Round 1: Aquatic Battle

Aquaman vs. Prince Namor

Round 2: Team Battle

Doom Patrol vs. The Fantastic Four

Round 3: Long Range Specialists

Green Arrow vs. Boomerang

Round 4: Super-strength Battle

Bane vs. The Hulk

Round 5: Immortal Battle

Ra's al Gul vs. Thor

Round 6: Shape-shifter's Battle

Clayface vs. Sandman

Round 7: Robotic Battle

Red Tornado vs. War Machine

Round 8: Ph. D. Battle

Scarecrow vs. Green Goblin

Round 9: Alien Battle

Martian Manhunter vs. Carnage

Round 10: Executive Warriors

Lex Luthor vs. Nick Fury

Round 11: Girls Night Out

Cat Woman vs. Black Widow

Round 12: Girls Night Out 2.0

Black Canary vs. Spider Woman

Round 13: Organization Battle

Suicide Squad vs. Thunderbolts

Bonus Round: Supreme Being Match-up

The Presence vs. Living Tribunal

Please Leave Comments on what you think. Any battles you want to change? Got Better Ideas? Anything look unfair? Let me know and leave your comments below!!! Thank you! -The RaptorHunter

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