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The Fraternity(Wanted) : Assassins who target people binded by fate vs. Black Label Organization(Triage X) : Assassins who give their "patients" a quick and swift treatment WHO IS DEADLIEST!?

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The Fraternity


Short Range Safari Arms Matchmaker & S&W Scholfield Model 3
Mid Range H&K MP7A1 & DB sawed off Shotgun
Long Range M4A1
Explosion bomb attached rats
Melee Wep. knives

Wesley Gibson- a natural marksman and possesses superhuman abilities passed on from his assassin father.Those abilities are speed,agility, and reflex.

Fox- Is considered one of the most accomplished member of the fraternity and is an expert markswoman. Fox is known to shown near sh speed, agility, and reflex.

Earl Spellman- knows everything about the usage of any gun.

The Exterminator- is excellent explosive expert.

The Repairman- is the hand to hand combat expert of the team.

The Butcher- is an excellent master with knives and whos skills are that as deadly as a swordsman.

All fraternity members know how to use a gun.

Wesley and Fox are the only two members that know how to shoot a curve bullet. A curvel bullet can only be done with a pistol though due to the fact that apisto can be shot in a arc like fashion and its semi-automatic nature.

The Fraternity produce a type of bullet thats short with a narrow head and can go at long distances, and pierce through some bullet armor and concrete. this is mainly shown in the Safari Arms.

Team Members/Weapon Showcase

The Black Label Organization


Note: The BLO's wepons are very unique because first of all they produce there own weapon's, armor, and ammunition;therefore it is a possibilite that the guns the BLO may have removed some gun kinks on the way.

Shor Range BL Long Slide Pistol(Arashi) and a S&W Colt Python(Mikoto)
Mid Range BL M60(Sayo) and a BL shotgun(Arashi)
Long Range Bl Sniper Rifle(Miki)
Explosion Trip wire Explosives and an BL Rocket Launcher(one shot)(both Oriha)
Melee Wep. a katana called "Orochi"(Yuko)

The Team carries an Coffin like Shield wih the BLO logo on it.

Arashi Mikimani-is considered the desicion maker of the group, and is an expert marksman. He wears an Polycarbonate helmet in battle which protects his head from gunfire and also wears some kind of armor to protect him from firearms.

Mikoto Kiba- She is an excellent motorcyclist and is excited when a label goes on, she is also an expert marksman.

Oriha Nashior- She is considered the explosion expert of the group, she is also an expert in stealth and can get into small spaces.she wears a hockey mask in batle. Various knowledge in explosion and firearms.

Sayo Hitsurugi- she is concidered the "big guns" of the team, she is the heavy artelliery expert of the group and possesses superhuman strength.she wears an oni mask in battle, armored arm guards, and armored leg guards to help protect herself from bullets. She is also shown to have a expert markmans and was able to deflect an arrow shot with another by hand.

Yuko Sagiri- she is the close combat expert of the team, she is an excellent swordswoman and with her training in surgery makes her deadly with a blade.She is also has near SH speed,agility, and reflexes.(this is triggered when her hair changes color), eshe is known to be quick and agile. Her sword Oroochi can cut through metal with ease.

Miki Tsurugi- she is the long range expert of the team. she is an excellent markswoman and is able to take out multiple targets in 60 seconds.

All members have faced death and are not afraid to die for their cause.

Arashi contain's some special bullets that are able to bend firearms like shotguns in half.

Team Members/Weapon Showcase

The Fraternity vs. The Black Label Organization: Trial By Fire

Chapter 1: The Fraternity

The Compound, Chicago USA

Deep within the secluded Fraternity compound located somewhere in Chicago an old-fashioned 18th century automatic weaver is weaving balls of string together, forming interrogate and complex patterns thread by thread. Standing next to the machine is an elderly African- American in a tailored business suit with a pen and paper in hand; the man appeared in his late 60’s and early 70’s with short curly gray hair, a gray goatee, and dark brown eyes. The elderly man looks at the interrogate weavings closely with his beaded eyes and begins to write specific letters onto the piece of paper, the pen pressing closely onto it leaving a trail of black ink behind it. The elderly man writes the last letter onto the piece of paper and puts the pen up into his right pocket…a smile of satisfaction appeared on the elderly man’s face.

Meanwhile in the compounds target range a young woman in her mid 30’s wearing black jeans with a short sleeve button up white shirt and a black t-shirt underneath aiming a Heckler & Koch USP Compact at racks of dead corpses with target sheets on them; she has long wavering brown hair, brown eyes, and a gorgeous face to kill for and sweet tempting plump pink lips. Standing next her is a young man in his mid 20’s wearing dark blue jeans, black shoes, a white t-shirt, a black leather coat with short, greased up brown hair and dark greens.

“Watch closely Wesley.” The woman said to the young man who nodded in agreement.

All of a sudden the young woman pulls the trigger of the gun and shoots out a burst of rounds into the racks of dead corpses hitting far right one in the right temple, one corpse in the chest, the left one in the forehead, two in the middle one’ of the corpses chest and stomach, and finally hitting the right one in the mouth; Wesley is amazed and worried by the young woman’s incredible skills with a gun which is causing his fingers to twitch. She then whips the pistol to the right causing the ricochet bullet to curve in arc like fashion to the right once shot out and hitting the final corpse to the far left in the neck. The young woman then puts the gun up on the table. “Now try to top me.” She said turning her head to the young man. The young man was hesitant for a second, but then he then has a smirk on his face. “Watch me.” He said with a challenge, the young man then picks up a Browning High-Power off the table and aims it at the racks of corpses standing before him. A sly grin appears on the browned hair woman’s face. “Then by all means Wesley show me.” She responded back. “Will do.” Is all the young man needed to say. In less than a split second Wesley fires several bursts of rounds into the racks of corpses hitting the middle one in the right eye, slamming two in the left one’s chest and neck, then firing two bullets into the far right corpse’s into the right aorta in it’d right shoulder and a jugular vein in the far right one’s upper chest. Wesley then whips the browning pistol to the far left causing the bullet to arch towards the left and burst through the far left corpses neck which then goes through it and into digs into the left corpses neck. Wesley then fires one in the right side causing it to arch right and hit the far right corpse in the right through and go through it in a matter second and hit the right one in the temple again and go through it, finally hitting the middle on and stopping. Wesley then puts up the gun on the table and looks at the young woman giving her a look that says “Hey you know I did better than you.” The young woman nodded and smiles at the young gunman. “Very good Wesley, you sure certainly changed after our training.” The young woman said in a complement way putting her hand on Wesley’s left shoulder. “You’re now ready to face Cross.” The young woman said to the brown haired man. The name “Cross” causes Wesley’s blood to boil. “Yeah.” He said in agreement clenching fist.

“Hey Fox!” A voice called out from behind.

Wesley and the young woman known as Fox turns around to face an African-American male in his mid 30s with a well balanced muscle built structure wearing a long sleeve gray t-shirt and bright blue jeans; The man appears to bald with golden eyes and a rough goatee.

“What is it Spellman?” Fox asked the black male standing before.

“Sloan wants us right now for a very important meeting, he said to bring everyone here.” Spellman responded back.

“Alright we’ll be there come on Wesley.” Fox said while leaving with Spellman, Wesley quickly follows suit.

A pair of hands are being placed under a faucet of running water, rinsing away the blood stains covering them. The pair of hands belong to a man in his mid to late 30’s with short rough blonde hair and dark amber eyes wearing a button up red shirt with dark blue jeans and nice brown dress shoes, after the man rinses his hand he wraps them up with some white cloth. Behind him stands a man with his hands and legs tied t to wooden chair; The man appears to be in his early 20’s wearing a blue sweatshirt with gray pants and black shoes, his face is a bloodied and bruised due to a vicious beating he had taken earlier. The red shirt man turned to face his bound captive.

“Now tell me.” The man began as he starts to walk up towards the bound victim. “Who are you?” He asks.

The captive man turned his head to face his captor. “Michael Al-“ Before the captive man could finish saying his name the red shirt man slams his fist into the captive man’s face causing his head to whip back violently and spurt blood in both his mouth and nose.

“Again. Who are you?” The red-shirt man said calmly, putting his hand on the captive man’s shoulder.

“I’ve told you man my name is Mi-“ The red-shirt man suddenly punches the captive man square in the stomach very hard causing him to gasp in pain and vomit a mixture of blood and food chunks all over his self.

“I’m not going to ask you again. Who are you?” The red-shirt man asked the already beaten man again, frustration lingering in his tone.

All of sudden the captive man begin to sob uncontrollably, tears pooling out of his black eye with a mixture of blood and snot running out of his broken nose. “I-I’ve told you already again and again! Just what do you want from me!?” The broken man sobbed. The blonde-haired man punches the broken man in the cheek causing him to spit of huge watt of blood, he then grabs the broken man by the hair and punches him hard in the face twice causing the captive’s vision to blur in and out uncontrollably, the red shirt man then finishes the beating with a hard punch straight in the gut causing him to gasp and cough violently.

“This is getting real annoying.” The red shirt said frustrated while shaking his fist after the brutal beating.

“Hey!” A voice called out from behind. The red-shirt man turns around and sees Spellman standing in front of him.

“Sloan wants us for a meeting right away, so you better make this quick.” He informed him.

