For the Month of September in the Year of 2011


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  • Appelmonkey

    • After much discussion between the DF staff and Leolab we have come up for a new format for warrior pages with disregarded battles. Bios and battles that are still legitimate are now being separated f…

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  • Appelmonkey

    • Aboriginal Australian Warrior vs. Zulu Warrior. From A to Z. These two groups of iconic tribal natives clash in a battle of spears, shields and clubs. Can the proud Aboriginees defend their lands fro…

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  • Appelmonkey

    • Congratulations everyone, Deadliest Fiction is now nine years old! Just one more year until we've reached the double digits.
    • In case you missed it SPARTAN 119's Nobody Survives Forever Battle Royale h…

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  • Appelmonkey

    Endgame, the last season of Game of Thrones. Man, this is a great month of the big and small screen. Jon will end up sitting on the Iron Throne, calling it now.

    • Wassboss' Jean Pierre Polnareff vs. Tan…

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The Policies

  • I just want to reinforce the importance of reading the policies. Not only will they keep you out of trouble, they may answer any questions that you may have. Take the time to review the policies, it will keep you out of the administrator's watch list!

The Infobox

  • It is mandatory, I repeat mandatory that all users use the new infobox for all articles relating to warriors. This does not apply to user warriors or weapons pages. It is very easy to use and much simpler than the standard infobox, plus it looks cleaner and more modern. This message particularly goes out to the newer users who have made articles without the appropriate infobox.

Main Page Slider Pt.2

  • Yes, I have my Photoshop back up and running, but guess what, school is here and I don't know if I have enough time to push out awesome Battle of the Month pictures and any other pictures requiring my photo editing skills. If I say I will have a picture up on a certain day, don't expect to be because I can't meet that deadline. So I apologize if I cannot get images up for you in the right time. Again, anyone with good Photoshop skills can definitely do me a favor by putting up the image for BoM or anything else.

Battle of the Month

  • It's that time again: time to nominate which battle will receive the prestigious Battle of the Month award! This time voting will only be done by comments to prevent IP spamming.

THE WINNER IS: Grand Army of the Republic vs. United Nations Space Command Marine Corps by Sith Venator!

In Other News

  • When you thought the hurricanes were gone for this year, think again. Tropical storm Katia is gaining strength and may form into a massive hurricane.
  • Muammar Gaddafi, former ruler of Libya, has fled his country and is now no longer in power. Despite being a major victory for the Libyan rebels, the war is not over yet, remnants of Gaddafi's regime are determined to retake Tripoli and re-establish the old government.
  • The 11th marks the 10th anniversary of the tragic terrorist attack that took place in New York, Virginia, and the the rising up of civilians in Flight 93 who sacrificed their lives to save thousands more.

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