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Tybaltcapulet Tybaltcapulet 3 April 2020

Mikhail Tukhachevsky vs Pancho Villa Rematch

I will most likely embark upon a slew of fictional battles soon, but before that I wanted to return to my historical roots and right a wrong from the 2012 era of DF. A time where there was disorganization galore, lack of information, and just bad argumentation in general. So without further ado, I shall give two misrepresented commanders another shot at each other.

Pancho Villa, the caudillo turned revolutionary who took the fight to the wealthy establishment


Mikhail Tukhachevsky, the Soviet general who developed the theory of Deep Operation


José Doroteo Arango Arámbula (5 June 1878 – 20 July 1923) – better known by his pseudonym Francisco Villa or its hypocorism Pancho Villa – was one of the most prominent Mexican Revol…

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Tybaltcapulet Tybaltcapulet 19 February 2020

Righting a Wrong of VS Society: Jonathan Joestar vs Hero Killer:Stain

Sometimes we as humans feel the need to be the savior or the hero, particularly when dealing something we believe to be unfair or unjust. This mistreatment of people, objects, or concepts can drive one to action on their own terms. And sometimes enough is enough.Today, for my return to the wiki this is exactly what happened to me.Vs Battles Wiki, who has been known to vex many Deadliest Fiction users for a plethora of reasons, has completely gone without counter. That changes today, and I couldn't think of a better matchup to restore the honor of. Two warriors who feel a similar need to act against evil and those who freely manipulate others.

Hero Killer:Stain or Chizome Agaguro, The former vigilante whose mission in life is to eliminate wh…

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Tybaltcapulet Tybaltcapulet 8 January 2020

I'm Taking a Break for Now

I've been putting this off for a while now, but I feel I can't do it any longer. As the title says I am going to be much less active on the wiki. I will most likely be doing bits and pieces of stuff, but in general, I will be toning my activity here down, which means I won't be releasing/working on any new battles anytime soon.(Edit: This doesn't mean I will totally stop voting however) I may or may not still talk on the Discord server, but don't be surprised if i'm not.

I feel it's within mine and the wiki's best interest for me to do this, as i've been dealing with serious family issues for the last month, and even if I haven't shown it, I haven't been in the best place for a long time anyways. So before I do anything I regret, I will be …

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Tybaltcapulet Tybaltcapulet 15 December 2019

Maid vs Machine:Roberta(Black Lagoon) vs T-800 (The Terminator)

Since Laqy has started his homeless initiative, I have wanted to follow suit. So in a battle he allowed me to take for myself, I will be begin my own struggle to assist the DF homeless and raise them out of their poverty, So without further ado let's begin the real intro.

Ruthless killers exist in many shapes and sizes. They can be your standard slasher villain like Leatherface and Jason Vorhees. They can be like the depraved real life men and women who became serial killers and murdered with complete recklessness. Today ladies and gentlemen, we're here to compare two of them in action to see who comes out as the most efficient killer One is the T-800 or the Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 Series 800 Terminator, Skynet's advanced robot infiltrator s…

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Tybaltcapulet Tybaltcapulet 2 October 2019

Bernard Montgomery vs Douglas MacArthur:The Sequel

With the sudden loss of our WW2 expert, the late great El Alamein, our small wiki community has lost a pillar of knowledge and civility. A pillar who frequently showed us all how to better argue and vote with his dissenting opinions.My own personal exeperience with him was honestly quite short if i'm being honest, but I still highly appreciate his contributions to the wiki. I personally consider him my main inspiration for my love of WW2 battles and of course this battle.

Which leads me to another result of EA's sudden departure from our community. His battles are now left to be unfinished if no one takes them. Of particular noteworthiness is his planned rematch of Manofgod's Bernard Montgomery vs Douglas MacArthur battle. Since EA absolute…

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