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I will be starting a new News system where I will post a blog explaining anything new to the wiki. I will also be posting pages that have been abandoned or articles we must work on. This first newsletter is a test run.


New Design

  • Well Wikia has not allowed Monaco style to be the usual theme anymore (the one we had before). So bear with me I am changing the design right now and you may notice a few changed as you log on to the wiki. To suggest some changes leave a message on my talk page. Templates may be distorted and other things because of this new look. So far there is no way to switch back to Monaco. Plus the Monobook design is really ugly...


  • Boredom has struck many of us including me (or you are just beginning to despise the wiki). We are straying away from the wiki and this is common. I use to edit like crazy over on the Combat Arms Wiki but I grew bored of the game and the wiki and I never editted their for a year or so. If you feel like you are growing bored of the wiki you can let us know or keep it private, all I wanted to let out was that you are not alone...

In Other News

Feel free to add whatever miscellaneous news you want as long as it is appropriate

  • Mexican spider will be returning on 11/4/10
  • San Francisco Giants (my hometown team) has beaten the Texas Rangers in the World Series 4-1
  • The latest chapter of High School of the Dead is coming out on Nov.9, 2010
  • Omnicube1 has been accepted to homecoming by his crush ;)
  • Leolab's Senior Prom is on his birthday
  • Mexican spider has released his first video game demo
  • Samurai234's birthday is on the 23rd of November
  • Facetheslayer's birthday is on the 20th of November

Battle of the Month

Next article will be posted on: December 5, 2010

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