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Humans are tenacious species, and have colonized practically every conceivable environment. While many died throughout history of disease, famine, natural disasters, and wars, humanity has survived and thrived to become the dominant species on Earth. The human will to survive has been reflected widely in our works of fiction- countless fictional media tell tales of survival in some adverse scenario- whether it’s a nuclear war, a zombie apocalypse, some supernatural occurence, a fucked up death game created by a madman, or simply being trapped in the wilderness 1000 miles from civilization… but no matter how prepared you are, nobody survives forever…


The survivors will be trapped on an island for six months. The island will be covered mostly by ruined buildings, similar in appearance to Hashima/"Battleship Island" in Japan, albeit somewhat larger, and surrounded by water that has become a dead zone thanks to toxins released from an abandoned factory on the north side of the island, so no fish are present. There will be no human inhabitants on the island, only a pack of wolves which escaped from a zoo that will target both participants and may also break into the supply caches in search of food.

Around the island will be hidden caches of weapons (mostly improvised, but some firearms, explosives, and other purpose-built weapons), as well as food, water, and medical supplies. However, there will only be enough food for four of the survive. One or two more might be able to scrape by if they can kill and eat some of the wolves or maybe a bird that flies in or something, but the point remains, there will not be enough food on the island to survive, so conflicts are inevitable.

Every survivor will be equipped with a set of “starting weapons”, though they will be able to pick up and use others. Some of them will also have some form of special abilities, however, all of these abilities are relatively limited- to the point that a skilled normal combatant would be capable of defeating them. Some of these abilities also have weaknesses that can be easily exploited.

Win Conditions

As noted above, in order to win this scenario, an participant does not need to eliminate all or any of the participants. They must simply survive for the three month period (well long enough for someone to starve to death if they don't get food). However, the "easily accessible" resources- i.e. the food caches- could only allow for four of the participants at most survive the whole three month period. Secondary sources of food are limited to the bodies of the wolves if they can kill them and maybe a bird or rats or something- only enough for one or two extra participants to scrape by at most.

Essentially, in order to win the scenario, a participant must survive the three month period they are trapped on the island, meaning that they must:

  • Find sufficient food and water to survive, either by securing it from the highly contested caches (meaning having to fight over it sooner or later) or by hunting/gathering/fishing from the natural environment.
  • Survive the other dangers on the island, such the packs of wolves.
  • Survive any encounters with the other participants, whether by avoiding them, eliminating them, or even cooperating, though the latter is risky as they may betray them...


Recent Artyom.png

I was filled with doubt. We had already scorched the Earth once. Now, the fire was in my hands, and I had to carry it through.
— Artyom

Note: Artyom will be the version in Metro 2033 because I haven't played Last Light or Exodus

As a child, Artyom Alekseyevich Chyornyg accidentally unleashed the Dark Ones with two of his friends and he was branded as their "chosen one". When the Dark Ones threatened his home station, VDNKh Station, he was chosen by Hunter to warn the metro system of the danger. He is also a member of The Rangers of the Order.

He was well trained by them and is also adept at stealth but also has psychological issues such as hallucinations of the past. On his journey, he fights the Fourth Reich, various mutants such as the Demons and Librarians, and bandits with the occasional help of a partner. He eventually ends up destroying the Dark Ones with missiles.

He has a chest plate and a med-kit as well as a gas mask and helmet for surviving in post-nuclear apocalypse Russia. His weapons also can have various attachments.

He returns in Metro:Last Light where he finds the last Dark One, a child, and some sleeping ones and gets them to safety. He battles the Red Line along the way before eventually dying after destroying D6, which was producing Ebola or surviving and not destroying it.

When venturing on to the surface, Artyom wears a gas mask and radiation suit to protect against the irradiated surface of post-nuclear Moscow. This mask will also work against other toxins such as those toxic weapons of some contestants in this match, as well as the factory on the north side of the island, provided it isn't damaged.

Contrary to popular belief, trench knives are also useful in tunnels.

Artyom’s favored melee weapon is a trench knife with metal knuckles attacked to the knuckle guard, similar to a First World War-era trench knife. The weapon is has a single edge and a serrated section of the back of the blade for use as a saw.

.44 magnum is not a common caliber in Russia, and yet, for some reason, everyone uses it after World War III.

  • .44 magnum
  • 6-round cylinder
  • 24 rounds (including those in weapon)/ 3 reloads)
Artyom’s primary weapons is a .44 magnum revolver of unknown model, possibly machined in the Metro after the apocalypse. The weapon fires .44 magnum rounds, giving it good stopping power against both human targets and mutants, however, it has a small ammunition capacity in its six-round cylinder. Artyom’s revolver will not have any modifications.

The perfect tool for post-apocalyptic vampire hunters.

  • Arrows
  • 8-arrow cylinder
  • Starting Ammo: 8 arrows (reusable)
The Helsing is an unusual air-powered weapon created by the inhabitants of the Metro. The weapon operates by releasing a blast of air the barrel, propelling the arrow forward at sufficient speed to reliably kill a man with a well-placed hit. The weapon has a pepperbox arrangement with eight barrels, each holding a single bolt, and a compressed air tank refilled with a manual pump.

Made in Metro.

  • 12 gauge
  • 6-round cylinder
  • Starting Ammo: 12 shells/ 1 reload
The Uboinik (Russian: Убойник, literally "murderer" or “killer") is a semi-automatic shotgun that utilizes a cylinder with six spring clips for holding ammunition in a revolver-like mechanism. The weapon is a short recoil operated weapon with a toggle lock similar to that of the Luger. The weapon is an effective close combat weapon, but has a short effective range.

  • Combat Experience

Artyom is an exprience combatant, having seen combat against a variety of enemies, including bandits, mutated creatures, the Fourth Reich, and other factions.

  • Survival Experience

Artyom has survived in the post-apocalyptic Metro, filled with dangerous life forms and the occasional paranormal phenomena. However, living mostly underground and getting most of his supplies at stations, he doesn’t have much experience with wilderness survival- things like hunting for food, finding safe to drink water etc.

  • Training

Artyom is a member of the Rangers of the Order, and was trained in combat by them, however, while many older members were pre-war military, the training he received is no doubt less than what a pre-war military would be capable of given limited resources.

  • Physicality

Artyom seems to be in good physical condition simply given his ability to survive in the hostile environment of the Metro and the surface of post-apocalyptic Moscow.

  • Intelligence

Artyom seems to be of about average intelligence.

  • Mental Health

Artyom is known suffer from hallucinations related to his past life and other psychological issues. Most of the time he is relatively in touch with reality, but will some times suffer from complex hallucinations. That being said, it is not clear how much of this is due to the influence of the Dark Ones, which will not be present in this scenario. It is also suggested that he may be more mentally stable as he is not as severely effected by the psychic abilities of the Dark Ones in comparison to others, though this may also be due to past encounters with them as a child, which may make this irrelevant as no Dark Ones will appear in this match.

  • Special Abilities
Artyom does not have anything that would really qualify as a “superpower”.

He hasn't covered wars...

I know my way around a zombie or two.
— Chuck Greene

Chuck Greene was once just a famed motocross expert, until the Vegas Outbreak. His wife was transformed into a zombie during the chaos, and infected his daughter, Katie. Refusing to let his little girl fall to the infection, Chuck began to travel around the world, earning money any way he could to buy more Zombrex- a special medicine that could delay the infection for a day. Eventually, this lead Chuck to the gameshow Terror is Reality in Fortune City, where another zombie outbreak occurred. This time, Chuck was able to rescue his daughter and get her to the safe house to wait until the military could rescue them, but he was out of Zombrex- a fact he had to hide from security officer Raymond Sullivan. He also discovered that the television reports were framing him for the outbreak, forcing him to not only leave the Safe House to look for Zombrex, but to clear his name as well.

A master of improvised weaponry, Chuck was able to fend off thousands of zombies and the psychopaths in Fortune City as he allied himself with other survivors like Rebecca Chang and Stacey Forsythe while he looked for the truth. When the military arrived to evacuate everyone, a new breed of zombie quickly obliterated the entire force, leaving the survivors trapped with the new monsters. Chuck still tracked down the facts until he found that the people behind the outbreaks were the Phenotrans- the same group responsible for the Zombrex drug. Sullivan revealed that he was an agent for the Phenotrans and fought Chuck in a final battle, where he revealed that the Phenotrans were responsible for dozens of other outbreaks, including the Vegas one that destroyed Chuck's family, and that the driving motivation for this was that they needed to create a greater demand for the Zombrex drug. After killing Sullivan, all of the survivors that Chuck had rescued were picked up by Rebecca's news station helicopters, but Chuck was attacked by a zombie T.K., the host of Terror is Reality. While it looked like certain doom for Chuck, he was saved by the timely intervention of Frank West.

Frank and Chuck teamed up to track down the Phenotran facility and get the facts, becoming friends along the way. Eventually, they learned that Frank's mysterious source in the facility was actually Isabella Keyes, the same woman that helped him in the Willamette Mall, who was being forced to work with the Phenotrans against her will. The president of the Phenotrans also revealed that they had a permanent cure for the Zombie infection already, but that they refused to release it because they didn't want to lose the money from Zombrex sales. Frank and Chuck destroyed the facility, but the president escaped with Isabella and they had no proof of any of it. The two were last seen on a canyon overlooking the facility.

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball

One of the many weapons in Dead Rising 2 is a large pipe wrench. While not designed as a weapon, it makes a decent blunt instrument.

Double stack magazine: Check. Country of origin: Czech

  • 9mm
  • 16-round detachable magazine
  • 2 magazines/ 32 rounds
The CZ 75 is a semi-automatic pistol made by Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod (CZUB) in the Czech Republic. First introduced in 1975, it is one of the original "wonder nines" featuring a staggered-column magazine, all-steel construction, and a hammer forged barrel. It has a good reputation amongst pistol shooters for quality and versatility at a reasonable price, and is widely distributed throughout the world. It is also the most common gun in the Czech Republic. The weapon has a 16-round magazine and an effective range of 25 meters.

Who needs a stock?

  • 12 gauge
  • six shell tube magazine
  • 18 rounds/ 3 reloads
The Mossberg 500 is a series of shotguns manufactured by O.F. Mossberg & Sons. The 500 series comprises widely varying models of hammerless, pump action repeaters, all of which share the same basic receiver and action, but differ in bore size, barrel length, choke options, magazine capacity, and "furniture" (stock and forearm) materials. The 590 is a tactical variant, featuring a folding stock and a pistol grip, with a six shell magazine.

This is my boomstick.

Not really a weapon or power, but for the purposes of this match, Greene will be able to make all of the combination weapons in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Case West, provided he can find the materials. Before you ask, yes, that includes the ridiculous ones like the Laser Sword made from gems and a flashlight and the “Freedom Bear” automated turret.

Chuck Greene is surprisingly skilled in unarmed combat for a motocross rider, and is deadly against zombies even when unarmed, being capable of multiple powerful unarmed attacks. Many of these skills will instantly kill a zombie and, while less lethal against human enemies (for the purposes of this match, including the other combatants), they can still cause severe damage.

  • Unexpectedly skilled in combat for a motocross rider

Combat Experience

Chuck Greene has fought against zombies, psychopaths driven to murder by the outbreak, agents of Phenotrans, and even military personnel and won against all of them.

Survival Experience

Greene survived the zombie outbreak in Fortune City, but he did not really have any difficulty finding food, water, shelter etc, given that he was literally in a massive shopping mall and casino.


Chuck Greene is not known to have any combat training, though for some reason, he is capable of advanced martial arts techniques and is a competent marksman.


Chuck show surprising strength, being able to lift and swing around objects such as park benches, large public trash cans, newstands, etc, meaning he would probably qualify as a low-tier superhuman.


Chuck Greene is probably of average intelligence, but is highly creative, capable of fashioning a weapon out of a practically anything.

Mental Health

For most of the main game, Greene is relatively mentally stable, however, in Case West, it is shown that he is prone to lose touch with reality and become violent upon experiencing a sudden trauma- the case of Case West, the death of his daughter, Katey. Katey will not be present in this match, so that won’t be an issue, but the fact remains that Greene isn’t the most stable combatant.

Special Abilities

No real superpowers, unless you count the ability to make lightsaber from a flashlight and a handful of gems.


Your face does the thinking - two to the skull, yet one gets up. Odds are against you... but they're just numbers after the two-to-one. You're playing the hand you've been dealt, but you don't let it rest, you shuffle and stack, and a gamble... a gamble that may pay off? But how? Forecast: Rapidly changing conditions.
— The Forecaster

The Courier, as his name implies, is a courier and an important figure in the Mojave Wasteland. Much of his history remains unclear, but what is known is that he has visited a number of important locations within the Wasteland, likely due to his profession.

Sometime before arriving in the Mojave, the Courier discovered a supply route into the Mojave Wasteland through the Divide. Despite the harsh environment there, a small community established itself in the area, using the old American flag as its symbol. Kept alive by the Courier, it prospered and attracted more settlers. After the New California Republic sacked Navarro, they recovered unfamiliar technology with familiar symbols (such as the Old World flag) which they linked to similar ones in the Divide. Soon after, they sent the Courier to deliver a package to the Divide; a package which turned out to be a detonator containing missile launch codes. However, after the Courier's departure, the detonator activated, causing several nukes within the Divide to explode.

Sometime later the Courier was tasked with delivering a platinum chip, which secretly held the codes to upgrade the securetrons, to Mister House, but was captured near the small settlement of Goodsprings by Benny, who intended to use the chip for his own gains, and shot in the head. But as luck would have it the Courier survived and soon was rescued by the robot Victor and nursed back to health by Doc Mitchell, Goodspring's local doctor. After being nursed back to health the Courier persued Benny, all the while getting involved with the local factions fighting for the control of the Mojave.

During his adventures, the Courier was captured and had to escape the 'haunted' Sierre Madre casino, got involved in a war between the White Legs, Dead Horses, and Sorrow tribes, was captured again by the crazy scientists of Big Mt, and battled fellow courier Ulysses who sought vengence for the destruction of the Divde's communities.

I don't care what the manufacturers say, that's a Big Fucking Revolver.

  • .45-70
  • 6 shot cylinder
  • 30 rounds (including those in the weapon/ five reloads
The Magnum Research BFR is a single-action revolver manufactured by Magnum Research. It is made from stainless steel and is manufactured in a variety of heavy calibers, such as .500 S&W Magnum, including some traditional rifle cartridges, such as the .30-30 and .45-70/.450 Marlin. The name "BFR" officially is an acronym for "Big Frame Revolver" or "Biggest, Finest Revolver". However, collectors and large-caliber enthusiasts have been known to misinterpret the acronym as "Big Fucking Revolver". The BFR carried by the Courier is chambered for .45-70 and is equipped with a lower-power scope to make it more effective at long range, with an effective range of up to 200 meters

A 12.7mm SMG: For when a Desert Eagle just isn't enough overcompensation.

  • 12.7mm
  • 21 round magazine
  • 2 magazines/ 42 rounds
The 12.7mm submachine gun is a fictional submachine gun in the Fallout universe which resembles a TDI Vector, but with a top-mounted magazine similar to an FN P90. The weapon fires a 12.7mm pistol round presumably similar to the real-life .50 AE used by the Desert Eagle, allowing to severely damage even armored enemies and large wasteland creature such as Super Mutants and Deathclaws. Based on in-game performance, the weapon has a rate of fire of about 540 rounds per minute, and would likely have an effective range of about 100-200 meters based on similar weapons.

Five is right out!

If the player has the “Wild Wasteland” Perk, the Courier will occasionally run into more bizarre occurences, most of which have some sort of pop culture reference. In one example, if the player searches Camp Searchlight, instead of mini-nukes, they will find three “Holy Frag Grenades”, a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail’s “Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch”. The “Holy Frag Grenade” looks similar to a normal frag grenade, with the exception of a white cross painted on the side. When detonated, rather than a normal frag grenade explosion, Holy Frag Grenades explode in a manner similar to a mini nuke.

Cool enough to be on a video game cover... Oh wait... its on a video game cover.

The body armor used by the New California Republic Rangers is based on military and police riot control armor, which consists of a bulletproof chest plate that offers better protection than any wasteland-produced armor, but is still less effective than power armor. The suit is equipped with an armored helmet with a built-in gas mask and night-vision goggles.

The Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System, or VATS, is an assisted aiming system used by the Courier, presumably built in to his Pip-Boy wrist-mounted computer. The system in compatible with any weapon in the Courier's arsenal, and allows him to accurately aim his weapon at any location on the enemies body and will even predict the probability of a hit on a given target. The system can also detect distant enemies, highlighting the even if they are too distant to reliably hit. For the purposes of this match, any time freezing will be assumed to be an element of game mechanics, and not present in the match, however, it will allow for increased accuracy.

Combat Experience

The Courier’s combat experience is extensive, having taken on raiders, super mutants, wasteland creatures, various factions in the wasteland (depending on the choice of the player), robots, and countless other enemies.

Survival Experience

The Courier has literally survived in the post-nuclear Mojave Desert, scavenging and hunting for food, performing medical treatment on himself, and avoiding radiation. They have also survived in a variety of other places in the southwest, including the nuclear ruins of the Divide, the Sierra Madre Casino, which is covered in a toxic cloud, and the almost untouched wilderness of Zion.


The Courier’s background is unclear, so it’s not clear how much training he has in combat, though he is highly skileld, though it is not clear if this due to formal training or simple experience.


At least in terms of lifting capacity, would qualify as a low-tier superhuman, being able to carry around over 300 pounds of gear. It is not clear how much of the durability is simply game mechanics, however, but it is stated by the Pip-Boy that your maximum gear loadout with the right perks can exceed 300 pounds even without power armor. That being said, they do not seem to have super-human agility- they seem to move at normal human speeds.


The Courier is surprisingly intelligent for a denizen of the post-apocalyptic wastes, having some knowledge of tribal dialects, Spanish, and Latin. They are also have a considerable knowledge of medicine, chemistry, and computer science among other things, given their ability to home-brew medicines and refill ammunition cartridges and hack into terminals.

Mental Health

Little is known that is certain about the Courier’s background and not subject to player choice, so this is difficult to judge.

Special Abilities

The Courier seems to have “low-tier” superhuman strength, but not agility, and also have the VATS system which is described above.

Because all mages wear pointy hats.

Shihoru is one of the main characters of the light novel and anime Grimgar of Ash and Fantasy, one six Japanese teenagers transported into a world resembling a medieval fantasy and forced to become a member of a militia in the city of Ortana, tasked with hunting hostile species such as goblins and orcs. Before arriving in Grimgar, Shihoru was a quiet girl who was often bullied by her peers, though she initially had no memory of this when she was first transported into Grimgar, as the process causes amnesia in those affected.

