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Bullseye (Daredevil): The Man who never miss vs. Golden Darkness (To-Love-Ru):The Galaxy's most dangerous assassin WHO IS DEADLIEST!?

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Bullseye has the uncanny to throw any object with deadly precision, like for example he can turn something like a ball pen into a deadly projectile. The main weapons he usually uses are daggers,shurikens,sais,or throwing spikes.
X-Factor Besides being an excellent marksman he has the srength,speed,stamina,and endurance of a Olympic athelete. Bullseye is also a Master martial Artist,Expert assassin,and a Weapons expert. a portion of his bones are laced with adamantium which makes his bones virtually indestructable and he can take more amount of pain than a normal human can. He is also a dangerous psychopath who enjoys killing others for his own pleasure whether its for a job, or just for the fun of it.

Golden Darkness

Powers/Abilities Made from bio nanotechnology, Golden Darkness can change any part of her body to any kind of weapon or object she can think of. She can change her height,mass, and physical feature(ex. she can make her boobs larger.)
X-Factor Goldan Darkness possesses superhuman physical attributes. She is an Martial arts Expert and an expert Assassin. Being made originally as a biological mass weapon, she will not hesitate to kill someone. She follows a strict code saying that she cannot leave her destine place until she sucessfully completed her mission. She REALLY hates eechi and will not hesitate to beat them up if they look up her skirt.

Power showcase


{C}Golden Darkness

Bullseye vs. Golden Darkness: Assassin War

Sainan'' City

Deep within Sainan city Golden Darkness is standing atop of a street pole, looking at the city through a sky view point. “Golden Darkness?” A voice called out. The blonde assassin looks down and sees a tall man with black hair and grey eyes, wearing a black business suit with matching dress shoes. “Yes, how do you know who I am?” the alien assassin questioned. “Well in my business, you hear stories coming from the dark alleys from time to time.” The man responded; Golden Darkness then jumps of the poll and lands in front of the man. “I see, so what is it that you want?” Golden Darkness asked. The man then holds up a suitcase “Business, mind if we talk somewhere else?” the man said.

Suddenly both the man and Golden Darkness are sitting in a table at a fancy restaurant; the man then shows Golden Darkness photos of a large, bald, bulky man. “His name is Wilson Fisk or as he’s widely known in the criminal underworld, The Kingpin.” Golden Darkness then grabs one of the photos.” This man has a criminal organization about the size of f—king Asia, has both politicians and the police at the palm of his hand, and hitmen from left to right.” The man said while taking a sip of his drink. Golden Darkness then puts down the photo and looks at the man “And you want me to eliminate him?” the blonde assassin said. The man nods his head “Exactly, just name your price and I’ll write it out.” The man said pulling out a pen and checkbook. “Okay” Was the young woman’s’ only response. Unbeknownst to them a man in a white suit overhears the conversation and takes out his cell phone “Hello, I need to speak with Mr. Fisk…. It’s urgent.”

New York City'', Fisk Enterprise Tower

In the main office Wilson “Kingpin” Fisk is sitting in his chair overlooking New York from a skypoint view, while his main assassin Bullseye is leaning against the wall playing darts hitting a bullseye with each dart he throws. “Mr. Fisk there’s someone on the phone who wants to talk to you, he says it’s urgent.” A voice from the intercom said. Kingpin then presses the intercom’s button “Send it through.” He said. Suddenly the voic of the man in the white suit comes on the intercom “Um... hey boss, something bad is gonna happen, something real bad.” He said nervously. “Well what is it?” The Kingpin asked, tapping his fingers on the desk. “Well it’s that man, it seems he’s hiring someone to take you out!” the man said. A chuckle bellowed from the bulky crimeboss “Oh really? Who is he hiring this time?” The crimeboss said. “I don’t know, I never seen this chick before, but she looks pretty dangerous. If I were you, I take precaution on this one.” The man said. The Kingpin then stops tapping his desk “Very well then, give me all the information you can gather understood?” he said. “Understood boss.” The voice from the intercom said. “Very well then, it’s best if you step to it.” The Kingpin then taps the button and the conversation end; he then looks at his main assassin Bullseye.” Bullseye you know what to do.” He said. A grin appears on the assassin’s face “It’s been awhile since I had a hit, this should be fun” the assassin said as he hits a bullseye with the last dart. “Bullseye.”

New York City, Hell’s Kitchen

A black spaceship appears above the gritty neighborhood known as Hell’s Kitchen and teleports Golden Darkness on top of a roof. The alien assassin looks around her surroundings “So this is New York City.” She said looking at the US city, then looks down and sees a man robbing an old lady of her purse. “Very different from Sainan City by far.” The assassin remarked, suddenly something speeds right towards her slightly giving her a small gash on her left cheek (blood trickling from the wound). “What was that?” Golden Darkness said to herself, she then finds a card latched on the ground and picks it up. “Did this hit me, a card?” she said looking at it from all directions, and finding a trace of blood latched on the edges. “I only missed on purpose, just so you know.” A voice said from behind. Golden Darkness turns around and sees Bullseye standing before her. “Are you one of Kingpin’s hitmen?” the blonde assassin said to the masked man. “Indeed, I’m his top assassin and most wanted killer in the world Bullseye.”

