a half vote because your not voting just copying.

Winner The Pengiun