Shihoru joined the part of Haruhiro, another person transported from Japan, and, on Haruhiro’s suggestion, becomes a mage as he figured the role “suited her”. Shihoru chose to specialize in shadow magic, which is mostly support based, with her only offensive attack being the basic “magic missile spell”.

Shihoru initially sees combat against goblins which, in spite of their reputation as the weaker of the hostile races, prove to be formidable adversaries in large numbers, on a raid on an abandoned city controlled by a large goblin force, Manato, one of the members of Haruhiro’s party is killed in combat. This death had a strong impact on Shihoru, who secretly held a crush on Manato. Nonetheless, Shihoru continues fighting, killing multiple goblins with her magic in a second attack to avenge Manato’s death.

After avenging the death of Manato, Shihoru would go on to fight kobolds in the Cyrene Mines and to take part in an assault on orcish fortress in support of the regular army. During the assault on the fortress, a second member of her party, Moguzo, a two-handed swordsman, is killed in combat.

In order to partially take up Moguzo’s role as a heavy combatant, Shihoru begins learning lightning magic to give her greater offensive powers.

A simple wooden staff with a length of about 4 feet, used to cast spells. Shihoru doesn’t use it as a melee weapon, but, for the purposes of this match, there’s nothing stopping her from using it to bash someone over the head or block a melee attack if forced to. Mind you, Shihoru’s build does not exactly lend itself well to melee combat.

There's no kill like overkill.

A basic magic spell creating a ball of magic energy capable of damaging enemies. While it can kill, its stopping power is variable depending on the mage who casts it. In this case, Shihoru will be a mid-tier mage, having mastered lower-tier shadow and lightning magic, but not learned ice or dark magic yet. For the purposes of this match, the spell will be at least as effective as an arrow. Incantation is Marque em parc.


  • Shadow Beat: A medium speed, blackish purple projectile that stun a single enemy momentarily. Likened to a physical punch. Similar to the Magic Missile. The stun often provides a opening for the rest of party members to follow up with an finishing attack. Its incantation is "Om-reil ect Vail Dash”.
  • Shadow Bind: A shadow elemental is placed on the ground, which immobilizes any enemy who steps on it. Only one elemental can be placed at a time, and only lasts for up to twenty-five seconds. Especially strong enemies can force their way out of the bind. Its incantation is "Om-reil ect Nem Dash".
  • Phantom Sleep: A shadow spell that causes opponents hit by it to fall into deep sleep. The casting range is about sixty-five feet away. The sleeping enemy can be awakened by injuries, even if it is just a slap with the back of the sword, it will immediately remove the sleep effect. Its incantation is "Om-reil ect Chrome Dash”. The attack has a magic “projectile” that can be evaded.
  • Shadow Complex: A spell that got into the heads of enemies to bewilder them. Works on alert and strong willed enemies. Its incantation is "Oom rel eckt pram das".
  • Armor Shadow: A defensive spell that neutralizes one attack. A shadow elemental envelopes the mage's body. Its incantation is "Ohm rel ect delm brem darsh".
  • Shadow Mist: It is the upgraded form of Phantom Sleep that induces an intense sleepiness in the target. It can affect multiple targets but the is less effective when the enemy is aware of the spell being cast. Its incantation is "Ohm rel ect el krom darsh”.
  • Shadow Echo: It is the upgraded form of Shadow Beat that fires three blackish purple projectiles that stun an enemy momentarily, but can be resisted by stronger enemies. Its incantation is "Ohm rel ect el vel darsh”.
  • Shadow Pond: Is the upgraded form of Shadow Bond. It is able to immobilize multiple enemies provided they are close to one another. The incantation is "Ohm rel ect el nemun darsh".

  • Lightning: Summons a bolt of lightning from the sky to strike enemies. There is a flash of light, a roaring sound, and bolt of lighting comes down. Its incantation is "Jess yeen sark fram dart".

  • Combat Experience

    Shihoru has fought against a variety of creatures, such as goblins, orcs, and kobolds, however, as a mage, she has fought mostly in the back of the group, and thus has no experience in close combat or any sort of weapon apart from her magic.

    Survival Experience

    Shihoru has served as a member of a militia in a world similar to a medieval fantasy, but food, water and shelter could usually be bought in the town of Ortana. Unlike Yume of the hunter class, the mage’s guild does not emphasize hunting, training only in magic.


    Shihoru was trained by the mage’s guild, but their training focuses on mastering the use of magic, and thus was not trained in melee combat or other weapons or survival techniques.


    Shihoru is by far the smallest character of the group and her skills are not at all oriented towards physical combat, being tasked with attacking with magic from a distance. In other words, she doesn’t stand up well in a close-in fight.


    Shihoru is fairly intelligent, being the second-in-command of her squad. Like the others in her squad, she does have occasional flashes of memories of her life on Earth, but has amnesia over most of it. It is possible, however, that seeing a modern object such as gun might trigger her to remember what the object is and use how to use it on a very rudementary level (i.e. even an person with no shooting experience who finds a gun could figure out how to aim, fire, and reload the thing, whether they would be able to hit anything at anything but the closest ranges is another matter).

    Mental Health

    Shihoru seems to be relatively stable, if introverted, however, she was effected by the deaths of her friends, particularly Manato, who she is implied to have had a crush on. Also, as stated above, like all of Haru’s party, she has amnesia involving most aspects of her life on Earth, only getting occasional flashbacks at random. Haru also got a flashback when he saw a girl he knew on Earth in Grimgar, so it is possible that if she sees an object from modern-day Earth, the knowledge of what it is will come back to her.

    Special Abilities

    Shihoru has her magic, which pretty much takes the place of a conventional weapons, and can be used to attack or defend against attacks. These spells, however, take at least a second to cast, and require her to “call her attack”- if someone who has previously “partied up” with Shihoru turns against her, this may given them warning of what she’s about to do.

    Even if combat, never compromise on style!

    If living has meaning, then so does dying... if dying has no meaning, then neither does living.
    — Lucia Konohana

    Lucia Konohana is a major character in the visual novel and anime Rewrite. Lucia was born as Haruka Asahi, a girl who was experimented on Guardian, a secret international military organization dedicated to opposing the nihilistic omnicidal ecoterrorist group Gaia. The experiments were intended to create a genetically augmented human who could survive in a polluted post-apocalyptic world in which a collective conscious of the planet had evolved to modify all species on Earth wipe out humanity. Lucia was the sole survivor of this experiment, being cursed with exuding a toxin that killed anything she touched. The experiement was shut down and Lucia was given medicine to suppress the poison, but it was not successful and she was placed in an orphanage, but the medicine proved unable to suppress the toxin. After repeated incidents where she destoroyed any living thing she touched, as well as accidentally losing control and causing all the other children in the orphanage to become sick, Lucia was traumatized and began obsessively wearing gloves to protect the world from her poison. She would later end up in the employ of Guardian as a superhuman agent employed for combat against Gaia, fighting alongside her Shizuru Nakatsu, the first friends she ever made. Because her augmentations, her body constantly causes vibrations, making it difficult to use a firearm, and as such, she favors a katana in combat.

    Lucia would later go on to share a class with protagonist Kotarou Tennouji, as his class representative, where she initially refused to reveal the reason she wears gloves, claiming to be a "germophobe". Later, Lucia would reveal the truth about her abilities, as well as her role in Guardian. While the exact events vary depending on route, in all of them, Kotarou and Lucia are thrust into the middle of the conflict between Gaia and Guardian... a conflict one which the fate of the whole world lies in the balance.

    The weapon with the most fanboys this side of the MG 42.

    Because of her augmentations that allow her to survive in a toxic environment which result in the constant vibration of her body, Lucia has difficulty using complex machinery such as firearms, which will quickly malfunction because of her vibrations. For this reason, Lucia favors a katana as her primary weapon. The katana is a curved, single edged sword originating from Japan, and are one of the nation's most iconic weapons. Originally used by the samurai of Feudal Japan, the weapon has also come to be commonly known as a "Samurai Sword".

    The length of the blade is often somewhere between 60 to 73 centimeters in length. The metal of the blade is created from Tamahagane, a hard, high carbon steel for the cutting edge and sides, and the tough, low carbon steel for the core and back, giving the blade a hard edge, while allowing it to absorb blows without shattering. The gentle curvature of the blade adds to the weapons cutting power by focusing the force of the blow on a smaller area.

    This curve is achieved during quenching: the sword maker coats the blade with several layers of a wet clay slurry, putting a much thinner layer on the front of the blade. When the blade is thrust in water, the front of the blade cools more quickly and hardens, while the slower cooling in the back of the blade reduces lattice strain on the spine, causing the blade to curve backwards. The katana was not designed at all for penetrating armor. It was designed to make quick and decisive slashes at weak points in armor. Specifically the throat. This required extreme speed and accuracy to wield. And that required an extreme amount of training and discipline to wield.

    Lucia goes and smells the flowers, with disastrous results.

    As a side effect of her augmentations, Lucia’s skin has a dermal poison that can be absorbed through contact with her skin. It is implied (at least in the anime) that this toxin can be survived by a human if they only are in contact with her for a fraction of a second and they receive medical attention, but longer contact is fatal. Lucia also seems to have some control over the the rate of release toxin, being able to release it in seeminly amplified amounts, capable of instantly killing a Gaia familiar (and presumably a normal human), or even injecting the poison into the ground, causing an area of ground up to perhaps up to perhaps 100 meters in diameter, centered around Lucia, to become toxic to the touch. This poison can also quickly disintegrate some materials, such as concrete, as seen when she uses it to drop debris on a Gaia familiar on a lower floor. Lucia’s poison can only be absorbed by direct skin contact with Lucia herself or an area she has poisoned, and can be stopped by normal gloves such as the ones Lucia normally wears, and, as seen in her use of the ability to poison an area, shoes. Lucia dislikes using this ability, and thus usually wears gloves, but will use it to her tactical advantage if she is placed into a situation where she is forced to.

    Like most Gaia superhumans, Lucia possesses superhuman strength and speed, though less than that of Chihaya or even Shizuru. While the exact extent of this ability is unknown, she does not appear to be able to dodge bullets, though she can run faster and jump higher than any human. In the anime, Lucia is capable of leaping distances of about 10 meters horizontally and at least three meters vertically.

    As part of her enhancements, Lucia possesses not only an immunity to practically any form of poison or pollution, her strength, speed, and agility are also enhanced in toxic environments. She can also heal at a massively accelerated rate in toxic environments

    As a side-effect of her modification by Guardians, Lucia’s body produces constant vibratons which, while not readily noticible, are capable of causing malfunctions in mechanical and electrical devices such as firearms if she comes into contact with them. These vibrations can also be used to create a “chainsaw effect” with her sword, enhancing her cutting ability. It is not clear if the vibrations would cause firearm to instatly misfire, however, sometimes she is able to touch an electrical devices for a second and not destroy it, but in one case she did inadvertantly destroy a light. For the purposes of this match, it will be assumed she can pick up and fire a gun or throw a grenade and maybe get off a few shots, but it would essentially turn every gun into a Chauchat (or at least the internet's impression of the Chauchat).

    Combat Experience

    Lucia is a Gaia agent and is thus has seen significant combat, however most of it involved her fighting Gaia familiars rather than humans. Most familiars consist of weaker forms easily dispatched by a soldier with an assault rifle, but she is capable of matching larger groups of them or even giant familiars capable of powerful energy attacks and other abilities by using her powers to tactical advantage.

    Survival Experience

    Lucia is engineered to survive on a ruined post-apocalyptic planet but it is not clear how much survival training she has undergone. For that matter, given her unique physiology, many usual survival techniques may not apply to her.


    Lucia was heavily trained in combat by Gaia, however, much of that training seems to be against Gaia familiars, though she is competent in a fight against another superhuman, as seen when an insane Lucia fights effectively against Shizuru and Kotarou.


    Lucia is a genetically enhanced superhuman capable of leaping about 10 meters horizontally and at least 3 meters vertically, but she does not appear to be fast enough to dodge bullets. Still, she would be able to escape dangerous situations a lot more easily than a normal human.


    Lucia is at least of average intelligence, and is definitely capable of thinking outside the box, as seen when she gains the advantage against a Gaia summoner with a pyrokinetic familiar by using her poison to wipe out a forest, removing any source of fuel.

    Mental Health

    Lucia is normally cool and collected, but with a short temper, and can easily be angered to the point of physical violence (though well short of lethal force, typically punching those who offend her while wearing gloves so as not to poison them), particularly by men behaving in a manner she sees as "perverted". While she is normally stable, severe agitation, particularly related to her condition can drive her to commit rash decisions, including attacking even her friends with lethal force. Such a scenario was triggered in her route in the visual novel when her dermal poison was increased in potency, forcing her to be separated to from her friends in a facility while scientists talked about he "like she was nuclear waste".

    Special Abilities

    Lucia has superhuman speed and agility, as well as her dermal poison and associated abilities, such as immunity to all forms of toxin and enhanced healing in toxic environments.

    NOTE: The Minene in this fight will still have both hands and both eyes

    I'll kill you, "God"!
    — Minene Uryuu, after meeting Deus, the entity claiming to be God.

    Minene Uryuu was a normal Japanese child until she traveled to the Middle East with her parents as a child. Minene parents were killed in the crossfire of a battle between an Islamic terrorist organization and the (presumably) Isreali military, leaving Minene alone in a war-torn country where no one spoke her language. This incident instilled an intense hatred of religion in Minene.

    Minene was forced to grow up on the streets of the Middle East, stealing and killing to survive. At some point in her life, Minene made it her life's mission to destroy religion, particularly the Judeo-Christian tradition.

    By the time she reached adulthood, Minene had returned to Japan, and made an attempt to kill a Catholic Cardinal who was visiting the country. Minene escaped the incident but almost fell to her death in her escape, were it not for an entity claiming to be God rescuing her and telling her that she was chosen as part of a "Death Game" to become his successor. Minene received a "Future Diary", cell phone that predicts an aspect of her future, in her case, how to escape her current situation. Minene intends to become a god and use her power to destroy all religion in the world.

    During the game, Minene lost one of her eyes when trying to kill fellow Diary Holder Yukiteru "Yuki" Amano and Yuno Gasai, and entered a strange love relationship with Masumi Nishijima, the investigator who was mean to capture her. She would later be forced to ally herself with Yuki which caused her to change her mind on her original wish. After Masumi's death, Minene sacrificed herself by blowing herself up, allowing Yuki to defeat John Bacchus, the eleventh diary holder. Shortly before her death, however, a dying Deus granted her a part of his powers, allowing her to survive.

    When Yuno won the Death game and rest the world to once again be with Yuki, Minene saved him and battled the now godlike Yuno. Yuno was eventually defeated as she saw this worlds version of herself being cared for by her parents. With Yuno defeated, Minene married this world's version of Masumi and two children with him.

    640px-Bayonet OKC-3S - Ontario Knife Company.jpg

    While preferring to use firearms or explosives, Minene has been seen in possession of a dismounted bayonet for close combat. A modern bayonet such as the one Minene has has an overall length of about 25-30 cm with a clip-point blade and a serration on the edge for tool use, being designed for use as a combat and utility knife when not mounted on a rifle.

    Walther ppk.jpg

    • 9mm Short (.380 ACP
    • 6-round magazine
    • 5 magazines/ 30 rounds
    The Walther PP was a blowback-operated semi-automatic pistol orginating from Germany. The weapon was designed as a small concealable handgun for police issue. he most common variant is the Walther PPK, a smaller version of the PP with a shorter grip, barrel and frame, and reduced magazine capacity. A new, two-piece wrap-around grip panel construction was used to conceal the exposed back strap. The smaller size made it more concealable than the original PP and hence better suited to plainclothes or undercover work. It was released in 1930."PPK" is an abbreviation for Polizeipistole Kriminalmodell (detective police pistol). Minene's PPK is chambered for 9mm Short (.380 ACP), with a six-round magazine.


    The Mark II or Mk 2 Fragmentation Grenade was first designed in 1918, as a replacement for the unreliable Mk I grenade. The weapon was the standard issue grenade for US forces in World War II, and was used until it was phased out around the time of the Vietnam War, though some are still in use in Third World countries today. The grenade initially had a TNT charge, but it was found that TNT produced fragments too small to be effective. Because of this, a the TNT version was used as an HE grenade, while a version loaded with EC (smokeless firearm powder), which produced more effective fragments, was issued. The weapon is commonly referred to as a "pineapple grenade" because of the gridded grooves cut into the side, intended at the the time to help with fragmentation, though in truth, they had no such affect. Minene will have four grenades with her.


    Minene used a number of remotely detonated explosive charges when she attacked and destroyed Yukiteru Amano and Yuno Gasai's school, and also made use of explosives on multiple other occasions, both before and after entering the survival game. The explosives, for the purposes of this match, will be assumed to be C-4 charges. C-4 is a plastic explosive capable of easily being handled without fear of detonating it, allowing it to be molded into any container. The explosive has a detonation velocity of 8092 meters per second.

    Minene possesses the "escape diary", one of 12 "future diaries" that predict some aspect of the user's future. In Minene's case, it tells her the best way to escape any dangerous situation. It should be noted, however, that, being on her cell phone, she cannot easily read it while in the middle of a fight, and if the diary is destroyed, it will instantly kill her.

    Combat Experience

    Minene survived in a warzone in the Middle East, stealing and, at times, killing to survive. She is also an internationally wanted terrorist and thus highly experienced in the use of firearms and, in particular, explosives.

    Survival Experience

    Minene survived on the streets of the Middle East in a country she did not know the language, stealing and scavenging to survive. While she does not have much experience surviving in true wilderness, this experience in an urban warzone might prove more useful in this situation.


    It is not clear if Minene has any actual combat training, though she is highly experienced in combat, particularly the use of explosives.


    Minene is in good physical condition, allowing her to evade enemy attacks and fight in close quarters if necessary, though she prefers to use explosives in surprise attacks.


    Minene seems to be at least average in terms of intelligence, but is capable of thinking outside the box to get the advance on enemies, such as using an amplifier in combination with a flashbang grenade to stun Takao Hayama, and placing explosives for surprise attacks. She also had a talent for evasion even before gaining her escape diary.

    Mental Health

    Minene Uryuu was highly traumatized by the death of her parents at a young age and blames religion for the Middle Eastrn conflicts taht claimed their lives. As such, she has an intense hatred of religion, particularly the Judeo-Christian traditions, which she is determined to eradicate. She will also not hesitate to kill anyone who gets in her way with out mercy.

    Special Abilities

    Minene’s Future Diary, the "Escape Diary" will tell her to escape any situation as described above.


