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This is the news article for the month of December in year 2010.



  • If you may have not noticed, I have added the blood-splatter background. After countless weeks of searching, I have finally found the code. Hopefully this change will help make our wiki more professional-looking. I know that there are problems with the background. For example, when one is trying to edit a page or create a blog post the background will block the text area. This only happens for those who have the newer looking editing toolbox.

Like this:

To solve this problem:

  • Go to Preferences > Go under the Editing Tab > Uncheck Enable Rich Text Editing > Save


  • Of course I saw this coming. As more and more people come to our wiki/more activity, some things have to go. These things are the Merits system and the now-defunct and inactive ADF. I started these two things without realizing that there may be more people visiting our wiki and more battles are written. Keeping track of how many battles people have written is a burden and I simply do not have the time to dole out awards. Also, I began to see there is no point in having some special group patrolling the articles and making sure pages do not get vandalized. I trust you guys now and I know that when you notice a page has been vandalized, you will revert it.

In Other News

Feel free to add whatever miscellaneous news you want as long as it is appropriate

  • The Deadliest Warrior has decided to return after a three week or so hiatus
  • Christmas will come on December 25 (be prepared for a special surprise!)
  • CuchulainSetanta will start his Deadliest Fiction Championships this month
  • Santa Clara Day takes place on December 28th

For Those With Blog Problems

  • Here's where the button is to access blog making.

Battle of the Month

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