The masked assassin responds. “Bullseye; how honorable is it to give me your name, it seems you already know you are bound to die by my hands.” Golden Darkness said, she then transforms her left hand in to a giant blade. Bullseye then busted out laughing leaving the alien assassin confused on the situation. “Hahahaha oh that’s rich, but that’s not the reason why I gave you my name.” Bullseye said wiping the tears off his eye. “Really, then why did you give me your name?” the blonde assassin asked in a serious tone. “The reason why I gave the legendary Golden Darkness my name is because…” Bullseye said as he reaches behind his back. “It’s the last thing you’re gonna hear before I send you to hell!” The masked assassin then throws a metal spike at fast speed towards Golden Darkness. The alien assassin then dodges the attack and gives Bullseye a deathly glare “Is that all?” Golden Darkness said. Bullseye then begins to chuckle “Oh baby, I’m just getting started.” Bullseye said, then pulls out shurikens from each finger tips and throws them at the blonde assassin. Golden Darkness dodges the first four shurikens, then turns her other hand into another blade and began to slice the rest of the shurikens away from her. “Your attacks are beginning to annoy me, so please just die.” She said calmly, she then transform her hair into multiple dragon heads and launches them at her masked opponent. Bullseye sees the dragon heads coming straight at him and dodges the first one from then side, he then jumps away from the second dragon head, does a cart wheel to keep away from the third one, and finally doing a backward flip to dodge the last one by a hair “Oh my aren’t you full of surprises, but you left yourself wide open!” the masked assassin said, then throws a dagger at golden Darkness hitting her in the left shoulder. “Gah!” The alien assassin said as she felt a sharp pain hit her left shoulder, suddenly Bullseye appears right in front of the blond assassin “Wide Open!” he yelled, then does a roundhouse kick into Golden Darkness’s face knocking her back. Bullseye then pulls out another dagger and tries to stab in the chest, but the Blond assassin knocks the dagger from his hand with her bladed right arm and slashes him in the chest with her other bladed hand. “Son of a-“ Bullseye said as he grabs his chest in pain and jumps back from Golden Darkness range; the masked assassin then pulls out two sais and throws them at the alien assassin. Golden Darkness dodges the first easily, but the second one rips through her skirt giving Bullseye an open view of her panties. “Pink, I like pink.” He said with a chuckle. Confused with his statement Golden Darkness looks down and realizes her panties are in full view for the public to see. Suddenly the blonde assassin begins to blush and tries to cover herself, she then looks up to see Bullseye laughing his ass off from her embarrassment. “I don’t like ecchi people.” She said in an angry tone, her hair then begins to ball into multiple fists and launch them at Bullseye. “What the?” were the masked assassin’s last words, before he gets hit with a barrage of fist-like hair, suddenly Golden Darkness appears before Bullseye; the blonde assassin then turns her left leg into a giant spike ball and slams it into Bulseye’s face, knocking him face down on the ground. Golden Darkness then walks up towards the fallen assassin and turns her left hand into a blade. “You have fought well, but in the end it was futile.” Golden Dakness said as she lifts her bladed hand up “Please don’t think ill of me.” Realizing what was going on, Bullseye tries to find a way to turn the situation around. His answers were finally solved when he finds a ripped electric wire cord; a smile appears upon his face as he turns around to face his extraterrestrial opponent “This battle is far from over.” Bullseye then grabs the ripped electric cord and slams it into Golden Darkness electrocuting her, Suddenly Golden darkness is sent flying from the over shock and is knocked into the ground with a large thud. “Damn, I was little over confident.” Golden Darkness said as she tries to get up. Bullseye then runs towards the fallen warrior and slams into her, knocking them both off the roof.

