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Love can do strange things to a person. For many it leads to joy and fulfilment but for others it leads to delusion and misery. And for some, a rarer breed, their love take a toll on their mind until they are driven insane by it, obsessed with the target of their affection and determined to be with them at all times and at any cost. This is what is commonly known as a Yandere and in today's battle we're pitting two of them against each other, dropping their facades and indulging in the mindless violence and anger they cannot control. Whose love will prove stronger as;

Yukako Yamagishi: Love struck teenager with a terrifying power, willing to do anything to protect her beloved Koichi.

takes on

Caelan: Self-loathing exiled Vampire with an obsessive crush on Valkyrie Cain, trying to hold back the monster within.

Who is Deadliest

Yukako Yamagishi


I will make you love me! Or else.... I might just kill you.
— Yukako to Koichi.

Yukako Yamagishi is a teenage girl, who was shot by Keicho Nijimura with the Bow and Arrow and gained a Stand, Love Deluxe. Soon after she became obsessed with fellow Stand user, Koichi Hirose, and kidnapped and held him hostage in order to shape him into her vision of the perfect man. Although defeated by Koichi, she would remain infatuated and willing to protect him from any danger.

Powers and Abilities

  • Love Deluxe: Yukako's Stand, Love Deluxe, is bound to her hair. Yukako can control the length of the hair at will and can spilt her hair into as many individual tendrils as she likes, enough to cover a small house. She can exert great strength with her hair, able to hold a person in place while crushing them and throwing heavy furniture about. Love Deluxe is also very dexterous, acting almost as extra limbs for Yukako to use and is also very fast, able to dodge Echoes Act 2's attack at close range and grab onto people before they can react. Yukako can also fire strands of her hair at opponents, which bury into their head and allow her a degree of control over them, enough to drag them about or pin them in place. She can also grow these strands as long as she likes, to either trap an opponent or to reach nearby hazards such as fire in order to further damage her victim.


Angsty Caelan.jpg

I don't have to be the monster. For you... For you, I can be normal. I can be human.
— Caelan to Valkyrie

Caelan was turned into a vampire when he was only 19, after another vampire murdered the family of his lover. He would go onto to become obsessed with many women but it always ended the same, with him torturing and killing the object of his affections. Exiled from vampire society after killing another vampire he would then meet and fall in love with Valkyrie Cain, ending in his demise at her hands.

Powers & Abilities

  • Vampire Physiology: Even when not in his full vampire form, Caelan can still exhibit several superhuman physical abilities. Caelan has superhuman strength which enables him to easily pick up and carry a normal person, rip someone's head off with his bare hands and send someone flying with a strong push. Vampires are also described as unnaturally graceful, able to contort their bodies to land perfectly on their feet and leap long distances with a byproduct of this being that they can move silently even without trying. They are also incredibly fast and almost appear as a blur when moving at full speed allowing them to effortlessly keep up with running humans and dodge blows in close proximity. Calean is also shown to be incredibly durable falling from a 4 story building and walking away with only a limp and in his vampire form was able to withstand multiple blows from a baseball bat and an axe.
  • Enhanced Senses: Vampires have a keen sense of taste and after they taste the blood of a person they are able to locate them no matter where they go and also possess incredible hearing, able to hear a persons heartbeat.
  • Vampire Form: When the sun goes down a vampire will shed it's human skin and reveal their true form. Heavily muscled, with pale skin and soulless black eyes a Vampire becomes even stronger, quicker, agile and durable than their human selves and even experienced mages such as Skulduggery Pleasant have trouble defeating them. Vampires also grow long claws and huge teeth which they can use to rip and tear into any unfortunate person to get in their way. All this comes at the cost of their human intelligence and they become feral beats, obeying only their primal thirst for blood.

X Factors

Note: Separate ratings will be given for Caelan and his vampire form where necessary.

Physicality: Yukako=75/Caelan=85 (Vampire Form: 95)

Yukako is just an average sized teenage girl but her physical abilities are boosted considerably by Love Deluxe which increases her strength and speed considerably. Being a vampire Calean is stronger, faster, tougher and more agile than a normal human, something which is increased even further in his full vampire form.