The red-shirt man nodded in agreement. “Fine just give me a second.” He said to the black male as he turns around to face his beaten captive. He grabs the captive man’s face and pulls it towards his. “I’m going to ask you this one more time. Who are you?” The red shirt man said calmly. The beaten man sniffles a couple of time before he answers the question. “I’m nobody.” He said blankly.

A smile appears on the red-shirt man’s face. “Good.” He said while nodding. All of sudden the red-shirt man headbutts him in the face causing him to fall unconscious. He then stands up and begins to unwrap the bloody white cloth off his hand.

“Has anybody told you that you’re one cold hard son of a b—ch?” Spellman asks the red-shirt man.

“Yeah a couple of times.” He said calmly. “but they all ended up on the floor…dead.” The red shirt man then throws the pair of bloody rags into a black trash can close by.

Spellman chuckled slightly. “No wonder they call you The Repairman.” He remarked.

Somewhere else a man is sitting in a table tinkering with an object; he appears to be in his mid 30’s wearing a black coat with baggy pants, he has a round like face with little facial hair with brown eyes and a blue cap covering his hair. The man appears to be tinkering with a homemade explosive he made, fixing the wire and setting up the alarm. All of a sudden a small brown rat walks along the table and nudges at the man’s elbow. He turns around to see the rat nudging at him. “Ah there you are.” He said as if he was expecting the little creature. “I know what you want.” The cap man said, he then grabs a box of crackers next to him and pulls out a cracker. “Here you go.” The cap man said offering the cracker to the rat. The furry critter then begins to munch on the cracker in no time.

“Hey Ex!” A female voice called out.

The cap wearing turns around and sees Fox standing before him. “What is it?” He asks the female gunman.

“The boss wants us for a meeting right now.” Fox informed him.

“Okay.” Ex said, he then puts his hand next to the rat. “Time to go.” He said, all of sudden the rat crawls up onto his hand. Ex then puts the rat into his left coat pocket, he then gets up off his chair and starts walking towards Fox.

In the compound’s Butcher room a husky man wearing a white wife beater shirt and white pants with brown shoes is seen chopping huge slabs of pork meat; the man has long gruff black hair with a full beard and pair of light auburn eyes. He flings the butcher knife up and down slicing the slab of meat with and throwing pieces on top each other on the side.

“Hey.” A voice called out.

The butcher stops cutting the meat and turns his head to the side, seeing the young Wesley standing next to him. “Sloan wants you at the meeting.” He said. The husky man nodded his head in agreement and puts the knife down, he then follows Wesley to the meeting place.

In the compound’s library room Fox, Wesley, Spellman, Repairman, Ex, and the butcher are standing in a half circle, their leader the elder Sloan is standing in front of them with a file in his hand. “Now you maybe wondering why I’m brought you all here.” He said to his subordinates.

“Is it about my father’s killer? Have you found him?” Wesley asked out loud.

Sloan nodded his head from side to side. “I’m sorry Wesley but there wasn’t any news on Cross’s whereabouts lately.” The elderly man said to the youth. A sense of disappointment appears in Wesley’s eyes. “I see.” He said meekly. Fox puts her hand on Wesley’s shoulder trying to comfort the young man.

“The Target’s name is Masamune Mochizuki, he’s a doctor living in Tobiaka, Japan. The man is known for his extraordinary work in medical science by revolutionizing the way surgeries are performed and developing new drugs to combat severe illness like malaria.” Sloan informed his subordinates.

“And? Why is this our job? Shouldn’t this be Japanese sect job?” The Repairman asked his boss.

“The Japanese sect had drawn the same name as we did, but simply refused to do the hit with reason why?” Sloan informed his subordinate.

And that’s why fate chose us to do it instead of them?” Fox asked.

“Exactly Fox.” Sloan replied with a grin.

“From what the Japanese section informed me, they suggest that we do this on a team bases for reasons that are still inconclusive henceforth the reason I brought you all here. The sect will provide you with the weapons you need at a closed location, so… any questions?” He asked his subordinates.

They all look at each other for a second and then back to their boss nodding in disagreement. A smile appears on the elderly man’s face. “Good, better practice y’all’s Japanese because its gonna be a looong ride there. Meeting is done you may all be dismissed.” He told his subordinates and they all disperse.

Unbeknownst to them a shadowing figure hiding behind a pillar has recorded their entire conversation… a smile of satisfaction appeared on the figure’s face.

Chapter 2: Black Label Organization

Tobioka, Japan

Within a dimly lighten room a man in his mid 50’s with short gray hair and sharp honey eyes wearing a white robe is watching four large computer panels with x-ray visions of the human body in each while sitting in wheelchair; he looks at the x-ray images closely, studying the skeletal and muscular structures with his knowledge thirst eyes. A pair of footsteps can be heard from behind the wheelchair bound man. The footsteps belong to a blonde hair woman in her late 30’s with medium length blonde hair with ocean blue yes wearing thinly round glasses and a high tailored-made black business suit.

“Dr.Masamune?” The blonde haired woman said to the elder looking man.

The Wheel-chaired bound doctor turned his head slightly to the left. “What is it Fiona?” he asked the business-clad woman. “There’s a phone call for you, the caller said it’s urgent.” The woman known as Fiona informed the doctor. “Who’s it from?” Masamune asked the European looking woman behind him. “It’s Dr. Inuaki.” She replied. Dr. Masamune stayed hesitant for a moment. “Patch him through Fiona.” He ordered her. “Understood doctor.” Fiona said calmly. The elder doctor picks up the gray phone sitting on his lap and putting it up against his right ear. “Hello. Yes. Uh-huh. Okay I’ll see you here tomorrow at midnight. Alright good night.” Masamune quickly ends the call and puts the phone in his lap.

“What did he want now?” Fiona asked the elder doctor, concerned over the relevantly quick conversation.

“He said he has some valuable information for me, he said it’s lifesaving .” He elder doctor told the business clad Fiona. ”Information on what though?” The blonde hair woman wondered.

“I don’t know but we’ll find out soon enough.” The elder Masamune said with concern in his tone.

A pair of footsteps are seen walking through a darkened hallway; the footsteps belong to a man in his early to mid 30’s with dirty blonde hair, gray eyes, and a scar on his right cheek wearing a gray business suit with a skeleton-themed tie and black dress shoes, the man enters a darkly dimmed room where the elderly Masamune is observing x-rays over the computer panels. “Still looking at those X-rays as usual I see.” The man said to the elder doctor. Masamune turned his head slightly to the left. “Inunaki it’s been awhile since you visit the last time hasn’t it?” The doctor responded back. “Well what can I say I’ve been a pretty busy man, but it’s always great to see your old sensei every once in awhile.” Inunaki said with a smile. “Cut to the chase Inunaki…” Masamune said as he turned his wheelchair to face his former disciple. “Why is this information you have so important for me?” The doctor said bluntly. A sense of shock appeared on his face at first, but Inunaki changed his composure and gave Masamune a warm smile. “Now come on Doctor don’t be that way, listen why don’t we just sit down somewhere nice and have a…”I don’t have time to play your games Inunaki. Either tell me why you are here or leave.” Masamune said agitated, interrupting Inunaki at mid-sentence. The scarred doctor sighed in defeat. “Stubborn as ever I see. Fine I’ll cooperate to your demands.” Inunaki said with a slight smirk, he then grabs a folder from his suit and gives it to Masamune.

“What’s this?” The elder doctor asked looking at the folder.

“Notes from my latest research.” Inunaki responded. “I’ve been investigating a string of murders around the country lately. It seems the murders are connected to an organization that’s been around since dawn of the Renaissance.” The scarred doctor informed him.

“An organization?” The sickly doctor asked.

“Yes. The organization is known by very few as The Fraternity.” Inunaki began.” They’re a secretive group that’s been around for thousands of years, the organization was founded by a group of weavers who discovered a hidden code within the fabric they been weaving for thousands of years. These codes spell out the names of those bounded by fate.” Inunaki then states out. “What do you mean ‘bounded’ by fate?” The elder Masamune wondered. A smile appears on the scarred man’s face. “Glad you ask my good friend. From what I gained it seems these people are bound to die by the law of an unseen force, believing one life taken away can save thousands from tragic events. The people that are decoded ranges from Big-time businessmen to a small child, nobody is discriminated.” Inunaki informed. “Recently my research trailed me back to a secret compound in the U.S. I infiltrated the compound with little to no detection and begin to study the way they operated, and then suddenly popped up.” The scarred doctor said with a sly grin. “Really?” Masamune said in pause. “Indeed. When I was there I seemed to stumble upon a meeting between the main person in charge and his assassins. The man was telling them who the target is.” Inunaki then puts his left hand into his pocket. “I see and the target is…” Masamune trailed on. The scarred doctor points his finger at the sickly doctor. “The target is you Dr. Masamune.” Inunaki said bluntly. A sense of shock appears on the elder doctor’ face. “It seems to them that fate has chose you to die earlier than expected.” Inunaki said as he fixes his tie. Masamune then gives Inunaki a cold, hard stare. “And you’re just giving them this to tell me I’m fated to die by some made up force?” The elder doctor asked in a serious manner. Inunaki chuckled a bit. “I’m giving you this information because I believe that you’re going to do something about because personally doctor, I believe these people are dangerous towards society. They cause more harm to the innocent rather than saving them and I believe that they need to be stopped by someone, so therefore I’ve come to you for help.” Inunaki said with a hint of anger in his tone. Masamune stares at the slightly ticked man. “ I understand your situation Inunaki, but it is my decision to see if I need to give them a black label or not.” Masamune informed the scarred doctor.” Since you gave me this valuable information, I assume you want a reward for your time here?” The elder doctor asked the young doctor, all of sudden Fiona appears from the shadow with a briefcase in hand.