Suddenly both warriors crashed into an abandoned apartment window, landing on the floor with a large thud. Both warriors the slowly starts to get up, Bullseye then looks at his alien foe with the eyes of a psychopath “I told you this fight isn’t over yet.” He said to Golden Darkness. The alien assassin then gives Bullseye an evil glare “It is now.” She said as she tries to transform her hand into a weapon, but nothing happens. “What, don’t tell me the shock short-circuited the nantites in my body!?” Golden Darkness thought to herself. Bullseye then begins to laugh maniacally “Oh don’t tell me your powers just run out right now!” He said in glee. “Well for me everything is a weapon, so your s—t out of luck.” The masked assassin said as he grabs a couple of glass shards from the ground. “Any last words?” Realizing she’s at the end of her ropes, Golden Darkness then begins to think of a plan to get her out of this situation. “What can I do, I can’t let my self die just yet.” The blonde assassin said to herself, and then a plan suddenly popped in her head. “Are you really gonna get satisfaction in killing an unarmed opponent.” She said to the psychopathic opponent. Bullseye then starts to hesitate in killing the alien assassin “what do you mean?” He questioned the blonde woman. “If you’re really the greatest assassin in the world, then it would be easy to take me out in unarmed combat” Golden Darkness said as she gets into her battle stance. Bullseye then starts to think about the situation and finally puts the glass shards down. “Why not, I’ll take even more pleasure in turning your face into mush.” He said as he cracked both his fist. “Very well, let’s begin.” Golden Darkness said, she then rushes at her masked opponent with quick speed and slams her opponent with an open handed strike knocking him back a little. Bullseye then looks at Golden Darkness with glee. “Oh baby, I like it when your rough.” He said, and then pops his neck a couple of times. “Come on, I want more!” Bullseye taunted. Golden Darkness then rushes at her opponent again and tries to kick him in the stomach, but the masked assassin blocks the attack and counters with a punch in the stomach knocking the blonde assassin away. “This is no ordinary human.” The blond assassin thought, she then charges at her opponent again and elbows him in the face. Bullseye counters the attack with a kick in the shins followed by an elbow in the neck; Golden Darkness followed it with a chop in the face, followed by a roundhouse kick to the stomach. Bullseye then gets the best of the alien assassin by grabbing her from behind and keeping her in a grappled state. “Hehehe I got yo-“Before Bullseye can finish his sentence, Golden Darkness headbutts him in the face causing him to loose his grip and stagger back. Bullseye then grabs his face and begins to scream in pain. “You stupid little b—ch! You broke my f—king nose!” he screamed. Realizing the golden opportunity Golden Darkness then rushes at her opponent once more to finish the job, but was met with an overhead slam to the face knocking her down to the ground. Bullseye followed this with a kick in the stomach, causing the assassin to cough blood and finally he grabs the alien by the throat and proceeds to strangle her. “you b—ch! I’m going to snap your neck and rape your f—cking corpse!” Bullseye yelled as he tightened his grip. “Damn it, not yet!” Golden Darkness thought, as she gasps for air. “I’ve got to let him loosen his grip!” she said to herself, so with the strength she had Golden Darkness knees Bullsye in the groin; the pain Bullseye felt was like a hot sun beating on the tin roof, it was so unbearable it causes the masked assassin to let go of the blonde alien and roll away from her while grabbing his jewels for protection. Golden Darkness then begins to cough as fresh air flowed into her lungs. “I’ve got to get out of her!” Golden Darkness thought, she then looked around the room and found the door exiting the apartment room. “There!” she said, Golden Darkness rushed towards the door as fast as she could. Bullseye then sees the blonde assassin running towards the door. “As if I’m gonna let you escape!” he said, Bullseye then grabs a glass shard and throws at the alien girl; before Golden Darkness could touch the door, the glass shard embeds itself into Golden Darkness’s back. “Ah!” she screamed as she felt the stinging pain from the wound, but it did not stop her from reaching the door. Golden Darkness then slams herself into the wooden frame causing it to break and attract dust, but also giving just enough cover for the blonde assassin to escape. Bullseye then grabs another glass shard and slowly begins to get up, he then starts to stagger towards his alien opponents trail. Bullseye then arrives at the two way hallway and looks both ways “Where did that little b—ch go!?” he yelled, Bullseye then looks down and sees a blood trail coming from the left side. The masked assassin slowly begins to follow the bloody trail with his hand holding the glass shard tightly causing blood to trickle down, suddenly the blood trail stops midway. Confused Bullseye open the first two doors next to him, but found no blood any where; he tried the next two doors, but it also had the same results. “Dammit where the hell did you go?” he said in anger. Unbeknownst to Bullseye, the alien assassin known as Golden Darkness is hanging on the ceiling right above the masked assassin. “It ends now!” Golden Darkness said, she then lets go of the ceiling and lands on top of Bullseye. “What the-“were the last words Bullseye said as gets toppled on by Golden Darkness, afterwards the blonde assassin gets Bullseye into a Brazilian chock hold grabbing him by the arm and tighting his neck with her legs. Bullseye then tries to get out of the hold, but it only tighten the blonde assassin’s grip even further; then with one swift movement, Golden Darkness snapped the masked assassin’s neck. Bullseye’s struggle slowly begins to weaken, until it finally stopped. Golden Darkness loosens her grip and slumps next to the wall; she then reaches behind her back and slowly begins to take out the glass shard inch by inch. The pain was more excruciating as each inch is pulled from the wound, until it was all out. The blonde assassin then throws the shard away and begins to breathe heavily “the blood won’t stop flowing, bad idea to pull it out.” She said as her breath becomes even heavier, her sight then starts to blur in and out. Footsteps can be heard on the right side of the hallway; Golden Darkness looks towards the right and sees a blur vision of a red figure approaching her. Fear then begins to seep within the blonde assassin’s psyche as the red figure comes closer to her “Another assassin, and I have no strength to fight it.” She thought the red figure then stands before the alien assassin. Golden darkness then looks up in despair. “No! I can’t die now! Not yet because…” an image of young girl with brown hair and hazel eyes appears before Golden Darkness. “Mikan .” Her vision then goes black.

Hell’s Kitchen protector Daredevil is going on his daily patrol when suddenly caught his attention, Daredevil sensed a loud located on the north side of HK. “Better go check it out he said.” The red hero said. The sounds came from an abandoned apartment where he discovered the battered body of Golden Darkness and the mangled corpse of Bullseye. Daredevil slowly walked up to Golden Darkness. “Hey are you okay?” he asked. Golden Darkness then looked up at the masked hero with her sullen red eyes “Mikan.” Was the only word she said and then she fainted. Daredevil then bent down and grabbed her hand to check for a pulse. “Your alive, but barley though.” He said. Daredevil then looked at the mangled corpse of Bullseye and then back to Golden Darkness. “I must say, you sure have guts to do one thing I couldn’t do.” He said with a smile. “Don’t worry I’ve got friends from high places that will give you the best medical treatment around.” Daredevil then picks up the blonde assassin bridal style; he then looks at Golden Darkness’s sleeping face and smiles

“I bet your friend Mikan is worried sick.”

Bullseye vs. Golden Darkness: Assassin War(Director's Cut)

Sainan City

{C}Deep within Sainan City Golden Darkness-or Yami-chan to her friends- is seen standing atop of a street pole, looking at the city through a sky view point. “Golden Darkness?” A voice called out. The blonde assassin looks down and sees a tall man with black hair and brown eyes, wearing a black business suit with matching dress shoes.

“Yes." She said

"It seems I have need of your assistant." The man replied.

The blonde haired assassin jumps off of the pole and lands safely on the ground. She then tilts her up and stares at the mysterious stranger. "Before we continue, I would like to ask you one question" Yami asked.

"Shoot." Responded the stranger.

"How does a human like you know who I am?" She asked.

The man slightly grins.“Well let's just say in my kind of business, you hear stories coming from the shadowy side of life time to time” The man said. "And little girl, you don't know the countless stories I heard about you" He said pointing his finger at the assassin.