Experience: Yukako=25/Caelan=55

Besides her battle against Koichi, Yukako doesn't actually have all that much combat experience and the few other times she's seen using her Stand it's against an opponent who can't fight back so it's not much to go on. Caelan is relatively young compared to other sorcerers and vampires and often gets thoroughly beaten but he has managed to kill another vampire before and it's more than likely he's hunted humans in his vampire form which boosts his rating.

Brutality: Yukako=82/Caelan=82 (Vampire Form: 100)

Yukako is your typical Yandere and she has little qualms with badly hurting anyone who stands in the way of her love for Koichi, even attempting to kill her beloved when her feelings were not reciprocated. Caelan on the whole is kinder than other vampires but he has tortured and killed women who have rejected him in the past and if he goes into his vampire form then he'll tear apart anything he can get his claws on.

Composure: Yukako=50/Caelan = 40 (Vamprie Form: 10)

Neither of these two are what you would call well adjusted people. Yukako is quick to lose her temper and lash out angrily when things don't go her way and Caelan seems pretty calm and composed most of the time but his deep seated phycological issues mean he's prone to lash out violently if angered. In his vampire form he loses all semblance of rational thinking and devolves into pure animalistic instinct.

Voting System/Notes

Battle takes place in DFederal

Battle initially takes place during the day.

Takes place after Diamond is Unbreakable for Yukako and before the first Skulduggery book for Caelan.

In order to be counted in full, votes must be at least 5 lines long or have been done in an edge format.

Anything less than 5 lines but which is competently argued and thought out will be counted as a half vote. I will inform anybody if their vote is considered a half vote and allow them to amend it to bring it up to a full point.

Irrelevant votes will not be counted at all.

I reserve the right to award a vote as half or discount it entirely for reason not mentioned here if I feel it is applicable.


Koichi opens up the door of his apartment to the smell of something delicious. Dropping his school bag on the sofa, he walks into the kitchen to see Yukako dishing out soup into two bowls. “Wow that smells great” he says as he sits down at the table. She places his bowl down in front of him and he starts eating ravenously, making her smile. They eat in silence for a few minutes and once they are finished, she takes the bowls over to the sink and begins washing up.

“So how did your study session with Josuke go?” she asks.

“Oh that. Yes, that was good. I think I’m going to ace that maths test tomorrow.”

“And you were studying right?”

“Of course, we were,” Koichi says nervously. Yukako looks over her shoulder at him, her smile gone.

“Koichi. I know when you’re lying.”

“I-I,” Koichi stammers. “Okay! I went there to study that is true but then Okuyasu came round and he had this new video game and we thought we’d have a few games of that before we studied and then it was getting late…”

“And this is how you think you’re going to get good grades!” Yukako says, slamming the bowl down on the side. “Where is your work ethic! Do you want to fail!”

“I-I’m sorry. I’ll do some studying tonight I swear,” Koichi says nervously.

“Now that’s more like it my precious Koichi,” Yukako says, her face once again sweet and innocent. “Oh, by the way my geography lesson tomorrow has been cancelled, Mr Polo has called in sick. So I won’t be able to walk home with you.”

“Oh. Well, what are you going to do all afternoon?” Koichi asks.

“I’ve already booked another shift in at the salon. So, I won’t be back here until the evening. You don’t mind waiting a bit later for your dinner, right?”

“No of course not. Well I’d better get started on this studying then,” Koichi says wearily.

“Don’t stay up too late,” Yukako says sweetly. Finishing up with the washing, she sits down on the sofa and turns the TV on. As she watches she is unaware that she too is being observed…

On the other side of the street, enveloped in the shadows of an alleyway, Caelan feels his heart soar with love as he catches sight of his beloved. She is the picture of beauty and he wants nothing more than to be snuggled up with her. Instead, he is out here in the streets, with no home to call his own and all alone. She too knew the hardship of homelessness once and Caelan remembered his feelings stirring up even back then. There had been others of course over the eight years he has spent in this godforsaken place but never had the light of love shone as brightly as it did with her. As the sun dips overhead, he takes one last glimpse at Yukako before slinking away.

“Is that pompous fool gone yet?” Sweeny Todd asks as he steps out from the backroom of his salon.

“Yes Mr Todd,” Yukako says.