“Is this enough for you?” She asked the scarred doctor as she opens the briefcase revealing a huge stack of cash.

Inunaki sighed. “Fine that’ll do, but I would rather prefer your gratitude than the money you gave me.” He said taking the briefcase.” Oh by the way….” The scarred doctor reached into his pocket and pulls out his recorder and throws it to the elder doctor. “Here’s some information that might help persuade you with your decision. Well I must be off , I have some business to attend to. Have a good evening doctor and tell Arashi I said hi.” Inunaki said as he walks of into the shadow.

“Don’t you think it’s strange that all of a sudden he’s giving you information for no reason?” Fiona asked the wheel-chaired bound doctor.

“Indeed Fiona, but Inunaki is a very mysterious person at heart.” Masamune responded back as he lies back against his chair.

“So what are you going to do now Doctor?” The blonde haired lady asked.

Masamune became hesitant for a while and finally speaks.

“Send them the black label.”

Mochizuki General Hospital, Room 924

An elderly man in his late 70’s wearing a white shirt and black dress pants is sitting on a small bedpost for his weekly routine check-up by his doctor. “Okay Mr. Takagi now all I need to do is check your heartbeat and you’ll be leaving here in no time.” The female doctor said as she puts her stethoscope on his chest; the doctor appeared in her late 20’s with long light brown hair and yellow eyes wearing an open white overcoat with a red button up shirt, a black skirt and black high heels. “Take a slow, deep breath please.” She said coolly. The old man obliged and took a long deep breath. “Okay that’s good now one more time please.” She asked nicely. The elder man obliged and took one more deep breath. “Good.” The female doctor said in satisfaction, she then puts up the stethoscope and picks up the writing board lying on the counter. “How am I doing Dr. Sagiri?” The elder Takagi asked. “You’re doing excellent! You’re a completely healthy individual, now all I need you to do is go home and be with Mrs. Takagi. I bet she’s all lonesome without you now.” She said cheerfully. “Please that old hag is glad that I’m gone, so she doesn’t have to hear me snore when I take my naps.” Takagi said as he gets off the bedpost. Dr. Sagiri giggled. “Now Mr. Takagi don’t be that way, I bet she’s just waiting for you to come home soon.” She reassured him. “If you say so. How come such a beautiful woman like you doesn’t have man right now? I’m pretty sure all the young fellas come up and propose to you all the time.” The elderly man said with a grin. “I suppose, but my work comes first before anything else.” She replied as she fixes up her overcoat. “You shouldn’t waste your time with your work Dr. Sagiri, a gal like you should go out more and have a good time.” He said as he puts on his brown leather coat on. “I’ll keep that in mind, have a good day Mr. Takagi.” Dr. Sagiri said to her soon departing patient. “Alright you to Dr. Sagiri bye.” The elder Takagi said as he leaves the room, waving her goodbye. Dr. Sagiri waves her patient goodbye as he closes the room door.

Suddenly her phone gave out a sharp ring in her left overcoat pocket. She then picks it up and opens it revealing a pitch-black screen.

“Black Label.” She said.

Room 824

A boy wearing a red shirt and white shorts is sitting on a bedpost with a worried look on his face as he sees his doctor readies a shot for him; The boy’s mother is sitting in a chair next to him so she can comfort him. The doctor appears to be a female in her late 20’s with short dark red-violet hair and red eyes with long, thin glasses wearing a white overcoat with a button up black shirt, black skirt and black high-heels. She flicks the needle causing it to spit a drop of fluid, the young boy gulped at the site of the needle.

“Mommy I’m scared.” The boy said to his mom in fear.

“There. There. There’s nothing to be afraid of sweetie.” The mother said patting the boy’s head as she tries to comfort him, but with no anvil.

The female then doctor walks up to the young boy and looks at him with her sincere eyes. “What’s there to be afraid of little man? It’s only a shot.” She said warmly as she tries to sooth the young boy nerve. “But it’s long and it’s going to hurt.” The boy responded back as he bows his head down in misery. The young doctor pulls the boy chin up with her left hand. “Listen, all you’re going to feel is a slight prick because all it is just going in and out real quick. It’s not going to hurt.” She said reassuring him. “You promise?” The boy asks her. The doctor gives the boy a reassuring smile. “I promise.” She said as she plunges the needle into the boy’s left arm, causing him to wince a little in pain. The doctor then pulls it out and throws it in the needle dispenser. “ There… now was that so bad?” the doctor asked the young boy who was rubbing his left arm. The boy shook his head side ways in a disagreeing manner, the female doctor then puts her hands on the young boy’s cheeks. “You were very brave little man… keep it up okay?” She said. The young boy smiled and nodded his head. “Okay!” he said happily. “ Good.” The doctor said with a smile. “ Thank you so much Dr. Tsurugi you’re a great help.” The mother said. “ Please just call me Miki, anyway I was just doing my job and nothing more. The drug should be working by now and within one hour he’ll be knocked out for the doctors to take him into the operating room.” Tsurugi said. “ How severe is it?” The mother asked in concern. “ Well from what was gathered the tumor is in its early stage of growth, and taking it out before it grows any further will reduce the risk of health problems later on.” She informed the worried mother. “ I see…well that’s good.” She said. Miki puts her hand on the mother’s shoulder. “ Don’t worry your son will be fine I promise.” The youthful doctor said reassuringly. Suddenly her phone goes off in the middle of the room. “Excuse me, but I have to take this call.” She said chuckling slightly as she leaves the room.

Miki steps outside of the room and opens up her cell phone revealing a pitch black screen. A Black Label has commenced.

In a disclosed, empty gym a young woman is seen doing her dumbbell bench press with 120 lbs. dumbbells; the young woman appears to be in her mid 20’s with long blue hair and violet eyes wearing a black sports bra covering her large double-d bust and tight red gym shorts. Sweat begins to bead from her forehead as she pushes the weights up and down counting each time. “101…102…103…” Her gym shorts begin to crease within her quads and thigh, the young woman’s smooth abdomen glisten from the beading sweat. Her phone on the ground begins to ring causing the fit woman to stop mid-way of her workout. The young woman stands up and puts the dumbbells on the ground, she then picks up her cell phone and answers. “Sayo Hitsugi speaking.” The young woman said as she wipes the sweat off her head with a white towel. “Oh hey! Yes I’m doing well how about you? That’s good to hear. What’s that? Oh… I see.” A sly grin appears on the girl’s face. “I’ll be there right away.” She said and then hangs up the call.

Tobiaka Performance Center

Tonight is a special night at the Tobioka Performance center. It’s going to hold one of the biggest performances from one of the most highest-paid music artist in Japan. Tickets are sold out, the seats are jammed packed with thousands of people, and the technicians are putting the final touches to the lighting. All of a sudden the entire goes pitch black and flash of red, pink, and violet lights shin upon the stage. “Ladies and gentlemen… Tobioka Performance is holding an exciting concert tonight.” The male announcer said as some of the audience begin to scream with excitement. “This female artist had 14 #1 singles appearing on Oricon Single Chart for 2 weeks straight and is singing from her latest album Trouble! tonight!” The announcers voice becomes a bit louder as huge gust of fog begins to cover the stage and the hallway. “Tobioka Performance Center is proud to present Japan’s reigning Pop Queen… Oriha Nashida!!!!!!” The entire audience roared in excitement as the announcer announces the artist’s name. All of a sudden a young teenage girl bursts put of the smoke along with 8 people behind her; the girl had red orange hair wrapped in pigtails, big blue eyes, and a very robust breast size wearing a 18th century Lolita dress with a short skirt size above her knees with long black/pink fingerless gloves and matching punk-like high-heel boots, while the 8 people wore same kind of dress as her except in various colors and are all wearing eye masks. The pop singer puts the microphone over her lips and begins to sing.

Chorus: chu-lu-chu-lu-chu-lu-pa-ya-pa!(Play the song "Discotheque" when you get to this part, on youtube.)

Disco lady! Disco lady! Deep emotion! Deep emotion!

The guitar starts to rip, the drums begin to play, and the horns start to burst out loud.

Oriha: Gramarasu naku-chibiru pinkuiro no tsuya meku neiru

Garasu no moku gawa ni utsuru sugao shuuru na days.

Oriha’s voice hits the audience like a massive shockwave, causing them to wave their hands in madness and excitement.

Kimi dake ni so mise te ital kokoro no naka hitomi no oku

Oriha begins to dance with the beat and rhythm of the music, swaying her hips from side to side, using unique hand dance skill, and enticing the audience with her lucrative, slender voice.

Orihan and Chorus together:Ah soba ni Ite hoshii yo tsuki no mirror ball terasa re te.

My darlin’ ne? vivid? Dona koishi masho hajikeru sexy beauty!

The 8 dancers begin to follow the pop singer’s dance movie, causing them to have huge dance party on the stage.

Umarekawtte amai yume sotto iroduro my love hora sekai wa kawaru!