Yami stood there silently “I see, so what is it that you want?” Golden Darkness finally asked, breaking the silence..

The man then holds up a suitcase “Business, mind if we talk somewhere else?” the man gestured.

"Very well, let's go." She said bluntly before walking pass by him. The man turns his head and simply smiles, he then tips off his hat before following behind her.

Suddenly both the man and Golden Darkness are seen sitting at a fine table at a fancy restaurant; the blonde assassin has an order of juice while the man has some whisky on the rocks. The man reaches inside his suit and pulls out a large manilla folder; a large red font is tamped on the front label as TOP SECRET. He throws on the folder on the table, causing some of the content inside to edge out a little.

"The man's name is Wilson Grant Fisk, founder and CEO of Fisk Industries" The man commented. "Or as he's better known as by his other associates: The KIngpin."

Golden Darkness opens the folder up, revealing a small thick stack of papers and other materials with a photo of a large, bulky bald man in white suit cliped on the front.

“Started off as a petty criminal, but as time passess he made a name for himself by conquering the entire East Cost mobs within two weeks.” The stranger began.” Within the course of a year, Wilson Fisk soon conqured the entire New York criminal underworld and soon began setting u poerations across several countries, expanding his criminal empire to the size of f--king Asia.” He rants.

Golden Darkness flips through stack of materials inside the material. Revealing countless photos, alleged documents, maps pin pointing the location of his operations, and the numerous charges he's been aquitted from.

"He made himself virtually invunerable to be convicted of anything. He has judges,news editors, even big-time politicians eating out of the palm of his hand, then he has himself surrounded with finest hitman money could buy.It's virtually impossible to nab him by the book anymore".The man then takes a swig of his drink before placing it back down.

Golden Darkness then closes the folder and stares at the man with her deep shade of crimson red eyes “So you want me to eliminate him?” The blonde assassin said.

The man responds by nodding his head. “Exactly Golden Darkness.” The man said, he leans himself towards the blonde assassin's direction. " And a person with your kind of...abilities, is perfect for this kind of job."

Golden Darkness remains there sitting silently.

The man chuckles. "Very well, enough of this chit chat." He reaches into his left pocket and grabs his checkbook, the man then grabs a pin from his shirt pocket and clicks it on. "Name your price."

Yami takes a sip of her juice before placing it down on the table. "I hope you are aware stranger, the price of my service can be very costly." She said blankly.

"I'm fully aware Ms. Darkness." the stranger said, grinning respondedly.

The blonde assassin remains silent .“Okay.” Was the young woman’s’ only response. Unbeknownst to the two a man in a white suit overhears the conversation- his eyes filled with worry- and takes out his cell phone “Hello, I need to speak with Mr. Fisk…. It’s urgent.”

New York City'', Fisk Enterprise Tower

{C}In the main office Wilson “Kingpin” Fisk is seen in standing in side his main office, overlooking New York city scape through a skypoint view; Bullseye- Kingpin's top assassin and go-to hitman- leans against the wall and plays a game of darts. The man throws a dozen darts one by one at the board, each time hitting the bullseye on the mark.

“Mr. Fisk there’s someone on the phone who wants to talk to you, he says it’s urgent.” A voice from the intercom said.

Kingpin turns around and presses the intercom’s button “Send it through.” He said. Suddenly the voice of the man in the white suit comes on the intercom.

“Um... hey boss, something bad is gonna happen, something real bad.” He said nervously.

“Well what is it?” The Kingpin asked, tapping his fingers on the desk. “Well it’s that man, it seems he’s hiring someone to take you out!” the man said.

A chuckle bellowed from the bulky crimeboss “Oh really? Who is he hiring this time?” The crimeboss said. “I don’t know, I never seen this chick before, but she looks pretty dangerous. If I were you, I take precaution on this one.” The man said.

The Kingpin then stops tapping his desk “Very well then, give me all the information you can gather understood?” he said. “Understood boss.” The voice from the intercom said. “Very well then, it’s best if you step to it now.” The Kingpin then taps the button, ending the conversation end; he then turns his head to the side and looks at his main assassin.

” You know what do Bullsye.” Kingpin said. "Once the information sends through, take care of the problem." He ordered.

A grin appears on Bullseye’s face “It’s been awhile since I had a hit, this should be fun.” the assassin chirped before standing straight up; Bullseye grabs a knife strapped on his leg and flings at the board in high speeds. The blade cuts through the numerous darts and hits the bullseye's mark right on the spot.

Kingpin's top assassin grins with satisfaction. "Bullseye." He said.


A black spaceship is seen gliding across the midnight skies at high speed. Inside, Golden Darkness is putting on her black boots; a computer screen lights up, forming a sinister looking face on the screen.

"Five minutes till landing Master." The face on the computer screen said.

"Thank you for the update Luna, I'm almost finish preparing." The young woman replied, tightingup her boot straps.

"Once we land master, how long do you want me to wait?" Luna asked.

Golden Darkness covers her left arm with one of her draped arm sleeves. "Once we land Luna I want you to return back and get me at the same landing point in a few days." She said to her A.I.

Luna expresses a sense of shock over her master's request. "What do you mean a few days? What about school Master ? Wouldn't your friend be worried?" Luna said in discontent.

" I told her I was taking a trip to New York to see an aquantince of mine, it should also cover as an excuse for school also." Yami responds while putting on her last arm sleeve.

"Does she know you still do this Master?" Luna asked.

The blonde assassin didn't responde to the question at first and remained silent for a brief moment. " No she doesn't and it'll stay that way." She said coldly.

"Master..." The A.I trailed on, having nothing to say.