    We have to change our way of thinking if we really want to change the future
    — Saki Watanabe
    One by one, I've lost my loved ones. My sister. Shun. Maria and Mamoru. If I lose Satoru as well, I'll be all alone. I'll be the only one left from Group One.
    — Saki Watanabe

    Saki Watanabe is the main character of the anime Shin Sekai Yori / From the New World. Saki grew up in the Kamisu 66th District of Japan in the year 210 of the calendar of her society, or around 3010 AD, a thousand year after modern society was destroyed by the sudden manifestation of psychic powers in a small portion of humans. Saki’s hometown of Kamisu 66 consisted of several smaller villages consisting entirely of psychic humans, and existed for the most part at a technology level similar to pre-Meiji Restoration Japan, with most forms of manual labor replaced with the use of telekinetic powers, and a culture steeped in mysticism based on Buddhist dogma.

    When Saki reached the age of 11, she developed her powers or “Cantus” as it is known in her society and is placed into Sage Academy to learn to use her powers, being grouped with Satoru Asahina, Mamoru Itou, Maria Akizuki, Shun Aonuma, and Reiko Amano. Soon after, Reiko Amano leaves the school without reason. At age 12, Saki is sent out into the wilderness along with the rest of her group in school to spend a few days surviving with her Cantus as part of her standard education. Here, Saki and the others discover a robotic database containing the true history of the world, including the fact that psychic powers were the result of the destruction of the “golden age” of humanity. Soon after, the robotic terminal is destroyed by a member of the priesthood, who also seals all of their powers, only to be ambushed and killed by a group of foreign Monster Rats. Thankfully, soon after, Saki and the others regain their powers, and go on to support a friendly Monster Rat colony and annihilate the forces of the invaders. After her escape, however, it would not be end of Saki’s troubles. A couple years later, Saki would discover the true nature of the system she grew up in, including the disposal of children who were considered likely become dangerous. One of her friends, Shun Aonuma suffered this fate after he lost control of his power. When Mamoru was threatened with a similar Fate, he fled Kamisu 66 along with his love interest, Maria Akizuki. Both would later die, killed by Monster Rats.

    At age 26, Saki would face the consequences of that incident when much of the human population of Kamisu 66 was wiped out by a Monster Rat uprising under a charismatic leader known as Squealer or Yakomaru used a combination of firearms, ambush tactics, and the daughter of Maria and Mamoru, raised to see herself as a Monster Rat and kill humans with impunity. Saki and Satoru, however, would survive the attack and find a way to defeat Squealer and his “Messiah”, as he called the girl.


    The residents of Kamisu 66 refer to their psychic powers as “Cantus”, and use it for a variety of manual labor and other tasks. While some Cantus users can expand their field of vision, as well as other feats such inducing cold fusion and even regenerating the telomeres in their DNA to make themselves immortal, Saki is an average Cantus user, and DOES NOT have such powers, being limited to more common skills such as telekinesis. It should also be noted that like all of Cantus users, she cannot use her powers to kill a human, lest it trigger a “biological self-destruct” that will kill her as well, detailed in the X-Factors. It is, however, possible for a Cantus user to use their powers to incapacitate, disarm, and defend against attacks, and she can also use her abilities to attack non-human animals. Another weakness of Cantus is that it does not grant any form of extrasensory preception, and thus a Cantus user must detect potential threats using their five senses like everyone else.


    You know that moment growing up where shit starts floating in the air? #PsychicPuberty

    Saki is capable of using her Cantus to move objects through the air without touching them. Average Cantus users such as Saki can move objects up to the size of large trees and throw them through the air. While the “Death Feedback” prevents direct use against humans, in combat against other species, Saki has used her Cantus to kill a tiger-sized “Tainted Cat” by twisting it’s spine a full 360 degrees, and has killed multiple Monster Rats by cauising them to explode from within. The effective range of her powers appears to be limited by her visual ranges, and she obviously can only interact with an object if she is aware it is there.

    Telekinetic Shield

    Cantus users are capable of projecting a their powers into a shield capable of repelling projectiles such as arrows or bullets, however, they have to consciously maintain the shield and obviously must be aware of a threat to deploy it.


    I believe I can fly!

    Another use of her telekinetic abilities that Saki exhibits is the ability to levitate, hover, and fly with her powers, however, she uses it rarely, so it may require more concentration or willpower than others means of Cantus-assisted transport, such as pushing a boat or skis along.


    It's bird... It's a plane... It's a...flaming tree?

    Saki is also capable of causing objects or beings to spontaneously combust, which she may use an offensive weapon (within the limits of the “death feedback” described above), to disarm an enemy by setting fire to their weapon, and potentially also to create a “wall of flames” to block the approach of an enemy. The ability is also used for more “mundane” purposes such as starting a campfire.

    • ”Death Feedback”: Cannot directly kill humans- if she does, it will trigger a “biological self-destruct” built into her genetics. Can disable them, though this will cause great discomfort and pain, and can destroy a weapon without harming the user to disarm them. That being said, it is confirmed that this can be “cheated” if an action removes the perpetrator from the consequences of killing sufficiently, such as using a poison or biological agent. It may also be possible for her to set traps (such as explosives, if she scavenges some and figures out how to use them) if they are not activated while she is within visual range. It should be noted that her opponents will not know this, so Saki may be able to “bluff” her way out a situation.

    Combat Experience

    Saki has fought against various psychically mutated creatures of post-apocalyptic Japan. The two most dangerous being Tainted Cats, tiger-sized creatures bred for stealth, intended to eliminate psychics before they see them and can turn their powers against them, and Monster Rats, a sapient species capable of combatting psychic humans using complex tactics and technologies such as firearms. However, because the “Death Feedback” mentioned above, she cannot kill humans, though she can use her powers to block, disarm, evade, and at most incapacitate.

    Survival Experience

    Saki has survived multiple conflicts and has competent evasion skills, and during her school years, she and the rest of her group were sent to camp out in the wilderness for a few days. As Maria and Mamoru noted, their Cantus makes creating shelter and fire, and to a lesser extent, hunting food very easy.


    Saki is trained in the use of her Cantus, which proved sufficient for combat against Monster Rats, but otherwise has no combat or survival training.


    Saki seems to be in decent shape for a woman of her age, but like all of her society, does not engage in physical combat or manual labor, using her Cantus for many tasks that would otherwise be performed manually.


    Saki is quite intelligent, and also a lot more creative and free-thinking than most in her society, having not been given the usual indoctrination that most in her dystopian society receive. For instance, she is able to figure out the true nature of the Monster Rat’s “Messiah” and defeat them. That being said, her society for the most part rejects technology, so while she would know what a gun is, having faced them in the hands of the Monster Rats, she would have no knowledge of things like fully automatic fire or what a grenade or RPG is until she encounters them… and by then it might be too late.

    Mental Health

    Saki was noted as being exceptionally mentally healthy and stable, and copes very well with learning the dark secrets of her dystopian society, knowledge that gets all but one of her classmates killed. She is also able to remain calm even during the Monster Rat attack on her home village.

    Special Abilities

    Saki has her Cantus, which is described thoroughly above. This gives her some useful abilities to survive, but as she cannot kill humans lest she die herself, she will be forced to use them defensively to block, disarm, and at most, incapacitate, though doing the latter will cause her severe pain. Essentially her powers force her into playing defensively.

    How to drop several income brackets between games.

    You don't have the fucking right, manipulating people's lives like this!
    — Ethan Thomas

    Ethan Thomas was an agent of the FBI's Serial Crimes Unit in an unnamed U.S. city that was experiencing a major crime wave. Ethan was sent to a crime scene, where, in the midst of investigating, he was attacked by several homeless individuals armed with various improvised weapons, as well as a mysterious man who stole his gun and killed two police officers. Ethan was forced to flee after he was falsely accused of the murder.

    He later discovered the man who stole his weapon was Leland Vanhorn, a serial killer known as Serial Killer X, who preyed on other serial killers. Ethan tracked SKX through the city, fight off countless attackers with both firearms and melee weapons, before making his way to an abandoned orchard outside of town, where he confronted Leland Vanhorn and his uncle, Malcolm Vanhorn, eventually shooting Leland.

    At the orchard, Ethan encountered a group of mysterious individual with metal implant in their body, who Malcolm stated were responsible for the chaos in the city.

    A year later, Ethan's name was cleared, but he had left the FBI, and was an alcoholic, living on the streets. He was summoned by the FBI after the SKX made a reappearance, murdering his uncle.

    Ethan was forced to fight his way through the city streets yet again to uncover the mystery of SKX and the mysterious events surrounding the crime wave in the city. Ethan discovered that the crime wave was the work of cult known as the Oro Invictus, who placed sonic emitters throughout the city, and had metal implants in their bodies that themselves acted as sonic emitters. These emitters emit a frequency that causes insanity among those exposed to them.

    Ethan eventually fought his way to the Oro compound, contending not only with individuals influenced by the Oro, but also Oro-controlled SWAT teams sent to eliminate him.

    Eventually, Ethan reached the center of the Oro compound and, overloaded the core of the sonic emitters, defeated a high ranking cult member and SCU agent named Dorland, and destroyed the Oro compound. Serial Killer X, however, remains at large.

    Insert Gordon Freeman joke here.

    One of the most common improvised weapons used by Ethan Thomas is a crowbar. A crowbar, wrecking bar, pry bar or prybar, pinch-bar, or occasionally a prise bar or prisebar, colloquially, in Britain and Australia sometimes called a jimmy (also called jimmy bar or jemmy), gooseneck, or pig foot, is a tool used to removing nails, prying open boards, and general demolition. The tool consists of a metal rod with a hook on one end and a small edge on the other, both used for prying.

    While not intended to be used as one, crowbars can be used as a bludgeoning weapon, and the hook end might even cause limited sharp force trauma if it hits directly.

    About as American as Swiss cheese.

    • 9mm
    • 16-round magazine
    • Starting Ammo: 2 magazines/ 32 rounds
    The SIG Sauer P220 seruies is a family of pistols based upon the design of the P220. The pistols of this series are semi-automatic and fires the 9x19 Parabellum, .45 ACP, and .30 Luger. The series is currently manufactured by Sauer & Sohn and is released from Eckernförde, Germany. The weapon is recoil operated and the P226 featured in Condemned 2: Bloodshot has a magazine capacity of 16 rounds and is 9mm caliber. The weapon has a maximum effective range of about 50 meters.

    CSI Miami, Eat your heart out!

    Ethan Thomas will be equipped with the FBI field kit in the games, a futuristic crime scene investigation tool equipped with a GPS, camera, a communications device, a UV blacklight for uncovering hidden fingerprints, cleaned up blood trails, and faded writing, and even a miniature mass spectrometer that can determine the chemical composition of an object just by pointing at it. While its utility of some of the functions will be limited in this scenario, the spectrometer could prove very useful for detecting toxic chemicals in water or food, for instance, and the GPS will come in very useful for navigation.

    Ethan solves a problem by shouting at it.

    In the final level of Condemned 2: Bloodshot, Ethan unlocks the full potential of his mutated vocal chords, which allow him to produce sounds at the resonant frequency of human flesh. Essentially, this means he can produce a deadly blast similar to an explosive blast wave, capable of instantly killing a man at least a dozen meters. The “voice attack” has a “cool-down” time of several seconds after use.

    Combat Experience

    Ethan Thomas has extensive experience with firearms and in melee combat, fighting against a literal city gone mad as well as the agents of the Oro Invictus, the cult responsible. Among the more dangerous adversaries he has taken on include serial killers, Oro assassins, and corrupt SWAT teams under control of the Oro.

    Survival Experience

    Ethan Thomas for the most part, fought in an urban setting, so issues like finding food, water, shelter etc were not a problem, though at one point, Agent Thomas survives a plane crash in the mountains, and is forced to contend with cold weather and evade a rabid grizzly bear in order to survive.


    Ethan is an FBI agent, and thus is trained in the use of firearms, and probably has some close combat training.


    Ethan is in very good physical condition, being able to engaged in unarmed and melee combat with multiple attackers, jump from over wide gaps between platforms, and outrun a group of rioters.


    Ethan Thomas is was FBI agent tasked with investigating crime scenes, and thus likely has a university degree in forensic science, and is trained to operate the cutting edge Serial Crimes Unit Field Kit, a device combines a camera, UV blacklight, and even a minature mass spectrometer to scan the composition of objects.

    Mental Health

    Ethan Thomas is hardly the most mentally stable individual, and frequently subject to hallucinations. While the version of Ethan in this match will be over his alcoholism, he still occasionally suffers from hallucinations- no doubt spending months as a homeless vagrant living on the streets filled with devices literally designed to drive people insane hasn’t helped.

    Special Abilities

    Ethan has his mutated vocal chords and his voice attack described above.

    Isaac clarke.jpg

    Stick around, I'm full of bad ideas.
    — Isaac Clarke to Ellie Langford

    Born in 2465, Isaac Clarke lived with his parents Poul Clarke, a ship designer, and Octavia Clarke, a Unitologist, in the Northeastern American seaboard sector. As a child, Isaac lived most of his life with his mother as his father left before he could even get to know him. Isaac took after his father and obtained an education in electrical and mechanical engineering, later selected to attend a prominent engineering academy. Unfortunately, he was unable to afford the tuition fees as his mother, a devoted Unitologist, spent the family funds to purchase a vested-level title in the Church of Unitology.

    Despite financial difficulties, Isaac managed to graduate with high honors from a lesser college and became a systems engineer. Several years later, he signed up for the Merchant Marines division, allowing him to illustrate his abilities in original engineering solutions to his superiors. Impressed by his progress, Isaac's superiors promoted Isaac to a position closer to major shipping lines. According to Nicole in Dead Space Extraction, Isaac had apparently worked on the Ishimura in the past. Isaac previously lived with his girlfriend Nicole Brennan, but his career had began to stagnate around the same time as her assignment - and promotion - to the Ishimura two years prior to its communication blackout.

    In 2508, Isaac was part of an emergency response unit attached to the USG Kellion. The crew was dispatched to the USG Ishimura, a CEC mining ship last reported to be over Aegis VII, to investigate and handle the ship's problems. After "shocking out", the Kellion tried to hail the Ishimura and establish communication with the ship's crew. Unfortunately, as the Kellion tried to land into the Ishimura's landing bay, the ship was severely damaged due to a docking procedure malfunction and was forced to crash into the landing bay, severely damaging the ship and losing its port boosters. Shortly after disembarking from the damaged Kellion and noticing that the ship seemed deserted, the party was attacked by several unidentified entities in the flight lounge, later revealed to be infected crew members now known as Necromorphs. In the aftermath of the attack, only Computer Specialist Kendra Daniels, and the team's commander, Zach Hammond survived.

    Tool time!

    • Plasma Energy
    • 25-shot magazine
    • 50 shots/ 2 magazines
    The 211-V Plasma Cutter is a tool made by Schofield Tools in the Dead Space Universe. Its primary purpose is for cutting through rocks and minerals in mining operations using a jet of superheated plasma. This plasma, however, can be fired at a distance of at least 20 meters, allowing the tool to be used as an improvised handgun. The weapon has a laser sight for aiming, and the cutting plane can be changed from vertical to horizontal. The weapon is operated using plasma energy batteries, and holds enough power for 25 shots before the battery must be replaced.

    Were you expecting a different image?

    The Resource Integration Gear is a type suit used by Isaac Clarke while on board the USG Ushimura and the Sprawl. The RIG is equipped with a back mounted health monitor, though how it precisely measures the user’s health is unknown. The RIG is equipped with a holographic display that can be used for communications with other RIGs, as well as display a map of the area for navigation. The RIG also has some degree of armor, but it an be broken if struck with enough forces, as the Necromorphs demonstrate upon a game over.

    Stasis Module

    Chill out, man!

    A stasis module is a modification to the rig that produces a field of energy that temporarily slows an object, and is capable of effecting both living and non-living targets. Kinesis modules are used for a variety of applications, including medical treatment, slowing malfunctioning machinery so they can be repaired, and non-lethally incapacitating criminals by slowing them so they can more easily be subdued. Clarke used his module on the Sprawl both to slow dangerous machines like fan blades to allow passage and to slow attacking Necromorphs to get a clear shot. The kinesis module’s power will recharge over time, but can only be used a certain amount within a given period of time.

    Kinesis Module

    Because gravity guns are so original.

    The kinesis module is a modification to the RIG that adds a device known as the G.R.I.P., capable of remotely lifting, moving, and throwing objects without touching them. Clarke often uses this as a weapon, throwing dangerous objects such as sharp necromorph limbs and explosive barrels at enemies.


    The RIG used by Isaac Clarke is sealed to allow Clarke to safely enter the vacuum of space and protect from toxic gases. Of course, the only the latter will be likely to see any use by Clarke, at least if he runs into Kousuke Kira’s poison gas grenades.

    Combat Experience

    Isaac Clarke has seen combat against a variety of highly dangerous Necromorphs as well as heavily armed unitologist cultists. He is an experienced marksman with the futuristic arsenal of Dead Space, however, he will only have a limited supply of plasma ammo, potentially forcing him to use the real-world weapons scattered around the map, which he may be less used to using, though some skills he developed still will prove useful even with them.

    Survival Experience

Clarke survived alone aboard the Ishimura, however, as it was a ship, he did not have much difficulty finding food or water, for instance. He also has no experience surviving in a terrestrial environment, though his skills and equipment should still prove useful in that situation.


    Isaac Clarke was educated and trained as a mechanical engineer in the distant future world of Dead Space, and while he is trained in the use of the tools he uses as improvised weapons, he has no combat training.


    Isaac seems to be in good physical condition, having no problem engaging necromorphs in combat, however, it should be noted that his work as an engineer, which required him to enter many tight spaces on ships, causes him to walk with a noticable hunch.


    Clarke is highly intelligent and knowledgable about electronics and mining tools, showing no problem hacking computers and repairing or dismantling electronic devices. Clarke is shown to be quite creative in his use of tools, such as dismatling hospital machinery to get access to a kinesis module and improvising a plasma cutter out of a surgical device and a flashlight.

    Mental Health

    While no Markers will be present, so the effects of the marker will not impact Isaac in this match, he still suffers from depression, guilt, and PTSD over the death of his wife, Nicole, and is also relectant to trust others, having been betrayed by those he thought were his allies before.

    Special Abilities

    Clarke has the kinesis and stasis modules on his suit, described above.

    Martin Walker, protagonist of Heart of Darkness... I mean Apocalypse Now.... I mean Spec Ops: The Line.

    Our mission went from recon to rescue the minute we found US soldiers butchered.
    — Captain Martin Walker
    Do you feel like a hero yet?
    — A loading screen message shows Walker’s deteriorating mental state

    Captain Martin Walker is the main character of the video game Spec Ops: The Line. Walker is a member of Delta Force sent along with a squad of two others into Dubai, which was cut off from the rest of the world by presistant sandstorm, after getting a distress signal from Colonel John Konrad of the 33rd Infantry Battalion. Walker enters Dubai and is forced to engage in combat with both the civilian militias and the 33rd, who have effectively gone rogue, taking control of the city.