The blue eye singer raises her left hand into the air and poses as the music suddenly stops, a huge burst of read and blue fireworks come out afterwards. The crowd screamed in satisfaction over the performance they witnessed tonight. “ Good evening Tobioka! How are you doing tonight!?” The pop singer said aloud on the microphone, the audience screams out in excitement. “ Are you ready for a show tonight!?” She asked aloud to the audience, they all screamed out excitement. “ I said Tobioka are you ready for a show tonight!!!???” She asked out loud once more, the audience roars out loud in excitement once more causing the building to shake a little. “Alright then! Let’s hit it boys!” Oriha screamed as she starts the show.

4 hours later

Oriha Nashida is then seen in her dress room after the show playing on what it appears to be a Nintendo DS, a knock can be heard through the dress room door. “Come in.” she said. The doors starts to open and a guy with short black spiky hair wearing a white suit comes in. “ Oh hey Manager Man!” Oriha said cheerfully. “ Oriha baby… you were great out there! The people love you out there!” he said complementing her. “Thank you, I think I could of done better though if you gave me my flavor sticks before the show!” She said with a little pouting in her tone. “I’m sorry, but they were all out it couldn’t be help.” He explained to her. “Hmph whatever.” She said pouting, her phone then begins to ring. “Oh! Excuse me Manager Man, but this a private call so can you leave right now?” Oriha asked her manager. “Alright then I’ll be waiting on the bus, we have to be leaving in an hour anyway. I’ll see you up there okay.” He told the pop singer as he begins to leave the room. “Okay Manager Man Bye!!!!!” She said waving to the departing man. Once he left Oriha opens up her cell phone revealing a pitch-black screen….Black Label. A burst of excitement appears on the young girl’s face. “Yaaaaaa!!!!!!!” She yelled out happily waving her arms around.

Mochizuki Academy

  • Bell ringing*

Another school day ends in the prestige Mochizuki Academy; a young girl in with golden eyes with long silver hair (wrapped with a long black ribbon) wearing the standard school uniform of a female (a blue long sleeve suit with a white shirt underneath, gray skirt, black dress shoes, and high knee socks) is seen exiting her homeroom with a group of 5 to 6 girls following right behind her. “Hey Mikoto!” one of them says. Mikoto turns around to see the group of girls huddle around her. “Hey Mikoto what are you doing this weekend?” One of them asks. “ Mikoto can you help me study for the test?” Another one says. “ Hey who’s that guy you hang around with Kiba? Is he you’re boyfriend?”. Mikoto is caught by surprise by the swarm of questions asked by her peers. “ I’m sorry guys I would love to be with all of you, but I have some place to go.” She said. “Awww.” They all said in union. “ I’m sorry, let’s do this some other time okay?” Mikoto said with a smile as she went on her way. Suddenly her phone began to ring in her shirt pocket. She picks it up and opens it revealing a pitch back screen… a black label.

Meanwhile another student is walking off from Mochizuki academy; this student appeared to male with golden auburn eyes and short brown hair wearing the standard male school uniform consisting of a blue jack, a white shirt, gray pants, and black dress shoes, he face appears to be emotionless. “Arashi! Arashi!” a feminine voice. The young man turns around and sees a young girl with short light brown, dark brown eyes, and a small chest run towards him with a several pieces of paper in her hand. “Hinako, what brings you here?” he asked blankly. The young girl catches her breath from running a far distance before she spoke. “ *huff* You forgot your papers for the exams next week.” She said handing him the papers. Arashi grabs them and looks at Hinako. “Thank you Hinako.” He said with a smile. A small gift of gratitude causes the young girl’s face to brighten up with joy. “ Your welcome it’s the least I can do for you! Listen umm…” Hinako’s face begins to blush slightly “ If you’re free today… do you want to come with me to my dad’s restaurant and have something to eat?” She asked as she fiddled her fingers around. Before Arashi can answer her question his phone starts ring in his left pocket, he picks it up and opens it revealing a pitch-black screen…. a black label. Arashi then looks up at Hinako. “ I’m sorry Hinako, but this has do be done at another time. I have some business to take care right now.” He said point blank to her. The sudden news causes a sense of shock to appear on Hinako’s face before she puts her head down briefly. “ Hinako…” Arashi said, wondering of the girl’s strange behavior. “It’s okay.” She said lifting her head up, revealing a smile. “ I’ll just until you’re done, so we can have dinner when you’re free.” A brief smile appears on the young man’s face. “Okay.” He said.

While walking towards a designated location Arashi sees Mikoto walking a couple of steps ahead of him. They haven’t been talking to each other for a while ever since that one dreary incident with The Kabuto Syndicate. Arashi tries to say something to get Mikoto’s attention, but fails to do so. Arashi stops in mid-track and grabs a bottle full of pills in his pocket. He then poops a load of pills into his mouth and starts to chew.

Mochizuki General Hospital, Unknown location

Arashi, Mikoto, Oriha, Sayo, Miki, and Sagiri are all sitting in wait for the meeting, suddenly Dr. Masamune is seen arriving at the meeting being strolled in by Fiona. “I’m glad you all came today, now let this meeting begin.” He said. “ First of all I would like to congratulate you all for the removal of the cancerous tumor The Kabuto Syndicate. The city of Tobioka is now a safer place, but it seems a new organization has taken its place.” The sick-stricken doctor stated.

“Well…so much for a nice long vacation.” Miki sighed.

“I can’t believe it! And after all the work we’ve done!” Mikoto said in anger as she balled her hand into a fist.

“I understand your anger Mikoto, but our job will never end just as long as crime still ravage our society.” Masamune stated to her. “ So what do we know about this organization doctor?” Sagiri asked. “ I’m glad you ask Yuko. The organization itself is known as The Fraternity; from the information gathered, the organization was founded by a group of weavers thousands of years ago.” “Weavers? How is an organization founded by weavers a threat?” Sayo asked. “ Don’t be misinformed Sayo there is more to the story than you think.” Fiona explained. “Correct, it seems that these weavers found some sort of code that spells out a persons name.” Masamune continued. “The weavers then believed that the names they decoded were destined to die by fate and henceforth the organization begin to assassinate the names that they decoded.” The sickly doctor stated. ‘Ever since then The Fraternity has expanded it’s reach across the globe, they’re victims ranging from criminals to innocent bystanders alike. To them everyone is destined to die by the laws of fate.” Fiona said. “Most recently it appears that my name has appeared on their list.” Dr. Masamune said solemly. A sense of shock appears on everyone’s face, especially Arashi’s. “What do you mean doctor?” Arashi asked worridly.

“That’s bull sh-t! How can they just put out someone who does such good deeds for people!?” Kiba said in fury, smacking her fist into her hand.

“Now calm down, I’m pretty sure that the doctor had a reason for telling us this right doctor?” Yuko asked the wheel-chaired bound man.

“Indeed my life has already been marked with death a long time ago before they ever got my name so my life shouldn’t be of your concern, but those of the innocents we ‘treat’ everyday.” The sickly doctor states. “ The reason I’m telling all of you this now is because I know that you will all make the right decision and make this place a better place.” All of the members begin to grin . “This ‘tumor’ has been ravaging this world for far too long killing millions of innocents in the process, and needs to be extradited immediately.” Masamune said. “ I’m counting on you all to complete this mission with swift prescion.” Masamune finished. “Yes Doctor.” They all said. A smile appears on the doctor’s face. “ Good then meeting adjourned. “Yipee! Hey Miki Mouse once this mission is all over, how about you make some of your beef stew!” Oriha said aloud. Everyone starts to giggle and grin over the young girls statement.

“What? Is it something I said?” She said in confusion

Chapter 3: Trial By Fire

Kokoro Industries ,Midnight

Kokoro Industries: A major player in the steel producing business. The company has over 40 locations all across Japan this most recent one being in Tobioka . This 3000 square foot place has a barbwire fence covering the entire area with “keep out” sign at the entrance. The area is closed to the public at this hour, but not for long. The Fraternity members Fox, Wesley, Earl, Ex, The Repairman, and the butcher have been given directions by The Japanese sect to got to this specific spot.

“Here it is guys…Kokoro Industry.” Earl said once they all arrived.

“Is it open?” Wesley asked. Suddenly The Repairman looks at the confused gunman with agitated eyes. “Of course not, why the f—k do you think that there’s a Keep Out sign in the front.” The red shirt man remarked. Fox, Ex, and the butcher silently snickered at the comment The Repairman said.

“Well then how are we going to get in?” Wesley said. “Simple.” The Repairman said. Suddenly the red-shirt man walks up to the main entrance to the property, which has a lock on it and kicks its hard, causing the lock to break and the door to slam wide open. “ Like that.” He said and then walks in. Earl, Ex, and the butcher then follow suit except Wesley who was shocked at the scene The Repairman commited. Fox puts her hand on the young man’s shoulder. “Come on kid let’s go.” She said and both assassins walk into the property. Unbeknownst to them…someone was watching the entire event.

Young Black Label member Oriha Nashida is sitting on a building from afar with a binocular in hand; She appears in her assassin attire consisting of a long brown coat, a black shirt revealing her cleavage, and a black skirt with her hair changing from a blonde-orange color to a purple hair-do with dirty blonde highlights. With her other hand Oriha grabs a packet of candy stick and begins to munch on it. “Orhia…Earth to Oriha…Oriha do you read.” A voice said on the intercom in the young pop stars right ear. “*munch* Yes I read you clear Miko *munch*.” The young girl responded. “ Good so what’s the statics?” The voice said. “*munch* It appears that they entered the premises.” The young girl responded. “ Good I’ll report this to every-… hey are you eating?” The voice asked. Oriha shook her head from side to side. “Nope *munch*.” She lied, still munching on the candy stick. “You f—king liar! Of course you are! Oooooooh Fioan is going to be piss.” The voice said agitated. “Noooo don’t tell Miko!” The young girl pleaded on the intercom. “Tsk. Fine just don’t do it again alright? I’m going to report to others over and out.” The voice said and logs out. “Okey Dokey Miko!” Oriha said finishing her candy stick.