New York City, Hell’s Kitchen

The black spaceship appears above the gritty neighborhood known as Hell’s Kitchen and shines a bright beaming light, teleporting Golden Darkness onto the rooftop;The alien assassin looks up and nods her head, signaling the spaceship to leave.

Yami looks around her surrounding, seeing the vastness of tall buildings surrounding the neighborhood. The strong scent of concrete and cold steel lingered in her nostrils.

“So this is New York City.” She said looking around.

The blonde assassin then hears a sudden scream coming from below. She walks towards the edge and looks down, spotting a man in a black leather jacket robbing an old lady of her purse. “Very different from Sainan City by far.” The assassin commented.

A faint whisping noise is heard, when suddenly a small object- blurred by the high speeds- pricks Yami, leaving a a small gash on her left cheek. "Ngh." Golden Darkness gasps as she felt a slight sting, she slightly taps the focus of the pain and finds drops of blood laced on her finger.

Knowing she is not alone Yami transforms her fingers into long, sharp claws; The blonde assasssin turns around, only to see nothing behind her. "Huh?" Yami then looks down and finds a small object latched on the ground. She walks towards the object and picks it up, revealing it ot be a simple playing card. Yami looks at edges and spots a small trace of blood on it. “ A card?” she said puzzled.

“I only missed on purpose, just so you know.” A voice calls out.

Golden Darkness turns her head to the side and sees Bullseye leaned against a chimney,shuffling a deck of cards. A human? Yami has always been attacked from behind by countless assassins trying to claim her title, but ultimatly fail and in the end costing their lives in the process.However, for a human to catch her off guard and succedd is an extremly rare moment.

“It's safe to assume you're one of this so-called Kingpin's asssassins.” Golden Darkness said.

Bullseye smiles. " Right you are and it's safe to assume you are the so-called Golden Darkness correct?" The hitman replied, shuffling his cards through a gravitational trick.

The hitman even knew her name to the blonde assassin's surprise. "How'd you know my name?" She demanded.

"Word spreads quickly around here, real quick and I must say..." Bullseye points his finger at Yami. "You sure have quite a reputation surrounding a quiet girl like you. I wonder what makes you show special?" The male assassin wondered. Yami stood there silently, not saying a single word.

"I mean being the world's greatest assassin is good and all..." The hitman blabbered. "But to be the universe's greatest assassin, is a title worthy to hold." Light gleam through his shady blue eyes, dreaming of how much noteriety he would get from this title.

"And what makes you so sure you'll get it..." She lingers, not knowing the assassin's name at all.

"Bullseye the name is Bullseye, and to answer your question." The hitman stands straight up and continues to shuffle his card. "It's pretty simple. Killing is like a work of art in my case. At first you don't get it right the first time, but as time progresses your technique gets better and better until you achieve the perfect form. Building up to the moment where you claim what's rightfully yours!" Bullseye exclaims, grinning sinisterly.

Yami felt her heart become digusted by the masked assassin's psychopathic philosophy. "I would rather die..." her clawed hand then forms into a large, curved blade. "Than give my title to the likes of people like you." She said, pointing her bladed hand at the assassin.

Bullseye smiles. "That can be arranged." he said.

Suddenly the masked assassin began to fling the cards one by one at high speeds at the blonde assassin; Golden Darkness slices through the cards in a split second, dicing them up into tiny bits. Bullseye continue to fling the cards until he finally runs out, only to see them chopped up with little effort by the alien assassin. Golden Darkness gives him a deathly glare.

"Is that all?" She asked.

Bullseye chuckles. “Oh baby, I’m just getting started.” The masked assassin pulls out several rows of metal shurikens, placed in each fingertip. He then throws them all of them at top notch speed at the same time. Golden Darkness does a triple back flip, dodging most of the shuriekens. Her other hand then transforms into another giant blade and uses it to cut through the rest of the shuriken wave.

"How annoying, so please just die." Yami said in a calm, collective tone.

Suddenly her hair began to form into the heads of fearsome dragons, with snarling sharp rows of teeth and large demon eyes. The fearsome dragon heads target the psychotic assassin and attacks him, extended their long slender hair-like body into great lengths. The mighty creatures then circle around eavh other, forming a helix-like structure. Their wide mouth gaping with rows of sharp teeth. Bullseye dodges the first head by moving his nody to the left side; He dodges the other dragon head by then moving to the right. The masked assassin does a backflip back and moves out of the way from the oncoming dragon head. The savage hitman spins around, dodging the final two atacks. He pulls out a throwing spike and counters by throwing it at his opponent, hitting her in the shoulder.

“Gah!” The alien assassin gasps, feeling a sharp pain in her shoulder.

Knowing she is wide open, Bullseye runs and jumps up in the air. "Wide open!" The masked assassin spins around and lands a roundhouse kick in her face, knocking the blonde assassin back a few step. Bullseye quickly lands on his two feet and pulls a dagger strapped to his leg. He then tries to slash his opponent in the chest, but Yami blocks the attack midway with one of her bladed hands; Bullseye pulls out another dagger and tries to attack her again, only to have alien assassin block it once more, leaving them both in a power struggle. Golden Darkness quickly pushes her opponent back-knocking the daggers out of his hand- and slashes him across the chest.

"Ngh." The masked assassin gasps painfully.

Bullseye staggers back and looks at the large gash across his chest. He then looks back at Golden Darkness and smiles, as if the wound was nothing to him. Bullseye quickly pulls two sais from behind and charges at her. The masked assassin tries to stab Yami in the face, the alien assassin quickly parries the attack with little effort. Bullseye attacks her again, this time attempting to stab the blonde assassin in the stomach, but she parries that attack also. Golden Darkness counters by trying to cut the hitman in half with one fell swoop, but he dodges the attack at the last minute by moving to the side. Bullseye spins around and tries to land another kick, only to have the blonde assassin dodge it by jumping back.

