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A Mayan Soldier, warrior of the mysterious Mayan Civilization,

An Igorot Warrior: The Philippines master headhunter.


Mayan Soldier
weapon Igorot Warrior
Mayan sickle.jpg
close range Bolo Knife
Bolo ni Max.jpg
Mayan Spear
mid range Igorot Spear
Igorot Spear.jpg
Mayan Bow and Arrow
Hunter with Bow and Arrow.jpg
long range Igorot Bow and Arrow
special Igorot Axe.jpg
Igorot Axe.jpg
Soaked cotton and rawhide shield Armor Shield

Give good reasons on who you think will win.


In a dense forest, a Mayan Warrior is taking a scroll, keeping an eye for any enimies. Unaware to him, he is being watched by a Igorot warrior. Thinking the Mayan's head would make a great trophy, The Igorot raises his bow and arrow and fires a shot. It hits the Mayan, but bounces off his armor. The Mayan, in turn, raises his own Bow and Arrow, and fires, but the Igorot blocks it with his shield. The two warriors charge at each other, spears and shields in their hands. They thrust at each other, until the Igorot uses his spear in disarm the Mayan of his shield. Angrily, the Mayan thrusts his own spear in the Igorot's shield, but it ends up getting stuck. The Igorot pulls out his Axe and chops the Mayan's spear in half, causing him to fall over. The Igorot runs into finish him off, but the Mayan pulls out his Maquahuitl and slashes the spear head off. The Igorot holds his shield to defend himself, but the Maquahuitl manages to cut it. The Igorot grabs his axe and tries to fight back, but at one point ends up getting it stuck to a log. The Mayan prepares to end the fight, but the Igorot pulls out his Bolo Knife and slashs the Mayan across the chest, cutting the armor and leaving a large wound. The Mayan pulls out his last weapon, the Sickle, and slashes at the Igorot. The Igorot avoid them, though, and stabs the Mayan through the neck, before swinging the blade up, decapitating the Mayan. The Igorot raises the Mayan's head in the air and yells in victory. Winner: Igorot Warrior