The door to the building opens wide revealing a dark, empty place without a soul inside, the assassins enter the area. “Where are the weapons?” The Repairman. “Right there.” Earl said pointing at a table in the middle of the area. The assassins walk up to the table and are surprised at what they find; the table is loaded with various weapons ranging from pistols like The Browning Hi-5 and Beretta 92F to assault rifles such as the M16. Earl whistled in delight. “ Man that’s a s—t load of weapons to take out one guy.” He said grabbing an H&K MPA7 “Nice.” The Repairman grabs The S&W Scholfield Model 3. “Whoever he is he must have a lot of people backing him up to make this kill hard.” He said cocking the gun. The red shirt man then grabs a double barrel sawed-off shotgun. “Here catch.” The Repairman throws it to Ex who grabs it in mid-air. Wesley grabs the Browning Hi-5 and the H&K USP Compact and puts it in his holsters within his jacket. “Here take this also.” The Repairman gives the young man a M4A1 with a scope on top. “We want you to take the shot.” He informed Wesley. “What are you going to take Fox?” Earl asked the female assassin. “ What do you think?” Fox said, showing the black male one of her Safari Arms. “Go figure.” He said.

A couple a floors above them Miki Tsurugi in her assassin attire (consisting of a ridged, armored black jump suit of sort with a gas mask on her face.) is crouching down with the Black Label Sniper Rifle in hand and is aiming at the group of assassin below her. “ I’ve got the targets in sight over.” She said on the intercom.

Sayo Hitsugi in her assassin attire (Consisting of her nurse out feet, white knee high army boots, black metallic armguards, and a purple metallic Oni mask.) is a couple of floors above her comrade Miki holding a M60 along with a large white metallic coffin behind her back. “Heard you loud and clear Miki ready when you are. What about you guys?” She said on the intercom.

In a unknown location both Arashi and Mikoto are seen in their assassin attires( his consisting of a black and red jacket with black pants, knee pads, a purple skin tight shirt underneath, and black metallic helmet covering his entire head. Mikoto’s consisting of a red and white jacket, a black scar, black gym shorts, knee high boots with knee pads, and a pair of orange glasses). Arashi is seen loading up his Black Label Shotgun while Mikoto is reving up their red motorcycle. “Mikoto and I are ready also over.” Arashi said on the intercom.

In another disclosed location Yuko Sagiri is wielding her katana blade known as “Orochi”. “Good now let us begin the operation.” She said.

“What weapon are you gonna get?” The Repairman asked the butcher. The husky man just shrugged as an answer. “ Come on you can’t be using knifes all the time.” The red-shirt complained, while the two assassins complain to each other Miki is aiming her rifle at the unsuspecting butcher. “Got you.” She said and pulls the trigger, causing the bullet to launch out of the muzzle and into the air.

“Now come on.” The Repairman said trying to persuade the butcher, but the husky man just wouldn’t budge. All of a sudden a bullet rips into the butcher’s neck and comes out the other end, the husky man then falls onto the ground. “Jesus Christ, we’ve been found!” The Repairman yells out, causing the entire team of assassin to be on high alert and aim there gun anywhere the bullet may have come from.

“ The operation has been commenced, it’s time for the treatment Sayo.” A voice said on her intercom. Behind the woman’s mask a sinister grin can be seen. “Right.” She said and then jumps off the floor she was on.

The Repairman kneels in front of his fallen comrade and picks him up by the head, the butcher is barley bleeding due to the massive blood lost coming from his wounded neck. “Don’t worry man we’re gonna get you all better, just stay with me.” He said trying to stop the blood from flowing. But with no prevail. All of a sudden the assassins hear a large bang, they turn their heads around and see Sayo Hitsugi holding the armor coffin in one and the M60 in the other. “What the hell?” Earl said as looks at the unknown person’s attire. “Don’t worry the treatment will soon be over.” She said in a sinister, almost demonic voice. “And you’ll be rotting in your graves!” She then aims her gun at the assassins. “Get to cover!” Earl yelled out. The killer nurse then pulls the trigger and unloads a hail of bullets at the assassins. All the assassins move out of the bullets range, except for the butcher whose entire upper body is ripped to shreds (5-6). All the members hide behind the pillars and begin to retaliate; The Repairman shooting his Model 3, Fox firing one of her Safari Arms, Ex blasting his shotgun, Earl firing a burst of bullets with his HK, and Wesley firing his M4A1. The bullets are all blocked by the armor coffin shielding Sayo, who is still unleashing a hail of bullets at the assassin. “Dammit why aren’t we hitting her!” The Repairman said while reloading his gun. “ I don’t know, but who the hell is she!?” Earl said after dodging one her bullets by a hair. “Hey do you hear a motor engine?” Wesley said as he loads another clip into his assault rifle.

All of a sudden a red motorcycle with Mikoto in the front and Arashi in the back appears, jumping from behind the heavily armored Sayo. “Oh you got to be kidding me?” Earl said in disbelief. In mid-air Mikoto and Arashi pulled out their respective weapons (The Black Label S&W for Mikoto and the Black Label Longslide/Knuckle combo for Arashi.), the two assassins then start to fire at the assassins in mid-air before landing back onto the ground; the assassin’s are caught by surprise by this sudden ambush of an unknown enemy group, and start to fire in every direction. Arashi and Mikoto then drive off into the shadows somewhere while still firing their weapons. “Dammit we need to split up now! We’re sitting ducks if stick together like this.” He said firing his weapon. “Fine, Ex do your thing.” The Repairman said to the cap wearing man. Ex obliges and pulls out two rats with some sort of device on their back, he then places them on the ground and then began to scurry. All of sudden the 5 remaining assassins split up (Fox and The Repairman taking one direction, Earl and ex taking another, and Wesley finding another way.). The two rats start to scurry to the gun-toting Sayo who is unknown of their presence. “Come on why are running the fun is getting started!” She cried out in disappointment, all of sudden Sayo feels something touching her legs. “What the?” She looks below and finds two rats touching her legs, as Sayo looked closer and sees a device with a timer on it that’s almost a zero seconds. “Oh crap.” A huge explosion is seen and heard, ripping a huge hole into the nurse’s chest causing her to die instantly (5-5). “ Sayo!” Miki yelled out. “ I repeat Sayo is down! Sayo is down! I’m going after one of the tumors.” Miki then goes on her way.

Chapter 4: To Hell and Back

Wesley is hiding behind a pillar, his M4A1 gripped tightly into his hand sweat beading from his brow. An unknown assassin from above is hunting him; Wesley cannot see the assassin for the unknown killer is hidden in the shadows it dwells in. The assassin turns out to be Miki Tsurugi who is scoping out the area with her sniper rifle, trying to find the hidden assassin in the shadows. “Where are you hiding?” She said moving her rifle around, Miki then sees a glint of Wesley’s head coming from one of the pillars. “Got you.” The female assassin pulls the trigger of the rifle unleashing a bullet heading towards her intended target. The bullet misses Wesley b a hair, but takes a huge chunk of concrete with it. “Jesus Christ!” Wesley said as he saw the bullet pass by him. The young assassin comes out of hiding and aims his M4A1 towards the bullet’s direction of travel, he then fires a burst of bullets at the unknown assassin he’s fighting. “Crap!” Miki then runs away from the bullet’s path of travel, leaving her unscathed. She recovers ands begins to fire more rounds at the Wesley. One of the bullets knocked the assault rifle in the young assassin’s hand, the others slash into his shoulder and legs causing the assassin to wince in pain.” Dammit!” Realizing he was in endangered Wesley ran to the nearest pillar next to him. “Sh-t.” Miki unloads the empty clip and reloads a new clip. “Come out you sick son of a b—ch!” The violet-haired female said in anger as she aims her sniper rifle. Wesley is now trapped in the sniper’s grasp. “ Dammit I’m trapped.” He said while trying to catch his breath.”I need to focus”. All of a sudden Wesley heart begins to beat faster, his vision begins to focus in and out at a fast rate, and everything begins to move slowly. “Come and face your demise, your life has already been deemed with the black label.” Miki demanded, suddenly she sees Wesley coming out of his hiding place with his hands up in the air. “I see you finally realized your fate assassin, so I’ll make this shot quick and painless.” She said and pulls the trigger, a smile appears on Wesley’s face. The bullet is about to hit the young assassin right between the eyes, until he dodges by moving his head to the left causing the bullet to fly right pass him. “What!?” The violet-haired assassin is shocked how Wesley dodges such an impossible hit with ease. “How is that possible!? That shot was dead on!” She thought to herself, Miki then aims the gun at her captive opponent and fires a couple of shots. Wesley dodges each of her shots with ease by moving his body from left to right to dodge each projectile. “How is this possible!?” She said firing all of her bullets at the captive assassin, but each of them misses their intended target; little did Miki know Wesley has a special ability that he genetically inherited, granted him superhuman abilities such as perception, speed, and agility that makes it easier to dodge the bullets. “Why can’t I hit him!?” She yells out pulling the trigger furiously, until the female assassin realized she was out of ammo. “I’m out!?” She said in shock. All of a sudden Wesley pulls out The Browning Hi-Fi and USP Compact out of his jacket holster and fires a burst of rounds at the violet assassin. Miki is caught by surprise when none of the rounds hit her in the right shoulder causing the assassin to drop her weapon, then two bullets hit her in the legs, one bullet in the left shoulder, and finally three in the chest area and stomach. Miki eyes are filled with shock at the damage done to her in such a quick time. “ I…I… I failed. Arashi…Mikoto I hope you two can forgive me.” Were the female assassin’s final words until she falls from the floor she was in and to her death (5-4). “That was close, but not close enough.” Wesley puts his guns away and walks off from the scene.

