Mass Effect the game series has become the most popular Video Game series to date.


Does the Mass Effect Game Series have the Warriors to defeat other Sci-Fi Warriors.

That's right it's Mass Effect 1,2, and 3. Against other Sci-Fi Warriors to see


I am dividing this tournament into 5 different sections.

Sections 1-Mass Effect 1

Section 2-Mass Effect 2

Section 3-Mass Effect 3

Section 4-Battle of the Species

and Section 5-Battle of the Battle Groups.

Based on this yes it means that Commander Shepard will have 3 Different Battles. I will do the Battles based on what the person was in the game or for the species and battle groups the similarities.

P.S. If you see a battle that you don't like then give a good reason on why that battle wouldn't be fair and if you can please give me a different warrior for that warrior/species/group to face and I will do it.

Round 1: Mass Effect 1

Battle of the War Hero’s: Commander Shepard vs. Johnny Rico (Starship Troopers):

Winner Comander Shepard

Battle of the Female Soldiers: Ashley Williams vs. Samantha Byrne (Gears of War)

Winner Ashley Williams

Battle of the Soldiers with special powers: Kaiden Alenko vs. Sky Tate (Power Rangers SPD)

Winner Tie

Battle of the Snipers: Garrus Vakarian vs. Sev (Star Wars Republic Commando)

Winner Garrus Vakarian

Battle of the Heavy Hitters: Urdnot Wrex vs. Pong Krell (Star Wars the Clone Wars)

Winner: Urdnot Wrex

Battle of the Evil Leaders: Saren Arterius vs. Mael Radec (Killzone)

Winner: Saren Arterius

Battle of the Evil Witches: Matriarch Benezia vs. Mother Talzin (Star Wars the Clone Wars)

Winner: Mother Talzin

The Battle of the Destroyers: Sovereign vs. Apocalymon (Digimon)

Winner: Sovereign

Break Battle 1

3 Way Battle: U.N.I.T. vs. S.H.I.E.L.D. (MCU) vs. N.E.S.T.

Winner: N.E.S.T.

Round 2: Mass Effect 2

Battle of the War Hero’s: Commander Shepard vs. Nathan Hale (Resistance)

Winner: Commander Shepard

Battle of the Vigilante’s: Garrus Vakarian vs. Han Solo (Star Wars)

Winner: Garrus Vakarian

Battle of the Heavies: Grunt vs. Rico Velasquez (Killzone)

Winner: Grunt

Battle of the Psychotic Killers: Jack vs. Asajj Ventress (Star Wars)

Winner: Jack

Battle of the Partners: Jacob Taylor and Miranda Lawson vs. Han Solo and Chewbacca

Winner: Miranda Lawson and Jacob Taylor

Battle of the Good Guys who look like Bad Guys: Legion vs. Gregor Hakha (Killzone)

Winner: Legion

Battle of the Protectors of Justice: Samara vs. Shaak Ti (Star Wars)

Winner: Shaak-Ti

Battle of the Stealthy Assassins: Thane Krios vs. Marshal Luger (Killzone)

Winner: Thane Krios

Battle of the Mercenaries: Zaeed Massani vs. Canderous Ordo (Star Wars)

Battle of the Big Guys: The Shadow Broker vs. General RAAM (Gears of War)

Break Battle 2

The Jedi Order vs. The Green Lantern Corps

Round 3: Mass Effect 3

Battle of the Galaxy Savers: Commander Shepard vs. Luke Skywalker (Star Wars)

Battle of the Experienced Soldiers: Ashley Williams vs. Captain Rex (Star Wars)

Battle of the Badass Fighters: Garrus Vakarian vs. Magna Defender (Original)( (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy)

Battle of the Tough Soldiers: James Vega vs. Sgt. Avery Johnson (Halo)

Battle of the Female Leaders: Tali'Zorah vas Normandy vs. Princess Leia (Star Wars)

Battle of the former soldiers turned Captains: David Anderson vs. Jan Templar (Killzone)

Battle of the Good with Evil attitude who went completely Evil: Kai Keng vs. Komari Vosa (Star Wars: Bounty Hunter)

Battle of the Two Famous Ships : The Normandy vs. The Enterprise (Star Trek 2009 Film)

Break Battle 3

Edward Elric vs. Yoshimori Sumimura

Round 4: Battle of the Species

Battle of the Battle Born Warriors: The Krogan vs. The Sontarens (Doctor Who)

Battle of the Military Cultures: The Turians vs. The Helghast (Killzone)

Battle of the Organic Killers: The Husks vs. The Flood (Halo)

Battle of the Robot Armies: The Geth vs. The CIS (Star Wars)

Battle of the Aliens who attack the Human Race: The Collectors vs. The Blaa (Battle Los Angeles)

Final Break Battle

Battle of the Video Game Badasses:

Kratos vs. Ryu Hayabusa vs.Bayonetta vs. Dante Alighieri vs. Dante (Devil May Cry) vs. Ezio Auditore da Firenze vs. Hawke vs. Alex Mercer vs. Cole MacGrath vs.

Final Round: Battle of the Battle Groups

Battle of the Human Armies: The Alliance vs. The UNSC (Halo)

Battle of the Police Forces: P-Sec vs. C-Sec (Dead Space Extraction)

Battle of the Chosen Warriors: Spectres vs. SPARTAN II’s (Halo)

Battle of the Special Forces: The Salarians Special Tasks Group vs. The Clone Commando’s

Battle of the Special Forces 2: The N7 Marines vs. The ARC Troopers (Star Wars)

Battle of the Famous Companies: Aralakh Company vs. Ghost Company (Star Wars)

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