This is no ordinary human. Golden Darkness thought. She always considered the creatures on this planet were feeble compared to the other races she has encountered in her lifetime, but this giving her reconsideration.

Bullseye flips one of the sais in the air. "Here...catch!" He then flings it at her opponent, causing it to shootout like a burning bullet leaving the chambers. Golden Darkness jumps and dodges the attack in real bullet time fashion. Bullseye smiles. "Just what I've hoped for." The masked assassin quickly throws the other dagger at his wide open opponent.

"What?" Her eyes widen as she sees the dagger flying towards her, knowing she won't be able to dodge the attack this time. The flying dagger rips through Yami's long black skirt, revealing her soft slender legs. The blonde assassin rolls onto the ground and lands back on her feet, quickly getting back to her battle stance.

Bullseye's eyes begin to widen all of a sudden; Golden Darkness still in her guard stance. Bullseye stood there momentarily closing his mouth all of a sudden, as if he was trying to hold something in, but he couldn't no longer. The masked assassin then bursts out laughing, holding his side together from holding it in to long. He's...laughing? Yami thought, now confused on the situation.

"What's so funny?" She demanded.

Bullseye wipes the tears out of his eyes as the laughter begin to subside. "Pink..." He said, pointing his finger down. "I like pink." He then lets out a small chuckle, only to have it turn into a full-on laughter.

Golden Darkness then looks down, her eyes grew wider as if she saw a ghost. Her bright pink panties with small little ribbons tied to each end, completly open for the public to see. The assassin' cheecks flustered up like a bright red tomato with embarressment. "Kyaaaaaa!" She screamed, trying to hide her panties by covering them up with her now de-transformed hands. Yami looks up and sees her opponent laughing in sheer delight to her dismay.

As Bullseye continues to chuckle, a large shadow looms over the hysterical assassin. "Huh?" Noticing the shadow, Bullseye looks up and sees Golden Darkness suddenly standing before him. Her face completly covered by darkness- her gleaming white eyes the only physical feature visible- and her hair hovering by an unseen force.

"You saw...didn't you?" The blonde assassin said in a dark monotone voice.

Bullseye's jaws dropped."Oh shit."

Golden Darkness's hair transforms into dozens of fists, she then flings them at her opponent. In a flash Bullseye's body is suddenly pummbled by a barrage of fist like hair; Golden Darkness pulls back her hair and jumps up in the air, she transforms one of her legs into a giant mace and slams it against Bullseye's side, sending him knocking against the shed with a loud thud. The masked assassin then falls onto the ground afterwards. Jesus Christ. Bullseye tries to pick himself up with every part of his body aching like its been hit by a semi-truck; Suddenly the masked hitman vomits on the floor, spewing a mixture of blood and vomit. Where did that come from? As he picks himself up, Bullseye leans his aching body against the cold brick wall, blood dripping along his chin.

" It was an mistake not to use the full extent of my powers on you." A familar voice said.

Hearing the voice, Bullseye looks up and spots Golden Darkness slowly walking towards him.

"Although I must recommend you. You are one of the two only humans I know that can keep up with me to this extent, although...." Yami stops in front of the injured hitman. Her left hand then transforms into a giant blade.

"It seems i need to end this meeting of ours, I have some business I need to take care of." Yami raises her bladed hand up in the air. "Please don't think ill of me in the afterlife." She said calmly, with little feelings.

A sudden chill drifts down the masked assassin's spine This girl...What in the hell is she? Bullseye thought, he turns his head to the side and sees an electric wire running across the brick wall.A bright idea pops inside his head, Bullseye smiles and chuckles. He turns his head and stares at his opponent with a vonfident smile across his face. "Please, this battle is far from over." The masked hitman said. "Hmm?" The assassin's words leave Yami confused; Suddenly, Bullseye pulls out the electric wire out of the wall and slams it into his opponents chest, shocking her.

"Hyaaaaaaaaaa!" Golden Darkness feels a sudden jolt of what seems to be a thousand volts of electricty enter her body, sending her flying back and crashing into the ground. After staying there for a brief Yami slowly starts to get up, coughing in the process. "How did I not see that." She murmued in self doubt.

Bullseye quickly gets up off of the wall. "Grauaaaaagh!" Yelling, the masked assassin charges at the female assassin;Bullseye slams himself against his unsuspecting opponent. Golden Darkness suddenly felt something crash against her side, causing her to gasp painfully. Bullseye drags them both off the high rooftop, sending the crashing into a window of an abandoned apartment. The glass shatters into a million pieces, all of the glistening in the pale moon light like tiny rainbows as the two warriors crash into the ground with a loud thud. Both of them laying on their backs as they groan in excruciating pain.

Golden Darkness rolls onto her belly and slowly begins to lift herself off the ground, groaning each time she moves an aching muscle; brusies and cuts can be seen along her legs and arm. Why am I making these mistakes.She pondered. Am I... loosing my edge? Her slender fingers grip tightly on the worn out carpet. She tilts her head to the side and spots Bullseye doing the same thing. The masked assassin glares at her with his deep blue eyes, his face all bruised up with a large whelp on his chin while his left side is filled with small puncture holes from the giant mace.. Bullseye grabs a hand full of glass shards in his palm-not caring if they're cutting through his flesh-and stands himself up with Golden Darkness. Both assassin staring at each other's throats, breathing heavily from a long dreary fight that seems to have last forever. "Enough of this..." Yami huffed. "Time to end this." She then tries to transform her left hand, but nothing happens. "Hmm?" Yami turns her head to side and sees her hand still completly normal.

