In the Outbreak OVA of the anime Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, in June, 1983, the village of Hinamizawa, Japan is exposed to a more virulent variant of the Hinamizawa Syndrome, the mental illness-causing virus that is central to the plot of the overall Higurashi series. The village is quickly quarantined by the Japan Self-Defense Forces, blocking all roads into Hinamizawa with armored vehicles. The quarantine and rumors of a deadly virus lead the highly superstitious residents of the village many of the believe that the disease is a manifestation of a curse of the deity of the local shrine, Oyashiro-sama against Satoko Houjou,  the last surviving member of family that supported the construction of dam that would have inundated Hinamizawa several years previously. Others believe outsiders who lacked the generations-old immunity to the virus, allowed the new strain to build up in their bodies. In both cases, the residents become extremely hostile towards both Houjou and the outsiders and begin arming themselves with hunting rifles and improvised weapons. These factions kidnap Satoko, with the intent of ritually drowning her in the Onigafuchi Swamp in three days, believing it will end the curse. During one night, these factions become affected by the virus and attempt to murder the families of outsiders, including major characters Keiichi Maebara and Rena Ryuguu, who attempt to rescue Satoko after she was kidnapped. It is later revealed that the more virulent strain is actually a bioweapon secretly engineered by a secret conspiracy in the Japanese military, which was accidentally released from a research facility in Hinamizawa. Meanwhile, Keiichi and Rena managed to rescue Satoko from a group of about 200 infected by causing a friendly fire incident between two groups of infected as a distraction and ambushing the remaining guards. In spite of this success, it is implied that the virus spreads beyond Hinamizawa, devastating at least Japan, if not the world.


The “Influenced” are the secondary antagonists of the Condemned series of video games, and a blanket term for all of the person affected by the sonic emitters placed by the enigmatic cult known as the Oro Invictus. These emitters produce sounds at a specific sonic frequency that can cause severe brain damage with extended exposure, resulting in extreme aggression and violence. Those with pre-existing mental illness or frequent users of drugs such as heroin and methamphetamine seem to be particularly affected by these emissions. Over the course of the Condemned games, the Oro’s sonic emitters causes a massive increase in crime and frequent riots in an unspecified US city.

While the influenced will work in groups to cause destruction and attack unfortunate victims, they are by no means organized, with the influenced often being seen fighting among themselves. As they were formerly ordinary citizens, most influenced do not have any combat experience or training, but the fact that they often roam in groups make the influenced extremely dangerous. The influenced may be armed with any weapons they can get their hands on, including both firearms and improvised melee weapons.



Kama (Infected)

Kama l.gif

The Kama is a traditional Japanese sickle used to cut and harvest rice or other crops as well as cut down weeds in the fields. However, the sharp bladed nature of the tool meant when peasants were angry, the sickle became one of the first thing they would pick up, being almost omnipresent throughout Japanese houses and deadly in murderous hands. The Kama has a downward-facing blade with a pick-like form, which is usually used to cut grass in a pulling motion, but in battle is used as a makeshift war pick to slam into enemy skulls and flesh with deadly force and even has a limited ability to pierce armor with a heavy strike. It was usually around 30-40 cm and fairly light, but obviously it was never meant to be an actual weapon despite its deadliness in the hands of those determined to cause harm, and hence is poorly suited to blocking.

Fire Axe (Influenced)


The fire axe is large axe with a spike on the back, made from heat resistant materials and used by firefighters to clear debris and break open doors and windows into order to enter a burning building. Like any axe, however, it can also be used as a deadly improvised weapon, both in a chopping attack with the blade, or using the spike to pierce a target on impact. Fire axes are, like most axes designed for use as a tool, heavier than most medieval battle axes, making them somewhat unwieldy as a weapon.

119’s Edge

The fire axe is heavier and can do more damage, but I give the kama the edge as it can strike more quickly and is still very lethal.

