Deadliest Fiction Wiki

Hi all-

I've noticed as people edit pages, even as I speak, there have been horrendous spelling, grammar, and capitalization errors that are just sloppy. I know that it makes this Wiki look crappy and unprofessional, and people want to join a Wiki because it is neat and nice. So can I ask you all just a small favor and try to monitor your spelling, grammar, and capitalization, even a bit before you edit a page or create a new category?

One thing I notice is pages that don't have capitalized titles, here and here. Could someone with Admin. status please capitalize the titles of these pages? Nothing against either User who created these pages, but it looks quite sloppy. I know some of us have disabilities on here, and I am not penalizing you at all for that. Perhaps, before anyone posts a final work, just run it through a spell-checker? That could help, if but a bit.

You can feel free to use Internet abbreviations such as "lol" and "how r u" and stuff like that in Blog comments and in your own Blog; that I have no control over and it would be unreasonable to ask that much of you for. But when there is a public page you are creating/editing, please make a conscious effort to make it look nice. Please capitalize, and try to use correct grammar, spelling, and indentation. If you do but a small effort, I will do the same, and our WIki will see improvement.

And as always: keep on battling!

The Deadliest Warrior, over and out.