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This is the news article for the month of March in the year 2011.


Experts Groups

  • If you have not seen the blog post yet then I will inform you that I have started an experts groups for these subjects:
    • Weapons - including firearms and ancient weapons
    • Comics and Manga - focusing on things to do with comics, manga, and anime
    • Fantasy and Science Fiction - anything about things from science fiction and fantasy genres like Eragon or Tron
  • The experts groups were created so users will be able to ask experts and receive thorough answers without having to spend too much time surfing the web for answers or other wikis.

Copying and Pasting Text

  • Well it has come to my attention that users have been copying and pasting information from other wikis or Wikipedia. Yeah, it is okay to do that if you do properly cite your sources. Try not to do that for every single article you write. By doing so, we might as well become an annex to that wiki. It only takes a few more minutes to rewrite what they have written.

In Other News

  • FPS games, Homefront and Crysis 2 release this month
  • We have gained two new users!
  • The highly anticipated RPG Dragon Age 2 sees a release this month.

Battle of the Month

Napoleon Bonaparte vs. George Washington for having the highest amount of votes totaled up in one battle. Congratulations me!

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