Melee 2

Rice Hoe (Infected)

One of the Hinamizawa infected makes use of a rice hoe with a handle about four feet in length and a steel head with three prongs as a weapon. Intended for use in turning over soil in a rice paddy, the prongs are sharp enough and the tool has enough to act as a deadly weapon, with the prongs piercing the target on impact. This type of attack could be particularly deadly when aimed at the head, but the length of the rake makes this type of attack slow and makes it obvious to a target what the attacker is about to do, who can block or evade accordingly.

Fireplace Poker (Influenced)

A fireplace poker is one of many improvised weapons found the Condemned series of games. Intended for moving burning logs in a fireplace, the poker is wrought iron tool about a meter in length with a point on top and a hook on the side. As a weapon, the point could be used for thrusting, and the hook can be used similarly to the spike on a warhammer to pierce the target when swung, while the iron shaft can cause significant blunt force trauma.

119’s Edge

While the rice hoe is longer than the fireplace poker, the poker is faster to attack with, and gives an enemy less time to react. There are also more methods of attack with the poker.

Melee 3

Kuwa (Infected)

A kuwa is a Japanese and Okinawan version of the stardard hoe with a slightly longer and wider blade than a western garden hoe, with about a five-foot handle, commonly used an agricultural tool. The kuwa was also often used as a weapon in peasant revolts and defense against bandits in mainland Japan and Okinawa during the feudal period, with the blade often being sharpened The kuwa is incorporated as a weapon in Okinawan martial arts, and can be used in several ways, including a heavy downward strikes with the blade, upward and sideways slashes with the blade, or for making rapid blunt-force attacks with the back of the blade or the end of the handle. That being said, the Hinamizawa infected are probably not trained in martial arts and thus less skilled at using the kuwa as a weapon.

Sledgehammer (Influenced)


A sledgehammer is a tool with a large, flat, often metal head, attached to a long handle. The long handle combined with a heavy head allows the sledgehammer to gather momentum during a swing and apply a large force compared to hammers designed to drive nails, and are typically used for demolition and breaking rock or concrete. Along with the mallet, it shares the ability to distribute force over a wide area. Sledgehammers vary in weight from about 2.2 pounds to about 20 pounds, and vary in length from about 18 inches to about 4 feet in length. While obviously not designed as a weapon, the use of a sledgehammer as in improvised weapon is not unheard of, though it take a particularly strong individual to wield it effectively for an extended period of time, and attacks have a significant “wind-up” for a swing, making them easier to predict and evade. In Condemned is a long-handled hammer with a length of 3-4 feet and is likely about ten pounds in weight.

119’s Edge

The Infected’s kuwa for its greater length and superior attack speed.

Shotguns 1

Murata Shotgun (Infected)

Murata Type 16 shotgun.jpg

The Murata rifle was the first firearm produced in post-Meiji restoration Japan, designed by General Murata Tsuneyoshi is in 1880 and being the standard-issue weapon for the Imperial Japanese Army from 1885 to 1898, when the later Arisaka rifle was adopted, however, due to shortfalls in production, some Murata rifles remained in service as late as World War I. The Murata was a single-shot bolt-action rifle which lacked a magazine (except in some later models which had tube magazines). After World War I, many Murata rifles were sold off as civilian hunting weapons, and a number of these were converted into single-shot shotguns that operated on the same mechanism as the Murata rifle. For the purposes of this match, the Murata shotgun in the hands of the infected will be a 12-gauge variant, with a 90 cm barrel.

Sawed-off Double-barrel Shotgun (Influenced)


Two different types of sawed-off double-barrel shotgun are used by the influenced in the Condemned series. The first one is an over-under model seen in Condemned: Criminal Origins, and the second is a side-by-side model seen in Condemned 2: Bloodshot. For the purposes of this match, the weapon will be the Criminal Origins version. The version in question will be assumed to be 12-gauge, and has a shortened stock with an overall length of no more than 60 cm. Being sawed-off, the front bead sight seems to be missing, and there is no rear sight.

119’s Edge

The Infected’s Murata has a longer barrel (meaning greater effective range, if only slightly) and presumably better sights, however it has only one shot to the sawed-off double-barrel’s two. In the end, however, I give a slight edge to the Murata shotgun for its longer range and better sights, as well as full stock for better controllability.