    Throughout his travels through ruined city, Walker both witnesses and, in some cases, inadvertantly commits atrocities, most notably the use of white phosphorous incendiary shells against a 33rd Infantry base that was also housed hundreds of civilian refugees. Walker would also lose both of his comrades in the operation in Dubai. As the mission progresses, Walker’s mental state deteriorates greatly, eventually reaching the point he starts seeing hallucinations, including being attacked by reanimated bodies scorched by white phosphorous or by his dead comrades.

    The ending depends on the player’s actions, but Walker may be driven to suicide, be killed when he attempts to attack the retrieval team, end up living in the ruined city of Dubai, or return to the US alive, albeit suffering from severe PTSD.

    Use more shotgun

    • 12 gauge (can use regular shells if they are scavenged)
    • 20-round detachable magazine
    • Starting Ammo: 1x 20-round magazine w/ FRAG-12 explosive rounds
    The Auto Assault-12 (AA-12), originally designed and known as the Atchisson Assault Shotgun, is a shotgun developed in 1972 by Maxwell Atchisson. The current 2005 version has been developed over 18 years since the patent was sold to Military Police Systems, Inc. The original design was the basis of several later weapons, including the USAS-12. The weapon is selective fire, operating as a semi-automatic, or in fully automatic mode at 300 rounds per minute. It is fed from either an 8-shell box magazine, or a 20- or 32-shell drum magazine. The weapon has an effective range of up to 200 meters with FRAG-12 explosive shells, but a much shorter range of 100 meters with slugs and 50 metres with buckshot.

    Oh look, another Beretta

    • 9mm
    • 16-round detachable magazine
    • Starting Ammo: 32 rounds/ two magazines
    • Equipped with a suppressor

    The Beretta 92 is a series of 9x19 Parabellum firing pistols developed by the Italian company, Beretta. Based around older Beretta pistols, the 92 was first produced in 1975.

    The pistol has been modified to accompany larger rounds like the .40 S&W and fire in three round bursts, featured in the Beretta 93R. Dozens of countries have adopted the pistol and have been used by their police departments and armies. The M9 was specifically designed for the United States military and is popularly used because of its lightweight, low recoil, accuracy, and fast rate of fire. The weapon has an effective range of 50 meters.

    Counting to five is probably a bad idea with these ones too...

    The M67 fragmentation grenade is the current standard issue hand grenade for the United States and other military forces worldwide. The grenade was first issued in the 1970s, replacing the M26 and M61 grenades used during the Vietnam War. The grenade is activated by pulling the safety pin and then throwing the grenade. Pulling the pin releases the safety lever or "spoon", however, the spoon should be held in place by the users hand until the grenade is thrown, at which point the spoon releases, activating the fuse.

    Combat Experience

    Walker is an officer in Delta Force, and has extensive combat experience. In Dubai, he fought against both armed civilian militias and rogue ex-US military forces of the 33rd Infantry, surviving firefights against larger groups of enemies and killing hundreds of enemy personnel.

    Survival Experience

    While not explicitly shown in-game, Walker managed to survive for an extended period of time in the ruins of Dubai after the city was cut off from the outside world, overrun by sandstorms, and much of the pre-war infrastructure broke down, including water supplies, so he must have been able to find food and water in a ruined urban environment. He would also have extensive wilderness survival training during his Delta Force training.


    Captain Walker is a member of Delta Force, meaning that he has passed the most rigorous combat training in the US military, being highly trained in close combat, marksmanship, small unit tactics, survival, evasion, the use of parachute, and numerous other skills. Because of this, he is probably the best trained combatant in this match.


    As stated above, Martin Walker is a member of Delta Force, meaning he has passed the most rigorous training in the US military, of which only a small portion make it through. As such, he is at peak human strength, agility, and endurance.


    Walker is clearly of at least average, perhaps above average intelligence and is has an extensive knowledge of combat tactics and survival from his Delta Force training.

    Mental Health

    Captain Walker began showing symptoms of severe post-traumatic stress disorder even as he was still fighting in Dubai, including vivid hallucinations related to his experiences. For instance, he started seeing hallucinations of charred figures running at him while on fire- the result of his guilt over unintentionally firing white phosphorous shells at an enemy base that also contained a refugee camp, killing hundreds of civilians.

    Special Abilities

    While he is is a highly trained Delta Force operator with peak human strength, agility, and endurance and the training and experience to handle a variety of combat and survival situations, Walker has nothing you could really consider a “superpower”.


    One thing I've learned; if you don't draw first, you don't get to draw at all.
    — Booker DeWitt

    Booker DeWitt is a private investigator, former Pinkerton agent, and once apart of the United States Army. DeWitt infamously fought in the Battle of Wounded Knee. Later in life, his actions at Wounded Knee caused him severe depression and mental scarring, leading him to a path of alcoholism and gambling. He tried to redeem himself through baptism, but changed his mind and refused his baptism at the last minute. DeWitt later became a member of the Pinkerton Agency, being tasked to break up union strike efforts, though was eventually disgraced to do his extreme actions on the job. He eventually married, though his wife died while giving birth. As Booker's gambling debts grew, he was contacted by a Robert Lutece, a scientist who was invented machines in order to access other universes, offering to wipe away all of his debts in exchange for finding his infant daughter, Anna. Agreeing to at first, but almost instantly regretted his decision.

    In a last attempt to get his daughter back, Booker chased after Lutece and tried to wrestle Anna away from him, only for Lutece to escape through the portal, which accidentally severed Anna's finger once it closed. As punishment Booker branded Anna's initials, AD, into his hand.

    Close enough.

    • 7.65mm Mauser
    • 12 round fixed magazine
    • Starting ammo: 36 rounds/ 3 stripper clips
    The “Broadsider” is a handgun manufactured by Fink Manufacturing in Columbia. The weapon appears to be a copy of the Mauser C96 with a 12-round magazine. The Mauser C96 (Construktion 96) is a semi-automatic pistol that was originally produced by German arms manufacturer Mauser from 1896 to 1937. Unlicensed copies of the gun were also manufactured in Spain and China in the first half of the 20th century.

    When a zipline just isn't steampunk enough.

    A Sky-Hook is a mechanical device used for latching on to Sky-Lines, essentially large rails running between Columbia’s many floating islands. The Sky Hook is essentially a handheld device with three rotating magnetized hooks, which the user hooks onto a Sky Line and holds on as he rides along the Sky Line. While Booker may be able to do this with some objects, such as inactive electrical lines on the map for the purposes of this match, the Sky Hook will probably see most use in this match as an effective melee weapon with its rapidly rotating hooks which can easily be used to injure enemies.

    Vigors are genetic modification drugs based on the Plasmids of Rapture discovered when Jeremiah Fink observed Rapture through a tear. The vigors were modified from the original plasmids to be able to be consumed by drinking them, rather than by injection. Vigors provide the user with various abilities, including pyrokinesis, electrokinesis, telekinesis and other abilities. They are marketed as a domestic aids, allowing one light a fire, move objects, or power machinery even without a connection with the power grid, as well as weapons for self-defense, the primary use that Booker used them for. For the purposes of this match, Booker will have the Devil’s Kiss, Shock Jockey, and Bucking Bronco Vigors in their base form, without any upgrades.

    Devil’s Kiss

    Anybody need a light?

    The “Devil’s Kiss” Vigor grants the user the ability to throw a flaming projectile which can be used as a weapon to damage enemies. The vigor also has the secondary function of being able to lay a trap that will detonate like a land mine when walked over.

    Shock Jockey


    Shock Jockey is a Vigor that grants the user the ability to generate bolts of electricity from their hands. These bolts can stun an enemy and render them vulnerable to attack, and can also be used to power electrical devices. Shock Jockey also can be used to create an electric field to shock an enemy that comes near it. Electrical attacks cause severe damage to enemies that are in water. 

    Bucking Bronco


    The Bucking Bronco Vigor grants the user telekinetic powers, allowing them to cause objects or persons to levitate, rendering them vulnerable to attack.

    Combat Experience

    Booker saw combat in the 7th Cavalry at the Battle of Wounded Knee, and later saw extensive combat against a variety of human enemies, turrets, robots, and other creations of Columbia during his time in the floating city.

    Survival Experience

    Booker may have had to survive in the wilderness in during his time in the 7th Cavalry, but in Columbia, he was within a city, albeit a floating one, so he didn’t have to worry about scavenging for food and water, starting fires, finding shelter etc. Some of his Vigors could prove useful in this regard, though.


    Booker DeWitt was trained in combat, including horsemanship and marksmanship by the US military during his service in the Indian Wars, however, much like in Columbia, his training would be of limited use with the more advanced automatic weapons he will encounter.


    Booker is in very good physical condition, being able to engage in extended combat within Columbia and has no trouble holding onto a Sky Hook with one hand for an extended period to move around the floating city.


    Booker DeWitt is quite intelligent, with one alternate version of him being familiar with high-order mathematics and quantum physics, however, the main version seen in the game has attained anywhere near that level of education, but is still capable of understanding the use of new weapons he finds in Columbia, and even figures out how to pilot a zeppelin.

    Mental Health

    Booker suffers from deep-seated regrets and self-loathing from his role in the Wounded Knee Massacre, though he does not seem to suffer from any of the symptoms of PTSD.

    Special Abilities

    DeWitt has his Vigors, described above.

    I'll show you crazy!

    I'll show you who's the strongest and who has to listen to who!
    — Kousuke Kira, after killing his father.

    Kousuke Kira was a troubled child, having been physically and sexually abused by his father. As is sometimes the case, Kira himself developed criminal tendencies, starting in petty thefts, but culminating the murder and post-mortem rape of several women at an age of only 14. Kira was arrested for his crimes, but thanks to a lawyer named Soichi Natsume, he received a light sentence because of his past.

    Sometime after Kousuke's presumed incarceration or institutionalization, Kousuke, his father, and Natsume were all chosen to participate in an illegal "death game" run by Tyrannos Japan, makers of the video game BTOOOM!, a multiplayer game where the players are armed only explosives such as grenades and mines. Among Kira’s first actions in the death game was to kill his own father with an implosion grenade and go off on his own.

    Kousuke Kira is first seen killing frogs with a wooden staff he uses as a walking stick. The weapon is only used for this purposes in the anime, however, it appeared to be large enough to make an effective club against a human target. For the purposes of this match, Kira will be able to use if for this purpose.

    The primary weapons of BTOOOM are small grenades called BIMs. These devices come in a variety of forms, identical to their versions in the video game.

    2x “Cracker” (Impact) BIM

    HE BIM.png
    The most common type of BIM is the impact detonated “cracker” version, a roughly golf ball-sized explosive device. This device creates an explosion on impact, and will be assumed to have a similar lethal radius to a real-life V-40 "Mini Frag", with a blast radius of 5 meters (16 ft).

    2x Timed BIM

    How to say "you're fucked" in two digits.

    The second-most common BIM is a square BIM that acts as a timed explosive device. The device can be set for between 1 and 10 seconds, and can also be disarmed with a second press of the arming button. If disarmed, it will be only reactivatable by the person who disarmed it.

    2x Implosion BIM

    This one really sucks...

    The Implosion BIM is an unusual grenade that, through an unknown technology, creates an implosion that consumes everything in a radius of about four feet.

    2x Homing BIM

    So, should we sell this advanced technology to the military for a massive profit? Nah, let's make a secret death game intead.

    The Homing BIM is among the most unusual. The weapon is essentially a micro-unmanned aerial vehicle with a helicopter-like rotor which automatically homes in on the body heat of a human target. It has very low explosive power, however, and can be evaded, and for the purposes of this match will run out of power and self destruct after about 50 meters.

    1x Poison Gas BIM

    The poison gas BIM gives a middle finger to thermodynamics by holding a gas shell in a soda can.

    The poison gas BIM produces a cloud of highly corrosive gas, which will literally disintegrate organic matter in seconds. The weapon has a massive lethal radius up to perhaps 50-100 meters in spite of its small size, being about the size an shape of a soda can. It is unknown how the device achieves this. The gas, however, can sometimes be survived, though it is disfiguring and excruciatingly painful. The spreading gas can also be outran... if the target discovers the device and the gas in time.

    2x Remote Mine

    The Remote Mine BIM has a similar blast radius to the impact and timed versions, but is detonated by pressing a button on a corresponding watch-like detonator. If an adversary takes the detonator, he will be able to stop Kira from using the devices or even use them against him.

    2x Incendiary BIM

    Shurikens are cool. Flaming shurikens are cooler.

    The incendiary BIM is a small incendiary device shaped like a shuriken, but thicker and with blunt ends, and designed to be thrown in a similar manner. The device contains a flammable oil that burns at 1300 degrees Celsius.

    Combat Experience

    Kousuke Kira survived for an extended period in the death game, proving proficient in using the BIMs to the full level of their capabilities.

    Survival Experience

    Kousuke Kira survived on his own on an island covered in dense jungle filled with unfriendly wildlife, including Komodo dragons, however, he was able to get food and water, as well as extra BIMs from periodic supply drops arranged by the organizers of the “death game”. So he has some survival experience, but had an easier time finding food.


    Kousuke was a Japanese teenager, albeit one convicted of murder, and as such has no combat training.


    Kousuke Kira is fairly agile, able to evade incoming BIMs and move very quickly during fights. That being said, he might not be as strong as other combatants, being only a young teenager with a relatively small frame.


    Kousuke is fairly intelligence, being skilled in using the capabilities of his BIMs to set traps, and once he gets to know their attributes, may be able to do the same with other weapons should he be forced to use them. He also might figure out that the other combatants had never seen BIMs before an may use them to catch them by surprise.

    Mental Health

    Kousuke Kira’s abuse at the hands of his father (who was incidentally later killed by Kira) turned him into a sociopath who committed multiple brutal murders, including the murder and post-mortem rape of multiple women. Kousuke considers killing to be nothing more than entertainment, and has no sense of empathy, meaning he would likely attack the first person he sees.

    Special Abilities

    Kousuke has no special abilities in and of himself, though he does possess an advanced weapon that cannot be reproduced with modern technology, namely the implosion BIM.

    He was Kiritsugu before, and yet also 1000 years after it was cool.

    Because it was you who killed me
    — The remnants of Type Venus on why she came to “Gun God”.

    The man known as “Gun God” is the protagonist of the novel Notes by Kinoko Nasu, and the last unmodified human on Earth after pollution and warfare caused the planet to die, leaving a hellish wasteland where only cybernetically or genetically modified humans and creatures remain. When he was about 12, his parents were killed by an attack by Type Jupiter, one of the “Ultimate Ones” alien being of near godlike power that came to Earth do avenge the death of the planet and destroy what remained of humanity. The man that would become “Gun God” would learn to use firearms to avenge his family, and later discover the Black Barrel, not realizing it was a magic rifle that can destroy being composed of the magical life force or “Grain” that composes the entire body of the Ultimate Ones, and is also present in the augmented “A-Rays” that populate the world. He would also uncover a pistol with similar properties.

    “Gun God” would become a pilot and take part on the military operations against Type Venus, and would be the only pilot who was not killed in the battle. He would (for some reason) go up in an unarmed aircraft and be forced to fire the Black Barrel from within the his plane and hit Type Venus in the forehead, killing it. It was for this that he became known as the “Gun God” or “False God” for his defeating the godlike being.

    “Gun God” would later go on to serve as a hunter of “angels” that were spawned by the destruction of Type Venus, and later encounter and fall in love with a non-hostile angel in the form of a human female. The angel would reveal she was the last remnants of Type Venus. Soon after, “Gun God” would be called back to his old career as a fighter pilot and sortie against Type Saturn, only to be killed in battle.

    • unknown ammo type
    • unknown magazine size
    • 30 rounds starting ammo
    The Black Barrel is a magically enhanced firearm that “Gun God” found, not knowing of its power until he used it to kill Type Venus. The weapon is a “conceptual weapon” that does increased damage to being filled with the magical life force or “Grain” that is everywhere in the “Land of Steel”, and can also “force” the concept of a finite life span on otherwise immortal entities, thereby killing them. Against a normal human, it would (presumably, given that “Gun God” is the only one left) act like a normal bullet. The weapon is described as a highly customizable rifle that can be equipped with a scope among other items, which “Gun God” has modified for use as a sniper rifle. The weapon seems to be magazine-fed, though the exact number of rounds is unclear. The weapon fires commonly available bullets, with the properties of the guns “charging” the otherwise ordinary rounds. For the purposes of this match, it will use rounds available in the ammo caches lying around the location of the fight.

    The Black Barrel in Sion's hand. Still not sure how blood can melt when it's already liquid, though. Leo will get that reference, anyway.

    • unknown ammo type
    • magazine size unclear
    • 30 starting rounds
    In addition to the Black Barrel, “Gun God” also excavated a second magic weapon, the Black Barrel Replica, a weapon with similar properties, but in the form of a handgun. The weapon was not frequently used by “Gun God” who favored the longer range of the rifle form of the Black Barrel, being used more frequently by Sion Eltnam Atlasia 1000 years earlier. In an official manga, the weapon looks like a CZ-75 in Sion’s hands, and will be assumed to have similar characteristics.

    Combat Experience

    “Gun God” is has fought extensively against foes stronger than himself, including the techno-magically augmented A-Rays, and even killed one of the “Types” or Ultimate Ones, nigh-indestructible alien entities with massive destructive power.

    Survival Experience

    “Gun God” was the last unmodified human to survive in the “Land of Steel”, the hellish post-apocalyptic world, contaminated by pollution that forces him to take special medicine just to live, and is populated with hostile species far more powerful than himself, all thanks to his skill, determination and a really badass gun.


    “Gun God” was a pilot, was also a highly skilled marksman, suggesting he may have had some military marksmanship training, at least as far as is possible in his post-apocalyptic world.


    “Gun God” is capable of fighting against being far stronger than himself, albeit with the help of his weapons. Still, he must be decent at evading attacks from enemies such as A-rays.


    “Gun God” is clearly smart enough to operate a futuristic aircraft, thought that has a built-in AI which might make things easier. Still, seems to be of at least average intelligence.

    Mental Health

    Given his dark past, Gun God is not traumatized, but rather is cold, logical, and emotionless, though he shows some greater range of emotion once he meets and falls in love with the “Angel” that was the last remnants of Type Venus, even gaining something of a sense of humor, but still showing little emotion.

    Special Abilities

    While he was described as a “Gun God” or a “God Wannabe” after he killed the god-tier alien horror known as Type Venus, the man known as “Gun God” is just that, a normal man with a really badass magic gun.

    Voting Procedure

    As stated in the winning conditions above, only four people can survive on the food caches, with one more maybe making it on the scant alternate food sources (mostly dead wolves).

    As such please rank your each combatant from most to least likely to survive. Scoring will be borrowed from Leolab's Juuni Taisen match, with the first place winner getting 13 points, the second 12, and so on, declining down to one point. Please give an explanation of at least a few sentences as to why to ranked each participant in a given place.

    Thanks once again to those in the community who suggested the changes to make this match a success.


