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Appelmonkey Appelmonkey 12 July 2020

Monthly News July 2020

  • 1 Battle Advertisements
  • 2 World News
  • 3 Popculture News
  • 4 Birthday
  • 5 Battle of the Season

  • Class 3-E (Assassination Classroom) vs. Eastern Private Defense Academy (Busou Chuugakusei): High schoolers, they don't …

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Appelmonkey Appelmonkey 20 June 2020

Monthly News June 2020

  • 1 Wiki News
  • 2 Battle Advertising
  • 3 World News
  • 4 Popculture News
  • 5 Meme Review
    • 5.1 Pepe
    • 5.2 All Your Base Are Belong to Us
    • 5.3 Ugandan Knuckles
    • 5.4 Big Chungus
    • 5.5 Press F to Pay Respect
    • 5.6 Harambe
    • 5.7 Minions
  • 6 Birthdays

  • Sor…

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Appelmonkey Appelmonkey 9 April 2020

Monthly News April 2020

  • 1 Battle Advertisement
  • 2 World News
  • 3 Pop Culture News
  • 4 Birthdays
  • 5 Battle of the Season

  • Theodore Roosevelt (United States) vs. Rafael Uribe Uribe (Colombia): DF veteran El Alamein is back and has blessed us …

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Appelmonkey Appelmonkey 14 March 2020

Monthly News March 2020

Includes news from February.

  • 1 Wiki News
  • 2 Battle Advertising
  • 3 World News
  • 4 Popculture
  • 5 Birthdays

  • Voting for Battle of the Season and the Annual Awards are over. If you want to see the results you can click h…

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Happy Birthday Deadliest Fiction Wiki!

  • Yes, it's almost our very first anniversary of the foundation of this wiki and I'm very proud to say that I have been apart of this since the beginning, and to believe I was initially against the creation of this wiki! We have really grown since July 22, 2010. Of course there were controversies and blocks along the way, but making mistakes is one of the greatest ways to learn. I would like to thank all users who are still with us for making our wiki what it is! Together we're deadly!


  • Want to discuss random things with users here on this wiki in real time? Well now you can! Thanks to Wikia, we now have a chat feature that is going strong. It's easy to join or start a chat, but please make sure that you obey the chat policy to ensure that you don't get banned. If you would like to apply to be a chat moderator, send your request here.

Battle of the Month

  • Again, it is up to you to decide which battle gets Battle of the Month. Remember, your nominations don't have to be limited to more current battles; you can nominate battles that were completed months ago! Again, only four nominations will be accepted.

THE WINNER IS: Dante vs. Ezio is the winner! Congratulations to Wassboss!

In Other News

  • US President Barack Obama states that he will begin to withdraw 5,000 troops during July from the conflict in Afghanistan and another 5,000 by the end of the year
  • One of the top Los Zetas Cartel bosses has been arrested in the killing of a US agent
  • Turkey begins to join the fight in Libya financially by supplying the Libyan rebels nearly $300 million in funds/supplies. In addition, the World Criminal Court has issued a warrant for the arrest of Muammar Gaddafi due to crimes against humanity
  • Swg66 celebrates his birthday on the 31st of this month!
  • Ethank14 will be celebrating his birthday soon, on the 6th of this month!
  • South Sudan has been officially recognized as an independent country after a six year period that began after the Second Sudanese Civil War.
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