Shotguns 2

Pump-action Shotgun (Infected)

Higurashi Shotgun.jpg

The Infected in Higurashi outbreak carry a pump-action shotgun that for the most part resembles a pump-action shotgun, but also has parts of a Winchester lever-action rifle for some reason. The weapon will be assumed to 12-gauge and has a long tube magazine running almost the full length of the barrel, but the barrel is relatively short, meaning it is likely a five or six-round tube magazine.

Winchester Model 12 (Influenced)

Winchester Model 1912.jpg

The Winchester Model 1912 (also commonly known as the Model 12, or M12) is an internal-hammer pump-action, shotgun with an external tube magazine. Popularly-named the Perfect Repeater at its introduction, it largely set the standard for pump action shotguns over its 51 year high-rate production life.  The version in Condemned has a five-round magazine and appears to be 12 guage. The Winchester 12 has an effective range of about 50 meters.;

119’s Edge

The two weapons are similar enough to be considered evenly matched.


Scoped Remington 700 (Infected)


The Remington Model 700 is a series of bolt-action centerfire rifles manufactured by Remington Arms since 1962. It is a development of the Remington 721 and 722 series of rifles, which were introduced in 1948. The M24 and M40 military sniper rifles, used by the US Army and USMC, respectively, are both based on the Model 700 design. The weapon available in a variety of calibers, though for the purposes of this match, the weapon will be assumed to be .308 Winchester verion with a five-round magazine. The Remington 700 can be have an effective range of over 800 meters in the hands of a skilled user when equipped with a scope. The Remington 700 rifles used by the Infected are variants equipped with a scope, however, it is not clear how skilled the hunters that made up the Influenced factions are at using it at extreme ranges.

Ruger Mini-14 (Influenced)


The Mini-14, Mini Thirty, and Mini-6.8 are small, lightweight semi-automatic carbines manufactured by the U.S. firearms company Sturm, Ruger, named after the US military M14 battle rifle, which they resemble a smaller version of. The Mini-14 non-target versions can fire both the .223 Remington cartridge and the similar military 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge. The target model Mini-14 rifles are chambered only for the .223 Remington cartridge. The version of the weapon in Condemned fires from a ten-round magazine (though the in-game model looks like a 30-round version), and the Mini-14 has an effective range of about 500 meters, though that may be reduced to a few hundred meters against a target the size of a single person, as the weapon has no optics.

119’s Edge

The Influenced’s Mini 14 for its superior rate of fire and magazine capacity, which will make it more effective in a close-range firefight.


MP5SD (Infected)


Over the course of the outbreak, multiple JSDF soldiers associated with the secret virus research facility were infected and quickly attacked their comrades, causing at least eight deaths. These soldiers were all armed with MP5SD submachine guns. The MP5SD is an intergrally suppressed variant of the MP5 submachine gun, a German-made submachine gun which is one of the most widely used weapons of the type in the world. The MP5SD fires a 9mm round from a 30-round magazine at a rate of fire of 800 round per minute. While I could not find an exact figure for the MP5SD, the reduced muzzles velocity caused by the suppressor would likely reduce the range to about 100 meters or so over the 200 meters of the standard MP5.

Uzi (Influenced)


The Uzi is a family of Israeli open-bolt, blowback-operated submachine guns, first designed in 1947 and adopted for military service in 1953, the weapon is the one of the most widely used submachine guns in the world. The Uzi was one of the first weapons to use a telescoping bolt design which allows the magazine to be housed in the pistol grip for a shorter weapon. The variant used by the Influenced appears to be one of the original full-sized models, with a 20-round magazine chambered for 9mm ammunition. The weapon has rate of fire of 600 rounds per minute and an effective range of up to 200 meters, though it is usually used at much closer ranges.

119’s Edge

The Influenced’s Uzi has a longer range, however, the Infected’s MP5SD has a higher rate of fire and a larger magazine, more important factors in a close-range firefight, and is also equipped with a sound suppressor.