    • Introduction: Hoboniation- Condemned 2 Bloodshot OST
    • Kousuke VS Lucia: Fade- One Reason- Deadman Wonderland OST
    • Saki VS Island Defenses and Ethan VS Shihoru: Yuki Kajiura- We Have to Defeat It - Sword Art Online OST
    • Minene VS Isaac: OLDCODEX- Reject (Theme of Minene)- Future Diary inspired album
    • Chuck VS Ethan: Carlito - Dead Rising OST
    • Martin VS Chuck: The Storm Fight- Spec Ops: The Line OST
    • Artyom VS Booker: Battle for Columbia IV- Bioshock Infinite OST
    • Gun God VS Saki: Yuki Kajiura- This Day And Never Again- Fate/Zero OST
    • Gun God VS Courier 6: Einherjar Nigredo - Dies Irae: The Animation OST


    Week One

    Ethan Thomas
    Day One, 0:00
    South tip of the island

    Play in a new tab, please.

    Ethan Thomas got up in the middle of the night, laying on cracked concrete surface, surrounded by concrete structures in a similar state of disrepair. This was hardly the first time that he had ended up in such a situation. Hell, for the past year or so, it had been his life.

    And yet he thought those days were behind- he had overcome his alcoholism and accepted his mission to take on the shadowly cult known as the Oro Invictus with his newly discovered powers- those mutated vocal chords that gave him the power to project deadly sonic blasts. But now here he was, as though he had once again collapsed on the pavement in drunken stupor.

    As Ethan blinked a few times, his vision became clearer. He was at the tip of an island covered mostly in abandoned structures. There were a handful of old electric lights that were still were still working, but most of the island was unlit. Still, it was enough to make out the general shape of the structures in the area, the building nearest to him was only about three stories tall, but wider, while larger apartment blogs rose to the north.

    Reaching down into his pockets Ethan realized that he still had his FBI field kit, as well as his SIG Sauer P226 pistol held in a holster at his side. Using the backlight of his field kit as a flashlight, Ethan noticed through the broken window of the nearest building there was an empty, abandoned indoor pool. The building was probably a recreation center or maybe a school.

    As Ethan examined his surroundings, a sound like electronic feedback out, prompting the former FBI agent to draw his pistol. Turning to the source of the sound, Ethan lined his sights up on a wooden post with a pair of loudspeakers on it. Believing it was an Oro sonic emitter, Ethan shot the device with his pistol- Ethan knew well enough that it was imperative to destroy every one of the insanity-spreading machines- each one was as dangerous as 100 psychopaths.

    As the sound of the shot faded, however, instead of the high-pitched, ear-splitting sound of an Oro emitter, a voice rang out from the loudspeaker.

    "Now that you are awake, I think it's time I introduced myself. You can call me The Organizer, and I brought you all here to play a little game. What kind of game you ask? Why the oldest game in history: Survival.", the voice on the loudspeaker said.

    "You will be on this island for three months, and must survive the whole time using whatever you can find, as well as some food, medicines, and other... supplies... I left lying around the island. But be warned, there are only so many caches of food and supplies available, so competition might get... fierce. Well, you might also be able to eat the local wildlife, but they might think the same of you... And don't bother trying to escape the island, the ocean has been polluted to the point that extended contact is lethal, and I have places a field of sea mines and automated gun turrets a kilometer from the island. If you try to swim or take a boat away, it won't end well for you."

    "Now that your orientation is over, I wish you the best of luck..."

    "Wonderful, I end up in another lunatic's fucked up game, just what I fucking need!", Ethan thought, before he turned to the loudspeaker and spoke out loud, "You'd better hope I don't make it off this island, because if I do, I'm going to find you, and I'll kill you. You hear me, you sick son of a bitch!?"

    The voice on the loudspeaker did not respond.

    Kousuke Kira
    07:00, Day 1
    Near the north side of the island

    Lucia Konohana walked along a narrow path between the seawall and an abandoned apartment tower, before entering an open concrete-floored courtyard bounded by the sea to the east, a factory to the north, and apartment tower to the north and west.

    The voice on the loudspeaker had said there would be others on the islands, but thus far Lucia had not run into anyone, and yet, she couldn't shake the feeling that for the past couple hours, ever since the sun peaked over the horizon. Little the Guardian agent know just how right she was. About 40 meters away, hiding behind a concrete staircase leading up the side stood a boy in a blue shirt, clutching a small object.

    Kousuke Kira gave a sadistic grin as he removed an impact-detonated "Cracker" BIM from his BIM pouch as he looked over his prey. The psychopath paused a few moments to determing the best path of his throw. He didn't want to destroy her body with a direct hit, but rather get it just close enough for the blast or shrapnel to kill her while leaving her body mostly intact. After all, Kousuke wanted to use her body for his own sick pleasure once he had killed her, much as the serial killer had with many of his past victims. After a couple seconds, he decided how he was going to toss the device and made th throw...

    Play in another tab, and yes I know it's not from the OST of any of the series featured, but I didn't like the BTOOOM OST so...

    Lucia Konohana saw the blur of light blue as Kousuke came out from behind the staircase, and then, as if in slow motion, the figure of her attacker throw a small object. Lucia could only think of one thing it could be- a grenade, or some kind of thrown weapon at least.

    With all the strength of a Guardian superhuman, Lucia pushed off from the ground, jumping about a dozen meters to the right, behind an empty concrete planter in front of the entrance to the apartment building. As she did so, the BIM exploded, confirming that it was, in fact, some kind of explosive device.

    As Lucia even with her superhuman speed, Lucia realized that a frontal assault was not a good idea, especially if this attacker had a gun. Instead, she would lead him into the apartment building, where the combination of her sword and superhuman speed could give her an edge in close combat.

    As she prepared to move, Lucia heard a buzzing sound coming in from above. Turning to the source of the noise, she saw a miniature drone about the size of a golf ball flying towards her. Regardless of whether it was a used by her attacker or that "Organizer" one the loudspeaker, she wasn't going to let it track her movements any longer. With one fluid stroke, Lucia drew her katana and struck the drone. The blade sliced off one of the small plastic rotors, while the impact of the sword launched the device several meters away before it exploded.

    Lucia then immediately ran into the building, making her attacker caught a glimpse of her as she retreated. She sprinted across the entrance foyer, covered in broken and disused furniture, into the hallway leading into the first floor apartments. About half way down the hallway, Lucia entered the living room of an apartment, which contained the broken framework of a couch and an old TV set with the screen smashed in. To the right was the entrance was a small bathroom with broken, dust-covered fixtures.

    Lucia lay in wait for her adversary, knowing he would come after her. Sure enough, Kousuke Kira slowly walked through the foyer and into the hallway leading to the apartment.

    "What's the fun in hiding?", Kousuke said as he peeked into each room, looking for his prey, "Come on out and play with me!"

    After searching for several minutes, Kira started to get bored. Then he remembered the poison gas BIM he still had in his pouch. The device could create a surprisingly large gas could for its size.

    "The will flush her out!", Kira said, as he lobbed the gas grenade down the hallway and hurriedly exited the building as the cloud of yellowish gas expanded. Within a few seconds, the gas began filtering into the room where Lucia lay hidden.

    Instead of burning at her skin and throat as she inhaled the noxious gas, Lucia was unharmed... in fact, she was better than unharmed. To someone like Lucia, the toxic gas only made her stronger, at once, she could feel her self grow stronger, her reflexes, her vision, and her hearing grew sharper. She could easily hear the sound of Kousuke's footsteps as he retreated from the building.

    Lucia Konohana ran after the serial killer with speed remarkable even for a Gaia superhuman. In a few seconds, she covered the 100 meters or so between her and Kousuke, evading any obstacles in her way.

    As Kousuke realized he was being chased, however, he did not panic. Instead, as his target passed into the hallway leading into the entrance, let out a sadistic grin and pressed down on a button on a watch-like device on his wrist.

    At once, Lucia's vision was covered by two flashes of fire. She screamed in pain as shrapnel tore through her legs and torso. Thankfully Kira was off on his timing of the detonation, and the mines were placed low, so they did not destroy any of Lucia's vital organs or sever her limbs. Under most circumstances, this would have been a debilitating injury, but, enhanced by the gas that was a poison to most, Lucia could keep moving. She could already feel the pain deaden as the wounds began regenerating, less than a second after they were inflicted.

    As Kousuke Kira exited the abandoned apartment block, he realized that the mines had not stopped his pursuer. Deperately, Kousuke armed an implosion BIM and tossed at Lucia. The Guardian superhuman, however, saw the the device flying in her direction and ducked. The BIM kept going and hit a concrete support beam in the hallway and disintegrated it instantly, causing a large section of the ceiling to collapse as Lucia ran out of the building.

    As Kira tried to grab another BIM, Lucia lunged through the air, jumping at least ten meters horizontal distance in one leap. As she reached the apex of her climb, Lucia swung her blade down on the serial killer. The katana went into Kousuke's shoulder, cleaving straight through the shoulder blade and into the torso.

    As Lucia withdrew her sword from his body, the serial killer let out a gurgling sound as he tried to scream in pain, but his voice was silenced by blood running from his throat. Kousuke Kira collapsed to the ground in the middle of the courtyard as Lucia cleaned off her sword with a scrap of his clothing and sheathed the weapon, before turning away from her vanquished foe.

    Kousuke Kira eliminated

    "Gun God"
    07:25, Day 1
    Mine ventilation tower roof

    The man known in his home as the "Gun God" lay hidden on the roof of the tallest building on the island, a ventilation tower feeding into some sort of underground mine shaft, located on top a roughly 80-meter tall rocky hill in the center of the island. With his Black Barrel in sniper configuration, "Gun God" was in a perfect position to use the scope to recon the island.

    From what he had seen so far, this island was like no place on Earth, or at least the Earth that "Gun God" new. He hadn't taken his medicine in over 7 hours, and yet was showing on ill effects. Could it be that the air was not contaminated with "Grain" like everywhere else? The presence of plant and animal life that was not directly connected to humans also seemed to support this- it was like descriptions he'd heard of the time before everything died.

    Then, a few minutes ago, "Gun God" spotted something that further suggested that he was somewhere far different anywhere he had ever seen, perhaps even another world. A person walked into the courtyard of the northernmost apartment building, about 1.5 kilometers to the north.

    It was hard to tell from the distance, but they appeared to be a normal human, not an "A-Ray" or "Angel"... but "Gun God" was sure that he was the only one left. The first human he spotted, one wearing black and having long purple hair, a girl perhaps, was attacked by a second using what looked like a grenade. The second attacker wearing light blue and had short black hair, possibly male.

    The figure in blue chased the purple-haired figure into the apartment building, which seemed to fill with a yellowish brown haze a few minutes later. Both figured came running out, first "blue" and then "purple". "Purple" seemed to be moving faster than before, far faster than "blue", and faster than "Gun God" though he could run, but she still wasn't as fast as the augmented foes that he had faced.

    But it was fast enough. "Purple" overtook "blue" and lunged at them with some sort of melee weapons, apparently killing them before leaving the scene. As "purple" left the scene, "Gun God" continued to track her as she left the courtyard, before moving to scan for anyone else on the island, especially those that might present a more immediate threat.

    14:25, Day 1
    Management residential area, southwest side of the island

    Shihoru had realized several hours ago that she was back home, on Earth, or at least she thought so. There will still so much she didn't know. Was this really the same world she lived in before being spirited away to Grimgar? She recognized the structures and objects on the island as those of her old world- apartment blocks, factories, houses, shops, power lines, and cars, among other fixtures of modern urban life, but all of them were in ruins, with not a single person in sight. Was Shihoru really back home, or had she been transported to some parallel universe or post-apocalyptic future?

    That was the least of the things Shihoru didn't know. While the memory of what all these modern object were came flooding back to her, the details of her life before Grimgar did not- she did not know where she was born, where she had lived, who her family were, or even her own surname.

    At the moment, Shihoru was currently standing at the end of a dead end road in a higher-end residential area on the southwest corner of the island, the furthest from the mine and the factory to the north. These residences were separate houses and not multi-level apartment blocks, probably for the management of the facilities on the islands, as opposed to the workers who probably lived in the apartment blocks.

    Shihoru's musing on the place she had ended up in, however, were cut short by the sound of a loud howling sound. "Kobolds? Here?!" was Shihoru's first thought, but that idea was soon dispelled as the canine figures that appeared down the road turned out to be no bipedal, but quadruped. They were not the bipedal caninoids of Grimgar, but ordinary wolves, but that did not them any less dangerous, especially to someone like Shihoru, who was definitely not suited to close-in combat.

    As Shihoru readied her staff to defend herself, four of the wolves in the front of the street prepared to charge. Hoping her magic would still work in this new world, Shihoru spoke the new-familiar words "marque em parc" and drew a sigil in the air.

    To Shihoru's relief, a glowing blue ball of magical energy shot at the nearest wolf. The nearest of them was struck by the attack, blowing a few meters away, before it hit the ground and never got up. But there were still others coming at her.

    Moving backwards as quickly as she could, Shihoru prepared to cast her "Shadow Pond" spell to hold them off. "Ohm rel ect el nem...", Shihoru called out, before she felt a sharp pain in her ankle, causing her to fall backwards onto the concrete.

    In less than a second, the wolves were on top of her, the largest of them directly on top of her chest, bearing its teeth. As her life flash before her eyes, Shihoru closed her eyes, not want to see the fangs of the beast that would end her life. Then she heard a snapping sound and felt blood fall on to her face... and yet there was no pain, not even for a second.

    As she opened her eyes, Shihoru she realized that the sound had been not her neck snapping, but that of the wolf, which now lay dead on top of her, it's neck rotated a full 180 degrees, its head upside-down. As she pushed the body of the animal aside, Shihoru saw a second wolf go flying a dozen meters into the air, before slamming headfirst into a wall, while a third seemed spontaneously combust. Immediately, the rest of the wolf pack fled in terror, scattering in amongst the ruined buildings.

    As she got up, Shihoru heard a female voice call out from behind her: "Are you all right!?"

    "I... I think so...", Shihoru replied.

    Minene Uryuu
    18:25, Day 1
    Southernmost Apartment tower

    Minene Uryuu cautiously crept into the hallway on the eight floor of the southernmost apartment tower on the island, Walther PPK in hand. The floor of this hallway was, like those of every other building on the island, covered in dust and debris.

    Seeing no one in the hallway, Minene slowly advanced into the first room, one of countless destroyed apartments in the city... or so she thought. Below the broken TV on a battered stand was a dark green metal box, an ammunition canister, and next to that, an AK-47 assault rifle.

    Minene walked over to the rifle and seized it, in her hands. As she did so, however, the ammo canister popped open, revealing a live hand grenade. Minene only just jumped out of the way in time, diving through the open door and rolling around, a concrete support on the wall of the hallway shielding her from the blast.

    As Minene got up from the ground, however, she saw a figure in what looked like a desert military uniform appear from the window. A burst of automatic weapons fire rang out, and three shotgun slugs flew over Minene's head. As they reached the end of the hall some 30 meters beyond Minene, the projectiles exploded, proving they were not ordinary slugs, but FRAG-12 explosive shells.

    Minene ducked back into the hallway and blind-fired a burst from the AK she had taken from the stash, sending five rounds towards her attacker.

    At the other end of the long hallway, Captain Martin Walker peeked out from behind the cover of a concrete support column and fired another burst of two shells from his AA-12 as the enemy that had triggered his trap. After suppressing the enemy with this burst of fire, Walker advanced forward about a dozen meters, to the next support column and took cover.

    Evading the incoming shells, Minene retreated into the stairwells. Stopping to glance at her Escape Diary, Minene read, "Throw a fragmentation grenade into the hallway, then retreat and place a C-4 charge on the landing between the eight and seventh floor".

    As Walker advanced to the next cover, he was force back behind the support column when a Mark II frag grenade landed about ten meters in front of him. Walker was safe behind the column when the grenade detonated, but it had bought Minene the time she needed to retreat.

    As Walker neared the entrance to the stairwell, a second loud explosion filled his ears and shook the ground, knocking him to the floor. Getting up, Captain Walker peeked into the stairwell to see that the staircase leading down from the eighth floor had been destroyed by some sort of explosive device.

    As the C-4 detonated, Minene was on the other end of the building on the seventh floor, having pressed the detonator exactly when her diary had told her to. The Future Diary now read: "Exit out the window at the end of the corridor onto the seventh floor fire escape and descend two stories".

    As Minene exited, she realized that the fire escape ending after two floors, the rest of it having rusted and fallen off the side of the building. Fortunately, her diary once again provided the answer: "Get a running start and jump to the rooftop of the building to the south."

    Without hesitating, Minene ran down the remains of the destroyed fire escape and leaped the five or so meters between the fire escape and the roof. Minene's feet landed less than a foot from the edge. She wobbled on her feet and almost fell backwards as she landed, only just avoiding falling backwards.

    Minene then sprinted across the rooftop, before descending the fire escape ladder. She had escaped, but with only an AK and a partially depleted magazine to show for it, and having expended a grenade and a C-4 charge. Minene hoped that her attacker had been caught in the blast when they tried to give chase down the stairs, but she could not be sure- after all, the diary only told her how to escape, not how to trap a pursuer.

    If she was going to survive, Minene couldn't let herself be surprised again. No, it was she who had to catch her enemies by surprise...

    Saki Watanabe
    00:25, Day 2
    Residential Area

    Saki Watanabe sat across frome her new companion in front of an improvised firepit, roasting a piece of wolf meat on a spit over top it. It wasn't the most appitizing meal, but they couldn't let any food to waste- after all, the Organizer had said there was only a limited food supply on the island.

    "So, the world you left behind- before you ended up in that place... Grimgar, they have electric lights and horseless carriages, and flying machines? No one had Cantus.. I mean powers like mine?", Saki asked.

    "You are correct", Shihoru replied simply.

    "It's strange, I had heard about such things, in stories of times long past, before people developed Cantus... I'm almost beginning to wonder if the same thing that happened to you has happened to me, that I am in another world, or perhaps, another time."

    "Right now, it doesn't really matter", Shihoru said, before pausing, "...Sorry, if I sounded cold... It's just, I'm not very good at talking people".

    "It's quite alright", Saki replied, "and you're right- what matters right now is that we survive. We can't even think about finding a way back home until we find a way off this island".

    After a few minutes pause, Shihoru spoke in her quiet voice, making a short, to-the-point statement on something not related to the previous conversation: "Meat looks done".

    Saki levitated a piece of meat on the spit on the campfire and cut it open with her Cantus. It was dripping with juices and appeared to be cooked, but Saki wasn't so sure.

    "Looks like it's getting there", Saki replied, as she replaced the two meat, now split into two pieces, on the spit, "But I think we should leave it a bit longer, just to be safe. We wouldn't want to get some kind of parasite or something."

