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Fate's Servants are certainly an interesting example of supernatural helpers for mere mortals with the poster girl Sabers, somewhat of jerks Archers, the absolutely terrible luck of Lancers, the explosive personalities of Riders, the deadly Assassins waiting in the shadows, and the maniacal powerhouses known as Berserkers all being main classes. The Caster Class is unique in that they rarely actually fight physically like the others, instead using magic and summons to make up for lack of personal combat skill and usually set up shop in an area where they can prepare for battle, which works out well for the scheming witch Medea, master craftsman Avicebron, and even best president Thomas Edison. These two examples of Casters are possibly the most unique however with the potential distinction of Pseudo-Servant and interesting abilities to say the least while serving a Master who they regard as a close friend and try their best to protect them while indulging their interests but when otherworldly monsters and a psychotic killer confront dance magic and a ghost girl, there's only one question to answer...

Gilles de Rais and Ryuunosuke Uryuu, the Caster and Master duo who committed countless atrocities in the Fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail War!

Nursery Rhyme and Alice, the Caster and Master duo who went through the Moon Cell Holy Grail War playing deadly games one day at a time!

Who is Deadliest!

Shared Attributes

Gilles de Rais and Nursery Rhyme both benefit from a variety of abilities due to their status as Servants which enables them to become intangible Spiritual forms that can enable a quick getaway in combat, a Spiritual Core that serves the purpose of a vital organ that is mainly weak to blows to the head and heart, and having enough knowledge of the current time period to get by. They don't need anything a normal human needs besides possibly air and even that isn't a major issue, instead relying on the magical energy of their Master, human souls if they're more evil than good, and food or sleep for minor recovery of that fuelling substance. Unfortunately for the most part, they can't last long without their Master unless they have enough magical energy left over and they only remember what they originally did in life but for a full list of what makes a Servant a Servant, click here-

In addition, Ryuunosuke Uryuu and Alice both have three Command Seals that enable them to order their Servants around but considering both are a more laid-back style of Master, get along well with their respective Servants, and never used even one in their Holy Grail Wars, it's doubtful they'll use them especially considering Ryuunosuke barely has any idea what the Grail War is and Alice losing her Command Seals would lead to her demise like any other Moon Cell Master.

Gilles de Rais and Ryuunosuke Uryuu (Fate/Zero)

"Very well then, let us go and paint the gardens of the puppet master God with even more brilliant despair and terror and depravity. We shall show the author of this wicked world who hides up in heaven that God is not the only one here who knows what entertainment is!"

"We're gonna do something awesome again, aren't we? Big guy, cool! Cool!"-Giles to Ryuunosuke

Gilles de Rais was known for helping save France from the English as he fought in the Hundred Years War with Jeanne d'Arc and he became greatly attached to her, especially after the king honored both their deeds, although things would take a far darker turn when she was betrayed and burned alive, leaving him in a sorry state that made him waste his wealth rapidly. However Gilles would soon decide to prove whether God was real or not with the aid of François Prelati as the two moved from alchemy to horrible slaughters of children and helping call in demons from other worlds yet he was never given the divine punishment that he believed would fall upon him for his actions and became even more bitter.

Eventually Rais would be executed himself not truly because of his evil deeds but because of his wasteful spending by his fellow nobles which convinced him that God did not exist and it was in this state that Ryuunosuke Uryuu summoned him as a Caster Servant into the Fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail War where the two got to work kidnapping and murdering children. Gilles didn't even engage in the conflict until he saw Artoria Pendragon and believed that she was a resurrected Jeanne, leading to an obsession with her that resulted in an attempt to capture or kill her outside the Einzbern castle before Diarmuid Ua Duibihne foiled that plan and then his workshop was soon destroyed by Iskandar and Waver Velvet.

Rais would soon have his entire views on God changed by Ryuunosuke's words and directly try to challenge him rather than just offend him, summoning the Giant Horror at the Mion River and forcing every other Servant to focus on putting it and him down before more damage was done, leading to Excalibur being used against it that made him remorsefully reflect on the past before perishing and he would serve the role of a villain in yet another Grail War.

