Sergeant Major Avery Johnson, The Sergeant Major of the UNSC who was one of the only non-SPARTAN-ll to befriend John 117 Vs. Captain Rex, The clone captain who befriended General Skywalker

Sgt. Johnson

Close range 1 Combat Knife
Close range 2 Dual M6G pistols
Mid Range MA5C Assault rifle
Long Range SRSD Sniper Rifle
Special M6 nonlinear rifle
Armor BDU Armor

  • Sgt. Major Avery Johnson
  • Combat Knife
  • M6G
  • MA5C
  • SRSD
  • M6
  • BDU

Capt. Rex

Close range 1 Vibroblade
Close Range 2 Dual DC-17 hand blasters
Mid range DC-15 blaster rifle
Long Range DC-15x sniper rifle
Special PLX-1 Missile launcher
Armor Clone trooper Phase I

  • Capt. Rex
  • Vibroblade
  • DC-17
  • DC-15
  • DC-15x
  • PLX-1
  • Phase I



Rex: 85 Johnson: 79


Rex: 76 Johnson: 74


Rex: 87 Johnson: 89


Rex: 82 Johnson: 85

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