  • Infected: 70
  • Influenced: 60

The infected are both basically at normal human levels of fitness, however, there seems to be more variation in the physical health of the Influenced. Most Influenced are at roughly average physical health for their sex and age group (seeming to mostly range between about 18 and 45), however, some Influenced are extremely strong, having an exaggerated muscular build suggesting they may have formerly been steriod abusers. On the other hand, there are also a significant number of influenced that are in very poor health, looking severely emaciated and suffering from physiological issues typical of abusing drugs such as meth. For the reason of the greater variation, the Influenced get a slightly lower score.

Mental Heath

  • Infected: 25
  • Influenced: 20

Both the Influenced and the Infected are highly mentally compromised. The Influenced have have suffered brain damage from the sonic emitters placed by the Oro, and the Infected are infected with a virus capable of causing extreme violence intended for use as a bio-weapon. Both groups exhibit similar symptoms, including extreme paranoia, violence, and hallucinations. The Influenced score slightly lower, however, as it is easier to get them to fight among themselves as seen below.


  • Infected: 55
  • Influenced: 35

The infected are generally capable of working in a team, forming an armed mob with some at least rudimentary degree of cohesiveness with the goal and capturing and ritually murdering Satoko Houjou, and would generally only attack those that got in their way or they identified as an enemy (including uninfected persons). That being said, it is quite easy to sow paranoia and chaos among the infected, as seen when Keiichi Maebara shouted a rumor that another group of infected were coming to seize Satoko to conduct a different murderous ritual. This rumor led to an incident one group of infected fired on another, starting a firefight between the two. While the infected can easily be driven to fight each other, the influenced will often start fighting amongst themselves simply if there are no uninfected individuals around to attack.

Scenario and Notes

The battle will take place in a developed area on the edge of a forest, with the two groups meeting somewhere near the boundary between the two environments. Neither side will be familiar with the area.

There will be 12 members on each side. The weapons will consist of five with firearms- two with single-shot shotguns, one with a pump-action shotgun, one with a rifle, and one with an SMG. The rest will carry melee weapons.

Voting ends whenever I get around to it.


Infected: Green.png x12

Influenced Darkred.png x12

A group of Influenced armed with various weapons, including both firearms and improvised weapons walked through the streets of an abandoned town at night, smashing windows and starting fires, and attacking anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in their way. As their rampage neared the edge of the town, the saw flashlights in the distance along the dimly-lit road leading into the woods.

A couple hundred meters away stood a group of Hinamizawa villagers, all of them infected with a deadly new strain of the local Hinamizawa Syndrome, and all of them armed. The infected villagers advanced slowly, convinced that their target, the girl they intended to ritually sacrifice, was somewhere in the town up ahead.

Spotting the group of people in the distance, one of the Infected asks, "Did we send anyone ahead of us?"

"No", the leader of the infected Hinamizawans replied, "They're probably want the girl for theselves. Ready your weapons".

Little did they know, in the ruined town, the Influenced had the same idea. One of the influenced, armed with Ruger Mini 14 opened fire with a shout of "I'll kill all you sons of bitches!". The man fired three shots, two of them striking the chest of one of the Hinamizawan infected, causing him to collapse to the ground. Green.png

Immediately, the Hinamizawa infected returned fire. An infected JSDF soldier, the lone survivor of the incident at the Irie clinic where the JSDF and Yamainu personnel were infected and turned on each other, fired his MP5SD submachine gun. In the dark of the night, the suppressor made him practically invisible. In was near the maximum range of the weapon, but with a three-round burst, he managed to get one bullet into an Influenced who position was betrayed when fired a shotgun. A second burst score two more hits, putting down the wounded man Darkred.png At the same time, a Hinamizawan hunter who was among the infected fired his scoped Remington 700, shooting and killing the Influenced with the rifle that started the fight. Darkred.png

Infected: Green.png x11

Influenced Darkred.png x10

As the Influenced with the Ruger fell, another influenced tossed aside his fire axe and picked up the rifle and began firing. The night was lit up by flashes of fire as both side opened fire. While the Hinamizawans were distracted exchanging fire with the Influenced who were carrying guns, the rest of the Influenced advanced into the night with furious shouts.