Ryuunosuke Uryuu was a Japanese man who simply worked enough jobs to get by in life while indulging his true passion of murder, killing entire families and enjoying slaughtering women and children the most, before he stumbled upon a relic of his family's magus past in the home of his parents, leading to several attempts to summon a demon. Ryuunosuke didn't realize that what he was actually trying to summon was a Servant but he was quite pleased when he called Gilles de Rais forth, simply ignoring the Fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail War to see what his new friend could do to victims and for the chance to keep carrying out his own crimes in relative peace as a Master of the Caster in the conflict.

Even with the Holy Church trying to get them both killed, Uryuu would keep kidnapping children for Gilles' blasphemy and would encounter Rin Tohsaka who wound up breaking his magical bracelet, a gift from the Servant, and freeing his latest victims from their fate, a fact that he didn't seem too concerned about except for the big guy potentially being mad. Ryuunosuke would only truly be affected by a loss when their workshop was destroyed and weep over the loss of their 'art' before touching on the Caster's rage at God and explaining his own view on the matter, that God made humans to be killed and that he enjoys twisted villains like them simply so that he has something to work against.

Uryuu's philosophy is greatly appreciated by Rais and leads to him working on the Giant Horror summon while he enthusiastically cheers his Servant on, greatly enjoying the end result and being overcome with joy at having a new way to see people die before Kiritsugu Emiya shoots him twice, killing him and making Caster mourn for him before continuing their blasphemy in his memory.


"Terror has its degrees of freshness. The more intense the fear, the more all of the other emotions die. The terror, in its truest sense, is not a static state but rather a dynamic one. It is the sublime moment which shining hope turns to utter despair. Did you enjoy that? The tantalizing flavor of fresh terror and bloody death."







Noble Phantasm:A+


Superhuman Physicality:Gilles de Rais is capable of easily throwing a wooden chair with one hand hard enough to break it, make fragments of a road fly up as he punches it repeatedly, and lift and crush a child's skull in a single hand.

He has shown no actual hand-to-hand combat skill however and leaves fighting to his Horrors.

Crystal Ball:An interesting piece of equipment that enables Gilles de Rais to see events going on far away like Servant fighting on a shipping platform from his sewer lair and is presumably what he used to find Artoria and Irisviel when they were driving down a road afterwards and even the forest surrounding the Einzbern castle. In addition, he knows when one is being used to see him.

Class and Personal Skills:Gilles de Rais has a B Rank in Territory Creation that enables him to make his lair a "Workshop" so that he can get mana and Item Construction is a (-) which implies that he can't use it but his Master stated he gave him his hypnotizing bracelet although it could be a Spellbook enchantment.

In addition, he has an E- Appreciation of the Arts that enables him some chance of realizing a Noble Phantasm's true name if it is artistic in some way and an A Rank Mental Pollution that makes him insane but enables him to be resistant to mental spells and still communicate easily with his Master.

Prelati Spellbook front.png
Prelati's Spellbook:A particularly gruesome book made out of human skin and with pages covered in otherworldly text that serves as Gilles de Rais' only Noble Phantasm albeit one with a wide variety of different spells. His most common use is Horror summoning and hypnosis spells that work well with his underhanded and deceitful style of combat.

The Horrors are creatures with multiple tentacles that can extend surprisingly far that are covered in spikes although Artoria wasn't scratched and mouths full of sharp teeth that can devour a child's body in moments.

They can be summoned in a variety of ways like in a hallway outside the room he is in currently in and even inside living children which kills the host and they follow his commands such as attacking or guarding his lairs.

While they are extremely easy to kill by Servant standards, a crippled Artoria, Diarmuid, and Iskandar all having no problems slaying them individually and Kariya Matou's Crest Worms even overwhelmed one, they have the Spellbook fuelling them.

With it, he doesn't even have to chant a spell as those killed will just be replaced with new Horrors so long as it remains undamaged, however if it is they all dissolve immediately, and in sufficient numbers, they even had a crippled Artoria on the losing side and they tend to go for the neck and limbs with tentacles to restrain targets.