What!? Why am I not transforming? She thought. Unless... Her eyes widen at thought that came up her mind. No Yami flashes to the time where Bullseye shocked her with the electric cord. Don't tell me it short circuted the nanites in my body!

Golden Darkness hears a familar chuckle, she looks up and sees Bullseye standing there smiling. "Whats'a matter? Lost all your juice?" He taunts. "Well at least mine..." He lifts his hand up, showing the blonde assasin the handful of shards he's holding. "Is all natural." The masked assasin smiles a wide grin. The blonde alien stares at him intensly with her crimson colored eyes, not even intimatated at her opponent's bluff.

"It won't matter." Yami replied. "I don't need my powers to defeat you." She gets into her battle position. Bullseye chuckles. "We'll see about that!" The masked assassin pulls his arm back and throws the handful of shards at his opponent, launching like oncoming semi-automatic rounds; Golden Darkness runs and jumps above the oncoming swarm of shards, she then spins around in the air and lands a hard kick in Bullseye's right shoulder, discolating it in the process. The masked assassin screams in pain. Yami then lands on the ground and uppercuts her opponent in the chin; Bullseye recovers and tries to counter by landing a left cross, but Yami moves to side, grabs a hold of his arm, and twists it causing him to groan. The blonde assassin elbows her opponent in chest causing him to stagger back a few step. Bullseye gets a hold of his footing and gives a menacing glare. "You bi-" Before he could finish his sentence, Bullseye takes a hold of his-lifting herself up in the process- and knees him hard in the face, caving part of his nose in the process. Yami lets go of her wounded opponent and lets him fumble back against the wall, holding his face in pain; Bullseye removes his hands away from his face, revealing his bloody smashed up nostrils.

M-my nose." He said shakingly. "Look at what you did to my f--king nose!"

He's still standing ? Don't tell me my strength decreased also. Yami thought.

"You know my boss gave me an order to make this quick as possible." Bullseye said while getting up off the wall. He then relocates his shoulder back into his socket joint with great pain. "But screw that! I'm going to make you wish you never f--ked with the likes of me!" Then masked hitman then popped his finger a couple of times.

"Hmph!" Golden Darkness grunted. The she then charges at her opponent and tries land a right cross in his stomach, But Bullseye catches the attack midway and counters by punching her hard in the gut. Yami gasps in pain, coughing up blood in the process. Bullseye then slams both of his fists into her back causing her to drop on the ground; Golden Darkness slowly starts to get up, but Bullseye lifts the wounded girl by the collar and flings her across the room. The blonde assassin crashes against an old TV stand, destroying it in the process. Golden Darkness tries to get up once more, blood dripping from her forehead and chin, but with no anvil. Bullseye walks up to the wounded warrior. "What's a matter?" The masked assassin grabs a handful of her long hair and lifts her up, causing her squeal a little. "I thought you didn't your powers to defeat me or was that just a bluff?" Bullseye then punches her hard in the face, causing blood to spew out. "No matter..." He then throws the wounded alien across the worn out carpet. The masked assassin then gets on top of the blonde assassin and places his hand along her slender neck, tightening it in the process.

" Im just going snap your little neck and rape that pretty little body of yours." He said in calm, cold voice. "A fitting end to the former galaxy's greatest assassin? Hahahahahahaha." The masked man laughs evily as he slowly tightens his finger along her trachea.

Golden Darkness breath quickly starts to shorten as her opponent grips tighter around her neck;Her vision starts to blur in and out. Thinking of a quick way to get out of this situation, Yami slams her knee against the holiest of holies.

Bullseye's eyes widen all of a sudden. "You...didn't." The masked assasin grip begins to loosen. Soon, Bullseye was lying on the floor next to his opponent, holding onto his family jewels with unbearable pain. Yami then coughs up a storm as fresh air enters her damaged lungs; the blonde assassin rolls onto her stomach and lifts her head up, spotting the apartment's front door left completly wide open. retreat. She thought in her head. Golden Darkness then lifts herself off the ground and stands up. She then limps to the front door as quick as she can.

Seeing his opponent make a hasty retreat Bullseye lifts himself halfway up and grabs a piece of glass shard. "You're... not going...anywhere." The hitman huffed out. Once Yami was close to the door Bullseye flings the shard at the fleeing assassin. The oncoming projectile then embeds itself deep into her back.

"Nygah!" Yami screams as she feels a sharp, stinging pain hit her back, causing her stumble onto her knees. No...not yet. Must...go on. The assassin kept thinking to herself. She takes a deep breath and lifts herself up once more, making an exit out of the apartment and disappearing into the main hallway. Bullseye stands himself up and grabs another shard of glass, he then limps towards the door. As he limps out of the entrance the masked assassin suddenly trips on himself, causing to stumble and side crash against the wall.

"Damn it!" He yells out, feeling a high-strung pain tingle acroos entire arm.

"Tsk..... you think I haven't been in a situation like this before!?" Bullseye cries out. "Oh I've been in worse, far worse!" He then tilts his head down and spots sudden trail of blood leading down the long, dark narrow hallway. A large grin appears on his face. Bullseye limps his way down the hallway, following the drops of blood on the floor.

"You think you can run from me!?" The hitman yells. "Well good luck, because nobody gets away from Bullseye! Nobody!" The blood trail then leads Bullseye to a dead end, where a window is left wide open, the curtains flying high from the high winds. The masked hitman looks out of the window, seeing a wide view of the Hell's Kitchen area. Bullseye looks down and sees a rooftop below "Shit." He murmurs, realizing now the assassin is long gone; however, unbeknownst to Bullseye Golden Darkness is actually clinging onto the ceiling right above him.

