League of Shadows vs Ape-Men

League Of Shadows (Nolanverse) vs Apes (Original Series)

Today, two armies spreading fear and chaos to create order will fight. One human, one animal. They are...

Apes (Original Series) The apes that rose to power and took over the Earth

League of Shadows (Nolanverse): The terrorist orginization that fights for peace and justice

Who is deadliest?



Pistol: Modified S&W M&P

Sub-Machine Gun: Madsen M50

Rifle: M1 Carbine

Special: Flaming Arrows

League of Shadows (Nolanverse)

Pistol: CZ-75

Sub-Machine Gun: IMI Mini Uzi

Rifle: Heckler and Koch G36

Special: Barrett M82

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Apes: RedRedRedRedRed

League of Shadows: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue

5 apes were walking along the streets of Gotham. They didn't know where they were. They looked and saw the chaos going on in Gotham. They saw all the rich being thrown away from their homes and beaten.

"Humans." The first Ape sneared. "Nothing more then wretched beasts."

Meanwhile, Bane had sent a sqaud of 5 League of Shadows assassins to search around the city. They soon find the apes.

"What the hell are they?" One of the squad members asked, looking shocked.

"I don't know." The squad leader replied. 

One Ape notices the LoS squad wielding weapons.

"Sir, the humans look hostile." The ape said.

"Very well. Open fire!" The ape leader says.

The apes start shooting their Madsen M50 and kills one of the LoS members.

League of Shadows: BlueBlueBlueBlue

"Man down! Open fire!" The LoS squad leader shouts out. The squad members take out their G36's and fire back and kills an ape.

Apes: RedRedRedRed

One of the apes takes out an M1 Carbine and prepares to shoot but a LoS assassin shoots him down with a Mini Uzi.

Apes: RedRedRed

Another ape picks up the M1 Carbine and shoots the Uzi wielder in the head.

LoS: BlueBlueBlue

An ape weilding a S&W M&P starts a gun fight with a LoS member weilding a CZ-75. The LoS member shoots the Ape 3 times in the chest. But before the Ape dies, he shoots 2 rounds through the LoS member.

Apes: RedRed

LoS: BlueBlue

An ape holding an M1 Carbine looks for another LoS assassin, but one of them knocks him down and shoots him dead with a Mini Uzi.

Apes: Red

The remaining ape sets an arrow on fire and shoots it into the LoS members neck. He screams as he is set ablaze.

LoS: Blue

The squad leader takes out a Barett M82 and hides. When the remaining ape comes by, he shoots it at the apes head. The last apes head explodes in a shower of blood.


Los: Blue

The remaining LoS member returns to go report to Bane.

Winner: League of Shadows (Nolanverse)

Experts Opinion

The main factor in this battle was the LoS's superior weaponry as supposed to the Apes less modern weaponry. The apes barely stood a chance here.

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