His most powerful spell is the Giant Horror which summons a squid-like behemoth that towers over buildings, has a sharp mouth and inner one, several regular Horrors in it, small tentacles that can catch a fighter jet and Iskandar's chariot, and larger tentacles.

It places him inside it and serves as a form of armor against attacks which took Excalibur to finally punch through and kill it, being able to keep going thanks to the Spellbook even if his Master dies for a while, long enough that there was a serious concern as to whether it could reach the shore to start devouring humans for mana as the Ionian Hetairoi couldn't even wear it down.

It is capable of healing in moments from Artoria hacking a large tentacle in two pieces and Gilgamesh firing four swords at it powerful enough to punch some large holes in it which makes it considerably dangerous and it can even overpower Artoria and Iskandar in his chariot, requiring them to get aid to be free.

It appears to be able to react to threats and the whole lake around it was covered in a purple mist but it has several flaws, it requires him to chant for quite a while, most of a day and a bit of the night, reveals his position to other Servants when it's nearly done, and left notable clues in the beginning like mana pouring out of his Spellbook and large ripples in the water.

His other spells are hypnosis that enabled him to lead a small group of children with him into the forest surrounding the Einzbern castle and was ended with a snap of his fingers and a fairly sizable mist of blood even if it was previously damaged to retreat from two nearby Servants.

It gives him all the mana he needs to freely use his summons to simply overwhelm foes with numbers although it also comes at the cost of his fighting capabilities being crippled if it takes damage as he wasn't able to summon any other Horrors after his previous ones dissolved and the gash was repaired for some period of time.

Intelligence:Gilles de Rais is a man who greatly enjoys making others fearful of him and he easily has the means to do it such as letting children believe they are safe to leave with a Horror summoned nearby and using them in great numbers to overwhelm his foes along with using kidnapped children to draw his targets out and leaving his summons to guard his lairs although he is very clearly a psychotic obsessed with Jeanne and God.

Also he really enjoys laughing maniacally, a lot.

Ryuunosuke uryu.png

"Let's go kill! I want you to take me out and show me even cooler ways to torture and kill!"

Equipment and Abilities-

Bracelet:A gift from Caster on Ryuunosuke Uryuu's wrist that enables him to hypnotize a child when he touches them to follow him or lay still and the effects last even when he's not around, it's even so potent it almost overwhelmed a young Rin Tohsaka before she concentrated her magical energy on it, but it can be destroyed and will nullify the hypnosis.

Scalpel:A small blade that Ryuunosuke Uryuu has used to cut into Caster's kidnapped children to put in screws for crucifixion and that could potentially be used as a slashing and stabbing weapon if needed, he has a lot as well.

Book:Ryuunosuke Uryuu's parents had this text and it gave him the knowledge of how to summon Caster although it's unknown if it gave him any other knowledge.

Peak-Human Physicality:Ryuunosuke Uryuu appears to have a resilience to pain as a box filled with glasses falling on his foot didn't stop him for long, he was fine after a couple moments of being blinded by a magical explosion that took out his bracelet, and even just being amused at his own blood after being shot in the gut with a sniper rifle.

However he was mortally wounded by that and it could be said that him being a successful serial killer who can take out families could be an impressive physical feat depending on how he did it.

Intelligence:Ryuunosuke Uryuu is a successful serial killer who is able to break into homes and kill entire families, lead a group of children past a street after a police car went past, and appears to have some knowledge of torture although he is easily amused such as with the prospect of summoning a demon or his blood, doesn't take killing or the Grail War seriously as he let Caster do what he wanted and just toyed with Rin which backfired, and is childish with his tears over their lair being burnt up and his overenthusiastic joy at the Giant Horror.

Nursery Rhyme and Alice (Fate/EXTRA)

"Alice will run and run...but can we catch the mister?"

"We can! We can! And when we do, off with his head!"

"Aren't you gonna be scared to cut off his head?"

"Sometimes even little girls hafta be scary."

"Then we gotta make the mister really scared of us."

