Hey, guys, I decided to do another tourney, only this time reality based.

Comment on who you think will win!

Round 1: Genghis Khan vs. Attila the Hun

Winner: Attila the Hun

Round 2: Chechen Rebels vs. FARC

Winner: Chechen Rebels

Round 3: Mayan Soldier vs Igorot Warrior

Winner: Igorot Warrior

Round 4:

ANZAC vs Arditi

Winner: ANZAC

Round 5:

Russian Airborne Troops vs. Parabat

Winner: Parabat

Round 6: (Four way battle, that's right!)

Samurai vs. Persian Immortal vs. Zande Warrior vs. Highlander

winner: Samurai

Round 7:

The Baldwin–Felts Detective Agency vs. The Untouchables

Winner: The Untouchables

Round 8: (A three way battle)

US Marine Recon vs. Royal Marine Commandos vs. French Foreign Legion

Winner: US Marien Recon

Round 9:

Julius Caesar vs. Charlemagne

Winner: Charlemagne

Round 10: (Rematch)

Ivan the Terrible vs Oda Nobunaga

Winner: Ivan the Terrible

Round 11:

Minutemen vs Jacobite Rebel

Winner: Minutemen

Round 12:

Polish Winged Hussar vs Rajput Warrior

Winner: Winged Hussar

Round 13:

US Army Rangers vs. Russian Ground Forces

Winner: US Army Rangers

Round 14:

26th of July Movement vs. Communist Party of China

Winner: 26th of July Movement

Round 15:

IRA vs. R.U.F

Round 16:

SAS vs. GSG-9

Round 17:

Polish GROM vs. Irish Army Rangers

Round 18:

SWAT vs. Russian MVD

Round 19:

Delta Force vs. Joint Task Force 2

Round 20: (The rematch)

Incan Warrior vs. Egyptian Warrior

Round 21:

German Stormtroopers vs. Finnish Winter Guard

Round 22:

Roger's Rangers vs. Portuguese Caçadores (Riflemen)

Round 24:

Sioux Warrior vs. Thracian Peltast

Round 25:

French Old Guard vs. Stonewall Brigade

Round 26:

Rough Riders vs. Boer Commandos

Round 27:

Buffalo Soldiers vs. Ghurkas

Round 28:

Bedouin vs. Cossacks

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