    Courier 6
    01:25, Day 2
    Shopping Mall

    The night vision headset of the Courier's NCR Ranger armor go penetrated the darkness that shrouded the interior of an abandoned shopping mall. The ruined buildings filled with potentially hostile inhabitants, both human and animal were nothing new ot the Courier- he had dealt with situations like this every day in the Mojave Wasteland. Even the situation of being trapped on this island wasn't so different from his experience with in Sierra Madre. In the end, Father Elijah, the man who had trapped him in the casino had ended up in with a .45-70 slug between the eyes, and if the Courier had his way, the same fate would befall this "Organizer".

    Up ahead, he heard an ominous howling. The light revealed a four wolves running at him at full tilt. Calmly as ever, the Courier activated the Vault-Tec Assisted Targetting System, or VATS, associated with his Pip-Boy. The sillhouette of the first wolf was highlighted on the visor of his armor. The targetting system showed him exactly wear to aim his revolver.

    As the wolf reached a range of about ten meters, the Courier fired the first shot, hitting it right between the eyes and cutting it down. It was followed by two more gunshots, each one striking its target. As the third wolf slid about a meter along the floor, its momentum carrying it forward even after it died, the last one of its fellows fled.

    After making certain that there were no other threats in the area, the Courier knelt down and got out a knife and started preparing the wolf carcasses, cutting out the guts and salvaging any edible meat. It wasn't the most pleasant task, but it was one the Courier had long since gotten used to, having subsisted on all manner of wasteland creatures in his travels.

    As he worked, the Courier heard footsteps coming in from the east. Immediately he drew his revolver and activated VATS. The targetting system revealed an "unknown contact", but it was sillhouetted in green. The Courier had no idea how it worked, but somehow, VATS could identify if a target was hostile- hostile targets were marked in red.

    "Who's there, show yourself! I'm warning you, I'm armed!", the Courier said.

    "Relax, I'm not looking for a fight", a voice said coming out from the darkness. "I'm coming into the light now".

    The speaker, who happened to be a private investigator named Booker DeWitt walked into the light. "How about we make a deal", DeWitt said, "I'll help you search this place, and we'll split anything we find, 50-50".

    The Courier considered the man's offer, but kept his guard up. "Fine then", the Courier replied after a second's contemplation, "But we stay together, don't get out of sight. Just because I accept your offer doesn't mean I entirely trust you".

    "Fine then", Booker replied, "Provided you follow the same conditions".

    "Deal", the Courier replied.

    A couple hours later, the two had searched the mall. The Courier walked away with an M4 carbine, three magazines of 5.56mm ammo, a medkit, and half a cache of food, including both some provisions hidden in the mall, as well as the meat from the dead wolves. Booker meanwhile took away the other half of the food, as well as an M14 rifle, three mags of 7.62mm, a second medkit.

    Saki Watanabe
    09:25, Day 2
    Eastern Wharf, southest side of the island

    Saki Watanabe stood at the end of the old wharf that had been the primary access point to the island while it was inhabited. From the look of it, this was the closest point to the mainland. If anyone was getting off the island, it was going to be by this route. Next to Saki stood her new companion, the girl with amnesia named Shihoru.

    "This looks like the closest place to the mainland", Saki said. For the past few hours, the three of them had gone to the top of a tall building to survey the terrain, and then made their way to the point closest to the mainland.

    "But how exactly do you plan to make it off the island? The Organizer said that the sea was mined", Shihoru said.

    "It's relatively simple actually. I can use my Cantus to levitate myself, like this", Saki replied as she lifted herself a couple meters into the air, hovering in place.

    "Amazing!", Shihoru said, eyes wide with awe at her companion's powers.

    Open in a new tab.

    "I'll go ahead and make sure its safe.", Saki said, "If it's safe, I'll pick you up and take you to the mainland. Then I'll rescue the others. We can outwit this 'Organizer' and put an end to his twisted games!"

    "Uhh... OK...", Shihoru said, sounding unsure about being left alone.

    "Don't worry", Saki said, hearing the unease in her new friend's voice, "It will only take a few minutes, you'll be able to see me from here".

    After reassuring Shihoru, Saki took off in earnest, flying a couple hundred meters over the ocean. In less than a minute, she had covered several hundred meters. At this point, a group of bouys floating offshore, probably marking the minefield came clearly into view.

    These bouys, however, were no ordinary markers, as was made blatantly obviously when flashes of light appeared from them and a loud buzzing roar filled the air. At the same time, explosions began to appear around Saki, a piece of shrapnel grazing her leg.

    What Saki did not know was that the bouys were equipped with 20mm CIWS turrets programmed to fire on anything leaving the island. Saki summoned her Cantus to create a shield around her just it time, protecting her from the bursting shells as the dove down to just below the ocean's surface.

    Saki destroyed a few of the nearest guns with her Cantus, crushing them like soda cans or setting them ablaze with her pyrokinesis, but there were too many. She had no choice but to retreat back to the island.

    As she neared the shore, Saki thought she saw Shihoru running, chased by a second figure. Spurred on to protect her comrade, Saki sped up.

    Ethan Thomas
    09:27, Day 2
    Eastern Wharf, southest side of the island

    Ethan Thomas had spent much of the last day and a half in an abandoned bar near the the eastern wharf. The pantry was still stocked with food, as well as an even more welcome sight: copious amounts of alcohol. In addition, he also found a sawn-off Ithaca 37 pump-action shotgun and a box of shells under the bar.

    As Ethan took back a swig of Jack Daniels straight from the bottle, a familiar voice spoke to him. "Relapsing, Ethan?", the voice said.

    Turning to face the speaker, Ethan spotted a figure that looked like a mirror image of himself, save for the fact that they were wearing a mask over their face. Ethan had seen this hallucinatory figure before, an entity that represented his inner demons, his acceptance of his role in the fight against the Oro and now, his recently reinstated alcoholism.

    "Hey, fuck you!" Ethan yelled as he threw the bottle at the "alcohol demon", causing the hallicination to dissipate. At that point, Ethan noticed another person outside the bar, near the wharf. The figure appeared to be a girl in odd clothing like a something out of a live action role play and holding a staff.

    In his drunken rage, Ethan Thomas figured they must have been here to steal his supply cache. He fired his shotgun out the window and yelled, "This shit is mine, fuck off!"

    As the blast of shot only just missed her, Shihoru dove behind a half-ruined concrete wall, narrowly evading Ethan's second shot, which flew over her head and blew off her pointed hat. Things were definitely not going Shihoru's way- first she thought she saw flak shells bursting around Saki in the distance before, moments later, she was attacked by a lunatic with a shotgun.

    Shihoru grabbed her staff off the ground and prepared to cast a magic missile- she realized she could not break cover just yet- it would take too long to cast- the gun had a much higher rate of fire. She might not have all her memories from her past life on Earth back, but the sight of a gun triggered her to remember what it was and just how dangerous a weapon it was. Only as she finished drawing the magic sigil in the air did Shihoru get up and yell "Jess yeen sark fram dart!".

    A bolt of lightning fell from the sky onto building that housed the incredulous ex-FBI agent. "What the fuck!", Ethan exclaimed as the lightning bolt narrowly missed him, blowing a hole in the wall and set fire to bottles of hard liquor on the bar.

    "Now you've pissed me off!", Ethan yelled at the loss of his booze stash as he racked his shotgun and burst out the door, turning towards the location where he saw the last attack come from. Ethan heard a voice speak some random gibberish from behind the wall and readied his weapon.

    "Ohm rel ect delm brem darsh!", Shihoru called out, casting her Armor Shadow spell, a sheild of shadow covering her body. Then she ran for it. Ethan fired his shotgun as he got up, the first shot missing, but the second... the shotgun blast struck Shihoru straight in the back.

    And yet there she kept running, acting as though she had not even felt. There wasn't a drop of blood on the ground. The shock of seeing his enemy shrug off a shotgun blast to the back shocked him enough for him to try to fire again, not realizing the gun was empty. As the gun gave the click of an empty chamber, Ethan dropped the shotgun and drew his SIG Sauer P226.

    Shihoru felt the shotgun blast as a light push- the armor shadow spell had worked, deflecting that attack, but it would only work for one attack. New she was wide open. Realizing this, the isekai survivor ran into a building that looked like a warehouse.

    Thankfully, the enemy had run out of ammo and switched to his sidearm, buying Shihoru valuable time. Sprinting around a large stack of shipping containers, Shihoru ran into an open container. At then end of the container, she found something that might even up the odds.

    At the back of the shipping container stood its only contents, a open wooden crate containing an MP5K submachine gun and two extra magazines. Shihoru had never used a gun before, civilian ownership of firearms was almost unheard of in Japan, and Grimgar was at a medieval technology level. Nonetheless, glancing at the side of the weapon, the safety seemed simple enough to figure out. There was four symbols, a crossed out bullet, a single bullet, three bullets, and five bullets in a row. It was clear what these meant- safe, semi-auto, three-round burst, and fully automatic.

    Shihoru set the fire selector to the symbol with five bullets. Her enemy was clearly much more skilled with a gun than she was, but if she caught him by surprise, she could take him out. Shihoru lay hidden in the crate, the weight of the firearm, while less even then her mage's staff, felt heavy and alien in her hands.

    Ethan Thomas advanced slowly down the side of the corridor, gun in hand. His adversary appeared to be little more than a kid, but that mattered little to him. After all, he had killed plenty of people not much, if any, older than her. That psycho bitch in the doll factory, for instance.

    At the moment, however, she seemed to be hiding. As Ethan turned the corner, he heard a burst of automatic weapons fire and felt a sharp shock of pain as one of the rounds literally grazed his nose, and another his forehead. It was that girl, having gotten her hand on a new toy.

    As the figure came into view, Shihoru held down the trigger, she felt the gun rise in her hand, saw the light of the muzzle flash. A spray of blood flew from face of the man before her. For a split second, Shihoru thought she had won... But a second later, as the roar of the gun was replaced with the click of an empty chamber, she realized how wrong she was.

    Ethan Thomas, now ever more throughly enraged, turned and fired his pistol at his attacker, firing three shots, scoring two to the chest and one to the head. Shihoru saw her attacker turn to face her, heard the crack of gunfire, felt a sudden, sharp pain... and then nothing at all...

    Shihoru eliminated

    Saki Watanabe
    09:31, Day 2
    Warehouse near Eastern Wharf

    Saki Watanabe landed near the warehouse near the docks. She had definitely seen Shihoru being chased into this building as she flew back from her abortive attempt to flee the island. Entering through the open door, she yelled, "Shihoru!.... Are you all right?!"

    As she walked around a large stack of shipping containers, a figure turned to face her, an unkempt looking man in a black shirt, with two bloody scratch marks across his face. In his hand was an object unlike anything Saki had seen before, but she could figure out what it had to be: a gun, but one that looked more menacing than the ones the Monster Rats used.

    Saki was confused- why would a human carry a gun, unless he lacked Cantus... The man fired his gun, which spat out a stream of multiple gunshots without reloading... it was far more dangerous than the guns used by the Monster Rats.

    Saki only just raised her Cantus as a shield in time. Using her powers, Saki blocked the bullets, causing them to fall to the floor harmlessing, their momentum halted.

    "You got to be shitting me"!, Ethan Thomas said as he drew his pistol and took aim. At that moment, Saki realized that somehow, she had met a human who lacked Cantus, and yet had not been transmuted into a Monster Rat. This was dangerous- without Cantus he would not suffer from Death Feedback. He could kill with impunity.

    Realizing this, Saki used her Cantus to crush the gun into a lump of useless twisted metal. As she did this, Saki felt a slight headache- apparently even this was enough to trigger the first "warning signs" of her death feedback.

    "Calm down", Saki said, speaking in Japanese, trying to reach out to the man, "I'm not trying to hurt you".

    It seemed, however, that the man did not understand her. She supposed it made sense, she had heard him speak a different language only a moment ago. Instead, the man opened his mouth as though to speak, but no words came out. Instead, she heard an ear-splitting screeching noise, and felt a sudden force knock her back about three meters. Then the man turned and ran out the back door of the warehouse.

    After a few seconds, Saki got up and ran over to wear the man had been. As she did, she spotted something in a shipping container. Using her Cantus to summon a small flame to light the dark interior of the container, Saki realized to her horror exactly what it was.

    Laying with her back slumped against the rear or the shipping container was Shihoru. Blood stained her clothing, and a holed was bored into her forehead. "Shihoru!", Saki yelled as she walked over to her friend. As she placed her hand on her neck, however, it was clear she had no pulse. How could she, after a wound like that.

    "I'm sorry Shihoru", Saki said quietly, before turning away and saying, "I'll get the person who did this to you".

    She might not be able to kill, but she could still stop him from ever killing again. For the first time in her life, the normally stable Saki felt dark thoughts rise up in her head. The headache that triggered if one even though attacking someone, the first warning of "Death Feedback" got more intense, but she didn't care. Perhaps she could incapacitate him and leave him for the wolves or some other island inhabitant to finish off... While she had not attempted any sort of bio-manipulation with her Cantus, perhaps she could even transmute him enough to allow her to attack him with impunity. When she discovered how this was done to non-Cantus using humans in the past, turning them into Monster Rats, she thought it was a horrible injustice, but for a murderer like him...

    Isaac Clarke
    11:31, Day 5
    Factory on the North side of the Island

    Isaac Clarke had been on this island for five days now, and he still had no idea what was going on. One moment he had been on a Necromorph-infested space station and then he was on an island, having heard a broadcast on a loudspeaker about some kind of survival game.

    Having explored the island, Isaac concluded he was probably on Earth, in some ruins that looked like they dated back to the 20th century. He had been fortunate. On board one of a ship- an ocean-going vessel rather than the spacecraft Isaac was used to- docked next to factory on the north end, he had found a cache of food and water. It was enough to keep him alive for a few days.

    For the past couple days, Isaac had explored the north end of the island, but no encountered another person. At one point he had heard an explosion coming from a nearby apartment building, by the time he got there, whatever caused it was gone.

    It was the third day before Isaac finally encountered another living thing- a group of large feral dogs, perhaps even wolves, if he actually was on Earth. Two of them tried to attack him, but could not bite through his RIG. Isaac pushed the attacking wolf away with his kinesis module and then then shot it with his plasma cutter, splitting its head open. A second shot from the plasma cutter took out the second attacking wolf, before the rest of the pack wisely fled the scene.

    Two days later, Isaac was still living in the offices of the factory when he heard something, the sound of a door opening on the floor below him. Walking down the stairs with his plasma cutter held in front of him like a handgun, Isaac turned the corner to face...

    A girl with purple hair holding a katana. "Stop right there!", Isaac called out to her cautiously, keeping his weapon raised, "Who are you? What do you want?!"

    "I might ask the same of you, I'm just trying to survive and find a way off this island", the girl said in accented, but otherwise fluent English, "Lucia Konohana, Guardian agent."

    "Suppose you're the same as me", Isaac said, not lowering his weapon, "Isaac Clarke, an engineer. What is exactly is 'Guardian'"

    "I'm not supposed to discuss this, but given the situation, I'm not sure it matters. Guardian is a covert military unit tasked with countering the terrorist organization known as "Gaia", Lucia said, "I'm guessing you're not familiar with them either."

    "So long the as you're not a Uni or a Necromorph", Isaac said.

    "What are Unis and Necromorphs", Lucia asked.

    "Never mind", Issac asked, "I take it you don't have any more idea what's going on than I do?"

    "I woke up on this island a few days ago, and have been trying to survive ever since", Lucia replied, "Now that the introductions are out of the way, how about you lower your weapon". As she spoke, Lucia lowered her katana to her side, but kept it in her hand".

    After a few seconds, Isaac did the same with his plasma cutter.

    "Very well then, I'm assuming you are proposing we work together?", Lucia asked.

    "Precisely", Isaac said, "I've been looking around here, and we have everything we need here to build a simple hovercraft which should allow use to go right over the mines".

    "A hovercraft?", Lucia asked incredulously, "Even if you do build one, what about the automated guns that the Organizer mentioned in his broadcast?"

    "I've got a plan to deal with those. Trust me, I'm an engineer", Issac said, "an explosively pumped flux compression generator", Isaac said, "Essentially a portable EMP device. If we build a big enough one, we should be able to fry the electronics of the automated guns for a good distance. There should be everything we need to build one here, but we're going to need to head out on a little scavenger hunt."

    "So what do we need to building this thing?", Lucia asked.

    "I have the list right here", Isaac said, producing a small piece of paper.

    The list read:

    • copper pipe
    • copper wiring
    • capacitor
    • high explosives, ideally plastic- C-4 or Semtex
    • soldering kit
    • electrical tape
    • angle grinder or metal saw
    • two industrial fans
    • plastic tarp
    • engine from the small boat at the docks

    Week Two

    Artyom Alekseyevich Chyornyg
    15:31, Day 8
    Heliport, South side of the Island

    Artyom held his "Uboinik" handmade shotgun in hand as he quickly turned the corner, looking into the interior of a destroyed Huey helicopter lying on the helipad. There was definitely no escaping in this aircraft- half the rotors had been broken off, but Artyom knew full well that abandoned vehicles like this one might still have some useful cargo remaining inside even long after the had been immobilized.

    The interior of the aircraft was deserted, so Artyom cautiously lowered his gun and entered the interior of the helicopters. There were no bodies inside, suggesting either they had been removed or the helicopter was destroyed while it was unmanned. For a moment, the aircraft appeared to have been stripped of anythting useful, but then, Artyom spotted something out of the corner of his eye.

    Under one of the benches in the interior of the helicopter lay an olive drab metal box a little more than a meter long by about 40 centimeters wide and 15 cm tall. Artyom pulled the box out from the benches and undid the latches. It was unlocked.

    Inside the box, Artyom found an AK-pattern assault rifle with three magazines of 5.45mm ammunition, as well as three MREs and two RGD-5 fragmentation grenades. A good haul. Artyom put down his shotgun and picked up with MREs, and then the grenades, placing them on his belt. He then picked up the AK.

    It did not have wooden furniture like older AK-47s or 74s that were most common in the Metro, but rather black plastic furniture. The weapon was labeled on the side of the receiver as an AK-12, 5.45x39mm.

    "Strange", Artyom thought, "The AK-12 is a bullpup rifle".

    Nonetheless, it was a perfectly servicable weapon, and would certainly be more effective than the crudely made weapons he was equipped with. Artyom took the magazines and pocketed them. He placed the Uboinik and the remaining shells into the box and hid it under the helipad, covering it with rubble. Hopefully it would be there if he needed it, but if not, at least whoever found it would not be as well armed as he was.

    Isaac Clarke
    15:31, Day 9
    Factory, North side of the Island

    "These are the HVAC fans we need", Isaac said, walking up to some fans attached to a large piece of machinery, closely followed by Lucia Konohana. Isaac was protected from the toxic fumes that had filled the factory since the ventilation system stopped functioning, but somehow, his companion, in spite of being unprotected, was able to move around without showing any signs of being effected by the gas. Initially Isaac had been mystified by that, but by now, he had gotten used to the mysterious abilities of the girl.

