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Appelmonkey Appelmonkey 12 July 2020

Monthly News July 2020

  • 1 Battle Advertisements
  • 2 World News
  • 3 Popculture News
  • 4 Birthday
  • 5 Battle of the Season

  • Class 3-E (Assassination Classroom) vs. Eastern Private Defense Academy (Busou Chuugakusei): High schoolers, they don't …

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Appelmonkey Appelmonkey 20 June 2020

Monthly News June 2020

  • 1 Wiki News
  • 2 Battle Advertising
  • 3 World News
  • 4 Popculture News
  • 5 Meme Review
    • 5.1 Pepe
    • 5.2 All Your Base Are Belong to Us
    • 5.3 Ugandan Knuckles
    • 5.4 Big Chungus
    • 5.5 Press F to Pay Respect
    • 5.6 Harambe
    • 5.7 Minions
  • 6 Birthdays

  • Sor…

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Appelmonkey Appelmonkey 9 April 2020

Monthly News April 2020

  • 1 Battle Advertisement
  • 2 World News
  • 3 Pop Culture News
  • 4 Birthdays
  • 5 Battle of the Season

  • Theodore Roosevelt (United States) vs. Rafael Uribe Uribe (Colombia): DF veteran El Alamein is back and has blessed us …

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Appelmonkey Appelmonkey 14 March 2020

Monthly News March 2020

Includes news from February.

  • 1 Wiki News
  • 2 Battle Advertising
  • 3 World News
  • 4 Popculture
  • 5 Birthdays

  • Voting for Battle of the Season and the Annual Awards are over. If you want to see the results you can click h…

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Around the Deadliest Warrior Network

  • As you know this wiki is only one part of the Deadliest Warrior Network. You guys should go around and get acquainted with these wikis if you have not all ready. Great way to meet other users.
  • (A peice of news from Astro) Wikia has given us a banner under the 'Around the Wikia Network' or something. Thanks to that Deadliest Warrior Network we should get more traffic.

Main Page Slider

  • Again, I still do not have my Photoshop working so if you guys who have it or any other form of photo editing software, you will do me and all visitors to this wiki some good by adding images and links to the Battle of the Month, news article, and other important pages.

Battle of the Month

  • It's that time again: time to nominate which battle will receive the prestigious Battle of the Month award! This time voting will only be done by comments to prevent IP spamming.

THE WINNER IS: The Fraternity vs. The Black Label Organization by MrPacheco101!

In Other News

  • Attacks in Oslo, Norway have shocked the world considering the nation is a relatively peaceful one. Perpetrator Anders Behring Breivik has been detained and has plead guilty for his actions stating that he was aiming to attack Muslims and scare them out of Europe.
  • In the FIFA Women's World Cup, Japan was able to dominate over the United States in a penalty shoot-out. Congratulations to Japan for being the first Asian team to win a World Cup!


  • Astrotorical will be hosting podcasts on his user page. He will be discussing matters about the wiki so stay tuned and check often!

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