"Uh hu. Let's make the mister so scared of us that he cries a pond."-Alice to Nursery

Nursery Rhyme is a Caster Servant representing an entire genre of literature that was specifically made through Alice's love of the stories being fused with a Reality Marble and therefore the most influence on her abilities is from the works of Lewis Carrol while her appearance is based on her Master's own features, making them appear to be twins at first. Nursery is the more serious of the two, doing her best to keep Alice alive in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War while keeping up with her wish to play with the other Masters, her powers work extremely well for both tasks, although she seems to have a very clear emphasis on cutting off all their heads if her most repeated line is to be believed.

Rhyme presumably took out two Masters for Alice with her Nameless Forest before the third Elimination Round where they would face Hakuno Kishinami and Nero Claudius who proved to be much more difficult targets as her ploy to keep them from getting the first cipher key by using the Jabberwock as a guard failed due to Rani's aid. The Nameless Forest was used once more again after the first two days and was defeated by Rin's simple suggestion, forcing Nursery into the Arena where two other Servants had been defeated by the Saber and despite doing her best to cheer up Alice while turning her against Hakuno, she couldn't escape the same fate as her predecessors.

Rhyme would be deleted along with her Master who tried to get her to accept the end of their happy days in the Moon Cell but she couldn't accept it and cried as she held Alice before she was deleted first and finally stated that the worst part was that she would never be Alice again, but she would get a chance to continue playing in the form of the girl who was grateful for her company in a different Grail War.

Alice was an English girl who wound up getting caught in an air strike in the final years of the Second World War and was reduced to a state where she was constantly in pain at best or not even conscious in a hospital that only maintained her existence to research her magical circuits that were discovered there before she finally died. However that wouldn't be the end for her as she got a second chance at life as a Cyber Ghost in the net where she eventually settled on permanently moving to the Moon Cell where she got to summon Nursery Rhyme as her friend to play with, largely ignoring the Holy Grail War.

She still knew about it and joined it to get the opportunity to meet other Masters in the hope of finding more playmates, preferably someone who could understand her, and likely to prevent herself from being deleted with her existence before the conflict consisting of watching the various candidates which made her into a notable urban legend. After defeating two other Masters in the first Elimination Rounds, she would meet Hakuno Kishinami and Nero Claudius, a duo that played with her and Caster like the previous foes but that ultimately dealt with every trick they had and made her upset as she perceived that Hakuno was angry at her, choosing to stay with Nursery as a friend instead.

Unfortunately for her, her Servant couldn't beat the Saber in a direct battle and they wound up getting deleted together but not before she was able to explain her situation and get some comfort from Kishinami that they at least enjoyed the games they had played leading up to their elimination while trying to ease Nursery's anguish at the situation.


"You forgot already? It goes like this:Now good Tom Thumb

Your work is done, The Tale is at its end.

May dreams of dark embrace your heart

Night's curtain doth descend.

With great mirth I'll cut off your head; Life from your body rend."







Noble Phantasm:EX


Superhuman Physicality:Nursery Rhyme doesn't have any real physicality feats outside of gameplay combat but considering she is capable of fighting a weakened Nero with her fists primarily and block attacks from her, she's very likely above-human.

Additionally she is able to come out of Alice's body in a way that makes it appear she split into twins.

Magic Projectiles:Nursery Rhyme has the ability to shoot magic projectiles at enemies from a decent range that can be easily blocked by Nero but hurt a bit if they connect with flesh.

Class and Personal Skills:Nursery Rhyme has an A Rank in Territory Creation but that is just her Nameless Forest ability which will be detailed below and her A Rank Self-Modification and A+ Shapeshifting are currently being used to make her appear like Alice and it's doubtful at best she'll use them to become someone else.

Frenzied March Hare:Nursery Rhyme dances to call down a gust of wind that can break a Servant's guard and stun them for a moment, long enough to get one attack.

The Plains of Winter:Nursery Rhyme can call up ice to engulf the opponent through dancing that is used for damaging enemies.