    "We need the whole machine or just the fans?", Lucia asked.

    "Just the fans", Isaac replied, "We'll be running them off of the boat engine we got yesterday".

    "Got it", Lucia replied. Normally she would avoid touching machinery given propensity to damage it, but most of the internal systems were already damaged beyond repair, it was really just the fan blades and the cover that they needed.

    As such, Lucia did not hesitate as she placed her hands below the fan and let out a grunt as she let ripped the fan off the end of the larger HVAC unit and lifted it up.

    Isaac turned as soon he hard the fan being broken off and said, "Clearly there's much more to you than meets the eye"

    "Let's just say I can not only survive in toxic environments, but it actually enhances my strength", Lucia replied, "I'd rather not talk about how I ended up this way".

    "Fine with me", Isaac replied as he turned back to the fan, "I have my fair share of shit I'd rather not talk about"

    At that moment, Isaac turned his hand to the fan. At that moment, the fan lifted off the HVAC unit of its own accord and started floating in midair a few meters in front of Isaac.

    "I see you haven't revealed all of your abilities either.", Lucia replied.

    "Yeah", Issac replies, "Well you can never be too careful. I should no that best of all. Now what do you say we get this stuff back the docks.".

    Lucia Konohana
    15:31, Day 9
    Apartment complex, south of the factory

    Lucia Konohana walked down a ruined hallway of an abandoned apartment building on the third floor, walking immediately in front of Isaac Clarke. This maze apartment buildings was the shortest route to the higher ground in the center of the island- on this floor was a skybridge that led straight to the entrance to mine on the upper part of the island, and hopefully there they should be able to find the explosives they needed.

    Suddenly, however, Lucia spotted something that might save them the trip.

    "Over there, in that room.", Lucia said, "I found something that looks like a weapons cache".

    "Be careful", Isaac said, "If there are other people on this island, it could be a trap."

    "I know.", Lucia replied, "Stay outside and cover the stairs."

    In spite of the best laid plans, however, little did she know, Minene Uryuu listened from a few rooms away. She had been quietly tailing the two ever since they started their little scavenger hunt. Apparently they needed explosives for some kind of EMP bomb... Well she was going to give them explosives all right...

    As Lucia opened the metal canister, she spotted her prize, two blocks of a white solid that looked like modeling clay wrapped in a black plastic wrapping. The label read, "Charge, Demolition, M112. 1/4 lb C-4".

    Lucia never noticed the small electronic device with wires connected to each of the blocks, for at that moment, the explosives went up in a flash of fire, killing Lucia instantly. The blast wave spray what was left of her body everywhere, causing her toxic blood to begin disintegrating the concrete structure of the building. Less than a second later, the ceiling of the room collapsed, though the building remained standing.

    Lucia Konohana eliminated

    Open in another tab

    As the explosives detonated, Isaac Clarke was thrown against the wall, but caused only light injury. As it was, it probably probably saved his life- the blast has thrown Lucia's sword directly above him with such force that it was embedded in the concrete.

    As Isaac got up, he heard the crack of gunfire. Several rounds flew past him, one grazing the side of his helmet. Isaac ducked into the next room down the hallway, an abandoned apartment much like all the others in the building and more bullets whizzed past him. Peeking out, he drew his plasma cutter and fired off three shots. The blasts of energy missing his target, instead blowing chunks of concrete out of the wall at the end of the hallway.

    Minene, meanwhile, having run out of ammo from the one magazine in the AK-47 she had stolen from Martin Walker's arms cache the previous week, got out a grenade and throw it towards the room Isaac was taking cover in.

    Fortunately for Isaac, he chose that moment to peek out from behind cover. Isaac activated his kinesis module and grabbed the grenade in midair, returning it to Minene.

    Shocked as her own grenade landed next to her, Minene ducked behind a concrete support column just in time to escape the explosion. Lacking any more ammunition for her AK, she instead resorted to drawing her Walther and fired two shots, hoping to take out her enemy as soon as possible.

    At that moment, however, her adversary showed her another trick. Minene was hit by Isaac's stasis module, slowing her movements to a crawl. Isaac placed the laser sight of his plasma cutter right across her face... It looked like Minene had found herself in a situation even her diary could not save her from.

    At that moment, however, Minene had a stroke of luck that saved her life. In the excitement of the fight, Isaac did not realize his plasma cutter was out of charge. As he reloaded the device, the stasis module wore off. Minene was free to move at full speed.

    She fired three more shots from her pistol. Isaac was forced to retreat around a corner. Minene let out a sadistic grin as she removed a detonator from her belt. This corner did not lead to another abandoned apartment- it led to the skybridge across to the mine entrance.

    As Isaac ran around the corner and onto the concrete skybridge, he felt a sudden force throw him into the air, and then nothing at all. Isaac Clarke was thrown dozens of meters into the air, as the skybridge exploded, having never realized he walked directly into Minene's trap. He was dead before his body hit the ground.

    Isaac Clarke eliminated

    Martin Walker
    15:31, Day 9
    Outside the apartment complex, south of the factory

    Martin Walker hurried over to the apartment complex when he explosions coming from the apartment building. Given that the purple-haired woman who had stolen from him a few days ago had a penchent for using explosives, the ex-Delta Force operator suspected she might be there.

    Sure enough, almost as soon as Martin got within visual range of the building, he saw the woman with her distinctive purple hair run out of the building. Martin did not hesitate for a second as he raised his AA-12 automatic shotgun.

    Walker depressed the trigger, firing a burst of three FRAG-12 explosive shells. The shells flew across the roughly 100 meters of distance before detonating as they neared the door. The three explosive slugs went up in a flash of fire and blood.

    Minene Uryuu collapsed instantly, her face reduced to a bloody mess, having never realized what hit her.

    Minene Uryuu eliminated

    As his target crumpled to ground, Martin Walker cautiously advanced towards the body of his downed adversary. Looting the body of his foe, Martin picked up Minene's PPK. It was hardly his first choice of weapon, but in this situation, one could never have enough firepower. The small handgun could also be easily concealed, which could prove useful if he ever needed to surprise an enemy who thought his unarmed. More useful was the Mark II grenade on her body. It was not as effective as the M67s he carried, but a grenade was still a grenade.

    Chuck Greene
    15:31, Day 12
    Dynamite storage, mine, island center

    Chuck Greene stood over a table in the dynamite storage of the abandoned mine on the island. A few days ago, he found a compound bow and arrows in a weapons cache. While it was inferior in terms of firepower to his handgun and shotgun, Chuck took the weapon with him on the off chance the mine still had some dynamite left in the explosives storage. Thus far, Chuck had not run into any of the other combatants, though he had seen them fighting from a distance and come across the bodies. He realized they were armed with explosives and automatic weapons. If he wanted to defend himself, he needed more firepower.

    As it turned out, he was in luck. While it was pretty picked over, one crate of explosives remained, filled with ten sticks of dynamite. Now Chuck has the sticks of dynamite laid out on the table. picking up an arrow, he placed it next to a stick of dynamite, and then unwrapped a few inches of duct tape, before wrapping it around the dynamite and the arrow.

    Repeating this performance on both end of the arrow, Chuck placed the arrow aside and went to work on the next one. After a few minutes working he had ten dynamite-tipped arrows.

    This was old trick he first came up within the Fortune City outbreak, something he called the "Blambow", a stick of dynamite attacked an arrow, capable of turning a bow into an improvised grenade launcher.

    Week Three

    Chuck Greene
    15:31, Day 15
    Shopping mall, South Island

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    Chuck Greene walked into an abandoned shopping mall, with his shotgun in hand, the improvised stock- actually the handle of a pitchfork he attached to act as both stock and bayonet on his shoulder.

    The former motocross rider and Fortune City zombie outbreak survivor walked past a foul-smelling pile of guts and bones, the remains of three of the pack of wolves that ended up loose on this island. There weren't many left on the island at this point, and these three had been killed two weeks ago by another survivor on this island.

    By this point, however, he was gone. Instead, Chuck Greene encountered another survivor on this island, a former FBI agent who had recently relapsed back into alcoholism. Having seen one stash destroyed, after a week of withdrawals, he found the remains of a liquor store that he had hole up in ever since. At the beginning of the survival game, Ethan Thomas might have seen this for what it was, a set up by the Organizer to trap him back into his old habit under duress, but at this point, he had long since stopped caring. All he cared about was survival and protecting his stash of "stress relief aids", and that everyone else on, as far as he was concerned, was a threat.

    At that moment, Ethan Thomas heard footstep outside the store. Peeking outside, MP5K in hand, Ethan spotted a man with an odd weapon that looked like a shotgun with a pitchfork duct taped to it.

    Ethan fired a burst from the submachine gun at Chuck, who only ducked behind a large concrete pillar just in time. The shallow 20-round magazine of Ethan's weapon quickly runs dry and Chuck take the time to fire two blasts of buckshot from the shotgun.

    Both of the shotgun blasts miss, serving only to shatter a nearby window as Ethan returns fire, having reloaded his MP5K. This time, a shot grazes Chuck's shoulder, but does not seriously injure him. It does, however, cause him to drop the shotgun and draw his CZ-75, firing off several more shots at Ethan, who dove behind a large concrete trash can which proved thick enough to stop the rounds.

    At that moment, Ethan got up, but instead of firing his weapon, he opened his mouth as though to speak, but no sound came out. Instead, there was a deafening roar as the column Chuck was taking cover behind exploded and threw Chuck through the air, knocking the pistol out of his hand.

    Chuck Greene did not have time to wonder how his adversary had done that- his entire mind was focused on getting up, into a store a few meters away. He made it, but he had been disarmed of both his guns, he had only one weapon left: the bow and the dynamite arrows he had crafted a few days previously. He was lucky... whatever that was... hadn't set off the explosives attached to the arrows.

    Ethan Thomas advanced slowly, his SIG Sauer in hand, having expended both magazines of his MP5K. As he did so, he saw a blur of yellow come running out of the store in front of him. Ethan fired his pistol, but the three shots all missed.

    Then, he saw an object trailing sparks fly from his adversary, and less than a second later, felt a sharp pain in his chest. Looking down, Ethan saw an arrow embedded in his chest, with a lit stick of dynamite attached to it.

    Before he could do anything else, the fuse reached its end, and dynamite exploded, horribly mangling Ethan's upper body in a flash of fire and blood.

    Ethan Thomas eliminated

    Saki Watanabe
    20:53, Day 15
    Shopping mall, South Island

    Saki Watanabe walked into the darkened abandoned shopping mall, using the pyrokinetic powers granted by her Cantus to illuminate the interior of the building that was so alien to her, yet had become so familiar in the last few weeks since she was transported here.

    Up ahead, she spotted something lying on the floor. Moving over to examine it, Saki saw an object about the size of a melon lying on the ground. Moving closer, she realized to her horror that it was a severed head. After what happened to Shihoru, she had come across yet another death.

    Looking closer, Saki realized who it was: the man who had murdered Shihoru. Part of her was disappointed- after Shihoru died, Saki had contemplated ways to cheat the "Death Feedback" on her Cantus, to find a way to kill the man with out suffering the same fate. The other half of Saki's mind was horrified at herself for thinking such a thing, but then again... didn't many of the people of her village think the same way about the Monster Rats after their attack that killed thousands and destroyed their homes.

    From what she saw in discovering the true nature of the society of she lived in, it was clear that "Death Feedback" had done nothing to end violence. People still committed acts of violence, even if they had to find ways to cheat "Death Feedback". Humans with Cantus, humans without such powers, and Monster Rats, they were all capable of horrific atrocities under the right conditions. It seemed to simply be part of human nature.

    Still, Saki couldn't simply allow this to happen. The Organizer, he was the one to blame, and she would find a way to put a stop to this madness...

    Martin Walker
    20:53, Day 19
    Western Marina, West of the management residences

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    Martin Walker entered an abandoned restaurant on the south side of the marina next to what was formerly the staff residence area. Sweeping his AA-12 automatic shotgun to the left and then to the right, he quickly ascertained that the abandoned dining area was clear.

    Moving quickly into the area, Walker entered the back room. Inside he found a shelf containing several cans of assorted preserved foods. As he began collecting the items, however, he heard footsteps at the door.

    Turning to face the source of the sound, Walker saw a man in a yellow racing jumpsuit, armed with a shotgun with the end of a pitchfork attached like a bayonet. Walker fired his AA-12 at the man, who dove out a window as he saw Walker turn to face him, dropping his shotgun in the process. The FRAG-12 explosive shells flew out out window and exploded, destroying a boat moored at the dock.

    Chuck Greene grabbed one of the dynamite arrows from his "blambow" and lit the fuse. Not having time to shoot it, he threw it through the window like a grenade. Walker hit the deck, avoiding any injury. By the time the smoke cleared, Chuck had jumped from the dock onto a floating boat, only to jump away, just in time to evade a burst of four explosive slugs.

    The explosive rounds tore apart the cab and hull of the boat as Chuck ran, drawing his CZ-75 pistol and firing three shots at Walker. One round grazed Walker's arm as he advanced.

    Another burst from the AA-12, and a FRAG-12 hit a gas pump on the end of the docks, sending it up in a colossal ball of flames, sending Chuck flying several feet through the air.

    For a moment, it looked Walker had won, however, a second later, Chuck Greene rolled on the ground, extinguishing the flames on his back and ran for it, firing five shots from his pistol behind him, hoping to suppress his attacker.

    The bullets, however, were unaimed and missed Walker by at least a meter. The ex-Delta Force soldier fired has AA-12 at the house Greene ran into, blowing away a large section of wall with a burst of five explosive slugs.

    As Walker cautiously advanced into toward the house, Walker received no incoming fire. He was sure his adversary had to be dead. Walker entered the building cautiously, leaving his guard up.

    It was at this point that he heard a strange buzzing sound and saw a green light burst from a closet as it was forced open. The man in the racing jumpsuit was holding what looked like a flashlight with some jewelry stuck on the end, but somehow, a green-colored beam of light about four feet long was emminating from the end.

    "What the fuck!", Walker exclaimed, as the man swung the flashlight.

    It was a trick Chuck Greene did not fully understand himself, but somehow, during the Fortune City zombie outbreak, he had figured out that if you took a bunch of gemstones placed it over the end of a flashlight in just the right way, it would focus the beam into a deadly beam capable of burning through flesh- effectively turning it into a lightsaber.

    Chuck swung the blade, which burned through the AA-12 barrel, as well as Walker's left hand. Captain Martin Walker collapsed back in shock and pain. He did not know precisely what hit him, but he knew that, even with the cauterizing effect of the blade, it had opened a major artery, and there was no way he could get help in time. It was over for Walker.

    But not before he could take his enemy with him. With the last of his strength, Walker pulled the Beretta 92 from his side and emptied the entire magazine into the blurry image of Chuck Greene as his sight began to fade.

    Chuck Greene was struck in the chest by several rounds. If this alone didn't kill him, the tenth bullet went right through his body and hit one of the dynamite charges for his "blambow" arrows. All 16 remaining dynamite arrows exploded, sending the entire house up in a flash of fire and a cloud of flying debris. The explosion finished off both of the already mortally wounded occupants of the house.

    Chuck Green eliminated

    Martin Walker eliminated

    Timeskip: Week Eight

    17:31, Day 53
    Underground tunnels leading to the mine

    Artyom had spent much time in the underground railroad tunnels under running between the entrance to the mine and the factory- the short rail line was dark and foreboding for most of the people trapped on this island, but oddly comforting to Artyom- it was not so different from the Metro in which he had spent much of his life.

    For weeks now, Artyom had not heard many gunshots or ran into anyone. All of those who were foolish enough to go looking for fights were long dead, as were all of the the wolves that had gotten loose on the island.

    Nonetheless, Artyom had spent his time preparing for a fight, collecting caches of food and fortiftying his position in the underground rail tunnels, which he had explored throughly, having found all potential escape routes. The first bloodbath had passed, but the second would be coming soon. After all, while the loss of several people in the first three weeks had extended the supply of food, it would only be a matter of time until the caches became depleted and people got desperate.

    Open link in a new tab

    At that moment, Artyom heard the ring of the tin cans filled with stones he had placed as a crude alarm. Readying his weapon, he saw a sillhouette of a man illuminated in his flashlight.

    Artyom gave a shout in Russian, "Don't move or I will shoot you! Now turn around slowly and leave!"

    The figure clearly did not understand him- after all, Artyom was pretty sure he was the only Russian speaker on this island.

    The man, however, did not retreat or draw his gun. Insteand, he did something Artyom could not have expect expected- he raised his hand and threw a ball of fire at him.

    Artyom rolled out of the way, evading the fireball as it burst behind him and fired a burst of 5.45mm rounds out of his AK-12.

    The burst of fire narrowly missed Booker DeWitt's shoulder. The former agent didn't like the idea of killing the man, but he could not understand him, and from Booker's experience, he couldn't trust anyone, least of all someone you couldn't understand. After all, "either you draw first, or not at all".

    Booker returned fire with the M14 rifle he found hidden in the arms cache. Booker of course did not know the name of the weapon, but it looked and performed similarly enough to the semi-automatic rifles he had found in Columbia.

    The shots from Booker's rifle forced Artyom to dive behind an wrecked mine cart and raise his AK, firing a second burst that sent Booker diving for cover. In attempt to force his adversary out of cover, Booker activated his "Bucking Bronco" Vigor.

    A look of shock appeared on Artyom's face as he felt his body ascend, the AK falling out of his hand as he was pulled into the air by some invisible force. Even hanging upside-down, Artyom could still see clearly, his eyes accustomed to the dark of the tunnels he had been living in.

    As though in slow motion, Booker DeWitt drew his "Broadsider", a Columbian copy of the Mauser C96. At the same time, Artyom reached for his revolver. In spite of being suspended in mid-air, Artyom was just as quick on the draw as he adversary. If anything, he was faster.

    Both guns were lined up on their targets, but Artyom's trigger finger was just that little bit faster. He squeezed the trigger on his revolver. Single .44 magnum round impacted Booker DeWitt's head, killing him instantly.

    Before Booker's remains even hit the ground, the effect of Booker's Vigor wore off, its user dead. Artyom hit the ground with a bellowed Russian obscenity, but otherwise unhurt.

    Week Nine

    Saki Watanabe
    Day 61, 19:43
    South end of the island

    The island that nine week ago has been the home of thirteen unwilling inhabitants had been reduced in population to only four people. The rest had all killed each other, either in a desperate struggle for limited resources, or else they had simply been driven to madness in this situation.

    On the south end of the island was the camp of one such survivor, a woman from a world very different from the one named Saki Watanabe. Thanks to the psychic powers or Cantus that she possessed, Saki had survived in spite of the dangerous enemies and inhospitable conditions.

