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Julius Caesar: One of Rome's most famous Generals who helped build the Roman Empire.

Charlemagne: One of the earliest kings of Europe, who brought a majority of the continent under his domain.

Who is Deadliest?!

Julius Caesar
Caesar 12592 lg.gif
weapon Charlemagne
close range Seax
Crocea Mors
Mid range (Swords) Joyeuse
mid range (Spears) Lancea
long range Fransisca Axe
special Spiked Club
Lorica segmentata, helmet, shield Armor Steel Plate, Shield

Give good reasons on who you think will win.

Note: both will be assisted by a squad of men and both leaders will be on horseback.


Julius Caesar: Grey.png Grey.png Grey.png Grey.png Grey.png

Charlemagne: Brown.png Brown.png Brown.png Brown.png Brown.png

In a dense forest area, Charlemagne and four Frank Warriors are walking across a hill, with Charlemagne himself on a horse. Up ahead, Julius Caesar and four Roman soldiers are walking toward the Franks, with Caesar himself also on a horse. The two sides soon meet and lock eyes, waiting for each other to make a move. Charlemagne unsheaths Joyeuse.

"Charge, men!" he yells.

The Franks charge forward, Lanceas, Axes, and swords drawn, ready to attack.

"Men, throw your Javelins!" yells Caesar.

The Roman soldiers throw thier Pilums at the Franks, disabing some thier shields and killing one. Brown.png (5-4) One of the Franks hurls his Fransisca axe at one Roman and hits him in the face. Grey.png (4-4) Caeser grabs his Hasta and charges at that Frank. The Frank tries hurl another axe at him, but Caesar manages to make the first strike and stabs him through the heart. Brown.png (3-4)

Meanwhile, Charlemagne charges at a Roman soldier and slashes at him with Joyeuse, beheading him. Grey.png (3-3) One Roman soldier tries to throw a Pilum at Charlemagne, but another Frank acts quickly and throws his Lancea through his face. Grey.png (2-3) The last Roman Soldier runs up to the Frank with a Dolabra. The Frank grabs a spiked club and knocks the Roman's helmet off. The Roman quickly strikes back though, and hits the Frank in his stomach, killing him. Brown.png (2-2) The last Frank act quickly though, and hurls his last Fransisca at him. Grey.png (1-2)

Caesar quickly gets off his horse and unsheaths Crocea Mors. He runs up to the last Frank and slashes himin the neck. Brown.png (1-1) Charlemagne charges at him with Joyeuse in hand. The two enter a sword fight, with Charlemagne gaining an edge due to his longer sword. Evenually, they enter a lock. Caesar breaks the lock and thrust his Pugio at the Frank king's stomach. However, because of his armor, it doesn't kill. Caesar tries to stab him in the face instead, but Charlemagne grabs him and puts him in a headlock. He puts his Seax next to the Roman's neck.

"Die, Pagan!" He yells. He swipes the blade, and Caesar falls over, dead. Grey.png (0-1)

The Frank King gets on his knees and says a prayer, thanking the lord for the victory.

Winner: Charlemagne