White Queen's Enigma:The final dance magic ability of Nursery Rhyme that makes it so her punches can make enemies weaker to magic, making it particularly effective with her other abilities although it does no damage on its own.

The Queen's Glass Game:Also known as Perpetual Engine-Maiden Empire, this is Nursery Rhyme's preferred Noble Phantasm for a direct fight that has her holding hands with Alice and saying the quote text after this section, resulting in a heart with two arrows through it and a crown on it appear out of a magical vortex, deal quite some damage with what appears to be magical energy lines, and heal her completely.

However it takes several turns to activate in her boss battle which implies it takes time to charge before use.

"Beyond beyond the rainbow plains, black and white squares, the King of Games. Run, run, the maze of mirrors, farewell, oh pitiable rabbit~"

Nursery Rhyme:A Noble Phantasm that enables Nursery Rhyme to bring in two very powerful helpers with no delay, the first is the Jabberwock, a bipedal giant, who is powerful enough that a weakened Nero believed retreating was better than fighting him and was only weakened through a vorpal blade which is a magical weapon designed to counter monsters.

He uses brute force to crush his foes and can take quite some punishment without being weakened along with having the skill Alice Eater to make it even more damaging in combat and it can rely on its own magical energy supply given to it before disappearing which can last for over a day at least.

The Nameless Forest, a Reality Marble, is much more simple and passive but just as lethal for enemy Masters, they are unable to remember their names which eventually leads to them forgetting they exist and disappearing if they stay too long in the area which is quite large, covering an entire Arena floor, with the only weakness being that if the opponent does manage to remember their name, its near immediately nullified.

It's unknown if she uses them one at a time solely to fulfill Alice's love of playing but it's likely that only one can be active at a time.

Intelligence:Nursery Rhyme is the far more aggressive one of the duo with her attacking Hakuno during his games with Alice, trying to get her to not reveal important details like the Jabberwock not being a Servant, and generally wanting to decapitate them which implies she gets her Master in a combat mindset while she does play along with her Master and appears just as childish at points but this is only when playing.


"But if I play too hard, I break my playthings. I don't want their heads and arms to come off!"

Equipment and Abilities-
Notes:Alice carries a note that says "What's your name?", presumably just a defense for herself against the Nameless Forest but that can get dropped in a hurry to leave and a note with the Jabberwock poem in mirror text that can be dropped as well, potentially both of these were on purpose for Hakuno to receive.

Cyber Ghost Attributes:Alice gained two interesting abilities from her tragic state, the ability to seemingly willingly conceal herself from human view if she wishes it and teleportation that can cover a considerable distance or her own version of a Spiritual form.

In addition, it is speculated that this enables her to use magic more than any living person to fuel Nursery Rhyme's Noble Phantasms.

Dragon Skillet:Alice calls down a pillar of flame that seems to be particularly effective against heavier attacks designed to break guards, stunning Servants in that case, but inflicting damage all the time.

March of the Black Hare:Alice's slight healing spell for Nursery Rhyme that doesn't recover too much health but it's still something.

Intelligence:Alice really mainly wants to play with people and switches from regular games of tag and hide and seek to calling in the Jabberwock and Nameless Forest as games, she does tend to give a bit too much information to enemies who play along, gets upset when she thinks a potential new friend being mad at her, and can be somewhat forgetful when she forgot her Servant's next line before their final battle.


Teamwork:Gilles de Rais and Ryuunosuke Uryuu are close friends, both sharing a love of killing and torture, with the Servant even serving as a mentor in the matter and comforting him when their lair was destroyed, the Caster even had his view of God changed by his Master's words and his Giant Horror briefly paused from his grief at his death.

Nursery Rhyme and Alice get along as nothing less than best friends, it's implied that they have been playing together for a while and the Servant tries to prevent her Master from making mistakes while entertaining her desire to play and comforting her when she feels Hakuno hates her, deliberately telling her that all she needs is Caster for friends.

Experience:Gilles de Rais has kidnapped several children along with Ryuunosuke Uryuu who killed many people although it was he who actually engaged in the combat, briefly besting a crippled Artoria Pendragon with one good hand, holding out against her and Diarmuid Ua Duibihne for a while, and taking Iskandar and Artoria on in his Giant Horror while easily taking out a Japanese fighter jet.