Hearing the sounds of shouting from the woods at the side of the road, an infected member of the Hinamizawa hunting club lowered his Murata shotgun at an Influenced charging at him through the woods with a sledgehammer. The Hinamizawa fired his Murata, catching the Influenced in the face with a blast of shot, causing him to fall face down, dead. Darkred.png At the same time, two more of the charging Influenced were shot by the Hinamizawa infected, Darkred.png Darkred.png, however, in so doing, they revealed their position, and one of them was shot by a burst of fire from an Influenced with an Uzi Green.png and second hit by a shotgun blast Green.png.

Infected: Green.png x9

Influenced Darkred.png x7

Four of the melee-armed Influenced, got into close quarters of the Hinamizawa infected, not being detected until it was too late in the darkness. As one of the Hinamizawans with a Murata shotgun pulled back the bolt to reload his single-shot weapon, the figure of an Influenced, possibly a steroid abuser given his inhumanly large physique came out of the darkness. The was on top of the man with the shotgun before he could reload, and brought down a sledgehammer onto his forehead, killing him instantly. Green.png A second Hinamizawan, armed only with a rice hoe attempted to block a strike from the sledgehammer-wielding Influenced. The blow cracked the handle of the tool, the only thing that saved the wielder as it gave way was his suddenly falling backwards from the force of the impact. But it was enough to save his life. as the Influenced attempted a second blow with the hammer, he was struck in the side of the head by a shotgun blast at point-blank range by a blast from Remington 870 shotgun, killing him instantly. Darkred.png

Infected: Green.png x8

Influenced Darkred.png x6

At the same time, the Hinamizawan with the scoped rifle fired again, shooting the Influenced that took the Mini 14 after the its first owner was killed in the firefight. Darkred.png Unfortunately for him, looking down the scope, he failed to notice an Influenced armed with an Uzi, who fired a three-round burst from the weapon at close range, scoring a chest shot and then a headshot, killing him before he hit the ground. Green.png As the Uzi wielder died, two Influenced near the rear of the group of rioters noticed. One of them through away his improvised weapon and attempted to grab it, however, an a second influenced with a sawed-off double-barrel shotgun that had expended all its two shells came up behind, wielding the gun like a club, and yelled, "Fuck off, that's mine, asshole!" The influenced that had grabbed the Uzi, however, dropped simply turned the newly acquired weapon on his fellow and shot him. Darkred.png The sound of the gunshot alerting him to the altercation, the Infected ex-member of the JSDF turned his MP5SD on the Influenced and fired three shots, killing him instantly. Darkred.png

Infected: Green.png x7

Influenced Darkred.png x3

Even with only three of their number remaining, the Influenced, having long since been driven mad by the sonic emitters of the Oro, continued their attack. As a Hinamizawan grabbed the rifle from his downed fellow in what he thought was a lull in the fighting, a man armed with a fire poker charged at him. The Hinamizawa infected only barely managed to block the strike with the rifle. As the two struggled, a second Hinamizawan hooked a kama scythe around the infected's neck and cut his throat, causing him to collapses to the ground. Darkred.png. Second later, the man with the scythe was hit in the back with a blast of buckshot from an Influenced with a Winchester M12 shotgun. Green.png The body of both the infected and the previously killed influenced, however, were enough to shield the second Hinamizawa infected from the blast. The Hinamizawan fired his recently acquired his rifle and shot the influenced in the chest, killing him instantly. At the same time, an Influenced that lunged at the ex-JSDF Infected was easily picked off by a burst of SMG fire, Darkred.png Darkred.png

Infected: Green.png x6

Influenced Darkred.png x0

Expert's Opinon

While the Influenced, for the most part, had slightly better weapons, the experts believed the slightly superior teamwork of of the Infected would allow them to win the battle. While both sides were mentally ill and would attack outsiders at the slightest provocation, the Influenced were far more likely to fight amongst themselves, a potentially fatal weakness taht lost them the battle.

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