Wait for it. She thought.

Bullseye pulls himself back inside and scratches his head in annoyance. "Damn, now wha-" Before the masked assassin could finish his sentence, Yami let's go of the ceiling and lands atop of him-The glass shard falling out of his hand-wrapping her long slender legs around his neck. The two warriors then topple onto the ground with a loud thud, Golden Darkness still having a tight leg chokehole around her opponent. Bullseye tries to pry himself free with his bare hands, only to have the blonde assassin' chokehold even tighter; he kicks back his feet constantly, knowing his oxygen is quickly being cut off. "As I said before..." Yami says as her grip becomes tighter. "I didn't need my powers to defeat you." In a split second, Yami snaps the man neck, the snapping sound resmbling the sound of a snapped tree. Bullseye's struggle then starts to weaken, his eye suddenly grow wide and dialated, his grip around her legs begin to loosen, and kickbacks then stops all of a sudden; he now laid there cold and dead. Golden Darkness takes a deep breath, she loosens her grip on her dead opponent and slumps onto the Wall. The blonde assassin reaches behind her back and slowly begins to pull out the glass shard, causing excruciating pain each time an inch is pulled until finally.... it was out. Yami throws the shard on the ground and lays her head against the wall. despite all the training she has done after that incident with the assassin Azenda, still couldn't help her avoid a deathly situation like this

It seems as if it was yesterday when Yami was in school accompanied with the people she met on Earth; Her so called target Yuuki Rito, The alien princesses Lala, NaNa, Momo Deviluke, and her...Mikan Yuuki. The one person to ever befriend her despite her occupation, the one person to ever show her the appreciation of the good things in life, the one person to show her warmth. Golden reaches for something around her neck and pulls it out, revealing it to be a keychain shaped like a Taiyaki pastry. Suddenly an image of her appears in front of the badly wounded assassin. She had long brown hair that was tied in a bun and her golden color eyes glisten like the morning sun.

"One day Yami-chan...." Mikan said in a tender, soothing voice. "One day I hope you can live a normal life with us and be a family." She gives Yami a warm, tender smile before disappearing into the night.

Yami smiles and holds the keychain tightly towards her. "Mikan...." a tear drops from her crimson iris. "I'm sorry it had to be like this." She said mournfully. Blood begin to pour out of the wound as Yami's breathing becomes shorter and raspier.

"But.... at least." The assassin said in a weak state. "At least I know you can live peacefully knowing that the dangers caused by my presence won't...come back." Then everything went black


As the moon brightens the purple midnight skies, a lone figure jumps from rooftop to rooftop in the Hell' Kitchen area. The moonlight glistens on the shadowy figure, revealing to be a man in a red devil-like costume and mask with initials "DD" scribed on his chest; the figure turns out to be the blind vigilante Daredevil: The Man Without Fear. Daredevil lands atop of a gargoyle statue and lifts his head up, sensing some kind of sound detected on sensory radar.

A heartbeat. Daredevil thought, recognizing the sound; the heartbeat sounded very faint, but was clear enough to pinpoint the direction of its location. Following the sound of the heartbeat leads the masked vigilante to the abandon apartment in the Kitchen slums. Daredevil slips through a nearby window and lands inside. Using echolocation, Daredevil senses two figures are right by him including the one with the heartbeat; Golden Darkness is seenl lying against wall motionless- her head slump down- while the corpse of the deceaced Bullseye is lying on the floor near her. Daredevil walks towards the corpse and touches it forehead. "Bullseye." He said after recognizing who he was by touching his familar mark on his forehead. Daredevil places his finger on his neck, but feels no pulse. "Dead." He proclaimed, but what is he doing here. "Hmm." The masked vigilante turns his head sideways where the familar hearbeat is coming from, Golden Darkness. "And who might you be?" Daredevil lifts the blonde assassin's head up,who was unconscious.

"Damn..." Daredevil said in dissappointment, knowing she is out cold. The maked vigilante places his finger along Yami's neck to check her pulse. Alive,but barley. Daredevil thought. He places his arms between her legs and back, lifting her up in the process.

"If I'm ever going to know what the heck happened here I need a witness." Daredevil said while looking at the blonde assassin's slumbering face.


6 hours after the incident

Kingpin stands inside his main office, looking over the entire area of New York City while smoking a cigar."You've returned" He said. A figure appears out of the shadows, revealing it to be a woman with long red hair. She wore punk-attire consisting of jean products and piercings in her ears; Half of her face is covered by some kind of make-up.

"Yes master." She said before bowing down in respect.

"What's the status?" He asked.

"Bullseye is dead sir, his body was found in the abandon apartments while the assassin code named Golden Darkness is nowhere to be found." She replied.

Kingpin stood there hesistatly. "I see." He said. "Do you want me to send out a death warrent on her?" She asked her master. "There's no need for that Mary." The portly man turns around to face his messanger. "Find her and bring her here, alive." He ordered.

"As you wish." Mary said before blending into the shadows. Kingpin turns back around and continues to overlook the NYC area. He takes a puff of his cigar and smiles.

"You know what they say. Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer."

To Be Continue in.... Marvel Team Up X Part 1 Featuring: Daredevil & Golden Darkness!

Personal Commentary

- In the Director's Cut the story takes place between chapter 7 and 9 of To-Love-ru: Darkness, and taking place before the "Shadowland" event in New York.

- The Director's Cut added more depth to the story and characters than in the original script, mainly because I wanted it to prelude to the next main event.

-Assassin War is the first sequence of a 6 part story arc crossing over the Marvel Universe and certain characters in the TLR universe, story arc includes Spider-Man vs. Nana and Momo and Taskmaster vs. Golden Darkness.