Kaiju/Mech Burning Assault is a tournament dealing with giant monsters(Kaijus) and Giant Robots(Mechs) going against each other and fighting to the death!!!!!!!!! pretty simple and superfun! note: i got the idead from Deadliest9600 godzilla vs. cloverfield battle except make a tournament about it.

Here are some of the battles that are here to come

Battle 1: Old School Brutality

Winner:Godzilla '54 (Toho)

Battle 2: Heaven & Hell

Winner:Eva Unit 01 (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Battle 3: Twin Showdown

Gaira & Sanda (Toho) vs. Israfel (Neon Genesis Evanelion)


Battle 4: Battle Of The 90's

Godzilla Heisei (Toho) vs. Gundam Wing Zero (Gundam Wing:Endless Waltz)

Winner:Godzilla Heisei

Battle 5: Ancient vs. Modern

Daimajin (Daiei) vs. Rhedosaurus (The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms)


Battle 6:Sky Demons

Fire Rodan (Toho) vs. Super Gyaos (Daiei)

Battle 7

Voltron (Voltron) vs. Dino Megazord ( MMPR)

Battle 8

Mechagodzilla Mk II (Toho) vs. Gamera Heisei(Daiei)

Battle 9:Big bang boom

Fire Rodan (Toho) vs. Super Gyaos (Daiei)

Battle 10

Ultraman Tiga(Ultraman series) vs. Gekido-Jin(Dark Horse Comics)

Battle 11

Destroyah(Toho) vs. Legion(Daiei)

Battle 12

Kiryu(Toho) vs. Gundam Exia(Gundam Series)

Battles have been confirmed. Now its time to see who becomes #1 in Kaiju/Mech Burning Assault!!!!!!!

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