    Her attempts to escape the island and rescue the only friend she had made on the island, that girl named Shihoru, had failed, and Shihoru had been murdered by one of the psychopathic participants in this sick game. For a moment, Saki had been swept up in the madness of the island, contemplated trying to find a way to cheat her "Death Feedback", the genetic modification placed in her body by the founders of her society, which prevented her from killing on pain of death, in order to avenge her friend.

    In the end, however, the Shihoru's killer had met his fate at the hands of another on the island. Ever since Shihoru's death, Saki had not associated with others on the island- from what she could tell from her limited interactions with them, the survivors were all extremely dangerous, and Saki had to survive.

    Her experiences first in her own society- her discovery of the disposal of children and the transmutation of non-psychic humans into Monster Rats, the more Saki began to believe that violence and atrocities would remains as long as there were humans. And yet, she could not simply stand by and do nothing, if she could not eliminate the violence, she could at least limit it as much as possible.

    Right now, that meant surviving to confront this "Organizer" and put a stop to his sick games by any means necessary. But in order to do that, she had to survive for three months on this island, at least according the "Organizer's" broadcast. She had counted 61 sunrises and sunsets. That however, meant that there would be at least another three weeks or so left, and food was running low.

    While she did not much like the idea of venturing into unexplored territory, Saki realized she had to. In order to do so as safely as possible, Saki would fly above the island as aerially recon the area. As long as she stay out of range of those automated guns the Organizer had placed, she would be safe.

    "Gun God"
    Day 61, 19:43
    Central intake tower of the mine

    Open in new tab.

    The man known as "Gun Gun" lay in wait in his usual home base, at the ventilation intake tower on the central mine in the middle of the island. Here, on the top of the structure, he reconned the surroundings with the scope on the Black Barrel.

    Having fought against A-Rays, Angels, and even the Ultimate Ones, all far stronger adversaries, "Gun God" knew only too well that getting into fights carelessly would only cost you your life. One had to know your enemy, their strengths, their weaknesses, their capabilities, and strike at the opportune moment.

    Of course, sometimes you got lucky- "Gun God" has seen this himself when he killed Type Venus with a single shot from his "Black Barrel", but he knew better than to rely on luck to survive.

    So for all of the battle, "Gun God" had proceeded cautiously, observing from a distance, gathering supplies covertly, and waited for his foes to finish each other off. From the intel he had gathered, most of his foes seemed strangely like normal humans- he was sure he was the only one left, and yet, that was also to his advantage. For once in his life, he would be fighting on even terms should he have to face them.

    But there was one he was less sure about... that girl, one of the four survivors. He could be sure, having been away for his post gathering food from most of it, but something she did has triggered the gun turrets the organizers has mentioned, and further more, he could have sworn he saw her flying through the air.

    Looking at her more closely through the scope, however, the she did not appear to be an "Angel", the most powerful of the A-Rays, an artificial humanoid with wings like the angels of Judeo-Christan traditions. Still, it was prudent to keep an eye on her. If she was anything like an angel, she had the power to unleash destructive rivalling a nuclear weapon.

    As "Gun God" looked down on the figure on the south side of the island, she suddenly flew up into the air at high speeds. She had to be an Angel, or at least some kind of A-Ray. "Gun God" readied his rifle and took aim, firing a single shot at the flying figure.

    The bullet flew just past Saki Watanabe's head. As "Gun God" adjusted his fire and fired a second shot, Saki turned and flew at the source of the gunshot. She could not kill the man without activating her death feedback, but she could disarm him, but she had to get in close enough to precisely use her Cantus.

    To buy her some time, Saki used her powers to create a flash of flame a couple meters in front of the her attacker. The sniper recoiled and fell backward, dropping his gun. As he reached to pick up the weapon, the girl landed right in front of him.

    Before "Gun God" could grab the Black Barrel, the barrel of the rifle was bent upwards at a 90-degree angle. "Gun God" then felt himself pinned to the ground concrete floor of the roof of the structure by some invisible force.

    The "A-Ray", however, did not finish him off, and instead began speaking in some strange language. "Gun God" did not understand what she was saying, and after a few seconds, she seemed to realize this as well, and started attempting some kind of sign language.

    As the "A-Ray" began making the signs with its hands, "Gun God" felt the grip of the invisible force weaken. Perhaps the "A-Ray"'s concetration was being broken by attempting to communicate. While "Gun God" didn't know why the "A-Ray" did not kill him, he did not trust them, and realized it was now or never.

    Reaching to his side, "Gun God" pulled out the pistol he had excavated along with the Black Barrel and fired three shots. Before Saki could react, she was struck three times in the chest, causing her to collapse to her knees. She tried to summon her Cantus to stop the bleeding, but she was in too much pain to control it. A second later, a fourth shot rang out, and everything went black.

    Saki Watanabe eliminated

    "Gun God" "Railway tunnels, leading north from the mine"
    Day 62, 7:42
    Central intake tower of the mine

    The man known as "Gun God" crept cautiously through the railway tunnels that led north from his hiding place at the top of the ventilation shaft. His food supply still had enough for a couple more weeks, but in his last fight, he had lost his Black Barrel, he was down to only his sidearm.

    Hopefully, he'd find one of caches the "Organizer" mentioned and get a hold of a weapon. About a kilometer to the north, "Gun God" found a barricade made of upturned mining carts blocking up an area light by electric lights powered by a generator. Cautiously, he vaulted the cart barrier, pistol in hand- this barricade had to have been built by someone after this twisted game had begun, and that meant the builder could still be here.

    On the other side, resting against the upturned mine cart was a rifle made entirely of black metal, save for a wooden grip and skeleton stock, with a scope mounted on top. The barrel was covered by a thick cylindrical structure, as though it had an integral suppressor. By the lights that had been installed in the area, "Gun God" could just barely see the letters "BCC". The survivor of the distant apocalypse had no idea that in the language they were written, this would have been read as "VSS.

    After "Gun God" grabbed the rifle and three 20-round magazines placed next to it, he saw area beyond the barricade has a large cache of food, weapons, and ammunition placed against the walls of the tunnel. This was definitely someone's hideout.

    As "Gun God" prepared to retreat, he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head, not even enough to damage his skull, but a second of skin on the back of his head had been grazed.

    Looking behind him, he saw a large metal arrow with a four-sided barbed head. Turning to the tunnels head, "Gun Gun" spotted a figure sillhouetted against the light. He rolled behind another mine cart just in time to avoid a second arrow fired by the man in the distance.

    "Gun God" got up and took aim at the man with his VSS and fired a short burst, the muffled sound of the weapon confirming that it was indeed integrally suppressed. This forced the man on the other end of the tunnel into cover.

    About 20 meters away, Artyom put down his Helsing and got out one of the RGD-5 grenades he found in an arms cache, pulling the pin and lobbed it across the tunnel. The grenade landed next to the man known only as "Gun God".

    "Gun God" rolled out of the way and ducked behind another mine cart, separating him from the deadly blast. As soon as the grenade exploded, Artyom fired a burst from his AK, narrowly missing "Gun God" as he tried to fire his VSS, forcing him back to cover.

    As he did, however, "Gun God" noticed something that would turn the tides of this battle: A AA-12 automatic shotgun was laying on the floor, a weapon Artyom had taken from the remains of two a fallen participant he found dead next to a second dead body.

    Now the weapon Artyom had taken from a fallen foe would be taken from him by another, and it would prove to be his undoing. "Gun God" fired a burst of FRAG-12 explosive slugs at Artyom.

    Five slugs exploded in the tunnel, touching off a bundle of grenades and other explosives at the other end of the tunnel. The blast collapsed a small portion of the tunnel. Artyom was killed instantly as he was buried by a pile of rock and earth that blocked off the tunnel.

    After several seconds without any return fire, "Gun God" got up cautiously and saw the collapsed tunnel. Realizing his opponent had to be dead, he gathered up any remaining food and weapons as quickly as possible, wanting to get out of the potentially unstable tunnel as soon as he could.

    Artyom eliminated

    Week 9

    Courier 6
    Day 66, 19:43
    Apartment complex, north end of the island

    The Courier of the Mojave stood hidden in his base in an apartment building that surrounded a courtyard on three sides. The courtyard ended in a larger staircase, overlooking everything, and served as the main entrance to the apartments. There was only one way in or out.

    Within the first few weeks, the Courier had found as many caches of food and ammo as he could, and kept himself holed up here, turning the place into a fortress and blocked off all the entrances with mines and booby traps.

    So far, the Courier hadn't seen much of the other contestants. At most, he had seen a few off with a burst of fire from his trusted 12.7mm SMG or the M4 carbine he got his hands on early in the contect, but he didn't think he killed any of them- they had all been too far for VATs, the Vault-Tec Assisted Targetting System to get a fix on.

    From the sounds of gunfire that he had heard since he had arrived on the island, however, the people trapped on here has been keeping themselves very busy killing each other. For a few days now the sounds of battle had stopped. Surely that would mean there were only few left.

    By this point, surely there would be enough supplies for all of the survivors to make it out alive. But the Courier doubted it would end this way. Humans were naturally violent creatures, and war... war never changes...

    As he was caught in this thought, he saw a figure approach the entrance of the courtyard. The courier readied his M4 in case they turned out to be hostile. At that moment, it became extremely obvious that they were hostile.

    open in new tab

    The figure fired an rocket at the Courier. As the streak of fire drew nearer, the Courier activated his VATS. Thankfully, the system worked with the rifle he acquired on the island. As the rocket reached a distance of about 60 meters, the VATS told him he had an 80% chance to intercept the rocket.

    The Courier had taken far more risky bets in his time, and pulled back the trigger. The M4 spat out a burst of three rounds, which impacted the rocket, causing it to explode in midair.

    "Gun God" tossed the RPG-7 he had acquired from an arms cache aside and ran for it as a burst of fire narrowly missed him. As he ran towards the door to the apartment block, he drew his Barrel Replica pistol and fired three shots at an object on the door frame.

    The improvised land mine exploded while "Gun God" was well short of its effective radius, allowing the man known a "Gun God" to jump into the hallway, which ran along the exterior of the courtyard. You had to keep your wits about you and noticed every detail to survive as long as he had in the "Land of Steel", and clearly here was no different.

    Removing the GM-94 he had taken from Artyom's cache, "Gun God" took aim and fired the weapon at the staircase where the Courier was standing. The Courier only barely had enough time to dive out of the way, into a door leading to an apartment block on the opposite side of the courtyard to the one "Gun God" now occupied.

    Two more thermobaric grenades slammed into the walls of the apartment block, gutting the rooms then landed in and sending a cascade of glass and brick raining down to the courtyard below. After three shots, however, the Courier was still unharmed, having taken cover in a corridor separating him from the front row of apartments.

    Cautiously moving out to a window, the Courier readied one of those mysterious grenade he found in Camp Searchlight. He pulled the pin on the self-proclaimed "Holy Frag Grenade" and tossed it across the courtyard.

    Will a skilled throw, the grenade landed in the room next to the one "Gun God" was standing in and exploded with a far greater force that should have been possible for a device of its size. The walls and ceiling of the room collapsed and "Gun God" was blown against a wall by the blast.

    But it was not the end for "Gun God", he had survived far more. Fighting off the ringing in his ears, he pushed the debris off of himself and got up, firing the VSS he had taken from his previous kill and fired it at his enemy. The gun kicked back as it spat a burst of automatic weapons fire that barely missed the Courier.

    "Gun God" adjusted the VSS to semi-auto only and reacquired his target, the gun now set into a fire mode he was more accustomed to, more like the "Black Barrel" he so recently lost in the fight with that "Angel".

    He never got the chance to fire, however. As "Gun God's" head was highlighted in the scope of his VATS, the Courier raised his custom "Sequoia" BFR revolver, a special model given to him by the New California Republic, engraved with a grizzly bear, the emblem of the Republic, for his service in holding Hoover Dam. The weapon, which the Courier personally referred to as "Grizzly Fate" let out a thunderous roar and a flash of fire as it released a .45-70 round.

    The massive bullet flew across the courtyard in less than a second and struck "Gun God" in the forehead, the back of his head exploding in a spray of blood. The man who slew a god was vanquished by one like himself, a mere mortal with a really badass gun.


    Courier 6
    Day 66, 20:00
    Apartment complex, north end of the island

    As the sound of helicopter rotors filled the air, the Courier ran to the roof of the building. He had heard the sound before- the Enclave Remnants had a Vertibird, and the NCR also operated a few, but they were far from common.

    As he exited the roof access of the building, he saw the craft was not a Vertibird, but a helicopter like the kind he had seen in photos from before the war. The helicopter slowly landed, touching down on the roof of the building, and a single man walked out of a door on the side.

    The Courier scanned the figure with VATS, which labelled him as "The Organizer". He had no idea how the device know what his name was, but somehow it did.

    "Congratulations on your victory, Courier", the man said, "As you might have guessed, I am the organizer whose voice you heard on the radio."

    "The gun turrets are disabled, correct", The Courier asked, "I'm free to leave?"

    "Correct", the Organizer said, "Now, let us discuss your prize, I can arrange it to be converted into caps or..."

    The Courier was not listening, he didn't care about whatever prize this sick bastard was offering. He was no different from Father Elijah, kidnapping people for his own purposes. Right now, Elijah must have either died of starvation or else committed suicide, trapped in that vault at the Sierra Madre.

    The Courier didn't have a gold vault to trap the Organizer in, so this would have to do...

    The Courier drew his revolver and fired a single shot, right through the Organizer's head. He was dead before he hit the ground. The pilot of the helicopter tried to take off, but the Courier was too quick for him.

    The Courier grabbed the skids and climbed up into the aircraft as it took off. Pointing his gun at the pilot, he commanded, "Fly me to the mainland".

    The Courier didn't know what he would find there, but he had survived this much, surely he could handle whatever the mainland could throw at him...

    Expert's Opinion

    NOTE: The numbers of kills is exclusive to the "simulation" and considered separate from and not taken into account with regard to placing.

    • Kousuke Kira:
      • 12th Place/4 points
      • Kills: 0

    Kousuke Kira may have survived for extended period in a death game on an island inhabited by hostile wildlife, and was armed with an arsenal of explosives, however, he lacked any experience fighting adversaries with weapons different than his own. Add to that his psychopathic personality making it likely he will attack the first person he sees landed him in dead last.

    • Shihoru:
      • 11th place/ 12 points
      • Kills: 0

    Shihoru's magic gives her a number of tactical options, including both disabling shadow magic and powerful lightning magic for offensive purposes. Unfortunately for Shihoru, she falls into typical cliche of mages being poor in melee combat. Her amnesia of her past before Grimgar only makes things worse for her. Because of this, Shihoru was the second to go down.

    • Lucia Konohana:
      • 10th place/ 13 points
      • Kills: 1

    Lucia's primary weakness is that the vibrations inherent from her augmentations make it difficult for her to use firearms, and her superhuman abilities, while impressive, are not sufficient to dodge bullets, making her vulnerable to small arms fire. Her support abilities, most notably the dermal toxin and poison immunity/enhancement may let her get the drop on an unwary adversary, but ultimately she outgunned by more heavily armed opponents.

    • Isaac Clarke
      • 9th place/ 18 points
      • Kills: 0

    Isaac has the most advanced weapons and equipment of all the combatants, and had experience fighting both Necromorphs and human adversaries, but in this arena, he is limited to the ammo he has with him for the plasma cutter before he would be forced to use weapons he was not used to operating. The stasis and kinesis module, as well as the environment suit of his RIG give him some useful tricks that helped him survive for a while, but it was decided that sooner or later, he would run out of ammo for his plasma cutter and his combat effectiveness would be severely reduced.

    • Minene Uryuu
      • 8th place/ 20 points
      • Kills: 2

    Minene gets this far with her experience in fighting against dangerous adversaries in the survival game, as well as her experience as a terrorist and surviving in the Middle East. Her future diary would give her the ability to escape a dangerous situation, but she cannot read it all the time, especially in a fight. In the end, however, she was more suited to surprise attacks with explosives, and sooner or later, she would get caught in an open fight and eliminated.

    • Ethan Thomas
      • 7th place/ 25 points
      • Kills: 1

    Ethan Thomas was experienced in close combat and the use of firearms, and his voice attack gave him addiitonal offensive options. While a powerful combatant, his poor mental health score made it likely that he would snap under pressure and get into a fight he could no win.

    • Martin Walker
      • Tied for 6th Place/ 28 Points
      • Kills: 2

    Martin Walker was probably the best trained of all of the combatants and had substantial combat experience as an ex-Delta Force soldier. This allowed him to outlast many of the combatants, including some with actual "superpowers" in spite of having none himself. What ultimately proved his downfall, however, was his poor mental health, that left him prone to attacking other participants on sight and making alliances unlikely, and could also lead to a fatal mistake.

    • Chuck Greene
      • Tied for 6th Place/ 28 Points
      • Kills: 2

    Chuck Greene had no formal military training, however, he had extensive experience surviving the Fortune City zombie outbreak, having taken on both zombies and psychopathic survivors of the outbreak. Greene even managed to fight and win against heavily armed mercenaries and military personnel in the form of Sgt. Dwight Boykin. Greene is also highly resourceful and could construct devastating (if in some case ridiculous) weapons from everyday items, which could catch an enemy off guard. In the end, however, he simply did not have the survival or combat experience of some of the higher-ranked participants.

    • Booker DeWitt
      • 5th Place/ 32 points
      • Kills: 0

    Booker DeWitt was a highly skilled combatant, having taken on heavily armed human adversaries and hostile automatons in Columbia, and is highly intelligent, figuring out some of the advanced technologies in Columbia that are far beyond his technology level. His vigors also give him diverse abilities that allow him to get the drop on his adversaries. In spite of this, the limits of his loadout, including his older weapons technology in the C96 and the fact that he would eventually run out of Salts for his Vigors limited him to fifth place.

    • Saki Watanabe
      • 4th Place/ 34 points
      • Kills: 0

    Saki Watanabe manages to reach fourth place thanks to her powerful Cantus, which gives her practically all of the abilities she needs to find food, make shelter, make fire, and otherwise survive. Unfortunately, the "Death Feedback" that prevents her from killing humans lest she die as well (though she can use her powers to disarm or incapacitate) essentially forces her to play defensively, meaning she will survive a while, but ultimately only make fourth place.

    • Artyom
      • 3rd Place/37 Points
      • Kills: 1

    Artyom was one of the most capable survivors in this match, with extensive combat experience and surviving conditions that were arguably more dangerous than this scenario, and was one of the last to go down. In general, the only things that kept him from scoring higher were his lack of any form of "superpower" or technology significantly beyond what exists in the real world. Another possible issue is was his propensity to hallucinations, though much of that may be the result of the influence of the Dark Ones, so it was not clear how much it would affect him in their absence.

    • Gun God
      • 2nd Place/48 Points
      • Kills: 2

    • Courier 6
      • 1st Place/52 Points
      • Kills: 1