Earl and Ex are seen walking around an abandoned area, talking amongst themselves.” Alright Ex do you know what the hell just happened to us?” The black male asked his friend. Ex merely shrugged, suggesting he did not know either. “I guess we realized why the Japanese sect wanted us to be in a group huh?” He said with a chuckle, Ex begin to chuckle with his friend also. “Well whoever they are Ex, they knew that we were going be here and planned the strike before time.” Earl explained to his friend, holding his gun tightly. “Do you think everyone else is okay?” Ex asked meekly. “I hope so Ex I hope so.” He said worriedly. All of sudden Earl stop midway from walking, he then puts his hand in front of Ex to signal him to stop. “Do you hear that?” he asked. “Hear what?” Ex said. “Shh listen.” The black male said, then both assassins become silent and begin to hear a faint female voice.

The Silver Nebula stretches across the sea of stars.

“I hear it Earl.” Ex said to his friend. “But where is coming from?”

“I think it’s coming from there.” Earl said pointing his finger to the left. The two gunmen start to walk in the direction. Suddenly the female voice begins to get louder each time they go in that direction.

It’s what connects you and me.

Both warriors stop at a door leading to the emergency staircase. “It’s coming from here.” Earl said, lock and loading his gun. “You ready?” he said to Ex, The cap wearing man grips his shotgun tightly and nods to his comrade. “Alright, lets go.” Suddenly Earl breaks the door open. Both warriors then aim their guns as they enter the staircase. Nothing appears in front of the two gunmen, but the female voice is loud and clear and seems to be coming from above. “It’s coming from above.” Earl and ex aim their guns at the staircase leading to the top and are shocked at what they see. The youngest Black Label member Oriha Nashida is seen singing and dancing at the top of the staircase.

If you’re feelin’ incomplete and you work your way here,

get ready for a Big Bang!

Saturn’s rings are spinning with song!

The young girl sings in full melody, ignoring the two assassin’s pointing their guns at her. “A girl?” Ex said confused. “ What is a girl doing here in the middle night?” The black male thought to himself. “Maybe she’s lost.” Ex said to his comrade, trying to think of a reason for this situation. “Yeah maybe so.” Earl said. “Hey you!” The black male said to the young girl, interrupting her singing. “Hmm?” Oriha turns her head and sees the two assassins standing below her. “What are doing here at a place like this?” He asked her calmly putting his weapon down with Ex following suit. “Dancing and singing silly black man! What do you think?” Oriha said with a smile, while pointing both her fingers at her forehead for some odd reason. “Well you should get out of here, it’s really dangerous here you know.” Earl said trying to persuade the young lady to leave. “Why when the fun is about to start?” She said casually. “ I mean if seeing your fat friend being blown to pieces was fun to watch, I’m pretty sure seeing you all blown up will be exciting!” A sinister grin appears on Oriha’s face. Earl suddenly realizes the young girl is part of the group that ambushed them earlier when she refrenced his recently deceased ally. “ She’s part of the group Ex shoot her!” He yells as he aims his H&K M7A1 at the young girl, with Ex following suit. Both warriors unleash hails of bullets at the young Black Label member, but she dodges at the last minute by ducking down as the bullets rip through the wall behind her. “Ha ya miss freaks! Now you gotta catch me!” The young girl said sticking her tongue out, she then runs up to the staircase leading to the next level. “F-cking b—ch! Come on lets go!” Earl said in frustration, he then starts to walk up the stairs with Ex following suit. All of sudden Earl feels a couple of strings touch his face and…BOOM! A huge explosion rips through the entire staircase, blasting Earl to smithereens (4-4) and knocking Ex against the wall. The cap wearing man slumps onto the ground, his vision blurring in and out, his hearing impaired due to the explosion. Ex shakes his head to get out of this state, he then looks straight ahead and sees the entire staircase blown to smithereens leaving him unable to chase Oriha.

Chapter 5: The Tiger and The Dragon

Fox and The Repairman are seen walking in a dark secluded location; The Repair man seems agitated and angry ever since ambush attack from the mysterious Black Label. “I’m telling you Fox we’ve been rated out I know it!” The red-shirt man said in fury. Fox paid little attention to what the blonde-hair man was saying. “ I don’t care about what or how these guys got to us, all I care about is trying to stay alive and complete the mission.” The brown haired woman said bluntly. “I wonder how Wesley is doing right now?” She wondered. “Tsk! For all we know that little bastard is probably dead for all we know.” The repairman remarked. “Who knows, that kid has a lot of potential to hold his own.” Fox said with a smirk. “Yeah. Yeah. You’re just saying that because you taught the kid everything he knows.” The blonde hair man responded. “Damn straight.” Fox said with a giggle.

“Finally you two showed up, I thought that I was going be all lonely for tonight.” A female voice said.

Both assassins look around the area trying to find the voice. “Who said that?” Fox said. “Show yourself” The Repairman demanded cocking his Scholdfield Model 3. Suddenly a figure begins to come out of the shadows, the figure is revealed to be Yuko Sagiri who is holding her sheathed katana Orochi. “So you must be The Fraternity I’ve heard it about.” She said calmly, whisking away her long light brown hair. “Who are you? How do you know who we are?” The Repairman said aiming his pistol at her, Fox does nothing but stand there on her guard. “Why… I’m simply just a doctor trying to do her job.” Yuko said to the agitated blonde-hair man. “Just what the hell are you talking about?” The Repairman demanded. “I must say you all are the most complex tumors I’ve ever seen.” Yuko said calmly. “Tumors?” Fox wondered. “What the hell are you on about?” The Repairman asked. “ I was flattered to see another group who targeted criminals like us, but when I heard that you also killed innocent… I knew that we were not the same.” Yuko began to turn in a serious manner. “Henceforth we needed to end the spreading of your disease… so tell me this.” Suddenly the female doctor’s hair begins to change from a light- brown to a very light-violet color. The Repairman then realizes that Yuko is part of the group that ambushed them. “ You’re part of the group that ambushed us are you? Oh hoho I’m going to enjoy f—cking you up!” The red-shirt man said as he starts to walk towards the violet haired female. “Wait, you don’t know wat you’re up against!” Fox yelled trying to persuade The Repairman from doing something stupid, but he completely ignores her. “This for The Butcher you stupid b—ch!” he said as he shoots out 3 rounds at Yuko. “What gives you the right to kill innocent people?” The violet haired woman asked as she dodges the bullets with ease, she then starts to walk towards the blonde-hair man. “ Die!” The Repairman yells out as he shoots two more round, but Yuko dodges both rounds from side to side with relative ease. “All they do is simply live out their daily life without harming society, so why do you take their lives away?” A stint of anger can be sensed in her voice. “ I don’t give a f—k about what you say just die!” He yells out as he shoots one more round at the violet haired assassins head. The bullet is heading right between Yuko’s eyes, but she moves her head to side rather quickly and dodges the bullet with no trouble. “ I see.” All of a sudden Yuko appears right behind The Repairman in a split second. “ It seems that I failed with the ‘operation’ and could not save you from yourself.” She said solemnly from behind. The Repairman turns his body around to face his opponent. “ How the hell did you-“ The red-shirt man suddenly stopped at mid-sentence. All of a sudden a vertical line appears on his forehead and travels down to his waist, a huge gust of blood burst through the line and The Repairman’s body is suddenly split in half. “No.” Fox yells out as her comrade falls down to the ground dead (3-4). “ You b—ch!” The brown haired woman yells out spitefully. “It seems I failed as a doctor and couldn’t save your friend from his self, so I wonder if I can comeback and save you from the life you live.” She said calmly as the violet assassin stares into Fox’s eyes. “Sorry honey, but I’m from far from saving.” The browned-hair assassin said as she pulls out her two Safari Matchmakers from her holsters. “I see.” Yuko said as she pulls out Orochi and points it at the female assassin standing before her. “ As the tumor you are it is my job to remove you from society.” The violet haired woman stated. “Bring it.” Fox said aiming her two Safaris at her opponent. Yuko then dashes straight at her opponent.