Nursery Rhyme and Alice have defeated two Masters and Servants previously although it's implied that was the Nameless Forest's work and not direct combat, potentially a variety of enemy programs in various shapes like bees and horned creatures, and their battle with Hakuno Kishinami and a weakened Nero Claudius who lacked her Noble Phantasm but was regaining her strength that they lost.

Tactics:Gilles de Rais is an extremely underhanded fighter, utilizing dirty tricks like hostages and hordes of Horrors without hesitation while showing an ability to recognize when to retreat to prepare or escape a losing battle although he only used his Giant Horror to make a point to God although it showed the same incapacitating fighting style as the smaller ones, and Ryuunosuke Uryuu is largely content to stay at their lair or kidnap on his own along with torture and evasion skills.

Nursery Rhyme mixes her fighting style into Alice's playing, starting off with using the Jabberwock to guard the cipher key that Hakuno needed, then using the Nameless Forest and taking cheap attacks with her magic projectiles while they chased them down with Nero before dissapearing when they got too close, and finally only resorting to direct fighting when she needed to in the Elimination Battle, never showing any of her other moves before, with Alice serving as support from the back with her magic.

Scenario Familiarity:Gilles de Rais is well-suited to intelligence gathering with his crystal ball that can easily keep up with any noteworthy events or help him keep track of a target that he sets his sights on, he tracked and caught every last one of a group of children he set loose in a forest, and he can easily make a defensive garrison of Horrors while he and Ryuunosuke Uryuu can avoid police detection even when they're nearby and set up lairs in sewage pipes and abandoned buildings.

Nursery Rhyme has no actual intelligence gathering skills and seems to not bother with it much, only noticing Hakuno looking at her from the side in the library and knowing when Alice was revealing crucial information, and the two keeping up with him in the school through knowing what areas he goes to and where he'd return after a clue while their body concealment and invisibility work well for evasion and the Jabberwock can guard an area.


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The fight takes place in a copy of New York City where both Caster and Master pairs have been resurrected after their defeats in their respective Holy Grail Wars and left to get acquainted with the city for a month before those who brought them back give each duo a mission to accomplish.

Gilles de Rais and Ryuunosuke Uryuu have successfully captured a specific girl useful to their patron's cause and are currently holding her in their sewer lair while waiting for retrieval while continuing their regular murders and kidnappings.

Unfortunately Nursery Rhyme and Alice were supposed to be guarding that girl for their mister and became friends with her which makes them desperately want to find her and keep her safe again as they are informed they have a week deadline while residing in a school.

Both duos know there is an opposing Servant on the other team.

Gilles and Ryuunosuke know that the opposing Master is the ghost girl which interests them to see what blasphemous art they can create with such a unique specimen.

Nursery and Alice know that the opposing Master is the kidnapping murderer which makes them agree to put an end to the psychopath before more kids get hurt.

Gilles and Ryuunosuke are informed that Nursery and Alice will be leaving the next day so they decide to put their planning to good use and strike while Nursery and Alice have been preparing as well for the eventual attack.

Gilles will lead the assault on Nursery and Alice who are staying together while Ryuunosuke waits in the shadows for a good opportunity but there is one other complication for the latter duo.

The way back home was unintentionally put in Gilles and Ryuunosuke's lair which means that Nursery and Alice must enter it to go back.

Both will be made aware of the location of that portal in the last three hours.

Victory comes through either duo killing the other two but there are alternatives.

Gilles and Ryuunosuke succeeding in their capture attempt is their other win condition.

Nursery and Alice successfully escaping the City is their other win condition.

Brief retreats but not outside of the City are allowed to prepare more or break away from combat.

(Nursery and Alice's portal escape are the exception to that rule.)

Preparations can take as long as either side wants.

They can fight as soon as they find each other or interrupt each others' planning with combat.

I am using the anime versions of Gilles and Ryuunosuke and the game versions of Nursery and Alice.