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For this year's Halloween special we're heading down to my capital, London, to pit two monstrous creatures against each other. Jack the Ripper and Springheeled Jack are two of London's most famous morbid curiosity, one a real life serial killer that was never caught, the other an urban legend who struck fear into any who encountered him. They have had dozens of representations in fiction but as you've probably come to expect from me by now, we're pitting the versions from JoJo and Skulduggery Pleasant against each other. When these two meet on a cold night in London there is sure to be mayhem as;

Jack the Ripper: Serial Killer recruited by Dio into his legion of the undead. 

takes on

Springheeled Jack: The Terror of London, whose species and origin are a mystery even to himself.

Who is Deadliest 

Jack the Ripper (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

Jack the Ripper JoJo.png pigs in a slaughterhouse! I will warm my dead flesh with your blood!
— Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper was an infamous serial killer known for killing various women around the Whitechapel district of London. After murdering his last known victim, Jack was approached by  Dio Brando who turned him into one of his zombie subordinates. Now a member of the undead, Jack became even crueler than he was in life.

Under Dio's orders, Jack cornered Jonathan Joesta  and his companions in a tunnel on their way to Windknight's. Using this as an opportunity to advance Jonathan's training, William Anthonio Zeppeli wounded the zombie as he fled into the labyrinth that was connected to the tunnel and told Jonathan to follow him. With only a glass of wine infused with Ripple to act as a compass to locate the zombie, the Joestar managed to track Jack down and finished him off.

Powers and Abilites 

  • Superhuman Strength: Jack has shown great physical strength being able to tear the heads off of horses and pick up and throw a carriage with enough force to cause a cave in. 
  • Superhuman Speed and Agility: Jack is also pretty fast, able to decapitate a man and two horses within a matter of seconds as well as being able to spring up the height of a tunnel to pull a switch. 
  • Knife Skill: Jack carries serveral blades on his person; quite literally he stores scalples inside of his body as well as carrying a large knife which he uses for combat. He is able to fire these scaples off at high speeds at his opponent and because he stores them inside his body this can also be used for a sneakier attack. 

Springheeled Jack (Skulduggery Pleasant) 

Springheeled Jack.JPG
I'm the Terror of London, me. I know how she sounds, I know how she smells, I know how she feels. She can't keep any secrets from me.
— Springheeled Jack

Spring-Heeled Jack is the self professed Terror of London and likely the inspiration behind the the Spring-Heeled Jack urban legend. Nobody knows where he came from, even he doesn't remember anything past the last few centuries, or what species he is, all that they know is that he's the last of his kind. Jack has spent most of his life in London terrorising members of the public and avoiding capture by the English Sanctuary. He was eventually arrested by Tanith Low but was freed by Billy-Ray Sanguine to help Baron Vengeous in his plot to bring back the faceless ones, although he was not told of this when he was freed. Feeling resentment at being lied to and used, Jack saved Valkyrie from Dusk and told her the location of the Grotesquery before fleeing the country.

Powers and Abilities 

  • Superhuman Speed & Agility: Jack is unnaturally agile and is able to easily traverse the rooftops of London without breaking a sweat, even with an injured foot, and pull himself up from a hanging position in one fluid movement. He has an incredibly powerful leap, able to leap between the large gaps of Skyscrapers in Chicago and casually leap over his opponents. He incorporates his agility into his fighting style by using fancy back-flips and kicks as well as dropping from a great height to heel-slam someone from above. Jack's agility boarders of the physically impossible by allowing him to step off a moving car onto a road, completely ignoring rules of velocity and inertia and even extends to his top hat which never falls off no matter what acrobatic trick he attempts. Jack is also superhumanly fast able to easily dodge gunfire and is able to keep up with Dusk, a vampire with superhuman speed of his own. 
  • Sharp Nails: Jack's fingernails are incredibly sharp, sharp enough to rip out someone's throat or disembowel them with a single slash.
  • Skilled Hand to Hand Combatant: Jack is a very skilled hand to hand combatant able to fight off a group of gun-toting mobsters singlehandedly and fight his way out of a Gaol. He has also shown himself able to beat other highly skilled fighters, including Dusk, Sanguine and Tanith. 

X Factors

Experience: Jack the Ripper=30/Springheeled Jack=80

Jack the Ripper has very little in the way of practical experience with the only thing he did prior to becoming a zombie was murdering five defenceless women. Once he becomes a zombie it isn't much better, getting one fight against Zeppeli where he gets soundly beaten before Jonathan kills him mere moments later. Springheeled Jack meanwhile has been around for centuries and has spent nearly all that time avoiding capture by the English sanctuary which would've involved him fighting mages or other skilled fighters fairly regularly. 