“Good. He comes in here every week, always talking about how he was robbed of his destiny and how handsome and wonderful he is. One of these days I’m going to cut the arrogant bastard’s throat,” Sweeny continues. “Thankfully that was our last appointment for the day. You can go once you’ve cleared up after yourself.”  

“Thank you, Mr Todd,” Yukako replies as he returns to the backroom. Once her station is cleaned, she begins the long walk back to Koichi’s apartment. She decides to take a short cut through one of the hobo encampments, weaving her way through the makeshift dwellings made from discarded trash cans and boxes. As she passes one such shelter a man steps out in front of her, a trident clutched in his hands. He starts to speak to her and while she doesn’t understand his tongue the aggression behind the words make his intent clear. “I don’t have any money so get out of my way you moron!” Yukako says angrily.

Suddenly the mugger is flung backwards, crashing through one of the tin shelters. A figure blurs past and snatches the man up by the throat. “Don’t you ever threaten her like that” they snarl, slamming the trident wielder into wall repeatedly before dropping him bloody and broken on the ground. Caelan walks over to Yukako who has been watching the exchange with amusement. “Are you okay?” he asks.

“I could’ve handled that myself you know,” Yukako says. “But thank you anyway.”

“I would do anything for you,”

“What are you talking about. I don’t even know you.”

“But I know you. I’ve been watching you afar for a long time.”

Yukako frowns. “Okay that’s very creepy.” Caelan steps forward and grabs her arm.

“What could be creepy about love?” he says. “You and I are a perfect match.”

“Get the hell off me,” Yukako shouts, her hair slamming into Caelan and sending him hurtling backwards. He turns unnaturally in the air to land on his feet and when he looks up his face has hardened.

“WHY DO THEY ALWAYS REJECT ME” he screams in anguish. Yukako’s hair snakes towards him, aiming for his arms and legs to try and subdue him. He bats away the strands coming for his arms and hops over the ones going for his legs, rushing at Yukako. Just before he can reach her however her hair forms a barrier to block him, flicking out to push him away. He grabs clumps on the hair and pulls hard but instead of causing any pain it just seems to make her angrier. The hair tightens around his hands and begins to squeeze, slowly crushing the bones. In a desperate attempt to free himself, Caelan is forced to use his teeth to shred through the binds before backing away. Yukako’s attack is relentless however and he is forced to duck and weave about just to avoid being grabbed by the tendrils of hair.

Conducting Love Deluxe like an orchestra, Yukako begins to cut off Caelan’s means of escape, unravelling more and more of her hair in the process. Once she feels she has him surrounded the hair begins to close in, wrapping around Caelan and lifting him into the air. He struggles against his binds in vain as he is raised higher and higher. Once she has lifted him to the tops of the nearby buildings, she brings him down, slamming him onto the ground hard. Caelan doesn’t move and her hair begins to retract, satisfied that she has dealt with the threat. Her confidence is misplaced however as Caelan leaps up suddenly, crossing the distance between them in the blink of an eye. He grabs her and shoves her up against the wall, twisting her arm around hard until he hears the bone snap. She cries out in pain but he clamps his hand over her mouth to silence her.

“A broken bone is nothing compared to the pain I feel inside me right now,” he growls. “I thought you were different than the rest. That you would understand me. Maybe you need to be like me. Then you would accept my love.” He leans down, mouth opening wide to bite her when he feels himself being tugged back by his hair. He swings out behind him, hoping to catch his assailant with a strike but he is shocked to find that there is nobody there. Long black hair starts slithering past his eyes and he glances up to see the hairs growing out of his own head. As they slowly begin to drag him back, he watches as Yukako stalks towards him, holding her broken arm tightly.

“How dare you think you could ever replace my dear Koichi. You’re just an insignificant hobo, a pitiful pathetic little shit. I will CRUSH YOU!” Love Deluxe swirls around her like a storm, growing bigger and bigger. Caelan reaches up to his head and feels around for the parts of Love Deluxe which are buried inside his scalp. He grabs them tightly and pulls with all his strength, hissing in pain as he yanks them loose. Now free to move he leaps high into the air just in time to avoid the tidal wave of hair which smashes the dumpster behind him into smithereens. He lunges forward at Yukako, pinning her to the ground. This time he doesn’t waste time with words and clamps his teeth down on her neck as the tendrils of hair start to wrap around him.