Fox fires a couple rounds at her opponent, but Yuko dodges each bullet from side to side. The violet-hair assassin comes up close to brown-haired assassin and does a vertical slash with her blade, but Fox blocks the attack with one of her guns causing a small dent to appear on the pistol’s side; Fox then aims her other pistol towards the Yuko’s stomach at point-blank and pulls the trigger, but Yuko pushes the pistol to the side with her other hand causing Fox to miss the shot and kicks the brown hair assassin in the stomach making her stumble back. Yuko then charges straight forward and swings her sword at a horizontal angle causing a small gash to appear on the brown hair assassin’s stomach. Fox winces in pain and pistol whips Yuko across the face causing a small amount of blood to spill out of her lips and to stagger back, Fox then aims both pistols at the wounded assassin and fires a couple of rounds. Yuko quickly recovers from the attack and moves her body to the left side to dodge the bullets, she then charges straight forward at her opponent and tries to stab her opponent multiple times, but Fox blocks each stabbing attack by swinging both of her pistols in multiple direction. Yuko then swings Orochi in a vertical angle in order to slash Fox’s head, but the brown-haired assassin blocks the attack with both guns cross arms. Suddenly both of the warrior’s weapons clash with one another, trying to get the jump on their opponent when they are off guard. “So tell me, Why do you kill innocent people!? What did they ever do to you!?” Yuko demanded. Fox then begins to chuckle. “ It’ doesn’t matter if they were innocent or guilty, those people were chosen for a reason. They are the catalyst of tragic events to come to those that they meet in their lifetime.” The browned hair assassin started to explain. “ So our motto is kill one, save a thousand.” She finished. Yuko is appalled by her opponent’s explanation. “ How can a person like you think like that?” She demanded. “ Simple when assassin failed to kill a intended target my entire family was taken from me in the process, that gives me plenty of reasons to do the things I do.” Fox says fiercly. “ But it doesn’t give you the right to kill innocent people!” Yuko yells out furiously. “ Like I said it gives me plenty of reason to do the things I do, but people like you wouldn’t understand.” Fox responded. “ I do understand. That’s why I’m trying to stop it!” Yuko responded back. “ We’ll see about that.” Suddenly both warriors push each other back with their weapons. Fox then aims her guns at her opponent and fires another couple of rounds, But Yuko dodges the attack rather easily; Fox then fires a curve bullet at Yuko which catches her by surprise. Yuko sees the bullet curving to the side and is about to hit her head, until she blocks the attack by blocking it with her katana. “ How can she do that?” Yuko thought to herself. Fox then fires another curve bullet at her opponent “ Not this time!” Yuko blocks the bullet with her katana and charges at her opponent. Yuko then jumps in the air and does a roundhouse kick at her opponent, but Fox blocks the attack with her arms. Yuko then lands on her feet and tries to slash Fox’s legs with her katana, until the brown hair assassin jumps out of the way and does a side kick at her opponent. Yuko blocks the attack with her left forearm and rolls behind her opponent. Fox turns around to face her opponent, and Yuko plunges her blade into the brown –hair assassin’s chest; Fox is caught by surprise when she felt Yuko’s katana. “ This is the end!” Yuko said as she plunges the blade deeper into Fox’s chest. “ Same goes for you.” Fox says weakly as she points the gun’s muzzle into Yuko’s chest point blank and pulls the trigger unleashing multiple bullets into her chest, therounds go straight through the violet hired woman’s chest and goes straight through her back. A state of shock appears in Yuko’s eyes when she feels the clutches of death on her once more. “ H-how did this happen? Heh, I guess I was caught by surprise that’s all.” Yuko said meekly as she falls on her knees, her grip still on the blade’s handle. “ But at least I did my job the best I could.” Yuko releases her grip on her katana and falls down…dead (3-3). “ Damn it, I was caught off guard.” Fox said weakly as she pulls the katana out her chest, the pain becoming more excruciating each time she pulled it out; Fox throws the katana on the ground and starts to walk a couple of steps forward, until she suddenly falls onto her knees herself. “Damn…I guess this the end for me.” Fox said weakly as the blood pours out of her wound profusely. “Wesley…you’re all on your own here kid.” Fox then falls onto the ground face down…dead (2-3).

Black Label members Arashi and Mikoto are seen in an unknown location with their motorcycle with them; Arashi is laying his back next to a pillar, while Mikoto is trying to get into contact with her other teammates on the intercom.

“Yuko, Miki…can you hear me? Oriha? Please answer the god damn call!” The silver-hair girl yells out in the intercom, trying to get someone to answer.

“ They won’t answer Mikoto.” Arashi said. “And why the hell do you say that!?” Mikoto yells out turning her head to face her comrade. “Because most likely…they’re all dead.” The brown-haired assassin said emotionlessly. All of a sudden Mikoto slams her fist against Arashi’s face causing him to stagger back to the side, “You f—king dick! How the hell can you say that!?” The silver-hair hair girl said angrily. Arashi rubs his check with his hand after the hard hit. “ The guys we’re fighting are not like the criminals we face everyday, they are a completely new entity of their own.” Arashi said solemnly. “We all knew that some of us were not going make it when the mission is done, so I don’t why you’re all mad about it.” Mikoto balled her hand into a fist. “ Well maybe it’s because I have to work with a f—king guy who acts like a goddamn weirdo all the time, and doesn’t know a goddamn thing he is doing!” Mikoto yells out, her eyes filled with anger. “Are you still mad at me over the incident at the Kabuto’s hideout?” Arashi asks bluntly. “W-what?” Mikoto was caught by surprise with Arashi’s question. “ You knew it had to be done.” The brown-hair man said. “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The silver haired girl turned her head away from her partner. “ If I didn’t do it Mikoto, we all would have been burned to death.” Arashi tries to explain. “Stop talking.” Mikoto said crackly. “ If she ws your friend Mikoto, then she wouldn’t have done something like this.” Arashi said. “Just stop.” Mikoto starts to grip her fist tightly. “ She was going to kill us all along with the Kabutos Mikoto, its not like I didn’t have a choice.” Arashi said trying to explain the situation. “SHUT UP JUST SHUT UP! “ Mikoto yells out turning her head to face Arashi (tears begin to build in her eyes.), She then walks forwards to face her comrade. “You don’t know a goddamn thing about Chikage so just shut the f—k up!” The silver hair points her finger at Arashi’s chest. “ Unlike you she comfort me when I told her about my brother death, she didn’t say that I shouldn’t discard my brother as the reason I live like you did! The Chikage I knew wouldn’t do the things that you said!” The silver-girl yells out furiously. “ Then why did she do it?” Arashi asks bluntly. Mikoto is caught speechless. “ Tell me Mikoto if Chikage was all that you told me, then why did she try to kill you?” The brown haired assassin asked. “ I-I don’t know.” Mikoto said solemnly, tears start to run down her cheeks. “ If she was your friend Mikoto then she wouldn’t have tried to kill you.” Arashi said. “ I know Arashi I know, but I just thought…. I thought the relationship we had….” Tears begin to drip on the floor. All of a sudden Arashi grabs Mikoto and pulls her towards his chest. “ It’s oaky I understand your pain.” The boy said holding her tightly close to him. “Arashi .” Was the young girls final word as she embraces her comrade back, tears flowing freely form her eyes.

Unbeknownst to the young assassin Fraternity member Ex is standing behind a pillar with a shotgun in hand, his face scarred from the explosion he experienced earlier; The cap wearing assassin comes out from his hiding spot and aims his shotgun at Arashi’s back. Mikoto sees Ex aiming his shotgun at Arashi and knew if she didn’t react her comrade will die. “ Arashi behind you!” The silver-haired girl pushes the brown-haired assassin to the side and pulls out her Black Label Smith and Wesson pistol, aiming it at Ex. The cap wearing assassin fires his shot gun and hitting the silver-haired assassin in the shoulder, Mikoto recovers from the blow and fires 4 rounds into Ex hitting him in the chest mostly, shoulder and left arm. Ex recovers from the blow and fires one more into Mikoto’s chest with the last strength he had; The silver –haired assassin ignored the pain when she got shot in the chest and fires the last of her rounds into Ex, hitting him square in the head…killing him instantly (1-3). Arashi’s eyes are filled with shock when he sees Mokoto fall onto the ground; the brown-haired assassin rushes towards his fallen comrade and cradles her into his arms. “ Mikoto! Mikoto!” He yells out trying to get her to respond. Mikoto slowly turns her head to face her comrade. “ Arashi…you’re all right, but it seems I got shot.” She said weakly. “ Don’t worry Mikoto we’ll get you the right treatment once we complete the mission!” Arashi said in concern. The silver-haired girl laughs weakly. “ Hehe always trying to help those in need, maybe that was the reason I fell in love with you the first place.” She said with a weak smile, a drip of blood dripping out of her mouth. Arashi is shocked by the girl’s statement. “ So this is how it feels to die again…heh never thought I would experience it again.” She commented. “What are you saying, you’re going to be okay.” Arahshi I said, his voice cracked slightly. Mikoto puts her hand up to Arashi’s face and begins to caress his cheek. “ It was great having you as a partner Arashi, but as you said before some of us weren’t going to make it in the end. At least when I die I would get to see my brother once again.” The silver-haired girl said. Arashi wanted to say something to his fallen comrade, but couldn’t find the right words instead he grabs his dying comrade’s hand holding his check and held it against his own.

“Arashi?” Mikoto asks weakly

“ Yes.” The young man responded.

“Can you do me one last favor before I go?’ The silver-haired girl continues.

“What is it?” Arashi replied, his hand tightening the grip over Mikoto’s hand.

“Kiss me.” She said bluntly. The young man is shocked by the words his comrade said. “Let me feel your warmth and touch one more time.” She said with a weak smile.

“Of course.” The young man said.