Physicality: Jack the Ripper=90/Springheeled Jack=80

Jack the Ripper has the enhanced physicality that zombies would normally have, giving him superhuman speed, strength and toughness with his physical strength in particular being especially impressive. Springheeled Jack is fast and agile but there isn't much in the way of physical strength behind his physicality so he comes up short against the Ripper in that department. 

Intelligence/Composure: Jack the Ripper=20/Springheeled Jack=50

Jack the Ripper is not particularly intelligent or strategic, attacking his enemies without much planning or forethought and seeming to put more stock into intimidating his opponents than anything. Springheeled Jack isn't much smarter, being tricked by Tanith fairly easily, but he's nowhere near as reckless in his approach. 

Voting System/Notes

Battle takes place in London at night. 

In order to be counted in full, votes must be at least 5 lines long or have been done in an edge format.

Anything less than 5 lines but which is competently argued and thought out will be counted as a half vote. I will inform anybody if their vote is considered a half vote and allow them to amend it to bring it up to a full point.

Irrelevant votes will not be counted at all.

I reserve the right to award a vote as half or discount it entirely for reason not mentioned here if I feel it is applicable.


Twas a freezing cold November night when Jack the Ripper shed his mortal form and pledged himself to Dio. He had been commanded to kill Jonathan Joestar but Jack figured his master wouldn’t begrudge him one more night of fun before that. Prowling through the streets of London he watches as people pass on by, looking upon them hungrily as if they were a buffet laid out in front of him. His eyes are drawn to one woman in particular, her revealing dress marking her as a prostitute. He waits patiently until there is nobody else around before making his move, striding towards the woman. She mistakes the look in his eyes for a different kind of hunger and smiles at him as his approaches. He grabs her roughly around the neck, dragging her into a nearby alleyway and throwing her into the wall.

“Look fella, if you want to play rough that’s going to cost you extra,” she says angrily. Her anger quickly dissipates and is replaced with fear as she sees the knife he is holding in his hand, She tries to scream but he clamps his hand over her mouth to silence her, reading his knife for a stab to the abdomen.

“Well, well, well wot do we 'ave 'ere then?” a voice calls from behind him. He freezes mid thrust, looking over his shoulder to see a tall slender man stood at the entrance to the alleyway, a battered top hat perched on his head. The prostitute takes the momentary distraction to wriggle out of the Ripper’s grip and dart away, leaving him grasping after her futilely.  “So yor the one 'oose been killin' all them tarts?” the man continues. Back when he was a mortal, the Ripper wouldn’t dare challenge another man but with the newfound strength coursing through his undead veins he turns slowly to face him.

“You let her get away you idiot,” he snarls.

“Can’t ‘ave you carrying on like that you know. I seen some of yor 'andiwork. Total waste of perfectly good meat. If yer’re gonna kill them at least 'ave the decency ter eat them as well.” The Ripper looks at him confused.

“Just who the hell are you?”

“Me? I’m Springheeled Jack. The Terror of London. I’m sure yer’ve 'eard of me.” The Ripper recalls stories of a fire breathing demon that supposedly stalked the streets of London but he’d always dismissed it as nonsense. Whoever this man was he’d interrupted his fun and that was unforgivable. With a roar of anger he lunges at Jack, crossing the distance between them in the blink of an eye. His knife swings at thin air as Jack effortlessly avoids the wild slash. Up close the Ripper can see this is no normal man, his grotesque face barely looks human and his fingers are tipped with long sharp nails.

Jack knocks the knife out of his grip and throws several punches into his face but they have no effect on the undead Ripper. Ducking under a returning punch he slams a kick into his opponents shin, which wouldn’t have snapped the bone of a normal man, but again has seemingly no effect. The Ripper grabs his coat, swinging him around and throwing him hard into the alleyway wall. He flicks his knife up from the ground with his foot and into his right hand. Jack grabs his arm, keeping the knife away from him as he slams punches into his undead opponent.

He shouts in pain as he feels something piece through his hand, looking down in shock at the scalpel which has stabbed through it. He presses his foot against the wall and pushes off it, launching the pair of them through the air. Jack pulls his hand free from the scalpel, grimacing at the sudden jolt of pain and swings a kick into the Ripper’s chest, using his forward momentum to slam him into the ground. He feels something else sharp poking at his boot and he flips away. The Ripper gets to his feet completely unfazed, his muscles straining as dozens of scalpels begin to poke out of his torso.

“What the bloody ‘ell?” is all Jack has time to say before the scalpels are fired at him. He tries to avoid them but there are simply too many and he gets badly cut by several of them, with a few even burying themselves into him. Fortunately, they don’t hit anything vital and he picks them out, examining them as an idea pops into his head. As the Ripper rushes at him he throws the scalpels at him. The zombie blocks them with his arms and Jack is dismayed to see that they don’t even draw blood. “I’m gonna need some more 'eavy duty equipment in order ter beat this fella,” he mutters to himself.