While his intention was to simply turn her into a vampire as the blood touches his tongue, his first taste of blood in almost eight years, his instincts prevail. He tears out her jugular, lapping up the spray of blood greedily. Once the bloodlust subsides the realisation of what he has done dawns on him and he gets to his feet hurriedly. “I’m sorry,” he whispers before fleeing, leaving behind the drained husk of Yukako’s body sprawled out in the street.

Winner: Caelan


Caelan rushes through the city, cursing at his foolishness for allowing himself to be out this close to sunset. He can feel the vampire within straining to get out and he heads towards the slums, where his makeshift cage is waiting. When he reaches the area, it is in however he is horrified to see that it has been ransacked, the metal bars bent out of shape and the chain within snapped. “Who would do this” he says shocked. His ears prick at the sound of footsteps and his nose picks up the scent of a human. He turns slowly to see a man walking towards him.

“Caelan. I knew one day it would come to this.”

“How do you know my name?” Caelan asks confused.

“Everyone knows about you Caelan. The other vampires don’t like you. Which is strange because I heard you tend to stick together. They’re the ones who did that to your cage.”

“And who are you exactly?”

“I’m Alexander Anderson. I’m a vampire hunter, or well I was back in my previous life. And I’ve been keeping an eye on you for a while. Seen all the woman you’ve developed an obsession with. Most of them end up putting you in the hospital when you tried to attack them. But today, you claimed your first victim.”

“Yukako,” Caelan says quietly.

“That’s right. I should’ve put an end to your existence long before this but I didn’t take you seriously enough as a threat.”

“You’ve made a mistake coming after me now” Caelan says his voice low and guttural.

“And why is that?” Anderson asks. Caelan doesn’t answer instead tearing off his human skin to reveal the vampire form beneath. The creature charges at Anderson who pulls several bayonets out of his coat and flings them at it. They cut deep into the vampire’s skin and halt it in its path, screaming in agony as they burn its flesh. Its suffering is short lived however as Anderson decapitates it a few moments later. He then picks up the body of the vampire and hoists it over his shoulder, skewering the head on one of his bayonets before heading towards the nearest sewer manhole.

“It’s not much further now,” the man says as he leads Anderson through the deepest depths of the sewers. Down this far the of the sewers are somehow even worse than the sections the lowest of the lowest warriors reside. The guide points to a particularly large sewer pipe with iron gratings just inside the rim. “That’s what you’re looking for”

“That?” Anderson says confused. “It looks like any of the other pipes down here.”

“That’s just how it tries to trick you,” the man says, unfurling a whip from where it is tied over his shoulder. He cracks it against the rim of the pipe and Anderson looks on in surprise as the pipe starts to move, the gratings inside transforming into teeth and a swirling black void appears within. “Now it knows its feeding time” the man says. Anderson tosses the vampire’s corpse in front of the pipe and it is sucked up like a vacuum, the pipe entrance opening wide enough to swallow the body whole.

“And you’re sure this will work? The users won’t simply be able to revive him like the others?” Anderson asks.

The man shrugs. “As far as we know they won’t even know they’re missing. We’ve been putting anyone who was K.O’d sissily into here and so far, none of them have been revived by the users so we’re assuming it erases the memory of them from our gracious overlords. Or at least that’s what Cioccolata seemed to think anyway.”

“Interesting,” Anderson says. “I don’t mean to be rude but you don’t seem to be the sort of person we normally get in the Cult of El Alamein?” The man sighs.

“I didn’t even kill the guy in my battle. But then you kill one dog and suddenly you’re considering one of them. They practically begged me to join.”

Final Verdict

This was a very close battle and in the end Caelan only ended up winning by half a vote. Yukako voters said that Love Deluxe gave her the only ranged option of either warrior and because of this she could simply keep Caelan at bay and prevent him from using the enhanced physicality afforded to him by being a vampire to any use. Caelan voters however thought that said physical attributes would allow him to avoid attacks from Love Deluxe and close the distance where he easily dominated her. Caelan voters also said that, while his experience is limited, it was still much greater than Yukako's one singular stand battle.

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