Arashi leans his head towards Mikoto’s and embraces her in a long, tender final kiss. Arashi then pulls himself from the tender embrace as the final breath left Mikoto’s body, drifting her into an eternal slumber (1-2); A stint of rage can be seen on Arashi’s face until it swiftly changes into an emotionless expression, he then closes his comrade’s eyes and puts her down on the ground. He then puts his helmet on and walks up towards his shotgun lying against the pillar. He grabs the gun and puts a couple of shells in there.

Chapter 6: Final Stage

Wesley is seen walking in a secluded area, looking for his comrades. “Where the hell is everyone?” he asked him self, all of a sudden the young man smells a stench…a stench of blood; Wesley walks towards the trail of the bloody stench, he finds himself in a room and is shocked at the sight he sees. The corpses of Black Label member Yuko Sagiri and the young man’s mentor Fox are seen lying down on the ground with pools of blood around them. Wesley walks towards his fallen comrade Fox and kneels right besides her. “Fox.” Wesley said as he brushes the hair off the corpses face. As Wesley gets up a burst shot passes right by him and hits the pillar next to him, causing a huge hole to appear in the pillar. “Jesus Christ!” Wesley yells out, he turns around and sees Arashi pointing his shotgun at the gunman, ready to shoot another round. Wesley quickly moves to the side as Arashi fires another round, missing the target and hitting thin air; Arashi grabs a handful of shells out of his pocket and puts a couple in the gun and cocks it. He then aims the gun and fires around at his opponent, but Wesley moves out of the bullets way and hides behind a pillar. “Who the hell is this guy?” Wesley asks himself as a piece of the pillar is blown away by Arashi’s shotgun shell, causing to reload again. “Bad mistake.” Wesley pulls out his Hi-Browning pistol and comes out of his hiding spot, he then shoots an arc like bullet at his opponent; the bullet hits the young assassin in the side of his helmet covered head, causing him to lose grip of his shotgun and fall onto the ground…not moving at all. Wesley then walks up to his fallen opponent, taking a look at him one more time. “It’s over.” He said solemnly and puts up his pistol.

All of a sudden Arashi rises from the ground pulling out the Black Label Long Slide and The Black Label Knuckle from behind, then starts unleashing a hail of bullets at his unsuspecting opponent. “Jesus Christ!” Wesley is caught by surprise when the bullets start ripping through his jacket and starts leaving gash marks on his shoulders, arm and legs; Wesley pulls out both the Hi-Browning and the USP Compact during the hailing bulletstorm, then starts firing a hail of bullets at his opponent causing Arashi to get gashes and scratches in his shoulders and arms. Both warriors start unleashing a hail of bullets at each other, but all of them are leaving the two warriors barely unscathed until both warriors’ weapons ran out of bullets. “Damn it!” Wesley yells out in frustration after realizing he ran out of bullets. Arashi gets up off the ground and slams his entire body into Wesley’s causing both warriors to fall into the ground. The helmet -wearing assassin gets on top of his fallen opponent and grabs him by the shirt, then starts to wail on him; Arashi slams his fist into Wesley’s face multiple times, causing him to spill out blood profusely. Wesley vision begins to blur in and out due to the damage he’s receiving until he snaps out of this state and grabs Arashi’s pounding fist. The brown haired assassin grabs Arashi’s helmet and pulls it off from below revealing the furious expression of the young assassin’s face. Wesley grabs Arashi by the shoulder and head-butts him in the face, causing the young assassin to get off of him and hold his face in pain. Wesley gets up off from the ground and slams his feet into the fallen assassin’s stomach, causing him to groan in pain. The browned haired assassin grabs Arashi by the collar and lifts him up to his feet, he then lands a right cross into his face causing him to stagger back spilling blood from his mouth. Wesley then tries to jab his staggering opponent in the face, but Arashi quickly recovers from his current state and blocks the attack with his forearm and then counters with a fist in the face. Arashi follows this attack with a punch in the stomach twice, then a punch in the chest, and finished it with a kick to the side. Wesley recovers from the barrage and grabs Arashi by the collar once again and head-butts him once more, he then punches the young assassin in the stomach hard and follows it with a punch in the face twice, which causes Arashi’s nose to bleed profusely; Arashi growls in anger and slams Wesley against the pillar behind him, putting his forearm against the assassin’s neck. “Why?” Arashi asks. “Why do you people do things like this? Why do you kill innocent people like this? What gives you the god damn right!” The young assassin presses his forearm against Wesley neck causing his breathing to quicken, the browned hair assassin suddenly knees Arashi in the stomach causing him to gasp in pain and loosen his grip on him. Wesley then pushes his opponent away from him and follows it with a punch in the cheek. “ Listen kid, I’m not going to lie but I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.” Wesley said shaking his fist up. “But if I did, I just wouldn’t have given a s—t.” Wesley statement infuriates Arashi. “ You bastard!” Arashi yells out in anger as he slams his fist into Wesley, but the assassin dodges the attack with relative ease. “It’s useless.” Wesley said as he kicks Arashi in the stomach hard, causing him to spit out a lot of blood. “ This fight is already mine.” Wesley then jabs Arashi in the stomach, chest, and face with quick speed causing the young assassin to not react in time. “ But I’ll tell you this though.” Wesley then lifts the wounded warrior up in the air and slams him onto the ground…hard. “ All the people I kill is for a reason…a purpose if you will say.” Wesley said walking towards the falling warrior and slamming his feet into his chest, causing Arashi to scream in pain. “ For a personal vengeance I must do.” Wesley said as he walks up towards his unloaded Hi-Browning and picking it up, loading in a new clip. The browned hair assassin then walks up towards the wounded Arashi and points his gun at his head. “ And I’m not going to let a punk like you destroy that for me.” He said solemnly.

“Hey you!” A female voice calls out.

Wesley turns around and sees Oriha Nashida from afar pointing the Black Label Rocket Launcher at him. “ You forgot that Oriha is still backstage dick head!” She said with a smile as she fires the rocket. “F—k me.” Were Wesley’s last word as the rocket slams into him, knocking him against a wall and blowing up (0-2); The explosion destroys the entire wall and taking a couple of pillars with it. Oriha then rushes towards her fallen comrade and picks him up. “ Come on Rashers, we only got a couple of minutes before the building explodes…let’s go!” She said. Arashi follows her commands and starts moving out with the young girl’s help. The two comrades get out of the building in the nick of time as the Kokoro building explodes in a huge gusto, Oriha and Arashi turn around and look in awe as the building they were combating in is covered in huge gust of flames and smoke…their mission was over.

Arashi and Oriha are seen sitting down on some grass in an unknown park. Arashi is seen shirtless with bandages wrapped around his chest and arms, his face looks pretty beaten up; Oriha is seen sitting next to Arashi completely unharmed.

“Arashi…come in this is Dr. Masamune do you read.” A voice said on Arashi’s intercom.

“Yes I read you loud and clear sir.” Arashi responded back. “ Good what’s the mission status?” The doctor asked. “ It was a complete success, but….” The young man said. “What is it?” Masamune said. “Only Oriha and I survived the mission.” Arashi said in hesitation. There was a long silence on the intercom. “ I see…well at least you and Oriha are safe and sound. Come back to base to be treated immediately.” Masamune ordered. “ Understood doctor over and out.” Arashi said as he closes of the communication. “ So everyone’s dead huh?” Oriha asked out of the blue. “Yes…yes they are.” Arashi said solemnly. “ Heh. I have tour coming soon next but….” Tears begin to pull out of the girl eyes. “ But… how am I… oh god.” Oriha then bursts out crying over loss of her friends, covering her face so the tears won’t drip out wildly. Knowing the pain she was in Arashi pulls Oriha closer to him, trying to comfort her the best way he can over a huge loss they both faced.

“I understand. Come on Oriha, let’s go home.”

Winner: Black Label Organization.

Personal Commentary

-This by far the longest battle i wrote so far, spanning 27 pages.

-The Battle takes place before Wesley hunts for his father, and Takes place alternalty after the BLO took out the Drug Syndicate the Kabuto Syndicate(the fall of the Kabuto's had not been recorded in recent chapters).

-The Charcters featured in this battle includes

  • Dr. Shiciro Inunaki- Dr. Masamune's former pupil and former BLO member, he now collects information for an unknown organization and sometimes the BLO...out of kindness
  • Hinako Kominto- a classmate of Arashi who is head over heels in love with him,but he is oblivious of this.
  • Chikage Hizaki- A girl who ats like a rival vigilante against BLO, she seems to be attracted to Mikoto(revealing Chikage to be lesbian,which gets Mikoto slightly uncomfortable when she hits on her.), in the battle she is revealed to be killed by Arashi during their stint against thr Kabuto's
  • Fiona Rae Whinchester- The Head Chariman over The BLO, she provides the team with their armor, weaponry, and such.

- Alot of the major fights in this battle were highly influenced by the "gun-fu" genre(such as John Woo flims) especially Yuko vs. Fox fight which competed Sword against Gun. The battle was also influenced by Leolabs' sniper battle and Omnicube's Bundeshwer vs. Singapor Army battle.

- The reason why two people in BLO survived the last battle instead of two is simply because.... I can't kill a 14-year old girl(Oriha),It just doesn't feel right to me.

-The song used in Oriha's introduction is called "Discotheqe" by Nana Mizuki

- The scene in whicj Earl and Ex meet Oriha, is a homage to a scene similar in the third chapter of Triage X Volume 1 in which a group of thugs met Oriha in a similar fashion.