Flipping casually over the Ripper’s head as he comes at him, he lands gracefully on the rooftop, looking down at his opponent to see if he will follow him. He watches as he matches his leap, grabbing onto the side of the roof and hauling himself up to meet him. Jack leaps away across the rooftops with the Ripper in hot pursuit. He makes a beeline for the bakery, dropping back down to street level and kicking down the door.

Ignoring the shouts of protests from the baker he hurries over to the large coal oven in the backroom. He hears another cry from the baker and knows that his opponent has also arrived. The Ripper bursts into the room and rushes mindlessly at him. Waiting for the perfect moment he opens the door to the oven suddenly leaping over the zombie’s head, just narrowly missing smacking off the ceiling. The Ripper cannot stop himself as he barrels headfirst into it and Jack is quick to slam the door shut on him, leaving him stuck. He struggles viciously, rocking the oven back and forth violently as he tries to free himself but it holds strong and it is not long before the flames have done their job, turning the zombie to ash, and ending his reign of terror.

Winner: Springheeled Jack


“Nice job Jack,” Sanguine says slapping Springheeled Jack on the shoulder in congratulations.

“Weren't anyfink special, the guy they sent weren't even that tough,” he replies.

“Yeah but you still won old friend. Which is more than we can say for some people sat in this room right now,” Sanguine continues, his gaze flickering to the tall dark haired girl sat opposite to him.

“Shut up,” she says angrily. “You didn’t win yours either you know!”

“Yeah but I didn’t lose now did I,” Sanguine retorts. “And anyways that wasn’t official anyhow.”

“Okay that’s enough bickering,” Skulduggery says, the only person in the room who is standing. “So as you’re all aware now, we won this particular round. So we get to nominate the opponent for the next fight. Do we have any volunteers?”

“I’s like to put myself forward,” Ravel says, getting up from his seat as all eyes turn to him. “Having four of us, all living in the same apartment just doesn’t give any of us enough room. Also I have to share a room with Saracen so I hardly get any sleep whenever he brings his latest conquest home with him.”

“Okay so Ravel has volunteered himself. All in favour raise your hand.” Skulduggery pauses to counts the hands before announcing. “Okay so that’s eleven votes in favour. All opposed.” Only a few hands go up in opposition, including Sanguine who scowls as he sees the lack of support.

“Oh yeah of course this is real fair. Funny how the last one before this also went to one of the Dead Men. Ya’ll are just covering for your buddies.”

“Well maybe if you had any friends of your own, you might win more votes,” Skulduggery says mockingly. Sanguine opens his mouth to retort but decides against it, shaking his head in annoyance as he sits back in his chair. “So we’re decided then. Congratulations Ravel, you’ll be representing us in the next JJBA vs SP battle. I’ll let them know who our choice is.”


Bruno Bucciarati pushes open the door to the apartment he shares with the rest of his squad, with Giorno and Fugo following in behind closely. “We’re back,” he says, to let the others know that it is him and not somebody breaking in, as is common occurrence in this part of the city.

“Bucciarati! How did the meeting go,” Mista calls from the other room.

“Well maybe you’d know if you actually bothered to come with us!” Fugo says annoyed.

“Yeah but if I’d gone with you then there would’ve been four of us going,” Mista replies as he enters the room. “So what happened. Did we win?”

“Not this time no. My father assured us that his creation would be sure to win but evidently he was wrong,” Giorno says quietly. “Bucciarati got picked to be in the next battle though so it’s not all bad news.”

“I made the point that it’s not feasible for the six of us to be sharing one tiny apartment. Thankfully, the others seemed to agree,” Bruno says. He notices a letter lying on the kitchen table, his name printed on the front. “This came while I was out, I take it?” Mista nods as Bruno tears open the envelope and unfurls the page.


For many years I have enjoyed watching this city grow, seeing the way the inhabitants adapt to this place and forge their own paths and destinies. Until now I had been happy to merely act as an observer and not get directly involved unless absolutely necessary.

However that approach is no longer feasible. There are forces at play here that you wouldn’t understand and the time for apathy is no longer. I have used my influence to secure you a battle and I await the results eagerly. I’ll be in touch again once it has been contested.


As he is reading, Giorno sidle up behind him, curious to see what the letter is about but all he sees is nothing but a blank page. “Why would someone send you a letter with nothing in it,” he says confused.

“You can’t read what is written here?” Bruno says confused. Giorno shakes his head and Bruno’s curiosity is peaked even more by the strange message and it’s unusual green colouring.

Final Verdict

Voters agreed that this was a fairly easy match for Springheeled Jack to win, citing his wealth of experience as one of the primary factors, having gone toe to toe with sorcerers and other magical beings for centuries. The Ripper meanwhile had one fight and was soundly trounced, due it large to his reckless approach which Jack would have no problem dealing with. Voters also brought up that while the Ripper might have been physically more powerful he couldn't hope to match Jack in speed or agility.